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Minecraft: Race For The Wool Server Test

Posted by ~Mat~ , in Tech, BZPower Dec 30 2011 · 1,268 views

Alright guys, it's looking like our game may be taking place on the 30th, and Takuma Nuva will more than likely be the hoster. The only problem is he isnt sure if the server can handle 8 people, so we need to test it, Relatively soon at that.

And now for a regularly Schedueld messge from Takuma!

[Right, so, thanks, man. I'll try not to go too totally haxxor over this thing. But y'know, if all your entries disappear just blame the people who dubbed me "The Evil Blog Master".

Anyways, getting to the point. I currently rent a Minecraft server that's recommended for 6 slots. However, that number was decided on the assumption that most people renting servers will be using bukkit and/or some other basic plugins. I do not; I only use 100% vanilla server software. What this means is, now that I have "extra" RAM to play around with, we might be able to squeak out another player or two. But if we want to be sure to have a stable game, it's something that'll require stress-testing.

So here's what we'll do. We'll need 8 people (and I'll bet I can guarantee at least 3 or 4 most nights) to hop on the server and do some stress-testing. I'll be creating a separate world so that I don't have to worry about the regular one getting griefed, messed-up, what-have-you.

So, here's what's going down:

1. Anybody interested in participating needs to PM me their MC account name so that, at the time of stress-testing, I can add them to the whitelist.

2. We'll need to pick a night ASAP when we can have enough people to stress-test. Since it shouldn't be a very long test, most any night should probably work for me. (Think between 7 and 9 PM Central time.)

3. During the stress test, everybody runs around doing "normal" things. Just don't get to set in whatever you do. Once the stress-test is over, bye-bye everything you built.

4. Participating in the stress-test does not guarantee a spot in the actual Race for the Wool. Furthermore, after this is all said and done, most, if not all of you, will then be removed from the whitelist when I set it back to "normal". If anyone does get to stay and play on my server regularly, it'll only be by an offer from me. So don't bother asking. I don't have time to play "server moderator"; I work enough jobs.

5. Finally, I wouldn't say the 30th is set in stone. It's a possibility, but that would likely mean I wouldn't even be able to participate, which, y'know, would kinda suck for me. :P Best nights for me on a regular basis are Saturday nights. We'll just have to wait and see.

Anyways, there you have it, guys.
-Takuma Nuva]

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Avohkah Tamer
Dec 20 2011 11:15 PM
Sure thing, I'd be glad to hop on for a stress test anytime. I'm available most nights, so just let me know when.
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Still interested in doing this, but probably not going not going to be free for the stress test. Got scheduled to work for quite a bit more hours than I expected over my break.
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Posted Image

He's an evil blog master! D:
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I guess I could try. Is the 24th too soon to do it?
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Takuma Nuva
Dec 21 2011 08:44 PM
Haha, that's great, Wolven. I had no idea it'd do that.
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How long straight would we be playing RftW?
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Takuma Nuva
Dec 30 2011 12:19 PM
I've gotten all of one person to send me their account name so far...
    • 0
Would that person be me by any chance
Because I think I sent it.
But I'm not sure anymore.
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Takuma Nuva
Dec 30 2011 08:57 PM

Would that person be me by any chanceBecause I think I sent it.But I'm not sure anymore.

Yes, it would.
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