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some fakemon stuff

Posted by Squishyfrog , Jan 07 2013 · 1,301 views

not named, not named, and Telegeist(?)
so yeah, been tossing this idea around for awhile and these are the latest and greatest. first concept went haunted disc --> haunted DVD player --> haunted television, but i scrapped the DVD player because it was too obscure. but now the line felt too empty, and there was no real transition between disc and TV. later on i got to thinking that the TV looked too chunky, like an old one, when it hit me; make the line based completely around TVs, and make them get sleeker as they evolve. after dozens of tries, i've ended up with these rough designs.
i feel these guys would hypnotize people with cleverly patterned flashing lights while they steal their victim's soul. as for their stats, the final evolution would have the highest Sp. Atk of all Pokemon, beating out Deoxys-A by 20 points(AKA 200). he would also be very speedy, with speed either matching or surpassing Deoxys-S. it would have to be very frail with so much poured into Sp. Atk and Speed, tho, so obviously these guys' biggest enemy would be priority.
as the notes on the drawing show, i don't really know what names, typing, or abilities to give these guys. as far as typing goes, they're haunted TVs with strong Psychic powers, so it's obviously going to have to be Psychic/Ghost, Ghost/Electric or Psychic/Electric, but it's hard to pick one(personally though, i'm leaning towards Psychic/Ghost because they probably don't need electricity(they run on soul power)). Abilities are the next issue - Levitate is a good choice, especially if it ends up being part Electric, but something like Magic Guard would be cool, too. other Abilities i've considered are(in alphabetical order) Adaptability, Cursed Body, Defeatist, Download, Illuminate, Insomnia, Soundproof, Static, Synchronize, Technician, Telepathy and Trace. another option is something completely new, but i can't think of anything.
tl;dr what do you think of these guys, what should i name them, what typing should they have, and what Ability should they have
gosh why in the world did i ramble so much sorry about that =<

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Teevil, Plazzmad, Cathodoom. Ghost, Psychic/Ghost, Psychic/Ghost. Insomnia or Static, with Download as its hidden ability.


Also, just make it a level up w/dubious disc. Trade evolutions are a stupid mechanic when you can't bloody trade with anyone.

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Jan 07 2013 09:49 PM

ooh i like those names =o especially Cathodoom. the "mad" in Plazzmad coming after "evil" in Teevil seems a bit backwards, considering that "evil" is a stronger word than "mad", but i still like those names


also for some reason it never crossed my mind that they can have more than one Ability DX but anyways those Ability choices are better than what i had thought of. this thing with Download would be terrifying, lol.


and i agree about the evolve with trading thing - i'll prolly change that because it is a stupid way to evolve Pokes

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Yeah, point about Plazzmad. Works better at the start, b/c what you listed and such.


You actually had a p good list of abilities, they just needed a little pruning. And wondering.


I mean, some on. Why is Defeatist an ability at all, Nintendo?

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Jan 07 2013 10:05 PM

yeah, in hindsight some of those abilities don't really work(like Magic Guard), while others are utter garbage(Illuminate, Defeatist). Static as an ability for these guys seems a bit useless, considering with the stat spread i have planned they'd probably just completely fold in on themselves even to resisted STAB hits, but at least it makes sense plus you may go out with some hax.

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Well, really, psychic/ghost is going to crumple either way when anything Dark or Ghost even glances at it, so may as well give them something to remember you by, eh?


Plus, that way you can smash a great blow to anything that manages to survive your Glass Cannon onslaught or outruns you.

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Jan 07 2013 10:36 PM

exactly why Pursuit and Sucker Punch are these guys' worst enemies. 4x weak to common priority moves hitting on abysmal defenses? yeah, bye-bye TV. unless you have a Focus Sash equipped, that is(also i would have listed Shadow Sneak under the priority moves but no one really uses that lol)




Cathodoom w/Life Orb

Ability: Download

EVs: 252 SpA 252 Spd



-Nasty Plot

-Shadow Ball

-Focus Blast/HP Fighting


something like this probably. ideally you would switch into  something that can't touch it(e.g Chansey) and sub on the switch. Nasty Plot up and wreck everything =D

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Also tanks, like Tyranitar or Metagross. Way I'm reading it, this is the guy you use to out-speed the speeders, yeah?

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Jan 07 2013 10:54 PM

wat why did the moveset vanish just a sec


okay done. and yeah pretty much - outspeeding/matching speed with Deoxys-S is an incredible trait to have, as only the faster Scarfers will be able to keep up.

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Chroma Champion JiMing
Jan 07 2013 11:21 PM

So basically this Pokemon is the glass cannon of glass cannons. Ridiculous Special Attack and Speed, but beyond pathetic Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and HP right?


Sounds interesting, but like you've noted, quite a bit of checks and it seems a specific strategy. Not bad, I'd consider playing around with it.

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I really like the fakemon you come up with sometimes. And sometimes when I like stuff dumb things happen.
Basically I tried to sprite the first guy there. However, I am terrible at spriting and I had no idea what color it should have so it pretty much came out terrible.

Sorry. :T

(But yeah these are pretty cool)
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Jan 09 2013 12:08 PM

dude i don't care what you say


that. is. amazing


i seriously love this. you just set the general colorsceme for the first one there. really, it only needs a bit of tweaking(cords attaching to the back) and it'd be about perfect. major props to you.


(also i love sprites so having something sprited based off of something i made is really cool)

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hoot hoot

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