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The Cooblog


Koc 63 Is Out

Posted by Coob , in Comics Dec 30 2011 · 274 views
Kanohi of Comedy, Comics
shameless advertising lolz


Christmas Wrap Up

Posted by Coob , in Personal Life Dec 28 2011 · 515 views
... why do I feel so limp since Christmas? I haven't done anything productive in days and I'm kinda angry at me for that :bored:.

Anyway, what did I receive for Christmas, you don't ask? Well, ....

The Ancestor's Tale by Richard Dawkins
The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins
The Magic Of Reality by Richard Dawkins
Alamut by Vladimir Bartol
A Briefer History Of Time by Stephen Hawking
On The Shoulders Of Giants by Stephen Hawking
What do you care what other people think? by Richard Feynmann
The Varieties Of Scientific Experience by Carl Sagan

Over 3000 pages of science and the novel Assassin's Creed was based on ^_^.

Posted Image


Epiphany, Sort Of.

Posted by Coob , in Personal Life Dec 18 2011 · 264 views

Dear me, I completely forgot how much fun BZPower can be after neglecting it for so long. I've got to spend more time here.


Of Friendship And Magic

Posted by Coob , Oct 25 2011 · 514 views
Ponies, Friendship Is Magic and 2 more...
Posted Image

I think it is indisputable that the perhaps most controversial topic on the Internet these days is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Never before I have seen anything that had such an impact on internet culture as those ponies. The reason for writing this essay is mainly to provide non-bronies a way to understand and accept this phenomenon.

First let me give you a quick backstory. In October ’10, the television network The Hub launched the Television show “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”, a cartoon aimed for little girls telling the tale of the land of Equestria, in which ponies are the dominant race. There are three kinds of ponies, Pegasus (winged ponies), unicorns possessing magic and “normal” earth ponies. The show’s main characters are a band of six ponies, lovingly dubbed the “mane six”, and their adventures in the city of Ponyville. So far it sounds not too unusual. But then the internet came in.
Posted Image............................................Posted Image

After an online article about the show appeared, talking about “the end of the creator-driven era of television” and how all shows nowadays are simply to promote products, the internet, or better its people, decided to take a look at this so-called terrible show manipulating children into buying stuff.

They loved it.

Within weeks, ponies became the heraldic animal of the web. The show received an incredible boost in views and its main demographic turned from little girls to young, mostly male adults, calling themselves “bronies” (bros + ponies). It was wonderful. Countless new memes sprang up, together with reaction images, pictures, fanfics, fan-created characters, fanart and a new part of internet culture emerged!
[You may not use images containing the name of a site with inappropriate content. -Shine]
.......................Posted Image

But not the whole internet was happy with the show.

Many people looked confused at bronies and asked themselves “What in the name of Peter Venkman are they doing watching a cartoon for little girls?” Confusion turned into anger, anger turned into hatred and hatred led to unimaginable suffering. Or something like that. Anyway, the second great civil war of the Internet occurred (For those who don’t know, the first one was when people fought over Boxxy. Don’t ask.). Flame Wars. Bannings. Ponies were called “the cancer of the web”. While the bronies tried to spread the show’s message of Love and Tolerance, haters turned against them, and the fight still prevails today. It fills me with pleasure that BZPower seems to be mostly pro-brony (I have already spotted members with names of two Cutie Mark Crusaders and four members of the mane six).

Now many people wonder why bronies like me actually view a show that is designed for girls of ten and below. Fairly simple: just because it originally targeted toward that audience (which has changed at about the middle of season one, when the creators of the show noticed their unintended demographic), does not mean that only said audience can enjoy it. More unintentional than intentional, Faust and Co. hit the love nerve of the internet. But was this an accident? It was definitely unintended yes, but I think there's a reason for the impact the show had. Other television series Lauren Faust created include Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and the Powerpuff Girls, both very popular cartoons back when they aired. I have watched none of them, but from what I read I gather they both had intelligent humor and strong characters, coupled with good animation.

And that’s exactly what My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is. In an era of television where the only funny parts are about making fun of politics and kids shows get banned for mentioning the word “stupid” (I know I am exaggerating but you get my point), Lauren Faust created a smart, witty show with a cast of characters you simply have to love. It has almost nothing of the cheesy, girly … stuff you’d associate with Ponies. The show simply has the essence of the qualitatively much better shows of the nineties (Like Pinky and Brain or the earlier Spongebob episodes) most internet users grew up with. It resonances with their childhood and lets memories of the past resurface.

Also, Discord. Best Character ever. He alone would be a reason to love this show.

Posted Image...........................Posted Image

But perhaps it’s simply not what you want from a TV show. Maybe you want deep emotional conflicts. Maybe you want humans. Maybe you want advice, morals. Whatever it is, perhaps My Little Pony is not your kind of show. And I accept that. Other people have other opinions. But most people who don’t like the show simply have not watched it and that is simply … yes, I can’t even describe it. Such behavior just makes me speechless.

So my resume:

If you are a brony, accept that people who don’t like the show have different opinions. Not everypony has to like a show you think is good. Perhaps it simply is not their thing.

If you are not a brony, don’t jump to false conclusions. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is unlikely to be what you expect it to be. It is an intelligent show with strong characters and good jokes. It is said that all the people who don’t like the show are simple those who have not watched it yet. So don’t say you dislike it until you have actually done so. And I am not talking about just the first two episodes. Don’t judge a book by its cover. But after you have consumed a respectable amount of episodes, you can make up your mind. You don’t have to love it. Heck, you don’t even have to like it. But at least know it. And if you do not like it, accept that other people have other tastes.

(And to end all this, here are ponified, 20 % cooler versions of the main characters of my comics, using General Zoi's Pony Creator from deviantART: COOB PHYOOHRII DLAKII)


Of Threedimensional Cities

Posted by Coob , in Comics Oct 24 2011 · 632 views
3D, Cho-Koro, Kanohi of Comedy
While not doing much in regard to actual comics, I still honed my 3D skills. I got myself the newest version of Cinema 4D, my editing program and completely revamped the Cho-Koro model I already used in a few comics. So, BEHOLD

Full shot

When entering the city

Closeup between the towers

Bird's view

You should compare it to what I've done a year ago: 1 2

Currently I am working on a 3D Matoran model. Stay tuned for updates.


In Retrospect

Posted by Coob , in Comics, News, Personal Life, Weekly Updates Oct 23 2011 · 239 views
I know I'm late a week or so but I tend to be tardy so whatever.

For all those interested, whoever that might be, I'll give you a general retrospect of my last few months since the forums went down. I already forgot when that was.

Personal Life: School's being school and keeps me on my knees. Other than that, my brother moved to university few weeks ago, so I'm alone with my mum now. I like being alone. Gives me my peace and quiet.

Internet: For the last few months, my internet activity was passive at most. I practically didn't ... do much, I guess. But wait, no! There's ONE thing worth mentioning here: I became a brony. Eeyup. Going to make an extra blog post about that soon.

Politics: I am pleased to see that Anonymous is going at full speed. Occupy Wall Street has my full support. They're going to show those shmocks in power. The Austrain Version, Occupy Vienna was more of a fail, though. But the Austrain Branch of Anonymous sparked a big debate about data privacy over here. They made it on ALL THE FRONT PAGES and for that alone I have to love them (PONIES).

Regarding current events in Lybia, I am happy for the Lybian people, but am saddened by the fact that there are people on this world, so cruel, that we celebrate their deaths.

Comics: After some time I wondered if the forums would EVER return, so I feared that any work I might put into KoC could be completely wasted, so I did not do much and took a break. Remodeled the Cho-Koro model however, so keep an eye on my comic topic because I'm going to post pics soon. I also have to say that I am positively surprised by the amount of praise I got after I reposted it. Thanks guys :). Currently working on Comic 61.

Keep an eye on this blog, I am going to post more or less regular updates about my more or less intersting life.

Currently listening to: Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack - MEDIC!
Currently reading: The Power of the Genes, by Markus Hengstschläger - Page 74 of 171


Day 6-2: End

Posted by Coob , Jul 28 2010 · 443 views

So yeah, I think that was everything. As you can see, I've made myself some thoughts. Now I want YOUR opinion. PM me. Leave a comment here. Post in the comic topic. I want your input.
Chosen One of Bionicle


Day 6-1:?

Posted by Coob , Jul 26 2010 · 355 views



Day 5: The Website

Posted by Coob , Jul 24 2010 · 313 views

Now this is an idea I've been thinking about for quite some time now: Should KoC (or, TCOC) get its own website? I'm not exactly an expert on website designing, but I got the idea when realizing that some … things I've planned for the future aren't exactly tolerated by BZP's rules (don't worry, nothing too strong). If you think this is a good idea, then anyone who is good at that subject should notify me. I would post new comics there as well as on BZP, to not loose contact.


Day 4: The Guest Stars

Posted by Coob , Jul 24 2010 · 360 views

Ah, yes, this point will ask you, the readers, for some input. Look, on the one side, I don't have anything against Guest Stars. They help me making up minor story happenings until big events like the Battle at Mangaia. I can understand that most of you who haven't gotten a GS place would like to have one. Well, that proves to be a problem. I can't reopen the GS list until next year, at the earliest. Why, will be covered later. Anyway, I already said that I have a story to tell. Guest Stars change that story, postpone it at the best, and I don't like that. Then I'm thinking of shutting down the GS stuff completely. But that would make many people angry, and I don't want to loose any of the few readers I've got. Of course, when someone likes my comics and is active in the topic, then I think he'd deserve a GS spot. But then someone posts once, says he wants to GS, and sends in a noobish sheet. What should I do then? Say no?

Then another problem arises: People who already got a GS place stopped reading (or at least, posting about) my comics. What could I do then? I could delete them from the GS list, yes. But what happens when they return? They probably would be angry at me, and I don't want that. But I kind of understand when somebody leaves. I can't exactly say that I was fast in building in the few GS I've got into the story.

To make it short, I'd prefer not to have any Guest Stars, or only a few selected. But I feel bad when rejecting an application. They provide me with minor story material, but hinder me in making my own story.

What do you think? Post your responses. PM me. Whatever.


Day 3: The Vectors

Posted by Coob , Jul 22 2010 · 294 views

Until I am able to master 3D, however, I plan to do a temporary “bridge” between sprites and 3D:

Vector Art

Turaga and Toa bodies will be done later.

Note, all of this is still experimental. It's the WIP of a prototype. Changes will be made in the future. You will see the final result in future comics.


Day 2: The Program

Posted by Coob , Jul 21 2010 · 326 views

As I already said, the story is planned. But I had to find out while making the last few comics that converting my imagination to a .png file is harder than expected. My old Fireworks + Paint method will not work on this. My skills of making authentic backgrounds and characters are limited. Sprites are no longer enough for me. So I have decided to go a step further:


For real now, I'm experimenting with a 3D program called Cinema 4D, which I was able to obtain. Now you probably want to see the fruits of my labor.

What you can see here is a overlook over Cho-Koro from a near hill.

I have to commit that I didn't design the Cho-Koro model. I downloaded it from the Internet for experimental purpose.

It should also be noted that everything you can see here is purely experimental. Do not expect to see any of this in an actual comic. At least, not for the near future.

Like it? I hope so. In the future I'll be trying to work 3D models for Matoran, Toa and Turaga, as well as perfecting the background design.



Day 1-2: The Name

Posted by Coob , Jul 20 2010 · 302 views

Kanohi of Comedy. This is the name you, the readers, know my comic series by. The story behind this name is told quickly. When I started making comics, I wanted to make a series depicting the adventures of the Toa Mata in a comical way. There we have it, Kanohi and Comedy. You can think the rest yourself. But in the past few months, I had a … change of priorities. Some series of events who kept me away from doing comics (which happen quite too often, I have to notice) left me with one thing that is the key to making successful comics, in my opinion.

Time to think.

Time to consider.

Time to dream.

I spent days, weeks at a time, thinking about my comics. What I could do, what I could reach. And I fleshed out the story. I let my creativity run freely. Some weeks ago, I said in my comic topic that the story is planned up to around comic 150.

Well, that was an outright lie.

The reason why I lied to you will be covered later on. Anyway, truth is, I already planned the story for Bara Magna, up to the reuniting of Spherus Magna. Actually, far more. Yes, I know: The chances of me actually doing comics for such a long time are smaller than little. But regardless of how long I'll keep on doing this, one thing is sure: I'll never run out of ideas. The story is clear. I have a good concept of what I want to reach. I have a story to tell. But unfortunately, this story can't be described by “Kanohi of Comedy”. So, I am announcing that somewhere in the hopefully not too far future, my comics will undergo a name change. They'll get a name that fits much more to the story I plan.

The Chosen One Chronicles


Day 1-1: Intro

Posted by Coob , Jul 20 2010 · 595 views

Considering the image count, my original entry for the C3 was much too long. So I decided to shorten it and then release the longer version part by part here on my blog. Every day, there will be a new blog entry containing a new subject, so you should check this blog often during premier week. Comments and criticism are appreciated.

So, let's get started.


New New Tlr Trailer

Posted by Coob , Aug 25 2009 · 231 views

Now it's official: This movie is going to be made out of pure Awesome and Win.


New Tlr Clip.

Posted by Coob , Aug 21 2009 · 246 views

I can only say one thing:



Posted by Coob , Aug 21 2009 · 247 views

Hi to all! I am Chosen One of Bionicle, or Coob, as you can call me. Thanks to the eight anniversary of BZPower I was able to make a blog. So, yeah, here is it.

I am also a comic maker. Pleas visit my comics, they are called "Kanohi of Comedy", and leave a comment or two wink.gif .

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