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Odd Thoughts by JMSOG


Benifits of Fluency in the Matoran Alphabet

Posted by JMSOG , Apr 11 2017 · 146 views

Benifits of Fluency in the Matoran Alphabet So, this might not work for everyone, but it works great for me.

I recently figured out that I can fluently write in the matoran alphabet, and read it nearly fluently. Since I'm a college student, and happen to have a less-difficult class right now (It's a music history course, and the first 3 weeks have been mostly teaching the rest of the class basic music theory that I already know), I decided to test out note taking in matoran.

My memorization has skyrocketed. Because the letters are so complex, I'm forced to spend more time thinking about what it is I'm writing, which is the whole point of note taking anyway.

Plus, I'm a person who really doesn't like handwriting anything, but I've found this alphabet really nice to write with. I recommend it.

EDIT: the number 6 at the top of the page is the wrong way to write the number 6. I know.


The Piraka Rap

Posted by JMSOG , Mar 25 2017 · 167 views

I can't believe I haven't seen anyone else think about this.

Listen to it. It's cheesy as heck, but from a technical standpoint, it's decent. The people who made it clearly had made something like it before.

Which means that it was recorded, somewhere, by an actual rapper, or rap group. Which means that, somewhere, the artists that made it have an actual discography.

Somewhere, there is an artist recording music in the style of the Piraka rap as a career.

It's been 10 years, why has no one tried to figure out who this was?


Was Takanuva's Destiny to become the next Bahrag?

Posted by JMSOG , Mar 14 2017 · 135 views

This seemed too speculation-y for S&T, so I'm throwing it here.

Greg has stated he knows for a fact what Takanuva's destiny is, but that he'd only reveal if it was relevant. This seems to indicate that it was something developed by the story team early on in Takanuva's existence, completely independent and unaffected from the canon that came after.

And, well...the end of an Av-Matoran's life cycle is to become a bohrok, that was a fact that was known to the story team since the creation of the bohrok...and aren't the bahrag just big bohrok? the answer is no, of course they are not, but you understand why my logic may have ended up there.

I dunno...The fact that Greg would know Takanuva's destiny way before it would even be useful to have decided such information always seemed odd to me. Thoughts?

EDIT: since I wrote that, I now know Greg revealed that Takanuva was supposed to play a crucial role in the civil war with the great beings, and I realize everything I wrote is wrong. Eh. I still like the idea of Takanuva becoming a bahrag, so I won't delete this.


Story Time

Posted by JMSOG , Feb 24 2017 · 107 views

So, years ago, in either 2007 or 2008, I was 11 or 12. I ordered a whole Bionicle wave all at once (I'm not 100% sure which one), and I knew they were about to come in the mail. When the mailman arrived, I ran out of the house, grabbed the package, shook it, then hugged the mailman.

Flashforward to now. I'm hearing this secondhand from my mom, since I am currently at college. My neighborhood got a different mailman, but he had to take the day off, so that mailman from 10 years ago is filling in. Apparently, he recognized the house, so he told my mom this:

Apparently, not long after I ran out to hug the mailman 10 years ago, he stopped delivering mail, and became a person who teaches new mailmen to deliver the mail. The story where I run out to hug him is apparently one of the core parts of his teaching, because "these may just be packages to you, but they may be the world to the person receiving it".

Just thought everyone here would find that funny.


Watching "Star Trek: Enterprise" for the first time

Posted by JMSOG , Aug 08 2016 · 194 views

I had heard terrible things, and was therefore...hesitant...to watch it until now.

I'm halfway through season one, so it could go downhill at any point...But it's actually really good. Phlox is fantastic. Trip is fantastic. Everyone seems to hate T'Pol's character, but she's fantastic. Archer is inconsistant, but he CAN BE fantastic.

The show, unlike all the star trek I've watched up until now, actually FEELS like it's set in space. The crew is in a tin can with experimental hardware that can fail at any time, and it really feels like it. These characters feel closer to astronauts, and i think that's important for the time period.

So far, there've been some interesting ideas...that one episode where we never learn the alien's motivations at all, "Dear Doctor", the fact that humanity is essentially at the recieving end of the Prime Directive...

Best part of all really is Phlox. He alone would make this show worth watching. Spock wanted to interact with humans as equals, Data wanted to be human, Odo wanted to be accepted by the humanoids...but it feels like Phlox views humans as bacteria in a petri dish. That's an AWESOME interpretation.

...really hoping this doesn't go drastically downhill. I have hope. I HAVE FAIIIIITH...FAITH OF THE HEAAAAAAART...

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