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Wat The Cee

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 01 2011 · 151 views



My Frog Collection

Posted by Squishyfrog , Oct 23 2011 · 428 views

So, in the past I've alluded to a frog collection, and I believe I've stated that it's rather large. But the thing is, I've never had the pictures to show it off(mainly because they're all in my closet most of the time).

But now I do.


what is this "obsession" you speak of I have no clue what you're talking about :guilty:


Olmak Spinny

Posted by Squishyfrog , Oct 20 2011 · 121 views

guffaw guffaw

It looks terrible with these new white backgrounds. xP


A Riddle

Posted by Squishyfrog , Oct 19 2011 · 213 views

If a man has 100 biscuits and then four robbers steal 24 and a half of them but the man manages to steal 14 back but the robbers take half of his current biscuits but the man steals back half of those that they just stole but the robbers beat him down and take a third more of his biscuits but the man jumps up and drops 2 biscuits and steals back nine of them but the robbers take 18 biscuits and drive away but they accidentally drop 5 biscuits and the man gets back 3 of his biscuits how many biscuits does the man have in the end?


Swear Word Emoticon

Posted by Squishyfrog , Oct 16 2011 · 299 views


But there really is a new emoticon with a swear word in it, but that's for you to find.


Hotwheels: Acceleracers

Posted by Squishyfrog , Apr 26 2011 · 232 views
I think I watch these too much. wacko.gif

Seriously, though. They're littered with cheese and yet I still like them. They're certainly better than the first movie or that dreaded Battle Force 5, yet just as corny. Vert is a crybaby, the ending is horrible, the Metal Maniacs are seriously ripped in a stupid way and everything about the movies are ridiculous and yet I still like all four.

Maybe it's because of how Shirako and Pork Chop play off each other so well.

Nah, I think I'm in it for the scenery of the realms.
e: Oh, and the soundtrack is pretty good.
ex2: The cars are awesome, too.


My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Posted by Squishyfrog , Apr 25 2011 · 233 views
I feel like I need to say this.

With the recent outbreak of ponies on BZPower and just the web in general, I decided to watch a few episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

And I love it.

e: holy cheese sumiki just posted about mlp:fim that was unexpected



Posted by Squishyfrog , Apr 18 2011 · 168 views
Just a shout-out to him for being awesome.


The Drop The Clubs Club

Posted by Squishyfrog , Apr 15 2011 · 253 views
The Drop The Clubs Club

Let's face it; you aren't a savage anymore. Dinosaurs aren't roaming around the hut as much as they used to, and the ones that still do are predators to your livestock. Besides which, clubbing an animal to death just isn't the thing anymore. I mean, that guy who lives on the other side of the mountain learned how to create that hot stuff that burned your village down last week. Of course he died because he didn't know how to control it, but that's besides the point. In fact, I heard that your neighbor sharpened some rocks and mounted them on sticks. He calls them "spears". Then someone took a stick and broke parts of it off so that it was an optimal shape and tied a cut vine to it, and was launching rocks with it! He called the contraption a "slingshot". But if you are too close to your most favorite outdated weapon to give it up in favor of these newfangled ones, then at least cover the head in spikes or something. True, it will be harder to sling over your shoulder this way, but perhaps that's not too big of a price to pay if you don't want to use the newer and possibly better killing techniques. Whatever you do, just drop the freaking clubs!

1. Squishyfrog
2. Comrade Gato
3. Brawl and Megatron's Beak
4. A Shattered Land
5. Waffles
6. Neelh
7. hacked by Lhikevikk
8. Daiker


My I Q

Posted by Squishyfrog , Apr 14 2011 · 190 views
My Life
My family insists that it's above-average.

I sincerely doubt this.

hoot hoot

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