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My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 3(Fighting)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 12 2013 · 439 views

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i’ll be honest, Sawk probably isn’t one of my top ten favorite Pokemon or anything. he’s cool and all, and i like his design, but it’s difficult for me to feel like he’s all that special or interesting. when it comes to Fighting types it’s hard for me to find ones that i really like. there are some i like more than others, sure, but on the whole they’re just kind of “eh” to me. three of the only ones that stand out are Hitmonlee, Blaziken, and Sawk here. it’s fluctuated in the past as to which one of those three is my favorite, but recently Sawk has been growing on me more and more, while the others i’ve begun to like less and less. it’s too bad his X and Y model is so derpy though. =/
also hands are the worst thing to draw ever
honorable mentions: Hitmonlee, Blaziken, Throh


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 2(Fire)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 11 2013 · 416 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(857.3 KB)^
UGH CHANDELURE IS A PAIN TO DRAW. it took my like five tries to get something i was pleased with and even then i’m not crazy how this came out but w/e
i’ve always liked Chandelure, even from the moment i saw him. he’s suitably creepy, but also manages to be very cute. i also really like the progression from candle > lamp > chandelier. really i just seem to end up liking a lot of the “inanimate object” Pokemon that people love to hate, like Klefki, the Drifloon line and heck, even the oft-dreaded ice-cream Pokemon.
honorable mentions: Blaziken, Darmanitan, Heatmor, Litwick


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 1(Normal)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 10 2013 · 400 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(419.72 KB)^
so the idea here is i’m going to draw my favorite Pokemon of each type and post a short description as to why i like them. i was going to do this before but i put it off when X and Y came out.
anyway, Porygon-Z is my favorite Normal-type. i don’t know why, but i find the entire Porygon line just so endearing. they all have a certain charm about them, but Porygon-Z especially does. i love the way he spazzes out, and the fact he is an illegal hack of Porygon2 just makes him that much more awesome to me. i can’t wait for Pokemon Bank to come out so i can transfer mine(named Mr. Seizure) and play with him in Amie. =)
honorable mentions: Porygon, Porygon2, Spinda, Regigigas


how you know you're a Bionicle side-character

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 05 2013 · 459 views

you're a mostly unimportant or unmemorable character
then you get thrown into a random story serial
then you have your character expanded upon
then you suddenly become/have the potential to be a compelling and interesting character
and then you get killed off in the most anticlimactic way possible


Greninja and Aegislash

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 04 2013 · 661 views

Posted Image
^click for full size^
just something i drew and have been working on coloring for the past couple of days. i'm a little iffy on how it looks but i'm still new to this whole digital coloring thing so i'm fairly pleased overall.
(and yes i know that the shield's design is way off(even though i used it for the thumbnail) and that the sizes are way off because Aegislash is 5'07 and Greninja is 4'11)


"i'd like to escape life for a bit"

Posted by Squishyfrog , Aug 15 2013 · 469 views

"hey i think i'll go to BZPower"
*sees recent blog entries*
"hey i think i'll go to somewhere else"


ibb and obb

Posted by Squishyfrog , Aug 10 2013 · 536 views

so a few days ago my sister and i tried the demo for this game - we liked it. the art style was cute and overall it was fun. plus it was only ten dollars. so we bought it.
let me just say one thing
the earlier levels were really fun, and they still gave your noggin a good workout. i don't know how far we are into the game yet, but all of the sudden the levels seem to have taken a huge increase in difficulty. i don't mind a good challenge in a video game, quite the contrary, as that usually makes the game more rewarding. usually. i don't know if i'm just horrible at this game, if my sister is horrible at this game, if the levels are designed with slight hiccups, or some combination of all of those. when you beat one of the hard puzzles, there's just not that rewarding feeling. it's more of a "freaking FINALLY beat that stupid freaking puzzle that took us seventy freaking tries to beat". part of the reason behind this is because the levels are so long, so chances are you'll have to keep playing and you'll encounter another equally frustrating puzzle, and if you stop, you'll have to start the level all over AGAIN. and then you'll get so close to beating the level... and then your partner make one slight misstep, a wrong-timed jump, and you have to start the puzzle from the beginning. again. and then that same situation will happen over and over again.
also playing single player is nigh-impossible. you control ibb with one control stick, and obb with the other. this is extremely awkward, but generally not a problem until you have to do any sort of synchronized jumping or dodging or basically everything you have to do to solve puzzles.
i don't really know how to end this entry so have a picture of ibb and obb:
Posted Image


dear Jif Natural Creamy Peanut Butter

Posted by Squishyfrog , Aug 03 2013 · 441 views

when you advertise your product with "no need to stir" you should make sure that there is actually NO NEED TO STIR
i mean i guess you don't have to stir it, but if you want a peanut butter sandwich and not a peanut oil sandwich then you're going to have to stir it, and considering it's marketed as peanut butter then the chances are you PROBABLY are buying it to use as peanut BUTTER
that's all for now but stick around for more of Squishy's Insignificant First World Problems - the only place on the internet where you can listen to someone gripe over something that doesn't matter at all!
EDIT also there's a Facebook like button now apparently??


birthday loot

Posted by Squishyfrog , Jul 26 2013 · 531 views

OMG you gaiz are gonan be like sooooooo~ jealous bcuz i got SO MUCH COOL STUFF for my birthday today
ACTUALLY i just got a Kyogre plush and Flower(the video game). oh yeah also some money but egh who needs money right?? but HEY i got a Kyogre plush and Flower so that's cool
but the plush is kind of weird because the patches of fabric either side of the center seam face opposite directions so when you pet him it smooths out one side of his fabric but messes up the other side and ARGH but he apparently only cost 9 cents so i can't complain
basically i don't know the real point of this entry but hey i'm 14 now so that's cool maybe? also i changed my display name and i KNOW i capitalized the "s" in Squishyfrog but it's all lowercase somehow and plpbbbbbbbbbb idk how that happened


sub 2 my channel

Posted by Squishyfrog , Jul 25 2013 · 522 views

i no this kind of comments are hated but hear me out
i'm just a guy trying 2 make it on utube so if you couls just check my videos out is would mean a big alot to me
even if jus 1 person sees this thats all that matters to me thanks you =)
lol jk jk
But seriously, a huge thank you to BZP staff for taking time out of their busy lives to work on this website, especially with how much whining they have to put up with when they could easily just leave. You guys are literally the best. =)
also my birthday is tomorrow what

hoot hoot

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