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And Now For Something Completely Different



Posted by Arpy , Jun 12 2008 · 161 views
Opinionated Bits
That is the word I have chosen for today's blog entry. Now, for the subject: Spork-wielding llama pirates. Ha! I'm actually kidding there. I fail to understand the obsession with llamas, penguins, sporks, etc. Pirates, I can understand.



Goodbye, Mr. Anderson.

Posted by Arpy , Jun 12 2008 · 140 views
and 1 more...
My Wednesdays are the busiest they've ever been. I won't bore you with details, just know that between Bible study, sleeping, homeschooling, IT tech class, meals, etc., I have a grand total of 2 hours of free time.

Also, on a somewhat unrelated subject, my computer class yesterday was totally awesome. We had a sub teacher who had us reread the mobo chapter and answer some of the chapter quiz questions, after which we played Counter-Strike. The "education" part took about thirty minutes for me to do, and the "blow-the-guts-out-of-your-classmates'-characters" part took up the remaining two hours.

Finally (wowthisentryisreallysortoframblingonandonandonandon), I want to thank Valenti for making me the uber-froody image that is now in my sig.



I! Am! Thoroughly! Sick! Of! Binary!

Posted by Arpy , Jun 12 2008 · 113 views
and 1 more...
That's because translating, writing, and memorizing binary numbers is pretty much all we've been doing in computer class (except of course for the horror that is Human Relations). At least I don't have to learn hex yet...

01000001 011100100 1110000 01111001



Posted by Arpy , Jun 12 2008 · 118 views
Random Bits
I won some of those old Classic Spacemen on an eBay auction the other day. Aside from the novelty of having Lego minifigs that are twice as old as me, they also enhance and affirm my status as an elite member of the TFOL Reich of Classic-Space-Fandom, giving me great prestige and power. It is my sworn duty as a member of this secretive and possibly nonexistent organization to say that Space is cooler than all other AFOL themes, including-but-not-limited-to: Castle, Town, Microscale, Technic, Steampunk, and most especially *shudder* Trains.*

Feel free to post your comments, trainhead defenses, and declarations of war here.