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Premier Membership Get!

Posted by HAZMAT , in Real Life Aug 29 2009 · 103 views

Yep, I'm Premier! =D

Anyway, onto business:

Yesterday was my birthday.

Also yesterday, I went for my senior pictures. The photographer was pretty cool. I had to wear a tux for it, and I must say, I look quite dashing in a tux. Posted Image

My friend Josh preordered Batman: Arkham Asylum for me on Steam. So I'll be getting that on the 15th of September. Some problems though: My computer lags like crazy playing it (I played the demo) AND I'll need to delete a lot of stuff to make room. I gues that'll be HL2 and it's episodes, and Gmod, since that's useless without them. Posted Image I want a better computer.

I got 4 CDs from my mom yesterday. She said she ordered more, but they were on backorder. The 4 I got yesterday are:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Map progress is... almost nothing. I did most of the texturing, and 2 respawn rooms are done. Also, skyboxes hate everyone. I keep getting an error with them, and apparently it's a problem that happens to everyone. There's a way to fix it, but that involves downloading prgrams that I don't have room on my hard drive for.

School starts Monday! Man, I really don't wanna go. My schedule (which can change before school starts) is:

Period 1 - Economics and Government (College) - Days 1 through 6
Period 2 - English 12 (College) - Days 1 through 6
Period 3 - Calculus - Days 1 through 6
Period 4 - Computer Programming - Days 1 through 6
Period 5 - Computer Applications - Days 1 through 6
Period 6 - Physical Education (aka Gym Class) - Days 1 & 3
Period 7 - Advanced Physics Lab - Day 1
Period 8 - Advanced Physics - Days 1 though 6

Calculus and Adv. Physics are considered "Honors" level courses, the highest. "College" level courses are in the middle, and "Career" courses are the lowest. Any empty period will be filled with Study Halls.

That's probably the most typing I've done all summer. Posted Image




Posted by HAZMAT , in Real Life Aug 26 2009 · 159 views

I went to run my map today to test the respawn room I made.
Hammer froze while compiling. Posted Image
So I think I'm done for now. Posted Image

Premier perks are still on. Posted Image
I WILL be getting PMship soon. Posted Image
It's my birthday this Friday. Posted Image I don't wanna grow up!
School starts Monday. Posted Image I don't wanna go!



Even More Progress!

Posted by HAZMAT , in Real Life Aug 25 2009 · 81 views

Earlier today, I made an entry about the progress of my Graduation Project. Well I worked a little more, and most of the mapping is done. As you can see in this picture, all 5 spires containing the control points are done. I also added the bridges connecting the spires, as well as some stuff to the middle point (which can be seen in the picture).

Let's see, what do I have to do yet...
-Make the control points. So far all that's there is the model, I need to add the "programming" bits for it to actually be a real point.
-The respawn rooms.
-Add ammo and health pick-ups.
-Do the texturing.
-Make cliffs surrounding the area, add water, make the skybox.
-Figure out how to use ctf_sawmill's rain effects and splash effect.
-Add lights.
-Add environmental noises, maybe.

It seems like I got a lot done, and yet there's still so much left to do. Posted Image



Project Progress

Posted by HAZMAT , in Real Life Aug 25 2009 · 110 views

My Graduation Project is coming along nicely, so I thought I'd share some pics of it.

Top-down view of the final capture point
3 control points done
View of the map from atop the final point (in-game screenshot)

Some notes:
-The map is going to be a 5-pont CP map, like Granary and Fastlane.
-Those aren't the final textures, they're placeholders. Also, it's not gonna have the gray walls (that you see in the 3rd pic), they're just there to seal the map so I could test it.
-The purple squares are the control points.
-The middle point isn't actually done yet. It's way too empty and large there so I need to add some things, like the blocks on the 2nd point (white boxes in 3rd pic).
-I'm probably going to add bridges connecting each spire, so you don't have to go all the way to the bottom to get from one to another.

Um, I guess that's it for now. I'll make more blog posts as the map progresses when I go Premier.



Oreos, Milk, And Metal

Posted by HAZMAT , in Real Life Aug 24 2009 · 77 views

The following is an IM conversation that happened a few minutes ago between my friend Josh and I:

(10:54:34 PM) Me: i'm hungreh
(10:54:42 PM)Josh: go eat?
(10:54:47 PM) Me: i dunno what i want
(10:54:53 PM) Me: but i need to find something
(10:55:06 PM) Josh: ok...

At this point I left to go get something to eat. When I returned:

(10:56:36 PM) Me: oreos and a cuppa milk :3
(10:56:41 PM) Josh: lol
(10:56:50 PM) Me: i believe you mean
(10:56:52 PM) Me: HECK YES
(10:57:45 PM) Me: oreos, milk, and metal*
(10:57:51 PM) Me: doesnt get much better than this
(10:59:11 PM) Josh: lol
(10:59:21 PM) Josh: unless that metal is braces
(10:59:43 PM) Me: katana was implied
(11:03:22 PM) Josh: O I C

*I was listening to a metal song at the time

Just felt like sharing that. Posted Image


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