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Seneca's Keep


Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow ...

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in School, Life Feb 29 2012 · 77 views

It has been snowing pretty hard outside since 1st period, and I can't stop looking out the window. It's beautiful outside. =D

Granted, it's not sticking, but hey -- it's a nice way to end February, and it's provoking a lot of singing of "Let It Snow" in and out of class. :P

EDIT: Scratch what I said about it not sticking; it's starting to pile up. Maybe my starting to listen to Daft Punk had something to do with it. xD


Just To Clarify

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Toa Seneca, BZPower Feb 17 2012 · 129 views
claiming dibs, Upcoming birthdays
I officially have the rights to make Kagha and Akaku's birthday topics when they roll around.

Anyone who steals the topics from me will be executed in the most gruesome manner I can imagine.

That is all. :D

(EDIT: Ak has called dibs on my B-day topic; the execution order will be followed through for whoever steals the topic from him when that comes around.)


So Valentine's Day

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in World Wide Web, Writing Feb 14 2012 · 137 views

For the record, I did write a special ... I just didn't post it here.

Mostly because I'm not sure what the rules are about writing SSs about two members' Bionicle personas are when said members are in a relationship anymore. =/


Short Stories Contest #9

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in BZPower, Writing Feb 13 2012 · 89 views

Lord of the Rings meets Bionicle.

I feel like I just died and went to nerd heaven.

Expect my entry soon.


"You! Shall not! PASS!"


V-Day Exchange, Day One: Heart Shaped Box

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in School Feb 08 2012 · 97 views

My French class is doing a Secret Valentine exchange. I was on the fence about it initially (since I'm saving up to get Minecraft and Skyrim), but what the hey, it's cool.

We have five days, each with a theme:
  • Wednesday: Candy Day
  • Thursday: Colors Day
  • Friday: Hobby/Favorite Things Day
  • Monday: Crafts Day
  • Tuesday: Traditional Day
I got a pretty heart-shaped box with dark chocolate, sugar cookies, and Sour Patch candy. ^^

Definately saving the box; as I wrote that I'm a gamer enjoying Borderlands and Halo for Friday, I'm interested to see what I get. :P

(I got my Secret Valentine Skittles and jelly beans, BTW)


In Case It Wasn't Obvious

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Life, BZPower, Toa Seneca Feb 04 2012 · 573 views
Early Valentine's Day, wub and 1 more...

*points at status in bio-box*

Only 1.5 years until we can meet up, if we don't do so earlier. ^_^

Love ya, Ak. =3


I'm In A Good Mood

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in World Wide Web, Toa Seneca, School, Life, BZPower Feb 02 2012 · 114 views

... and have been for at least four days now.

Not even trolls and irritating finals can dampen my spirits now. ^^

(Anyone who's read Ak's latest journal entry on [Removed. Mentioning sites with commenting systems is not allowed.-Nukaya] probably knows what I'm talking about. :P)


I Got A Letter Back

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Life, School Jan 21 2012 · 87 views

From one of the colleges I applied to.

I've been accepted to Western Washington University,

YAY! :happydance:


No School Tomorrow

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Life, School, World Wide Web, Writing, BZPower Jan 17 2012 · 101 views

yaaaay :happydance:

(also added a new quote to the quote boxes; kudos to Kothra for bringing it to my attention :P)


Which Deity Came Up With This Idea?

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in BZPower Jan 16 2012 · 56 views
Necro, universe strikes again
Everyone give Necro a hug, because flooding sucks.

Especially when said flooding cuts into video game time.


It's Snowing Outside

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Life Jan 14 2012 · 74 views


Five day weekend, here I come. B-)


Belated Book Review

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Books, Video Games Jan 13 2012 · 80 views
Star Wars and 6 more...
About a week ago I got my hands on Revan and read it. I'm happy with it, especially since it tells the story of how Canderous became Mandalore, but I'm sad: both because of the fate of Revan and the Exile, and because HK was only mentioned in the book. Goodness knows how I miss him and his lines. :(

(Another annoying thing? Atris was in the book. And she's the same obnoxious Code-thumper she was in KOTOR II. <_<)


Writing To-Do List

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Life, School, World Wide Web, Writing Jan 10 2012 · 97 views

  • Start work on my Valentine's Day special
  • Start the collaberation SS project Kagha and I are planning
  • Outline a plot-guide for my senior project
  • Wrap up Chapter 13 of Wings and post it.
Seems managable to me. ^^


Crisis Averted; Thanks For Your Concern

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Life, World Wide Web, Writing, BZPower Jan 09 2012 · 82 views

Found my USB right under my nose this morning, so it's all good. ^^


Something That I'm Slightly Concerned About

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in BZPower, Writing, World Wide Web, School, Life Jan 08 2012 · 70 views

My USB drive is missing. The drive that has all the files of my writing, including the (nearly-complete) thirteenth chapter of Wings.


.... *resists urge to use the freak-out emote*

EDIT: And to top it all off, my Christmas gift to Akaku (which I mailed on the 16th of December) seems to have gone to LA for some reason and died. At this point, I'm considering trying to get it back and mailing it again when his birthday rolls around. <_<


Now On The To-Kill List

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in World Wide Web, Toa Seneca Jan 05 2012 · 92 views
Seneca AIM RP, fatal mistake and 1 more...
[18:02] Inferna: *walks over to the tent, very tired after sleeping in a car*
[18:02] Akaku: -Felen and Zoxin notice-
[18:03] Akaku: Zoxin: "Well hey there beautiful; Hows it goin? /Posted Image"
[18:03] Akaku (XDDDD)
[18:03] Inferna: (xDDDDD)
[18:03] infernasword: (this'll be fun)
[18:03] Akaku -felen facepalms-
[18:04] Akaku (keep in mind Zoxin was an inmate; he was originally arrested for killing twenty-some people in a bank robbery/car chase Posted Image)
[18:04] Inferna: "... I get the feeling I ought to be annoyed right now, but I'm too tired to do that. There any extra coffee?"
[18:05] Akaku: -Felen takes a sip out of his cup-
[18:06] Kini: (back)
[18:06] Kini: (wqas gettin food)
[18:06] Akaku: zox: "Well Gorgeous; im sure if you look to the right of ya theres plenty of beverages on the table."

Source: The Seneca's AIM RP.

Sure, Zoxin apologized (he wasn't thinking straight at the time), but I'm thinking of getting revenge, since Kini stalled it for me .... daggone logic .....



Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Life, School, World Wide Web Jan 02 2012 · 77 views

I've got to go back to school tomorrow. :(

@Akaku and Kagha: Tonight's the last forseeable time I'll be able to RP with you for a bit, and I won't be on as long. School night and all that stuff. I'll get on whenever I can, though.



Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Life, Video Games, School, World Wide Web, Writing, BZPower, Toa Seneca Jan 01 2012 · 104 views

Soo New Years.

Won't offically be that in about an hour, but w/e. :P

My list:
  • Kill Volterix personally, for the second time (in the Seneca AIM RPG)
  • Successfully moderate the upcoming Seneca AIM Transformers RPG
  • Finish Wings (and torment Japoro all the way)
  • Wrap up my senior project (first 6 chapters of my novel)
  • Graduate from high school
  • Turn 18 and become a legal adult
  • Get into college
  • Dodge being someone's official girlfriend
  • Finish and publish aforementioned novel
I think that's a good list meself. Anything else that's good is just gravy. ^^


From The Seneca A I M Role-Play

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in Toa Seneca, World Wide Web Dec 30 2011 · 110 views

Kagha: "But how the Karzahni are we going to get there?"
Akaku: -fire in cyclone goes out; cyclone itself grows in size before it fades-
Akaku: "Do keep in mind, dear friend, who i am."
Akaku: -aims smirks-
Akaku: -smirk dissapears-
Akaku: "...okay, that was the part where one of my helicopters were supposed to fly in"
Kagha: (LOL)
Akaku: (XD)
Kagha: Laughs.
Kagha: "Not so clever now, huh?"
Akaku: "...shaddap >_>"

Akaku: -the other sober guy walks over to see what happend-
Inferna: *looks at Aims like he's crazy*
Akaku: -aims fires machinegun at drunks-
Akaku: -smoke clears-
Inferna: Nemesis to Smaug: "I think I could get to like this guy."
Akaku: -bullets stop-
Akaku: -smaug sneers-
Inferna: (in Draconic, naturally)
Akaku: ( :P )
Inferna: ( :P )
Akaku: -insert only one alive; being the sober guy; huddling behind corner-
Akaku: cover*

Akaku: "slow down mate; were closing in--"
Akaku: -car drives through chainlink fence-
Akaku: -through small trees on front lawn-
Akaku: -through main entrance and literally into the building-
Akaku: -brakes-
Akaku: -stops in middile of hallway-
Kagha: "... that was interesting."
Akaku: -two feet away from man-
Akaku: -holding a box of doughnuts-
Kagha: (LOL)
Akaku: (XD)
Inferna: *Nemesis and Smaug pry themselves out of the seats*
Inferna: (XD)
Kagha: *doughtnuts drop, spill over floor*
Akaku: -man runs for his life screaming-

Akaku: (Something tells me if Fern ever gets the chance to fight Volterix without any injuries, it would NOT be pretty xD)
Inferna: (oh trust me, it won't. She hates him too much to give him a clean death)
Akaku: (ouch xD)

Can I just say that doing an online role-play with Akaku and Kagha is awesome? =D

(As for the actual RP, well, it's kind of a long story. Let's just say that Ak's drawing a comic on DA based on the whole thing called "Tip of the Spear" and leave it at that.)


The Start Of A New Fad (I Think)

Posted by Inferna Firesword , in BZPower Dec 26 2011 · 82 views

Take your username, and make up the most convoluted description of it that you can.

That's your new nickname. =D


Inferna Firesword: Tarnation Combustion Weapon

Akaku Master of Flight: Mask of Vision Commander of Air

Lord Kini Hawkeye: God Temple Eagle Ocular

Japoro: Toa of Ice: Japoro Warrior of Subzero Hydrological Solid

HN: Toa Mahri of Stone Mata Second Generation

Zen Iceblade: Meditation Subzero Hydrological Solid Tapered Weapon

I think this could catch on, honestly. xD

Yours Truly

Username: Inferna Firesword
Real Name: [Classified]
Nicknames: Fern, Lady Greatsword, Inferna Greatsword, Witch Queen, Pteridophyta, Infernal Smokeknife, Tarnation Combustion Weapon, Fiction, and other assorted names
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Astrology Sign: Cancer
Astrology Element: Water
Zodiac Sign: Dog
Transformers Alignment: Decepticon
Current Location: WA, USA
Occupation: Author-in-progress, college student
Status: Taken by you ^^
Dream Job: Professional author
Likes: Music (LP!), books, writing, good food, awesome people, Jewelry and Metals class, video games, pranks, archery, swordplay (really good swordplay), Transformers, role-playing, and Akaku ^^
Dislikes: Hypocrites, gum, math, shallow people, procrastination, overzealous fanpeeps (Twilight fangirls, for example), excessive cursing, lazy grammar, people that rip off of my work
Xbox Live Gamertag/Battletag/3DS Friendcode: Classified; PM me if you want any of them.


These halls have seen much. From tales of heroes and friendship to tales of villains and death, from stories familiar to the ones out of our world, they have seen them all.

Enter Seneca's Keep if you dare. These halls ring with the laughter, screams, and sobs of those that enter our realms and listen to our words. Many leave in the end, but there are those that fall so under our spell that they never set foot in the outside world again.

They still haunt the Keep -- you may see them out of the corner of your eye, pale and wane from lack of proper sustance. They will not harm you, so long as you do not give them reason to, but take their tale as a warning. Delve into our otherworldly plots with caution -- immerse yourself too deeply, and even we Seneca will not be able to prevent you from becoming part of the Keep and our stories forever.

Join us at your own risk.

The Toa Seneca And Their Wares

Who We Are: "Seneca" means "place of stones" in a certain Native American dialect. This relates to the Amaja Circle on Mata Nui, the story-telling pit where the Turaga used stones to represent various points of a story. In some way -- be it through Role-Playing in the RPG forum or CoT, writing stories in the Library, or creating comics in the Creative Outlet -- we all tell stories to others. By ourselves and with the aid of others, we bring these tales to life. We are the Storytellers. We are the Toa Seneca.

Main Members (aka the founding members)

Inferna Firesword and her Library

Akaku: Master of Flight and his Comics

Repicheep XXII and his Library

Aych Ehn (Hewkiinuva) and his RPG

Japoro - Toa of Ice

Kagha and his Library

Kini Hawkeye and his Library

Honorary Members

Saya (Chibi Bahamut) and her Library

Lady Kopaka and her Library

Unofficial Honoraries


Youmu Konpaku (better known as Potu)

The Keep

Location: Wherever we want it
Appearance: Dependant on viewer. Can appear as cottage, castle, or anything in-between
Property of: Toa Seneca; run by Inferna Firesword (assisted by Akaku)
Contains: 9 libraries/RPGs/collections, private chambers for all Toa Seneca, dragon room, 3 lounges, one large kitchen, studios, armories, dungeons, garages, shark tank, heated pool
Defenses: Six Transformer guards, Vuvuzela cannons, energy shields, comet callers, bazookas, dragons, halflings (Bionicle), Seneca powers, time stoppers, nuclear missles, grenade machine guns, watermelon cannons, sound-proof walls, Krakkan in the backyard lake, Ents on our front lawn, Balrogs in the garage, space slugs underground
Security Systems: Security cameras, ultrasonic sensors, thermal cameras, electricity sensors, laser alarms, security droids, Krakkan, Ents, Balrogs


Nuzar the Pinapoconut : That is just plain cute! Kopaka's expresiion is priceless.

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer : Kitty ears for Mata: $6 apiece at Hot Topic

Shrink ray to make them fit in teacup: $200,000

Kopaka expression once he discovers what the others are about to do to him: Priceless

~La Pantoufle Seule ~: OOC: ME TO THE RESCUE. -fanfare plays while I jump off building-



Alex Humva: Zarry has the powers of prediction, guys. Listen to him, lest you become a fly on honeypaper thats on fire with a nuke aimed at it.

Shot by a PHYSICIST!: *Spittake* Three point five? That does it. I'm moving to Washington.

Japoro (in an arguement with Kagha about the possiblity of AeolusxAmph in H&H): You say she wants to dump me for some loser air toa?! I KILL YOU FOOL!

Akaku: I'm not scared of Inferna -- just fearfully surprised.

Sir Kohran: If your parents think you're too old for Lego, simply ask them what you should be into instead, then enjoy the bewildered silence that follows.

Me: On a weird scale we're all normal, but on a normal scale we're all weird.

Half-Dragon: Seems like everyone and their archnemesis has a legacy. Me? I don't even HAVE an archnemesis, let alone a legacy. Does that make me shallow or just really lucky?

Akaku: I like to pretend everything is going well whilest in reality its nothing short of the apocalypse.

AlchemyFox: All love is tragic... Unless you're Shakespeare. Then it's just plain "Whaaaaaat?"

Dalek: I guess I can blame this confusion on your being knocked out with smoke. You are currently in a cell, with LK in the cell to your right, Tahu01 in the cell to your left, and Turakii in the cell to the right of LK's. I turned on Tahu01, knocked you all out, and stuck you in these cells. Now I'm gonna hold you all for a ransom of 500,000 widgets each.


Dalek: *teleports Nikira to Smeag-proofed cell* Pay the 500,000 widgets, or I test my new ray gun on her! >=D

Smeag (in Nikira's profile): There is no such thing as a Smeag-proof cell. My blundering bombast overcomes all. As you can see, I've already rescued her. >:3

Necro: A lie is just a great story that someone ruined with the truth.

Varderan: Violence makes the world go around.

Along with pretzels and assorted hair products.

Kagha (about something I told him from LST): ... DEATH?

Amph's gonna die?

*runs into basement, pulls out hammer, and runs after Inferna*

Kagha in KG: Anyway, curse you all and your stupid fast-moving RPG. ><

(My personal statement) "Interjection: Silence, meatbags!" - HK-47

Mangai (in my profile): @ Personal statement: Oh, yeah! HK RULEZ

Too bad I never played KotOR, or its sequel XP

Me (in his profile): Actually, that quote came from a MMO trailer that follows KOTOR II. =P

Mangai (in my profile): CARKITALL

Oh, well, now I have proof that I am unawesome for Zar. Thanks! :P

More Quotes

Alex (in KG): YAY-*Choughhackwheeze*

Necro: Wait.

If guitars are universes, and I play with and own multiple guitars, does that make me a God?


Alex (in Starscape): an era when Natsirt claimed to be guns

King of Shadows (in Starscape): BEST ERA OF ANYONE'S HISTORY ANYWHERE

Peach 00 (in PM): Always loved the Song of Double Time on Majora's Mask. Watch, we'll figure out somebody on the planet has an ocarina and is the source of why the year is going by so fast. :P

Myself (in an AIMRPG; as Toa of Psionics Kalima): "Who's he?"

Akaku (in the AIMPRG; as Toa of Undeath Akuji): "He ... He is part of everything ... He is the age in a being, the disease in a society, the bullet in a gun... He is what gives this world balance. He is the one who looks after the fallen, and either sends them to the pit or the realm of the great beings ... He is among all of us, even now, especially in my kingdom ... especially in me."

Why Inferna Shouldn't Play Rpgs

Rockhound (in the BZProvince Discussion Topic, fighting Xom and Kagha over my character): We really should get all three of us together and brawl it out. Winner-date-'Ferna. :P

Kagha (in KG): Lol, Xom, Inferna can only have so many romantically involved characters. XD

Rockhound (in KG): Says who, Kagha? :P

Xomeron (in KG): If by "So Many" you mean Infinity. In BZProvince, she had four people chasing after her character at once! My character included.

HN (in KG): OOC: Inferna, I am not going to IC six guards all fighting two people. xD
And Inferna, wouldn't that mean that you're fighting Mark? o_o; Do you want me to take Mark.
-i didnt give Inferna an idea I DIDNT I DIDNT-
-in denial-

Me (in KG): OOC: Thanks for the ideaaaa.[/singsongvoice] :evilgrin:

Me (in KG): OOC: Hint to HN: Don’t give ideas to the evil genius co-Moderator. :P


Akaku (on AIM): (If people are flirting with you in RPG's again, I will note I now fully reserve the right to yell at them XP)

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