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BZPC #25

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Feb 09 2014 · 465 views

First part was standard BZPC stuff: spawn, cut down trees, make tools, etc. I noticed a Dark Oak forest nearby and cut down some giant shrooms so I wouldn't run out of food, although I didn't eat any since I killed quite a few cows. Then I burrowed underground, found 8 diamonds, and went to the Nether. I came out of the portal right as Bambi did, which scared me for a second. We decided to not to kill each other, and instead find the Nether Fortress, which was right by the portal. Then we noticed torches we hadn't placed. And all the netherwart had been looted. We killed some blazes, then he burnt to death when I was trying to block off lava ._. Then I decided to exit. There were quite a few wolves near the portal, so I killed some skeletons and tamed two. Suddenly, I realized I had a surplus of beef, and decided to start breeding the wolves, in the hopes they could outpower whoever it was that had potions. After breeding quite a few, and watching everyone but Mat eliminate each other, I was teleported to the center for the final fight. I won somehow, despite the fact that only three of the wolves were adults, and Mat had strength potions. Then we blew the map to pieces, as is the norm.
TL;DR: Went underground, found diamond, went to the Nether, found Bambi, went back to the surface, found wolves, went to fight Mat, found victory. GG.


I just realized

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Jan 26 2013 · 480 views

That I have been on here for 5 years as of several days ago.
...Also it seems an unusual amount of BZPers joined the site in January according to the number of related blog posts that have been written recently.


Super Hostile maps in a nutshell

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Nov 30 2012 · 1,073 views
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
I thought I took more screens than that but they weren't there when I looked in my screenshots folder. :<


Ginormous list of BZPower Minecrafters

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Sep 24 2012 · 2,055 views
So I decided to make a list of everybody on BZP who plays Minecraft. This is the result.

Note that I have either forgotten or do not know the usernames of some members-these instances are marked with an N/A. If your username is not on this list or marked with an N/A, feel free to PM me or leave a comment below, and I'll add you. :)

There's also a Minecraft server for BZPers. IP is Rules are no griefing, no stealing, no killing people who are working, and no swearing(48-hour ban). Burnmad is the owner. This server is no longer active. If a new BZP server springs up, I'll add it here. If anyone wants to make a server, please do and mention it in the official topic.

So without further ado, here you are:

BZP [Minecraft]

Alex Humva [dralexhumva]

Artezza Trigger [ArtezzaTrigger]

Avohkah Tamer [AvohkahTamer]

Bambi [Wolveon]

BBCCD [Awesomesaurus]

BenLuke-116 [KethryeNuva]

Beardy Spoon [Claghorn_Tull]

BioBeast [BioBeast]

BlueFire [TAHU2014]

Bonkle [Kultax]

Bulik [Octagonal]

Burnmad: Toa of Emoticons [Burnmad]

BZP Blade [BZP_Blade]

Chro [ChroOmega]

Chols [CholsTheWolf]

cobui [Cobui]

Commander Helios [C_Helios]

ConTradictheory [xianyu118]

Cosmic Titan [wilfreandvezon]

Dallior [whoviangamer08]

Ddude the Insane [Destin_Faroda]

Dual Matrix [Themightymeisme]

Eastonium [Kickflip645]

Emperor Sirius [ToaDriken]

Electric Turhak [Ektris]

N/A [Ethreal]

Flipz [_Flipz_]

Golden Emporer Bolshak [gdfgdfgdfice]

helryx280 {furno5943]

iBrow [ibrow]

Jedi Master J. [JMJ2011}

karpinskijd [FireEmblemBZP]

Kohu. [meblaylock]

Kovika [MataNuiFilms]

Luna [Tag533]

Makuta Miras [Toa_Freddo]

Makuta of Comedy [MakutaofComedy]

~MatoroIgnika~ [MatoroIgnika]

Mizkio [mizkio]

Nara [nara567]

Onarax [1234goofy]

Orino Ryuujin [LaughinManBZP]

Petewa [Drysdalez]

Ptolemiaos [Ptolemic]

Phovos the Raptor [N/A]

Piraka~Mistika [piraka_mistika]

Portalfig [Tavahka]

PurpleBouncy [GetYourWings]

rahkshi guurahk [quantummetalbric]

Roablin [Roablin]

Rokoro [Lord_of_Potatoes]

An Edible Explosion [Skrief]

Scanty Demon [Phantom_Vriska]

Shadow_Ignited [OscarTeddy]

SPIRIT [HeroicSpirit]

Tenebrae Invictus [TenebraeInvictus]

The Invisible Noob [madufruit42]

thelonewander [thelonewander117]

The X [XXaron]

thoron [mtmerrick]

Toa Ekorak [MCenderdude]

Toa Onaku [herrabanani]

toa ordaku [1adude]

Toa Zehvor Blackout [ToaBlackout]

Toa Zehvor MT [TheBlarghMan]

TreloManka [mario1437]

Xaeraz [NewAgeRetroHippie]

Zakaro [JustZakaro]

Zatth [kanohizatth]
ZokInsaneMathWizard [ZokMathWizard]

Total: 65

Last updated 10/8/2015.



If Anyone Wants To See Things Blow Up

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Sep 09 2012 · 679 views

Go to http://twitch.tv/matoroignika. We will be blowing up a mountain with ~1200 blocks of TNT. Maybe more.



Wat the Cee

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Aug 01 2012 · 677 views


(and it's august)

Also I need a better name for this blog, any ideas?



Naem Change

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Dec 16 2010 · 361 views

wat do you think



Wat The Cee

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Nov 24 2010 · 232 views





Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Nov 22 2010 · 359 views
I GOT POBZPC STATUS!!! biggrin.gif



Should I Change My Name

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Oct 04 2010 · 288 views

to HE'S INNOCENT keeping up with Sumiki and Lhik?


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