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Star Wars Episode 7 Confirmed

Posted by Erebus , in Star Wars Oct 30 2012 · 1,418 views

Star Wars so real no joke seriously Disney
Looks like Disney just acquired LucasFilm for a little over $4 billion.

On that note, Star Wars Episode 7 slated for 2015 release! :o :o :o

Disney plans to follow up with Episodes 8 and 9, so a movie every two to three years. George Lucas will be a creative consultant.

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Scanty Demon
Oct 30 2012 03:24 PM
When I read that title, I thought you were joking. Turns out you're not.
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To be fair this is probably a good thing.
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This has the potential to be really good, but it'll probably be terrible, sort of like Indiana Jones 4.
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Blessed Blade
Oct 30 2012 03:54 PM
Oh boy. This oughta be interesting. *Goes to find some popcorn for the show* *Not the movie, that'll be later on*

Though, let's be honest, we expected this at some point. =P
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I'm probably going to be able to enjoy the new Star Wars film, just like I enjoyed the prequel trilogy and IJ4 (and, for that matter, Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise). Of course, that also means I'll want to try and avoid any internet discussions of it for at least a while, since sometimes people seem to get offended if you don't hate something as much as they feel you should.

And boy oh boy, people are going to hate any new Star Wars film, because the Star Wars franchise has morphed in so many ways over the years that there is no longer one solid set of expectations people will have going in. Fans of the original film will expect a sense of magic and breezy dialogue. Fans of the original trilogy as a whole will expect the same breezy dialogue, lots of aliens, as well as unexpected plot twists. Fans of the prequel trilogy will expect melodrama, dark overtones, epic lightsaber battles, and epic CGI space battles. Fans of the Expanded Universe will expect all scores of different things. And all bets are off what will be expected from the people who liked multiple decidedly different treatments of the franchise.

Not saying the overall reaction is definitely going to be negative. I expect the film to make a lot of money and the average viewer not to be tremendously disappointed. But it will be nigh-impossible for the film to be brought up among dedicated Star Wars fans of any kind without causing arguments. It's a good thing I only pay limited attention to the Star Wars community, especially since I stopped collecting LEGO Star Wars sets, or I might have to make radical changes to how much time I spend in that community for the next several years.
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As long as it doesn't throw the EU continuity out the window, I'm optimistic for this. (And if Timothy Zahn is writing Episode 7 and it's based on the Thrawn trilogy, then I'll be more excited for Star Wars 7 than Avengers 2. 2015 is going to be awesome! But of course the Timothy Zahn part has 0% basis in fact, but I can be hopeful, right? :P)
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I'm having conflicting emotions about this...
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Typically reboot movies don't do really well, and Disney doesn't really do sequels to well.

However I'm not gonna go "THIS IS :censored:!", because who knows? Yea we have had terrible things like Star Wars Kinect (though its terrible, it's still fun to play, mainly because of using your imagination) and Clone Wars series (but that's just my opinion), but hey we had good things come as well.

Now Disney isn't as good as it was back in the 20th century, but they have brought out stuff like Tangled, Epic Mickey, Kingdom Hearts, Pirates, the first three Narnia Movies, and such to show they still have talent in their veins.

So I suggest, just don't expect anything, because normaly, people look onto said expectations, so just be open minded and stay away from forums discussing the movie and comments on videos.
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Disney has disappointed me so much it drives me nuts. I've always been uneasy about PIXAR films since they bought them, and I don't like the trend that Cars 2 and Brave seem to be setting. (Granted, though, I'm saying this about reviews I've read about Brave. Haven't seen it myself yet.
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Jean Valjean
Oct 30 2012 06:25 PM
:kaukau: I honestly did not see this coming. I mean, I wrote a blog entry a while back about how it was so ridiculous to imagine a sequel trilogy that t even suggest one was a joke. Now someone not only suggested it, but has a release planned.

Here's hoping that John Williams doesn't die in-between then and now and someone invented the cure for aging in a couple of years.


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