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10 000

Posted by SPIRIT , Aug 24 2017 · 160 views

Today I turn ten thousand days old. I don't feel a day over nine thousand.


Forum Olympics: Comedies

Posted by SPIRIT , Jul 25 2017 · 139 views

So for fun, I thought I'd go through the different forums to find out which is the highest voted topic by Reputation Points. And then hand out pretend Internet Medals to the ones with the best score.

Obviously Reputation Points are totally unbiased and a completely accurate metric for the quality of a post.

... Actually, I don't think anyone really looks at them. BUT I DID. FOR SCIENCE.

The following is a list of the top 10 Comedies on BZPower based on the Reputation Points held by its first post... at the date and time that this blog entry was posted. Obviously there's nothing to stop people from going around and adding more points to their favourite Comedies, but I'll know that you did it. And I'll do the "shame on you hand gesture".

Uh... so yeah, the list:

10. ~♥~ Kokoro no Ice ~♥~ by GSR with 13 Points

9. Staring Contest Continues by Onuki with 16 Points

8. WHAT IS THE POTOO?! 2 by Voltex with 17 Points

7. The Adventures of Sumiki's Dad - by Sumiki's Dad's Son with 20 Points

6. Wedding Announced by Onuki with 23 Points

4. (Tie) WHAT IS THE POTOO?! by Voltex with 26 Points

4. (Tie) Hakuna Vakama by Onuki with 26 Points

3. Poor Kongu... by SPIRIT with 28 Points

2. Game, Set, Match by Eyru with 30 Points

1. The Kaita and the Storyteller by GSR with 35 points

Congratulations to GSR for getting the gold, Eyru for getting silver, and me for getting bronze. Special mention to Voltex and Onuki, the only people not in the top 3, but still in the top 10 multiple times. Ordinarily, I'd make the winners wonderful medals in Microsoft Paint, but as we all know, Microsoft Paint is being discontinued, and that's totally the reason not because I'm lazy.

So what forum should I do next?


Canada Turns 150

Posted by SPIRIT , Jul 01 2017 · 198 views

All countries are now the Pokémon whose Pokédex number matches their age.

Who will win in a fight?



Posted by SPIRIT , Jun 12 2017 · 85 views

Hey, I just entered The Legend Continues contest. The prizes sounded pretty good, and I felt that the Skull Slicer kind of got a raw deal only showing up in 2 web animations and getting like a sentence of lore. He was this arena champion who inexplicably had 4 arms. So many questions...

Also, I've been off and on writing another movie spoof. I'll finish it someday...



Posted by SPIRIT , Jun 09 2017 · 33 views

The home of New York Fries, Boston Pizza, and Hawaiian pizza.

Canada: our restaurants pretend to be American

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