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The Small Horse


No Second Prances

Posted by Bambi , Apr 30 2016 · 93 views
Here we go again

I should rewatch season one sometime

I used to think I would never skip the theme song

Where'd the utensils go?

So many ugly faces in under five minutes

Why does she even still care about them?

This is going to be a long episode..

I thought Twilight forgave her, so why is she still mad?

Totally shoehorned into this episode

So after all these seasons, she still hasn't learned how to forgive

And seriously, DJ Pon-3?



Why is she scared? Did the writer completely forget Friendship is Magic Part 2?

How.. I just.. How can people think the later seasons are superior? They have been total garbage

They were just going to stand by and watch her die?

But.. All she would need to do is teleport

*sigh*. 2/10


Gauntlet of Fire

Posted by Bambi , Apr 16 2016 · 117 views
Let's get this over with [/twilight sparkle]


Oh, so this is a Spike episode? Good

He can't send them a letter?

Yes, they are

Make another costume


He sounds different

Probably because he hangs around with them all day

Spike's new crush

Well that was fast

Best episode of the season so far. 6/10


New Spinny

Posted by Bambi , Apr 13 2016 · 180 views
Posted Image

I suddenly feel really old.


10 Cloverfield Lane

Posted by Bambi , Apr 09 2016 · 149 views
Just ordered my ticket; going to be seeing it tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be good. ^^


On Your Marks

Posted by Bambi , Apr 09 2016 · 112 views
Let's see how this one turns out

Oh yeah, I forgot they had those

Good old season one

That's an odd talent

Don't do drugs, fillies

That looks like it'd be the funnest thing to do

First song of the season?


She was always doing stuff with Applejack on the farm, go to something there

Scootaloo's brother

They take the crazy pony thing overboard sometimes

But.. He wasn't even good

I hope he isn't going to be in the show anymore

Whatever. 2/10


BZP Word Filter

Posted by Bambi , Apr 04 2016 · 230 views
Remember when we had to call YouTube "that video site"? Seems like so long ago. :P


The Gift of Maud

Posted by Bambi , Apr 03 2016 · 117 views
Let's see how this week's episode turns out

Pinkie Pie, great way to start any episode..

Hasn't she been there before?

Sounded like she just called her "mud"

Give her a belated gift

I'm legitimately starting to wonder how and why this show still has a big following


What does she do, carry him in her mouth?

Wouldn't a cannon be illegal in Manehattan (or anywhere really)?

Did she even get to scout out any loca-

Ah, there we go

*sigh* Done. 2/10


The Crystaling

Posted by Bambi , Mar 28 2016 · 167 views
A new season is upon us. That didn't take too long, did it?

Reformed villain #.. Actually, I gave up trying to keep count

Always good to start with some Spike

Also what's up with her hair?

New song maybe?

So they added Starlight and that's all. How have they managed to keep this same song for six seasons?

Pinkie Pie, still as annoying as ever


At first I thought she meant a literal ant

I hate babies. And kids

lol Spike

Winter Wrap Up time

Crystal Empire episodes are among the most boring of the show

If they know anything about their home, they should be able to figure it out

There's never been a baby alicorn in Equestria, and when they find out there is one they're not surprised?

They'll probably just ask Starburst or whatever his name is


When you really think about it, it's pretty silly that this show has such a large following

He failed magic school

A little predictable

Those two are pretty useless

Wait, where are their parents? They're not going to see their granddaughter's crystaling?

How's that for a Winter Wrap Up?

There we go

Oh yeah, I forgot they haven't ever spoke before

What's wrong with his aunt?

Top kek

I dunno. This show has really lost it's touch. It's too different now. Oh well, whatever. 2.7/10


Anyone use Telegram?

Posted by Bambi , Mar 14 2016 · 208 views
I've heard a lot of good things about it, so I was considering making one and was wondering if anyone here used it. ^^



Posted by Bambi , Mar 08 2016 · 234 views
*dusts blog off*
No idea why I like this movie so much, but I'm probably going to go see it for a third time this Thursday.


Posted Image

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