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Prelude to Slaughter



Posted by Sophia , Feb 04 2016 · 564 views

Well, I've been rather spotty on this website for a while. Probably will continue to be for forseeable future. Apologies for the delay it lead to with the blog contest; that is all sorted out, and the winner is Hordaki. Really, with only two entries, it was pretty much a coin toss.

Haven't been up to much lately; mostly just been playing Final Fantasy XIV, which has been fun. Never been a serious MMO player, and here I am learning how to be a tank, and actually somehow succeeding. It's nice to have something to do.

Somewhere in here I gotta build something, send it off to the convention circuit. Probably gonna build a new crab.


The Force Awakens (spoilers within maybe)

Posted by Sophia , Dec 25 2015 · 573 views

So, I saw that new Star Wars movie today. I wrote up a whole big review, but it's too profanity-laden to post (not because I disliked the movie; I just swear very casually off BZP), so instead I'm just going to say it's very good. Of the two extensions of a pre-existing franchise I've seen this year, I would definitely, definitely recommend TFA over Jurassic World. Unlike JW, it doesn't rely on nostalgia to sell it; it actually took the time to make a good movie in the process.

okay but one spoiler thing, alright? i'll try to put it in spoiler tags but they don't always work. Don't click if you haven't seen it, etc.


(oh yeah also i'll take care of the premier membership giveaway soon. i've been a little lazy lately. i haven't forgotten; one of the two entrants will get it, i guarantee)


Premier Membership Giveaway

Posted by Sophia , Dec 15 2015 · 641 views

So, thanks to the convention circuit, I have a free six-month premier membership. However, I already have Lifetime, so I may as well give it to someone else.

I don't want people just saying "give it to me", though, so to enter, please give me a one paragraph essay about Chrom in the comments below. Winner will be selected randomly, so don't feel pressured to perform here; write whatever Chromes to mind.

(That said, MLA citation is a nice touch.)

Let's say you need to get your essays done by... Saturday the 19th. That seems like enough time.

Happy holidays!

(I also need suggestions for a new member title. I don't want to waste the opportunity, but I also need something as good as "Certified Dinosaur Pedant")



Posted by Sophia , Dec 01 2015 · 610 views

it's two in the morning and i'm thinking about monotremes. like, dude, they seem so weird, but now that i think about it, they actually make complete sense with our current understanding of mammal evolutionary history. like, with our synapsid ancestors being rather reptile-like and egg-laying, it stands to reason that at one point mammals could have had fur and milk but still laid eggs.

of course, that there are still monotremes today works just fine with that understanding; evolution is a tree, not a flight of stairs. some monotremes went on to become marsupials, some of which went on to become placental mammals, but a small group of monotremes just stuck to the monotreme thing, because hey, they had no reason to change

and that's why platypus are so weird.

well, one reason why. still doesn't explain the venom.

i need to sleep.


Pokémon Black/White is so good guys

Posted by Sophia , Nov 12 2015 · 822 views

like. it's so good

i've replayed it, like, four times and i can't get over how good this game is. best Pokémon game by a long shot (though I suppose ORAS made that shot slightly less long)

there need to be more Pokémon games like Pokémon Black/White


Posted Image
Posted Image


Honestly, you can make this sound like some kind of crusade for justice all you want (I'm going to hope that some of how you worded it is just meant as hyperbole to make a point, though?), but it just comes across to me as being anti-fun and anti-imagination.


There's a time and a place for joke entries to place high in a contest (actually no there really isn't but w/e), but the first site-wide BZP contest is certainly not one of those times.


The first entry offended my eyes.


Well, this was probably in the bottom 3 comics I've read in my life. Didn't make much sense, and some things were hard to read because of the coloring and font style.


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