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The Small Horse


P.P.O.V Pony Point of View/Where the Apple Lies

Posted by Bambi , Oct 19 2016 · 36 views
Whoops, I've fallen behind again. Time to fix that

I suddenly got really nostalgic for season one

I see what's about to happen

Poor Spike

looool. He still has a crush on her after all this time


I'm so full right now, none of that looks good

Ten seconds ago? lol

That's a strong map

Maybe the boat didn't sink

RIP cucumber sandwiches

So Applejack, the element of honesty, lied

They're going to eat out of those?

Not too bad, a little different. 5/10

Where the Apple Lies

Just say no


She looks like a deer

Spoiled Milk? Did I hear that right? loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooololol

She should have kept her mane like that


Why is that door open?

Looks like a dead body

That took a dark turn

Feels like I'm watching a Tales From the Crypt episode

That wasn't so bad either. 5/10



Posted by Bambi , Oct 03 2016 · 79 views
non-pony, good stuff


Viva Las Pegasus/Every Little Thing She Does

Posted by Bambi , Sep 29 2016 · 56 views
After almost three weeks, I'm ready to conquer this episode

Yes, it is


That chuckle tho

They say that almost every time they have go somewhere

What are those things?

This is so old.. They've learned all these friendship lessons, but every time they see an old enemy they still hold the same grudge. I guess they haven't figured out how to get over things. I guess you can only keep doing the same thing for so long

Ten minutes left..

It amazes me that this show still has such a huge following

I'm sure we all know what's coming

I don't know why, but this episode makes me feel like playing Bioshock

Done. Never looking back. 2.8/10

Every Little Thing She Does

Twilight and Twilight 3.0

Is that the dumb rock?

What if they missed?

What if she uses all this training and knowledge to overthrow Twilight?

I figured he'd know what that means


Uh oh


Because they're stupid

Wow, she's dense

Yay, I'm all caught up. 4/10



Posted by Bambi , Sep 27 2016 · 116 views
Just got my last two CDs, though my collection is still incomplete. I probably won't ever bother getting their first three albums, which are different musically, and I'm not really down with some of the lyrical themes either. That said, here is my collection:

Posted Image

From top to bottom:

-Abducted (with bonus tracks)
-The Final Chapter
-Hypocrisy (with bonus track Self Inflicted Overload)
-Into the Abyss
-Catch 22 v2.0.08
-The Arrival
-Virus (limited edition)
-A Taste of Extreme Divinity
-End of Disclosure (with bonus track Living Dead)


Strapping Young Lad

Posted by Bambi , Sep 23 2016 · 94 views
Got my last SYL CD in the mail today, thus completing my collection of one of my all-time favorite bands.

Posted Image

From top to bottom:

-Heavy As a Really Heavy Thing (2006 reissue)
-City (2007 reissue)
-No Sleep 'till Bedtime
-Strapping Young Lad
-The New Black

Also owned but not pictured:
-For Those Aboot to Rock



Posted by Bambi , Sep 16 2016 · 92 views


The Fault in Our Cutie Marks

Posted by Bambi , Sep 15 2016 · 114 views
I don't even know why I bother doing this anymore

I feel a song coming

Rainbow Dash? Is that you?

Hasn't there already been a Gabby in the show?

Oh yeah, Gabby Gums

She's not as annoying as I thought she'd be


This episode seems to be dragging out longer than usual

Finally. 2/10


Buckball Season

Posted by Bambi , Sep 03 2016 · 60 views
Let's go

How is she still flying?

I thought it was going to be more like football

I have a feeling I know how this episode is going to turn out

Or maybe not

How's that practice?


Not really liking this episode

What is that thing?

Nnnope. 3/10



Posted by Bambi , Aug 29 2016 · 188 views
I don't know what's up with my phones camera, but it apparently isn't capable of taking clear photos no matter how much I mess with the settings..
Anyways, here is my complete Soilwork collection:

Posted Image

From top to bottom:

-Steelbath Suicide (Century Media reissue)
-The Chainheart Machine
-A Predator's Portrait
-Natural Born Chaos
-Figure Number Five
-The Early Chapters
-Stabbing the Drama (US limited edition)
-Sworn to a Great Divide (Try and guess which edition)
-The Panic Broadcast (Limited edition)
-The Living Infinite
-Live in the Heart of Helsinki
-The Ride Majestic (Limited edition)
-Death Resonance

Also this shirt.

I'd like to eventually own all the special/limited editions of all their albums, but this is probably good enough for right now lol.


Dungeons and Discords

Posted by Bambi , Aug 27 2016 · 69 views
Let's get into this

Oh yes, a Discord episode. Can't have one of those without Fluttershy

Wonder how that will work out

Well, that can get taken out of context

Waitwaitwaitwait. Where are her wings? Or have I never noticed Twilight didn't have them in the theme song?

They're so doing this on purpose

Just lie

Yes, they were



They can't play this game when everyone else is around?

So basically SAO MLP

That's a long game

Uh.. Alright. Kind of an abrupt ending. Surpisingly the episode wasn't too bad. 5.8/10


Posted Image

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