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Seneca's Keep


More Metals, More Bionicle Stuff

Posted by Inferna Firesword , Nov 04 2009 · 124 views
I'm starting work on a medallion in Metals class. And just like my last project, it had to do with Bionicle. I had to make the design by hand, since I couldn't size down the picture enough to make it from wax, but what the hey. It's cooler that way.

Metal: Silver
Design: Here it be

That'll give some DJs/rap arists/whoever wears bling these days a run for their money, I'm sure of it. biggrin.gif


Inferna's Blog Puzzle Contest

Posted by Inferna Firesword , Nov 02 2009 · 90 views
Inferna's Blog Puzzle Contest
Let's get this party started! biggrin.gif

Puzzle Contest -- Round 1

  1. Don't share answers with each other, even answers you know aren't right. Doing so will get you disqualified for that round. This also applies for stealing another person's answer when you didn't come up with it yourself.
  2. You may, however, share theories. If you come up with an answer with the help of another contestant, make sure you mention that you did so, and who that was so I can give them credit.
  3. Each round, I will post the clues that correspond with that puzzle in a spoiler tag, assuming there are clues. Yes, there are some with no clues. Deal with it.
  4. If you have heard some of these puzzles before (Rockhound and Robo, I'm looking at you), out of courtasy to the other contestants please don't share the answer to others.
  5. There are no prizes for winning, save bragging rights.
  6. If you believe you have the answer, post it in spoilers in the comments. Share theories through IM, PM, whatever floats your boat.
  7. You will have one week from the posting of the new puzzle to solve it. Afterwards, the blog entry will be locked.
Glad that's taken care off. Onto the fun part!


How did a man with an out-of-date passport legitimately visit 30 different countries in the same day?

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

And . . . go!



Posted by Inferna Firesword , Nov 02 2009 · 99 views
I'm considering starting a logic puzzle contest or such here in my blog. I've got a book of those things, which my family, Rockhound, and Robo can all testify have tough questions. Give you guys a week to work on it, with the clues attached, and then reveal that week's winner and the answer a week later?

What do you guys think?



Posted by Inferna Firesword , Nov 01 2009 · 90 views
I'm seriously wondering what kind of family mine is. I mean:
  • My parents let my little brother try some of their beer, even though I repeatedly voiced the opinion that it was a bad idea. sleep.gif (I STILL think that.)
  • I came on to the laptop last night to find that all websites -- from AIM to Google to BZP and Brickshelf -- had been blocked on my account, and remained as such until Dad fixed it.

    I don't know when or how, but someday Mom will pay for all that. I missed 35 emails because of that! dry.gif



Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 31 2009 · 89 views
  • I didn't go trick-or-treating, but I did wear my creepy-cool costume. biggrin.gif
  • I've written two things for the occasion. One is a CoT poem, and a Bionicle songfic.
  • Considering my dad is watching The Shining right behind me as I speak, I'm fairly sure I'll have a hard time getting to sleep tonight. ph34r.gif
Happy Halloween! (Or as I prefer to call it, Samhain. tongue.gif)



Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 30 2009 · 101 views
*realizes that someone turned on my CD player, and turns it off, thus silencing AC/DC's "Back In Black"*

It's been a busy week, guys. Since I was absent for the past week or so (why, I'll keep to myself), I've been doing quite a bit. Here's a quick runover:
  • I've become hopelessly addicted to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I'm struggling against Tabuu right now in the Subspace Emissary, but hopefully, I'll kick his butt soon, and not the other way around.
  • I'm still having technical difficulties with my MP3 player and iTunes. annoyed2.gif
  • We're watching Batman Begins in English. ^^
  • It was Homecoming Week; otherall theme was Lost in Time. Seven spirit days, a huge assembly (which was really fun biggrin.gif), and the game/tailgate party is tonight, with the dance tomorrow on Halloween.

    The Spirit Days were:
    • Aluminum Foil Day: I believe this needs no explaination. tongue.gif
    • Other School Spirit: We wore the colors of other high schools. I stole Rockhound's colors. tongue.gif
    • Crayon Day: Basically wear-your-favorite-color-day, though some people took this seriously . . .
    • Character Day: Dress as your favorite character. I saw a lot of superheroes hanging around our school today, too. Probably just a coincidence, though . . .
    • Music Madness: Support music. Band t-shirts (I wore my Linkin Park shirt tongue.gif), masks, hairdos, and a lot of Michael Jackson tributes through the white glove.
    • Class Theme Day: Freshmen theme was Hollywood Glam. Sophomore theme (mine) was Western. Juniors were Hippies (they had this really good, handpainted poster of the Beatles in their hallway tongue.gif). And as for the Seniors, I think the following three words should explain it all: THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!!!
    • Class Colors Day: From the Freshmen to the Seniors: Grey/Silver, White, Black, and Red. (I wore my white "I reject your reality and substitute my own!" shirt tongue.gif)

Whew . . . busy week. wacko.gif


Real-life Issues

Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 23 2009 · 130 views
I have a few things in real life to handle (don't ask), so I probably won't be around as nearly as often as I usually am. In the RPGs, Rock/HN get my KG characters, and Rock gets Laural Thluile in Reality. I'm not sure about Astra Lixue in Reality; I suppose I can handle it myself when I am around.

Rest assured I'll be back to my regular schedule by next week. smile.gif


Member Interview 17

Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 21 2009 · 110 views
*laughter* laugh.gif

Although, now I'm not so sure I would want to meet you in real life, Rock . . . unsure.gif



Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 20 2009 · 113 views
SHE'S BAAAACK! _icon_joy_.gif

(Yes, the caps were totally obligatory. Deal with it. tongue.gif)



Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 16 2009 · 140 views
Okay guys you asked for it.

Here be the Noble, Bronze, Shelek.

Gallery when public

That little lump on the left side of the mask, just above the eyehole, isn't supposed to be there (the investment material got burned when the plastic was burned out), but I decided to leave it alone.

Anyway, Mr. Walker was all over it when I pulled it out of the mold (he showed it to everyone in the room, and repeatedly said that it was awesome tongue.gif), and he came up with this crazy idea to make molds of more pieces so I could have a solid bronze set.

It's crazy, I know. But it's my kind of crazy. I'm working on the wings right now. =D


I'm Free! =d

Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 14 2009 · 124 views
Finally, no more PSATs! Sitting in the theater for four hours stank (especially what I had to go through for bathroom breaks >.<), but getting to miss four periods -- *realizes everyone is glaring at her*

blink.gif What? Oh yeah, you want me to post pictures of my bronze mask. Well, I got it back, but it still needs work (it has a huge lump of solid bronze on the back that's weighing the entire thing down), so I'll post pictures once those are taken care of.


(Yeah, that last bit was totally random. But I had to say that, since it's kinda depressing. sleep.gif)


Little To Report. . .

Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 12 2009 · 89 views
. . . except I felt I had to make a blog entry. tongue.gif

So yah. However, I'm expected to get my Noble Mask of Silence (in solid bronze) back from Mr. Walker either tomorrow or Wednsday; hopefully tomorrow.

Aaaaand I have to take the PSAT in two days. >.< That's put a dampener on things.


I Feel Like Such A Flip-flopper . . .

Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 11 2009 · 107 views
I told myself I wouldn't enter any more RPGs. But now I've got a Night Ride profile hanging around my laptop!

Gaaaaah, what to do . . . I've got so little time these days . . . >.<



Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 09 2009 · 119 views
That'll teach you not to leave me unsupervised in there. I went in there looking for Halloween costume components, and only came out with one.

I did get a ton of books, though.

A bunch of Animorphs (now I don't need to borrow them) a couple of Bionicle books I didn't have (sadly, they didn't have Time Trap, the one Bionicle Adventures book I don't have sad.gif ), and a few other things.

I did come away with a mask, which will be painted red once I get my hands on some paint.

In other news, I'm going to take a serious resemblance to Aizen by tomorrow night, since I'm getting new glasses -- which have rectangular frames. tongue.gif


English Project

Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 07 2009 · 109 views
Isakson (my English teacher) is doing this unit on heroes (=D), and right now we're working on a project about "The Hero's Journey", or the steps our heroes take to fulfill their destiny. We're supposed to create a poster with references to such media versions of this.

So me and Lexas get together in English and make a list of reference materials, drawing off books, movies, anime, and manga. Here's the list:
  • Lord of the Rings
  • The Inheritance Cycle
  • The Matrix
  • Star Wars
  • The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
  • Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
  • X-Men
  • Ranger's Apprentice
  • Harry Potter
  • Cirque du Freak
  • Bleach
  • Naruto
  • D. Grey Man
  • Forgotten Realm -- Drizzt Series
  • Deltora
  • Uglies series
  • One Piece
  • Bionicle (Okay, that wasn't really on the list. But it should be. tongue.gif)
. . . long list, eh? tongue.gif



Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 05 2009 · 92 views
What a weird two days. I'll go through it in bullets:
  • I had a sore throat and bad cough all day today and yesterday. (How bad? At times I coughed so hard that I re-ate what I had for breakfast. annoyed.gif)
  • Missed school, so I got an extra day to do my weekend homework. Not sure if that was good or not.
  • My parents are demolishing their bathroom, so there's dust and rotten wood everywhere.
  • It felt like Thanksgiving had come early, because we had turkey for dinner last night.
  • On the plus side, I did read a really good book. Called The Homework Machine, by Dan Gutman. I must say, it was pretty compelling, even though it was below my average reading level. (Now, promise me that if you can make one, only use that power for good, kapeesh? tongue.gif)



Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 03 2009 · 92 views
So I came back about an hour ago. Whoo.

And I have to say, it was ROCKAWESOME. biggrin.gif

I'll post picture links when I finish uploading them to B-shelf Pictures are at the bottom of this entry, but in the meantime, I'll just describe it with words, and hopefully that will suffice for now. *ahem*

Let's get one thing straight first: that line to get in was LONG. It must've stretched back from the entrance to the Exhibition Hall at least two blocks. wacko.gif But it was totally worth it, once we got in. biggrin.gif

I made straight for the Bionicle table with my dad, camera at ready. I met Arpy there, roughly the same time I saw and signed the BZP member sign-in sheet. He told me that Rockhound had been looking for me, and was hanging around somewhere. (This was around 1:00 -- if you were there, Rock, then I curse both my bad memory for not figuring out where you were, and you for not showing up at the photoshoot. tongue.gif)

Then came the photoshoot. We tried to take a picture in front of the Bionicle table, but there were just too many people there, so we had to take a picture on the stairs. Dad handled the cameras for Arpy when we posed, and I finally chatted with Hahli Husky (whom I remember interviewing me, and giving me the idea to paint my Kopaka Nuva '03 set pink tongue.gif) in person. While Dad chatted with KopakaNui, I slipped off and looked over the sets at the rumage sale. I missed out on a chance for a Copper Akaku, though -- another kid got the set that was wearing it, but he was nice enough to let me snap a pic.

After all that, I went back to Dad, where he and KopakaNui wrapped up their chat, and -- after KN himself exchanged a few words with me -- we left for more spyhopping at the other tables. I also went to the BrickBazaar that covered the entire north and eastern walls, and spent $17 on a t-shirt and earrings. (Now you guys know what I'll be wearing for next year. tongue.gif)

They also had Axalara T9 being sold there, but I lacked the money to buy it. sad.gif

After about two hours, we finally left. Dad had gotten bored with it long before I did, but I was excited for next year already. smile.gif

. . . and that concludes my longest entry to date. tongue.gif

These are only a few of them -- I took some 55 pictures there; feel free to check out my Brickshelf for the rest. Oh, and I apologize in advance for their massive size. -.-

Welcome to the Lair!
Ooh, peaceful -- a pagoda
Best bargin on sets I've ever seen
I bet there are a lot of people jealous of that kid right now
These better become real someday, and not exist in bricks
Someone was either really bored or really driven when they made this
Proof you can always find some use for spare parts
I think we need more bug spray . . .
That guy in grey looks familar . . .
About two hundred mini-figs later . . .
Group Hug Pic! (I'm the one in the middle, wearing the pink LegoLand hat tongue.gif)


Off To Brickcon!

Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 03 2009 · 57 views
In about ten-fifteen minutes (assuming that the plans don't change), I'll be off with Dad and the camera. And yes, I will be posting said pics here when I get back. tongue.gif

See you guys there! (Oh, and if you are there, I'm the one with glasses and the tie-dye skull shirt. tongue.gif)



Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 02 2009 · 76 views
So, I won't be here tonight, since my fam's dragging me to Fan Appreciation Night at the baseball stadium. So don't expect me to be on tonight.

Oh, and one more thing:

BRICKCON TOMORROW!!! _icon_joy_.gif tongue.gif



Posted by Inferna Firesword , Oct 01 2009 · 84 views
Not much to say here. Nothing really happened today.

Well, nothing except this:

BRICKCON IN TWO DAYS!!! _icon_joy_.gif


OK, I know it offically started today, but that's when I'll be able to visit. tongue.gif

Yours Truly

Username: Inferna Firesword
Real Name: Lauren B.
Nicknames: Fern, Lady Greatsword, Inferna Greatsword, Witch Queen, Pteridophyta, Infernal Smokeknife, Tarnation Combustion Weapon, Fiction, and other assorted names
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Astrology Sign: Cancer
Astrology Element: Water
Zodiac Sign: Dog
Transformers Alignment: Decepticon
Current Location: WA, USA
Occupation: Author-in-progress, college student
Status: Taken by you ^^
Dream Job: Professional author
Likes: Music (LP!), books, writing, good food, awesome people, Jewelry and Metals class, video games, pranks, archery, swordplay (really good swordplay), Transformers, role-playing, and Akaku ^^
Dislikes: Hypocrites, gum, math, shallow people, procrastination, overzealous fanpeeps (Twilight fangirls, for example), excessive cursing, lazy grammar, people that rip off of my work
Xbox Live Gamertag/Battletag/3DS Friendcode: Classified; PM me if you want any of them.


These halls have seen much. From tales of heroes and friendship to tales of villains and death, from stories familiar to the ones out of our world, they have seen them all.

Enter Seneca's Keep if you dare. These halls ring with the laughter, screams, and sobs of those that enter our realms and listen to our words. Many leave in the end, but there are those that fall so under our spell that they never set foot in the outside world again.

They still haunt the Keep -- you may see them out of the corner of your eye, pale and wane from lack of proper sustance. They will not harm you, so long as you do not give them reason to, but take their tale as a warning. Delve into our otherworldly plots with caution -- immerse yourself too deeply, and even we Seneca will not be able to prevent you from becoming part of the Keep and our stories forever.

Join us at your own risk.

The Toa Seneca And Their Wares

Who We Are: "Seneca" means "place of stones" in a certain Native American dialect. This relates to the Amaja Circle on Mata Nui, the story-telling pit where the Turaga used stones to represent various points of a story. In some way -- be it through Role-Playing in the RPG forum or CoT, writing stories in the Library, or creating comics in the Creative Outlet -- we all tell stories to others. By ourselves and with the aid of others, we bring these tales to life. We are the Storytellers. We are the Toa Seneca.

Main Members (aka the founding members)

Inferna Firesword and her Library

Akaku: Master of Flight and his Comics

Repicheep XXII and his Library

Aych Ehn (Hewkiinuva) and his RPG

Japoro - Toa of Ice

Kagha and his Library

Kini Hawkeye and his Library

Honorary Members

Saya (Chibi Bahamut) and her Library

Lady Kopaka and her Library

Unofficial Honoraries


Youmu Konpaku (better known as Potu)

The Keep

Location: Wherever we want it
Appearance: Dependant on viewer. Can appear as cottage, castle, or anything in-between
Property of: Toa Seneca; run by Inferna Firesword (assisted by Akaku)
Contains: 9 libraries/RPGs/collections, private chambers for all Toa Seneca, dragon room, 3 lounges, one large kitchen, studios, armories, dungeons, garages, shark tank, heated pool
Defenses: Six Transformer guards, Vuvuzela cannons, energy shields, comet callers, bazookas, dragons, halflings (Bionicle), Seneca powers, time stoppers, nuclear missles, grenade machine guns, watermelon cannons, sound-proof walls, Krakkan in the backyard lake, Ents on our front lawn, Balrogs in the garage, space slugs underground
Security Systems: Security cameras, ultrasonic sensors, thermal cameras, electricity sensors, laser alarms, security droids, Krakkan, Ents, Balrogs


~La Pantoufle Seule ~: OOC: ME TO THE RESCUE. -fanfare plays while I jump off building-



Alex Humva: Zarry has the powers of prediction, guys. Listen to him, lest you become a fly on honeypaper thats on fire with a nuke aimed at it.

Shot by a PHYSICIST!: *Spittake* Three point five? That does it. I'm moving to Washington.

Japoro (in an arguement with Kagha about the possiblity of AeolusxAmph in H&H): You say she wants to dump me for some loser air toa?! I KILL YOU FOOL!

Akaku: I'm not scared of Inferna -- just fearfully surprised.

Sir Kohran: If your parents think you're too old for Lego, simply ask them what you should be into instead, then enjoy the bewildered silence that follows.

Me: On a weird scale we're all normal, but on a normal scale we're all weird.

Half-Dragon: Seems like everyone and their archnemesis has a legacy. Me? I don't even HAVE an archnemesis, let alone a legacy. Does that make me shallow or just really lucky?

Akaku: I like to pretend everything is going well whilest in reality its nothing short of the apocalypse.

AlchemyFox: All love is tragic... Unless you're Shakespeare. Then it's just plain "Whaaaaaat?"

Necro: A lie is just a great story that someone ruined with the truth.

Varderan: Violence makes the world go around.

Along with pretzels and assorted hair products.

Kagha (about something I told him from LST): ... DEATH?

Amph's gonna die?

*runs into basement, pulls out hammer, and runs after Inferna*

Kagha in KG: Anyway, curse you all and your stupid fast-moving RPG. ><

(My personal statement) "Interjection: Silence, meatbags!" - HK-47

Mangai (in my profile): @ Personal statement: Oh, yeah! HK RULEZ

Too bad I never played KotOR, or its sequel XP

Me (in his profile): Actually, that quote came from a MMO trailer that follows KOTOR II. =P

Mangai (in my profile): CARKITALL

Oh, well, now I have proof that I am unawesome for Zar. Thanks! :P

More Quotes

Alex (in KG): YAY-*Choughhackwheeze*

Necro: Wait.

If guitars are universes, and I play with and own multiple guitars, does that make me a God?


Alex (in Starscape): an era when Natsirt claimed to be guns

King of Shadows (in Starscape): BEST ERA OF ANYONE'S HISTORY ANYWHERE

Peach 00 (in PM): Always loved the Song of Double Time on Majora's Mask. Watch, we'll figure out somebody on the planet has an ocarina and is the source of why the year is going by so fast. :P

Myself (in an AIMRPG; as Toa of Psionics Kalima): "Who's he?"

Akaku (in the AIMPRG; as Toa of Undeath Akuji): "He ... He is part of everything ... He is the age in a being, the disease in a society, the bullet in a gun... He is what gives this world balance. He is the one who looks after the fallen, and either sends them to the pit or the realm of the great beings ... He is among all of us, even now, especially in my kingdom ... especially in me."

Why Inferna Shouldn't Play Rpgs

Rockhound (in the BZProvince Discussion Topic, fighting Xom and Kagha over my character): We really should get all three of us together and brawl it out. Winner-date-'Ferna. :P

Kagha (in KG): Lol, Xom, Inferna can only have so many romantically involved characters. XD

Rockhound (in KG): Says who, Kagha? :P

Xomeron (in KG): If by "So Many" you mean Infinity. In BZProvince, she had four people chasing after her character at once! My character included.

HN (in KG): OOC: Inferna, I am not going to IC six guards all fighting two people. xD
And Inferna, wouldn't that mean that you're fighting Mark? o_o; Do you want me to take Mark.
-i didnt give Inferna an idea I DIDNT I DIDNT-
-in denial-

Me (in KG): OOC: Thanks for the ideaaaa.[/singsongvoice] :evilgrin:

Me (in KG): OOC: Hint to HN: Don’t give ideas to the evil genius co-Moderator. :P


Akaku (on AIM): (If people are flirting with you in RPG's again, I will note I now fully reserve the right to yell at them XP)

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