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Squishy's Fakemon Hub

Posted by Squishyfrog , Jan 27 2013 · 363 views

Please do not misuse the spoiler tags.-Nukaya
mkay blog staffies

so i'm making this to cut down on all the fakemon entries capiche
let's see how this works out

Doughjoy and Gingrdread NEW!
v.3 NEW!
The Pastry Pokemon
Normal Type
Abilties: Gluttony, Simple, Cute Charm(hidden)
HP: 46
Atk: 80
Def: 21
SpA: 21
SpD: 80
Spd: 70
BST: 318

Doughjoy's pastries are so delicious that once you start eating them, it is nearly impossible to stop.

Dark Type
Abilties: Moxie, Guts, Hatred(works like Hustle)(hidden)
HP: 82
Atk: 120
Def: 40
SpA: 40
SpD: 105
Spd: 100
BST: 487

This Pokemon was once that to be a man that ate so many of Doughjoy's pastries that he turned into one himself.

Plazzmad, Teevil and Cathodoom NEW!
v.2 NEW!
The Hypnotist Pokemon
Abilties: Static, Insomnia, Download(hidden)
Ghost Type
HP: 25
Atk: 5
Def: 10
SpA: 115
SpD: 15
Spd: 115
BST: 285

These Pokemon have strong psychic powers, but it takes them awhile to start working.

Ghost/Psychic Type
HP: 30
Atk: 10
Def: 15
SpA: 155
SpD: 20
Spd: 155
BST: 285

These Pokemon hypnotize people with flashing lights, then proceed to steal their soul.

Ghost/Psychic Type
HP: 40
Atk: 15
Def: 20
SpA: 200
SpD: 25
Spd: 200
BST: 500

Cathodoom's psychic powers are unrivaled. They can steal a soul in a fraction of a second.


Boolanket and Sheeterror:
The Haunted Cloth Pokemon
Ghost Type
Ability: Shadow Tag
HP: 50
Atk: 10
Def: 80
SpA: 85
SpD: 90
Spd: 15
BST: 330

Boolanket live in large groups, feeding off the sadness locked away in people's hearts.

HP: 100
Atk: 50
Def: 90
SpA: 105
SpD: 105
Spd: 40
BST: 480

Sheeterror lurk in burned-down houses, consuming the sorrow bound to them.

Unnamed Gargoyle Fakemon
v.1 1
v.1 2
Possible abilities: Arena Trap, Intimidate, Mold Breaker, Rain Dish, Reckless, Rock Head, Rough Skin, Sheer Force, Solid Rock, Sturdy.
Unnamed Cofagrigus Evolution NEW!
v.1 NEW!
Ghost or Ghost/Ground or Ghost/Rock
Ability: Mummy
Unnamed Ghost/Steel Fakemon NEW!
v.1 NEW!
The Harvester Pokemon
Ghost/Steel Type
Possible abilities: Reverse Grip(works like Iron fist, but for Slash/Cut based attacks), Harvester(restores HP upon knocking out foe), Aftermath, Bad Dreams, Clear Body, Cursed Body, Harvest, Overcoat, Pressure, Regenerator, Unburden, Unnerve.
Possible signature move: Shadow Slash. Ghost-Type. Physical, 90 BP, 100 Accuracy. Has increased Critical Hit rate.

On moonless nights, these Pokemon come out to harvest the souls of those who are about to die.


Unnamed Ninja Worm Fakemon NEW!
v.1 NEW!
Ground/Dark or Ground/Fighting or Dark/Fighting
Possible abilities: Reverse Grip(works like Iron Fist, but for Slash/Cut-based attacks), Adaptability, Frisk, Guts, Hustle, Hyper Cutter, Iron Barbs, Limber, Quick Feet, Sand Force, Sand Rush, Speed Boost, Technician, Vital Spirit.
obviously i have a penchant for drawing inanimate objects and ghost-type Pokemon

so yeah. basically pick your favorite, leave suggestions, why can't i draw, etc., etc.

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I really have no idea what your talking about with anything else, but I approved of this entry as soon as I saw that worm.

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Jan 27 2013 02:39 PM

okay seriously we need a new tag that just works exactly like a spoiler tag to hide long segments of stuff or something because it's sort of inconvenient to have all this junk clogging up the page when it could just be tucked away in special little things or something EVEN THOUGH IT WOULD BE COMPLETELY REDUNDANT we still totally need one
also why is everything bold all of the sudden now i have to go and redo all that :< (but i probably won't because EXTREME LAZINESS POWER GOOOOOOOOOOO)
EDIT: turns out i did go i un-bold all of it so yeah


oh well it's not a big deal really just would be nice tho


I really have no idea what your talking about with anything else, but I approved of this entry as soon as I saw that worm.

lol, thanks. and it's fine that you don't understand my total nerdiness comments on them, lol.

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Jan 27 2013 09:01 PM

I don't do Pokemon, but these seem very well-designed.  Of course ninja worm is my fav.

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I'd have proposed something like "Damascus Blade" or such for Reverse Grip's name, sort of carrying on Iron Fist's style of "Descriptor weapon."


The Cofagrigus evo is very nice. Good logical conclusion to the line.




Ninjaworm is cool. Might I suggest Shaylud or such for their name, based off Shai-Halud, the name for the dune worms in Dune? Perhaps a Dark/ground typing. Immune to Psychic and Electric, after all.

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hoot hoot

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