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The Small Horse


A Hearth's Warming Tail

Posted by Bambi , May 14 2016 · 108 views
The couldn't have picked a better time to air this one? lol

Seriously, it's almost summer

I wish it really was that time of year

One does not simply skip Hearth's Warming Eve

Also, they waited a long time to decorate

They chose a good story

Please don't ruin this episode by making it a musical

How the Starlight Stole Christmas

Man, looks like it'll be a musical after all

I kind of feel like watching this movie now. Or that Doctor Who episode

Aw, Fluttershy isn't a spirit?

Classic story, how can you not like it? They should have held off on this one though. 7/10


The Concert Majestic

Posted by Bambi , May 08 2016 · 114 views

No idea why I didn't post about this sooner, but whatever.
So a little over a month ago I got to see Fear Factory and Soilwork in Fayetteville, which was incredible. Got there a few minutes before the doors opened, and was about fifteen feet away from the stage.
Of course, that was when the local bands that no one cares about were playing. They weren't really that good, but I didn't want to lose my spot, so I stood there from roughly six-fifteenish all the way until about nine.
Then Soilwork took the stage, and that's when everyone started crowding around. I ending up moving back a little (mostly due to this drunk guy shoving his way to the front and bring two or three friends with him). Here's a grainy cellphone pic:

Posted Image

Sorry for the quality, but I didn't want to play around with my phone while this was going on in front of me. They played The Ride Majestic, Whirl of Pain, The Living Infinite I, The Chainheart Machine, and Tongue, though not in that particular order. They also played (according to Setlist.FM, I don't quite remember everything) Nerve, ###### Chain, Rejection Role, Late for the Kill, Early for the Slaughter, and Stabbing the Drama. I'm also fairly certain the played Spectrum of Eternity.
The whole set lasted about fifty minutes, and then it was Fear Factory's turn.
If you watch any video from the past few years of them live, that's exactly how it was. Same intro, same lines "What's up x place?" "This is Demanufacture" "Prepare for Shock", but it was still really cool to be there in person.

Posted Image

As you can see, I had moved back quite a bit. I was on the outside of the mosh pit, which got annoying after the first few people came flying out and slammed into me. Thank goodness for the people in front of me who stopped my fall lol.

Posted Image

They played all of Demanufacture, along with Shock, Edgecrusher, Soul Hacker, Dielectric, and Martyr. Burton's cleans were actually pretty good, not quite like you hear on the videos.
After the show I was able to pick up a new shirt, a poster, and I might have taken a flyer advertising the show from one of the tables by the bar.
All in all it was a great show, definitely worth the two-and-a-half hour drive and ringing ears. My hearing was muffled for a few days lol. Now to wait for them to come by next year, hopefully a little closer. Maybe even playing Obsolete in its entirety.


Newbie Dash

Posted by Bambi , May 07 2016 · 83 views
Time for another episode..

Haven't heard of that since season two

It only took six seasons


I would hate to have to sleep with all those other people around me

How is she not immune to Rainbow Crash jokes yet?

Spitfire's voice is a little annoying

That's actually a good one

This was actually feeling more like a season one episode up until when she started acting like this

We all know this is not how she would act

Not a very big turnout

lol Rarity

Finally someone pointed that out

Alright episode, though somewhat dull. 5/10


No Second Prances

Posted by Bambi , Apr 30 2016 · 87 views
Here we go again

I should rewatch season one sometime

I used to think I would never skip the theme song

Where'd the utensils go?

So many ugly faces in under five minutes

Why does she even still care about them?

This is going to be a long episode..

I thought Twilight forgave her, so why is she still mad?

Totally shoehorned into this episode

So after all these seasons, she still hasn't learned how to forgive

And seriously, DJ Pon-3?



Why is she scared? Did the writer completely forget Friendship is Magic Part 2?

How.. I just.. How can people think the later seasons are superior? They have been total garbage

They were just going to stand by and watch her die?

But.. All she would need to do is teleport

*sigh*. 2/10


Gauntlet of Fire

Posted by Bambi , Apr 16 2016 · 112 views
Let's get this over with [/twilight sparkle]


Oh, so this is a Spike episode? Good

He can't send them a letter?

Yes, they are

Make another costume


He sounds different

Probably because he hangs around with them all day

Spike's new crush

Well that was fast

Best episode of the season so far. 6/10


New Spinny

Posted by Bambi , Apr 13 2016 · 169 views
Posted Image

I suddenly feel really old.


10 Cloverfield Lane

Posted by Bambi , Apr 09 2016 · 143 views
Just ordered my ticket; going to be seeing it tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be good. ^^


On Your Marks

Posted by Bambi , Apr 09 2016 · 101 views
Let's see how this one turns out

Oh yeah, I forgot they had those

Good old season one

That's an odd talent

Don't do drugs, fillies

That looks like it'd be the funnest thing to do

First song of the season?


She was always doing stuff with Applejack on the farm, go to something there

Scootaloo's brother

They take the crazy pony thing overboard sometimes

But.. He wasn't even good

I hope he isn't going to be in the show anymore

Whatever. 2/10


BZP Word Filter

Posted by Bambi , Apr 04 2016 · 219 views
Remember when we had to call YouTube "that video site"? Seems like so long ago. :P


The Gift of Maud

Posted by Bambi , Apr 03 2016 · 113 views
Let's see how this week's episode turns out

Pinkie Pie, great way to start any episode..

Hasn't she been there before?

Sounded like she just called her "mud"

Give her a belated gift

I'm legitimately starting to wonder how and why this show still has a big following


What does she do, carry him in her mouth?

Wouldn't a cannon be illegal in Manehattan (or anywhere really)?

Did she even get to scout out any loca-

Ah, there we go

*sigh* Done. 2/10


Posted Image

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