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Brave New World


A Dark Hunter Guide Image Request

Posted by Erebus , Apr 24 2010 · 122 views

Can anyone provide me with high quality scans of a page of information and its complementary image from the Dark Hunter Guide? Like Ancient's two pages?
It would be greatly appreciated if I can get it today. smile.gif


Killer Ace

Posted by Erebus , Apr 22 2010 · 117 views

Decided to change my name from Erebus to Killer Ace. I like the sound of the name.


What Really Slammed Into Teridax's Head?

Posted by Erebus , Apr 21 2010 · 206 views

Would you have rather wanted a piece of Aqua Magna slamming into Teridax's head or Bota Magna crushing Teridax's head?
Personally, I feel that Bota Magna crushing Teridax's head is epic. Besides, Mata Nui Saga Chapter 30 AND Journey's End (Book) Chapter 10 state that Bota Magna hit Teridax. Also, it's never stated that Aqua Magna hit Teridax in the last Journey's End (comic). Sure, the piece looks bluish, but it's not specifically stated that it was Aqua Magna. I would call it... artistic license. Sure, Mata Nui Saga doesn't say Bota Magna, but it does state "jungle moon". That's pretty much what Bota Magna is. Can't be anything else.
Anyways, what are your thoughts?


Bs01 And Story Squad Part I

Posted by Erebus , Apr 14 2010 · 102 views

BIONICLE's story team has moved on to Hero Factory. We now control the BIONICLE story. Bow before us, heathens.

Joking aside, I am going to speak from a neutral BS01 staffer's point of view.

You'll notice in Nuhrii the Metruan's topic that BS01 doesn't come up. BS01 does not have any members on this team. Wait, but what's this? Why does your name appear on the team list, you ask? What are Bioran23 and Shadow Kurahk doing there? Well, I represent S&T in this case, not BS01. Bioran23 and Shadow Kurahk? KanohiJournal. Basically, BS01 contest ideas will not have to go through this team and they will go directly to GregF. More details on that in the next blog entry.
However, BS01 will be making polls for this team. That's pretty much what BS01 is going to do.

This is the plan so far for contests suggestions and general suggestions (For this example, we will use the canonization of Void as an element):
1. You PM one of the team members the idea of Void being an element.
2. We read your suggestion and debate on whether or not the Void proposal should go to GregF. (Actually, this is being worked on)
3. If it's passed (through vote), we pass it on to GregF and he decides if Void is something he can work into the story.
4. Depending on his answer, BS01 is then asked to make a poll on whether Void should be or should not be an element.
5. Depending on the results, Void is either canonized or barred for life.

Anyways, I would like to reiterate that the tentative project BIONICLE: New World will not be overseen by this story squad, not because it is fanon (it's actually fan-created canon), but because it will not be the same BIONICLE story you saw in 2001-2008 or 2009-2010. They have no jurisdiction over BS01's project.

Next entry, BS01 and Story Squad Part II, will be from a BS01 staffer's view which won't be so neutral.


What Do You Think Of The Stasis Toa Contest?

Posted by Erebus , Apr 08 2010 · 169 views
BS01 Contests

Alright guys, what do you think of the Stasis Toa Contest so far? Was the theme something you wanted to write about? Like it or dislike it? Why or why not?


10k Already?

Posted by Erebus , Apr 07 2010 · 103 views

What is this madness? rolleyes.gif


Csi: Spherus Magna

Posted by Erebus , Apr 05 2010 · 132 views


Bs01 Contest #5: Sleeping Awake

Posted by Erebus , Apr 05 2010 · 124 views
BS01 Contests

Yes, this is a short story contest about the Toa trapped in suspended animation in the Dark Hunter fortress on Odina.



Posted by Erebus , Apr 03 2010 · 101 views

Looks like I got the life-time premiership. Pretty excited about using this blog. smile.gif


Copper Time!

Posted by Erebus , Aug 24 2009 · 103 views

Yup, OBZPC now. smile.gif

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