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Posted by Octodad , Mar 27 2014 · 108 views

Just got a 3DS and Pokemon Y today so if you want to be my friend give me your friend code and I'll add you! mine is 1220-8111-2312 :3



Posted by Octodad , Mar 27 2014 · 105 views

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What did I win again?

Posted by Octodad , Mar 22 2014 · 136 views

I was so busy trying to win something and so elated that I managed it that I missed what I actually won.
I think I heard the name "Nuju" but I'm not sure.
(I was capitanozakitano for those curious, the one who answered the Beware the Swarm question. I should really contact Six i think? or does he contact me?)


unpopular opinion time

Posted by Octodad , Mar 21 2014 · 203 views

Pluto should never have been considered a planet


Jurassic Park

Posted by Octodad , Mar 17 2014 · 148 views

Ok, I've made an entry about Jurassic Park before, and that one was all about the dinosaurs and the inaccuracies therein (though I left out several things, such as the Velociraptors' wrists being incorrect; they would need to be broken to be like that) but now I feel it's time to post about why I don't like the film as a whole. Because while it may be fueled by dino-nerd rage, there's more to it than that.
The message of Jurassic Park is supposed to be that man shouldn't play God and that the park was doomed to fail because "life, uh, finds a way". Jeff Goldblum talks about chaos theory and about how the unpredictable nature of things means the park won't last. It sounds good in theory. It's the same story that's been told over and over since Frankenstein: Mankind, do not tamper with the forces of life.
The problem? If you actually pay attention, that message doesn't make sense.
Let's break this down. There are a couple of things presented as evidence that chaos theory would doom the park:
  • The dinosaurs escaped
  • The dinosaurs found a way to reproduce
Sound good? Yeah, except both of those were human-controlled.
The dinosaurs escaped because Nedry, the slimy greedy nerd character, sold out the park and messed with the computer systems. That is not nature, that is not chaos, that is not life. That is a greedy human predictably putting his own ability to make big money ahead of the park. It's not chaotic; in fact, it's par for the course for human behavior. That's one point for human intervention and control, zero points for "chaos theory".
The dinosaurs were able to reproduce because a gene in their DNA was expressed that allowed them to change sex. That sounds like life and chaos and all..... except the gene came from the frog DNA some cool dude scientists used to fill in the gaps. If the scientists had used bird or crocodile or even lizard DNA, that gene could not have been expressed, and the dinos would have had more fitting DNA to boot. This was entirely a human decision, bar the part where the gene is expressed. That's another point for human control, and maybe 0.1 point for Jeff Goldblum, because mutation is a chaotic thing, I guess.
Our final tally is Humans: 2 Nature: 0.1. The park could have been entirely feasible if not for the actions of humans, which completely contradicts the movie's message that the park was out of human control. Humans did control it; they just didn't control it well.
I will give Jurassic Park a lot of compliments. The music is superb. The combination of digital and practical effects is gorgeous and really brings the dinosaurs to life. The film revitalized public images of dinosaurs (so much so that twenty-year-old renditions of dinosaurs are still more popular than current knowledge. Oops!). However, as a film, it doesn't make sense. It completely botches the message it's trying to send, and the dinosaurs, while impressive, are inaccurate in several ways (some of which can't just be explained away as the Park's fault, as Alan Grant in the beginning of the movie also says that Velociraptor was six feet tall and nine feet long, which is grossly incorrect).
It's a monster movie, nothing more. A well-done monster movie, but a monster movie.


Posted Image
Posted Image


Honestly, you can make this sound like some kind of crusade for justice all you want (I'm going to hope that some of how you worded it is just meant as hyperbole to make a point, though?), but it just comes across to me as being anti-fun and anti-imagination.


There's a time and a place for joke entries to place high in a contest (actually no there really isn't but w/e), but the first site-wide BZP contest is certainly not one of those times.


The first entry offended my eyes.


Well, this was probably in the bottom 3 comics I've read in my life. Didn't make much sense, and some things were hard to read because of the coloring and font style.


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