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Odd Thoughts by JMSOG


Someone managed to decode Matoran

Posted by JMSOG , Sep 28 2017 · 249 views

On my dorm door, I put a whiteboard, and wrote a message in Matoran saying "If you can read this, I want to talk to you". It's a longshot, but the idea was that if someone was able to recognize what the alphabet was (or, even better, was a dedicated enough fan of Bionicle to read it fluently), that was a person I wanted to get to know.

I was just informed that two of my RA's had made it their personal challenge to figure out what the weird circles on my door mean. They have apparently spent the last three weeks trying to crack what it says letter by letter.

They managed to do it. They still don't know what alphabet that was.

I'm amazed and stunned.


Matoro, the Akaku, and Retcons

Posted by JMSOG , Jul 29 2017 · 172 views

Most people in their twenties stay awake at night thinking about their future, their career, their views on life...I legitimately could not fall asleep for two hours last night because I was thinking about Matoro's mask.

1: At some point, we learned that the scope included on all of the Akaku that we have seen were added after they were made. This is to compliment the mask's power. What this means, though, is that the base akaku that most matoran walk around with in the MU has no scope.

2: There are, to my memory, four characters in the story with scopes built into their masks: Kopaka, Nuju, Kazi, and Matoro. Ignore the MNOG2 matoran.
  • Of course whoever made Kopaka's mask added a scope. He was a Toa, and his Akaku actually had power. It made sense for him to get all the "Extras".
  • Nuju had his scope build extra, since the scope really does not necessarily compliment the Matatu's power. It makes a lot of sense for Nuju, though, who actively used his scope in his role as a scholar (you actually see this too in LoMN).
  • I can't really explain Kazi's scope, but the guy came out of Karzahni. If he had a third arm coming out of his forehead it would make sense.
  • Matoro's scope, however, makes no sense. What little we know about his time in Metru Nui confirms that he was a scholar like nuju, but that seemed to be an "on paper" job at best. It seems like his main job and focus was selling rahi, and spending time in the archives. Not exactly the kind of thing you'd need a scope for. Once the move to Mata Nui happened, he was a translator. Being able to see a mile away won't help listen to a guy three feet away from you. Basically: unlike the other three, Matoro's scope makes no sense.
3: We don't know much about the mechanics of who would be given a scope, but think about some example scenarios:
  • Maybe they were very common additions, given to almost anyone. This is not likely. It would explain why Matoro was able to get a scope, BUT: it meant that there is a short list of characters who we know, who therefore WOULD have a scope. Vakama, for example. If scopes were easily obtained, then Vakama literally had free access to the materials and hardware to attach a scope to any mask he wanted. He would also be able to make use of it, finding microfractures in masks he made. TL:DR: if scopes were easy to get, Vakama would have a scope. Vakama does not have one.
  • Scopes were hard to get. If this were true, then Matoro would absolutely "not fill the requirements" for acquiring one.
4: MY POINT: Ignore the physical sets, which can be chalked up to the fact that this lore was not decided when the mask was designed, and the fact that the expense of creating a new mold only for matoro (a mcdonalds set) made no sense. I don't think Matoro, as a matoran, had a scope.



Benifits of Fluency in the Matoran Alphabet

Posted by JMSOG , Apr 11 2017 · 257 views

Benifits of Fluency in the Matoran Alphabet So, this might not work for everyone, but it works great for me.

I recently figured out that I can fluently write in the matoran alphabet, and read it nearly fluently. Since I'm a college student, and happen to have a less-difficult class right now (It's a music history course, and the first 3 weeks have been mostly teaching the rest of the class basic music theory that I already know), I decided to test out note taking in matoran.

My memorization has skyrocketed. Because the letters are so complex, I'm forced to spend more time thinking about what it is I'm writing, which is the whole point of note taking anyway.

Plus, I'm a person who really doesn't like handwriting anything, but I've found this alphabet really nice to write with. I recommend it.

EDIT: the number 6 at the top of the page is the wrong way to write the number 6. I know.


The Piraka Rap

Posted by JMSOG , Mar 25 2017 · 275 views

I can't believe I haven't seen anyone else think about this.

Listen to it. It's cheesy as heck, but from a technical standpoint, it's decent. The people who made it clearly had made something like it before.

Which means that it was recorded, somewhere, by an actual rapper, or rap group. Which means that, somewhere, the artists that made it have an actual discography.

Somewhere, there is an artist recording music in the style of the Piraka rap as a career.

It's been 10 years, why has no one tried to figure out who this was?


Was Takanuva's Destiny to become the next Bahrag?

Posted by JMSOG , Mar 14 2017 · 244 views

This seemed too speculation-y for S&T, so I'm throwing it here.

Greg has stated he knows for a fact what Takanuva's destiny is, but that he'd only reveal if it was relevant. This seems to indicate that it was something developed by the story team early on in Takanuva's existence, completely independent and unaffected from the canon that came after.

And, well...the end of an Av-Matoran's life cycle is to become a bohrok, that was a fact that was known to the story team since the creation of the bohrok...and aren't the bahrag just big bohrok? the answer is no, of course they are not, but you understand why my logic may have ended up there.

I dunno...The fact that Greg would know Takanuva's destiny way before it would even be useful to have decided such information always seemed odd to me. Thoughts?

EDIT: since I wrote that, I now know Greg revealed that Takanuva was supposed to play a crucial role in the civil war with the great beings, and I realize everything I wrote is wrong. Eh. I still like the idea of Takanuva becoming a bahrag, so I won't delete this.

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