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Scrimmy Bingus and the Crungy Spingus


Rules Inconsistency

Posted by Dina Saruyama , Oct 15 2014 · 317 views

The rules ban the discussion of politics and religion, yet for some reason discussion of the Great Pumpkin, arguably an equally controversial topic, is still allowed? Explain yourselves, staff.



Posted by Dina Saruyama , Oct 12 2014 · 223 views

I've noticed, especially on tumblr, a lot of people attempting to push the term "ohwunners" as a term for people who irrationally dislike the new Bionicle. Its origins are obvious; it comes from the term "genwunner" used in the Transformers and Pokemon fandoms, only with "ohwun" used to allude to Bionicle's first year.

To me, that seems like a misnomer. People who loved 2001 above all other years actually seem to be the most vocal supporters of the new Bionicle. In fact, if anyone has shown the most irrational dislike for the line, it's the people who preferred the later years. This seems counterintuitive to what most fandoms experience, but it's pretty easy to see why to me.

The reason is what it turned out to be (which, as I've said before, is pretty much the only way it was going to be). Fans of 2001-03 who grew more critical as time wore on had been begging for Bionicle to return to the feel of Mata Nui, the atmosphere and the mythical nature. They were most of the people disappointed in the 2008 Toa Nuva not resembling their former forms, and most of the people disappointed in how complex and hard sci-fi the story was getting. It's easy to see why they would welcome a reboot that returns to the mythical, brightly-colored island, with Toa that mostly bear resemblance to their previous incarnations, with open arms. (Obviously, there are those who aren't pleased with how the new Toa look, and some irrationally hate that they aren't just the Mata repackaged, but I don't think those are the majority of those angered by the new line.)

Meanwhile, fans of the later years were those most likely to root for a continuation, to pick up the mangled cable of storyline Bionicle left off, to make sets for all the characters who were never meant to have sets, to finish serials a majority of the people buying the toys weren't even reading. They were the ones most likely to be up in arms about rebooting the story, and returning to a simpler premise, and only including the six Toa Mata from the original story, and simplifying things for easier accessibility to the target audience. Someone who preferred, or even just came in at, the later years of Bionicle are more likely to interpret the new story as mind-numbingly simple compared to the previous one, even though it's no simpler than the original Legend of Mata Nui. Simply put, they had the most to "lose" in a reboot.

Obviously, it's not black and white in any way. People have legitimate criticisms of the new line, and people don't fall into these archetypes cleanly by any means; there are people who could be described as "ohwunners" and those who preferred the later years who welcome the new story. However, when it comes to the largest population of irrational hatred, labelling them "ohwunners" seems disingenuous, because '01 is likely not to be the year they prefer, or even the year they started at. Chances are, they preferred the story in its final stages.


Lunar Lim(onua)

Posted by Dina Saruyama , Oct 12 2014 · 206 views

Posted Image

I've commented a couple times that I wished Onua's silver armor was gold to make his colors more cohesive, but I hadn't actually thought to do a test to see how that would look until now.

Honestly? I'm impressed. Replacing the silver with gold makes his colors have a decent spread and layering. By cutting out the silver, his colors really are more cohesive as a whole.

I understand their reasons for not making the piece in two colors when it's only used in one set, but I think it's unfortunate we got large silver shoulderpads that break up the color scheme rather than large gold shoulderpads that enhance it.


question for people who were at The Big Con

Posted by Dina Saruyama , Oct 11 2014 · 231 views

did anyone think to ask if there is or is not, in fact, a giant robot underneath this island


Intelligence vs. Wisdom

Posted by Dina Saruyama , Oct 10 2014 · 184 views

Intelligence is knowing Mata Brown was actually a shade of orange

Wisdom is not using it to build a pumpkin



Posted Image
Posted Image


Honestly, you can make this sound like some kind of crusade for justice all you want (I'm going to hope that some of how you worded it is just meant as hyperbole to make a point, though?), but it just comes across to me as being anti-fun and anti-imagination.


There's a time and a place for joke entries to place high in a contest (actually no there really isn't but w/e), but the first site-wide BZP contest is certainly not one of those times.


The first entry offended my eyes.


Well, this was probably in the bottom 3 comics I've read in my life. Didn't make much sense, and some things were hard to read because of the coloring and font style.


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