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Wat The Cee

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Oct 02 2010 · 217 views


ok maybe a day late but w/e I had to do it



Arr, Mateys

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Sep 19 2010 · 208 views

It be Talk loik a Porite day! pirate.gif



Free Hotdogs!

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Sep 14 2010 · 363 views

Just ask me questions to claim your FREE HOTDOGS!!!!!

Yes, this is an 'Ask' entry.



New Blog Name

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Sep 14 2010 · 193 views

Yes, I know I haven't updated this in forever. tongue.gif

A Dairy Queen opened near me a few days ago. Exellent ice cream, and the hotdogs aren't bad either.

So what do you think of the new blog title?




Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Jun 13 2010 · 269 views

I got three $25 gift cards to Walmart the day before yesterday. I decided to spread it out over a few days and not spend it all at once.

Yesterday I got the Wreck Raider and Tahu.

What should I spend the rest on? I need ideas.




Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Jun 09 2010 · 281 views

I havn't updated this in forever. tongue.gif

I finally made categories.

It's my birthday today. I got Stars Gresh so far. I received the Kaxium in May as an early present. A lot of friends I know live on the other side of the country so my other presents will arrive later.

Did you know that you can attach his swords to his feet? Looks remcient of Kopaka Nuva and his power ice skates.




Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Apr 21 2010 · 211 views
I got a new avatar today. AND IT'S AWSOME. cool.gif



That Doesn't Make Any Sense

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Apr 20 2010 · 526 views
and 1 more...
I made a typo and went to bpower.com.

I got a site about a inveintion(<sp?) that lets a jet engine operate in space.

Now how does that work? blink.gif




Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Feb 21 2010 · 436 views

When I saw the 'lock' 'delete' and 'draft' buttons I thought I had been promoted to blog staff before I rememberd that you can lock or delete your own blog. tongue.gif


The Start Of My Blog

Posted by Unit#phntk#1 , Feb 20 2010 · 421 views

So, welcome to my blog! I've been intending to make one for some time now. Right now I don't really have anything to blog about, exept that I bought the Raid VPR a few days ago. When I have more time, I'll add content blocks. Bye!

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I think we get a pass on the basis that small children generally don't play discussion-based games which require heavy use of logic

But then, neither do we

*Snaps fingers*

I think the joke here is all of us

Am I the only one who doesn't hate Kulta's chest gap? It's a handy storage place for his skull mask when he steals another.

"yeah hold on, time out, gotta stick this whole skull in my bra so i don't, like, lose it or anything."