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Tuck and Cover



Posted by Friar Tuck , Oct 24 2009 · 54 views

And they say there's no action in small towns.

So the other night I am enjoying a stack of comic books I borrowed from a neighbor, and everyone else is also just lounging around in the house. Eventually I notice red and blue flashing lights right outside our front door. I go to the window and look, only to find a cop car blocking the road right in front. Odd, but nothing else seemed to be happening, so I went back to my reading. Every other minute or so I would go and check up on the disco outside, only to find increasing amount of police and fire trucks driving up and stopping just down the street... in front of my neighbors to be exact. Being me, I think there's a fire down the street and I'll go out and look in a while, nothing terribly important at the moment. No more do I sit down then I see several figures dashing in our front lawn, followed by an urgent knocking and several rapid doorbell rings. Going up I see a Fireman's party being held in our lawn and a policewoman standing on our porch.

Me: Hello?

PW: Is this a one or two family house?

Me: Uh, one?

PW (at this point figuring out that we inside are oblivious): Your neighbor's barn is on fire, and you need to evacuate immediately.

Me: blink.gif

Needless to say, that's all that needed to be said. In about two minutes we managed to grab everyone still home, a few essential paperwork folders and jump drives, and the cats, and get them all into my car (my mother and sister were at work). What was ironic was that between the emergency vehicles and the crowd in our driveway we couldn't back out. Thankfully at that point though the same policewoman came to tell us the blaze was under control, and our home was no longer in danger.

To help get a picture of the situation, or neighbor had (or should I say had) an old two-story carriage-house that had long been converted into part garage/part storage/part workshop because he is a boat captain. Its behind the row of houses, but its only about fifty feet away from our house, which explained the need to evacuate. We got lucky, because the side facing away from us was the side that caught fire, so it gave more time for the firemen to come and put it out with little danger to the neighborhood. Had the side closest to us caught on fire instead... *shudder*. We have several large Black Walnut trees right next to the carriage house, and they lead nicely to our home, plus the closeness of the building...

So yeah, we and the neighbors got lucky, very lucky. Neither home was destroyed or even damaged, thee building is still largely intact, and he didn't lose his boat OR his camper-trailer. He probably lost many expensive tools and riggings though.

Afterwards the neighbors (everyone else in the neighborhood, not the victims) were commenting on how in its height it was a wall of orange flame, an many thought at first it was our house. Once they realized it was the barn, they actually were more concerned because he has many air tanks, fuel, and compressors in there that could've blown... yeah. Would've been pretty to say the least. We were told though that the family managed to get those out before the blaze became too intense.

So yeah... just your average day in a small town... tongue.gif


I Didn't Sign Up For This

Posted by Friar Tuck , Oct 24 2009 · 79 views

Well first off, I have decided to create my own blog (obviously), and have really no idea what I am doing since this is my first one EVER (Warning: Newb).

I suppose the beginning is a good place to start, and that I did not realize how much brain power is required to be purposely witty over a long period of time. Not only that... but being a Forum Assistant is actually hard work.

Yes, it is. I curse the day Andrew gave me this job, and I curse the day Andrew the Lesser suggested it, for I jumped with joy, and I was happy; now I know better, for I am their slave. At least I get a larger avatar, and that makes it allllllllllllllllllll better biggrin.gif

So instead of doing what I WANTED to do today, which was carry on with the fantastic wedding-drama that I am putting on in the Bzprpg (with Emzee's help), I instead took on a project that needed to be done, a Common Sense Guide for the Bzprpg. It took me about five hours, and that's working time; not counting time off the comp such as snacks, dinner, and playing chauffeur for my younger siblings. And running errands for my Mother. And... well, that's it actually. The project essentially fried my brain, much to my accomplices' disdain, who was hoping for a post. Instead, he got this:

*waves finger in front of lips* Bpbpbpbpbbbb...

Yeah, it was bad. At least the Funny Farm confirmed that there was an open room.

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