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Odd Thoughts by JMSOG


UDD and the Gen1 Story Arc

Posted by JMSOG , Jun 16 2016 · 118 views
Gen1, Three Virtues
In gen1, pre-Bara Magna, bionicle is essentially in three parts. We all know this.

The thing is, they take on a bizare internal literary significance when you start thinking of each part as one of the three virtues.

-Pretty much every challenged faced in 2001-2003 is solved by the toa's UNITY. It's very much the UNITY of the island of Mata Nui that Teridax seeked to break. In addition, this is the only era of bionicle when there is a heavy focus on Kaitas.

-2004-2005 focused heavily on the toa metru's DUTY to the matoran. Lhikan's DUTY to the island was what drove him beyond everything else. The major conflict in WOS was Vakama forgetting his DUTY to the matoran. Sure, the toa metru were destined to transform, but it is their DUTY that that implies that takes on a greater significance. In fact, if I remember correctly, all the Toa Metru, besides Vakama, believed that they were not the truly destined toa, and yet they did their DUTY anyway.

-Ignition was heavily focused on the DESTINY of the characters, specifically Matoro and the Nuva. In addition: several story mechanics depended on destiny. Pit mutagen works IF YOU ARE DESTINED TO TRANSFORM, if I remember correctly. You can only use the ignika IF YOU ARE DESTINED.

-aaaaaaand Bara Magna makes no sense here

This was the result of zero fact checking and stuff I remembered off the top of my head. also nostalgia goggles. I just thought about this and found it cool.


...and the album is now out!

Posted by JMSOG , Aug 31 2015 · 227 views

Here's the itunes link!

I stayed up way too late just to see this link go live...XD

It's on itunes, spotify, amazon...pretty much any place you get your music off the internet. If it's not there now, I'm guessing it will be by the end of the day. Enjoy! :P


I have an album coming out soon, guys

Posted by JMSOG , Aug 19 2015 · 353 views

So...I have an album coming out on the 31st of august...you guys should totally get a copy off of iTunes and whatnot...or just listen on spotify, that's totally cool too. :P

So...Story that only BZP will understand...On the physical version, I have an interior booklet with a pixel art design, with a "wall" of pictures of things that have been important to me. So, I contacted lego about including a Kanohi Hau on said wall, and what legal hoops I'd need to jump through. Despite it being the most helpful and kindest response I have ever gotten from any customer service ever, the answer was an understandable "no". So, I renamed one of the (at the time) unnamed songs to be "941 Ways", and called it good XD


Spoilers and leaks

Posted by JMSOG , Aug 09 2015 · 351 views

I feel old because I'm basically saying "back in my day"...but back during G1, leaks were treated like toxic substances. Now, they're front page news. G2 is already leaking like a sieve, and an army of tech-savvy fans isn't helping.

what changed?


Bionicle TV Intro idea

Posted by JMSOG , Jul 04 2015 · 266 views

For, like, the last several months (and I have NO idea why), I've had ideas hurtling around my head about what G1 as a tv show could look like...one of the strongest ideas is what the main titles would look like (ish).

So, I woke up today, taught myself source film maker, and made this:

Obviously, this is just conceptual...and things are wrong (Nuva and mata all at once, though if you can tell where I got the models you know why)...and imagine that there is actor's names in front of their respective toa...

I actually have no intention of actually using this for anything, I just thought it would be fun to see what it looked like...and, since I made it and saw what It looked like, I saw no reason not to just throw it out there. Aaaaaaand, since it's conceptual and very clearly very low production value, I didn't think it warrented a topic...so, blog poooooost.


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