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The Small Horse


Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Posted by Bambi , Oct 12 2015 · 125 views
Well, thanks to EqD I have a pretty good idea of what's going to happen this time around. Thaaaaaaanks. Anyways, here we go

A song already? Is this going to be a musical?

Never liked him


Yeah, musical

Should have left him in Luna Eclipsed

More fat horses

Seems familiar

Another fat pony? lol

So I guess she's out of the picture

What's he doing there?

Musicals just make it harder to convey the story.. Like instead of dialogue they're just singing

Oh well, it'll be over in ten minutes

Can't stand him

They're not in her way

Well, didn't take much to get her to turn

So her talent is pretty much manipulating others?

Their last minutes as blanks flanks

No one else glows like that when they get theirs

They've got shields like Nyx

And so much for each mark being unique

So they must be dead. I'd love to hear more

This will take getting used to. The marks usually blend with them but.. Purple on a yellow pony?

Well, that's that. I already don't like musicals, and this one wasn't that great either.. 3/10


Brotherhooves Social

Posted by Bambi , Oct 09 2015 · 124 views
Guess I should finally get around to watching this episode, eh?

Why is she running around with a bowling pin?

That's not the least bit obnoxious

Finally someone pointed that out

Oh, that's what's up with the bowling pin

That's not really fair that they have to just drop everything for that

Not "technically" sisters? Hm. Well, at least they've finally cleared that up


Ah, they avoided it that time

Is he going to stay like that the whole episode?

Thought that would happen


How did the makeup come off?

That's a nice scene right there

Alright.. Not too bad, but not one I'm really crazy about. 5/10


Made in Manehattan

Posted by Bambi , Oct 01 2015 · 183 views
Oh yeah I forgot again. Well here goes

That's probably how I'll feel watching this episode

They skipped the intro? Probably just the version I'm watching

She can still go..

That vibrating cutie mark thing is still stupid

Peanuts reference?


So I guess the Sisterhooves Social is going on during this


Maybe not

Must be uncomfortable holding that in your mouth

Hm.. Who's voice is that

Ah, I know. Some pony from Sweet and Elite


Eh, alright episode. Weakest of the second half so far. 4.7/10


Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

Posted by Bambi , Sep 28 2015 · 218 views

Yaaaay we've seen this part before

You suck at that

Wonder how long it's been since Rainbow Rocks

Fastest bus stop ever

There's no doubt about it, Spike.. There's definitely something strange going on at that school

Intro time!

Wonder why they changed Sunset's clothes

Meh, Rainbow Rocks intro is better

Seen this part too

I hope Pinkie won't be annoying in this movie. They were good with her in the last two

Seen this too..

Pretty lousy school

I couldn't get that into some school team

Srs business

I know how that feels, Twilight

Just like on Friendship is Magic Part 1

That ladybug is in every movie

She is UGLY

School isn't the only thing in the world

Oh yuck

Oh, she said try not to shed. Thought she said something else lol


Yeah, seen this part too

Waifu stealer strikes again


A song?

"If only I had some sort of.. Party cannon that could decorate everything super fast"

Is she opening a portal?

I was wondering when the next song would be


Oh that's right, Sunset was Princess Celestia's student. So she's pretty smart too


It's dangerous to go alone. Hold this

It'll be nice to have Spike talking in this

I forgot there was gonna be motorcycles

How does no one see what's going on?

Oh lord..

Like on the first movie

She just stole all their magic

... No offense

So they've got two elements of magic now


Hm.. Not really sure what to think. A lot felt rushed in this movie, and there were a few things I wished they focused on more.

Rainbow Rocks is definitely the best of the three, but this one wasn't too bad. Here's hoping they make a forth, and it's a little better


Rarity Investigates

Posted by Bambi , Sep 24 2015 · 217 views
Oh yeah, I forgot all about watching this episode lol. Here goes


How has she not been accepted into the Wonderbolts yet?

They're the same color

Hey, the guards are different

Spitfire sounds weeeird

Spitfire's mom

Eh, I don't really like film noir or whatever it's called


Hah, that Wonderbolt's VA is Rarity's

Thought so

He doesn't want her to break his record?


So now he should be banned for life

She should be a Wonderbolt by now

Fair episode. Didn't care for it, but didn't dislike it. 5/10


Canterlot Boutique

Posted by Bambi , Sep 12 2015 · 194 views
Here we go again..



But.. But.. LUNA

That looks like a Luna-inspired dress

I sense a song coming on

Yeah, and I figured that was a Celestia-inspired dress

Those other ones were better

Oh yeah, here's that song I sensed

Fire her

Poor Rarity

I'd give her one of the ones I already made

Vampire pony

That's Rainbow's voice


Well.. That wasn't too bad. Better than most of the other episodes from this season. 6/10


Fear Factory

Posted by Bambi , Sep 10 2015 · 450 views

Well, this was fun to set up. Yesterday I got my poster from one of my Genexus pre-orders, so now I can finally present to you my updated Fear Factory collection.
Apologies for the bad picture quality.

Posted Image

(those ones on the left are duplicates, Transgression, Mechanize [Deluxe Edition], Mechanize [Deluxe Edition], and the Industrialist [Deluxe Digibook Edition], respectively)
From top to bottom:

- Soul of a New Machine (2004 re-release, original album remastered, and includes the Fear is the Mindkiller EP)
- Fear is the Mindkiller (EP)
- Dog Day Sunrise (single)
- Demanufacture (2005 re-release, original album remastered, includes extra tracks and the Remanufacture remix album)
- Remanufacture (Cloning Technology)
- From Inside the Machine (bootleg)
- Burn (single)
- Obsolete (Collector's edition)
- Resurrection (single)
- Cars (single)
- Digimortal (Limited edition)

- Linchpin (EP)
- Concrete

- The Complete Roadrunner Collection (actually came out in '06, but I stuck it there to keep things in chronological order)
- Hatefiles
- Archetype (Limited edition, includes "Australian Tour 2004" DVD)

- Bite the Hand that Bleeds (single)
- Live on the Sunset Strip (EP)
- Transgression (DualDisc with the album in "DVD-Audio (48,000 kHz)", contains music videos and a making of DVD)

- The Best of Fear Factory
- Mechanize (Deluxe edition)
- The Industrialist (Deluxe edition)

- Genexus (Deluxe Edition)

And on the right is my Digital Connectivity DVD.

Posted Image

Starting on the left, there's my The Industrialist boxed set, which comes with the deluxe edition of said album, along with a certificate of authenticity, and that Industrialist mask.
Next we have my Mechanize festival edition, which contains a deluxe edition of Mechanize (obviously), a FF-themed bandana, belt, earplug holder (??), cassette with demo recordings from '91, and some pins.
Lastly, we have my Mechanize toolbox set, which comes with some FF-themed tools, a Mechanize poster (mine has a few holes in it.. *sniff*), a patch, a deluxe fold-out edition of Mechanize, a certificate of authenticity, and a bumper sticker.

Posted Image

Here's my Genexus flag, Genexus blacklight poster, signed Genexus poster, and necklace with the Soul..-era logo on it.

Posted Image

And here are all my shirts (and hoodie). Unfortunately that Shock shirt on the far bottom left is not an original from '98, just a screenprint from eBay. But oh well.
I don't have a problem!

Aaaaaand right after I post this I find out there's a new shirt. Life is hard sometimes.


Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep

Posted by Bambi , Jul 11 2015 · 290 views
Here we go again.. Just going to start off by saying that's one of the dumbest titles in the whole show

Obviously a dream

And they look really stupid with that Rainbow Power stuff or whatever it is

That brush looks like a wing

Poor Spike is always left out

Now that I think of it, being able to go in their dreams is pretty stupid too

Wish I could fall asleep that easily

She's shooting that stuff out like that alien worm

It's getting bigger

A shared dream would be fun

Oh please

The levels of idiocy this show has sunk to

Oh, I just noticed it's like that mist off the first two episodes of the show

Ah, a two parter

.. Or not. I figured since we're about to go on hiatus we'd be left with a cliff hanger

Eh. Weak episode, 4/10


Amending Fences

Posted by Bambi , Jul 05 2015 · 306 views
Alright, let's see how this one turns out

lol Spike

Poor Spike

Oh man

Been a looong time since we've seen this place

But Lyra lives in Ponyville


So I guess she's not Colgate after all

She's got that smile though

No Lyra? Guess they'll say she moved to Ponyville


"Another doughnut! Extra crispy!"


That doesn't sound like filly Twilight

But Moondancer was having that party back in the first episode? She wasn't like that

Oh, there you go

"Does that pony do anything except study?" "I think she's more interested in books than friends"

Cone of silence


Okay, that's pretty stupid

Probably Moondancer's new home

I liked it better when we didn't know Moondancer

You can't force someone to have friends

No, she's too busy saving Equestria from evil dark forces

Aw, I was kind of liking this episode

It's like they are trying to explain why the use the same background ponies in different places

Honestly, just get over it

Now I feel like watching the first two season one episodes

Will they give her that gift?

Good old Spike

Fairly decent episode, but probably wouldn't really care for it if I watched it again. I'll give it a 6/10


Party Pooped

Posted by Bambi , Jun 27 2015 · 210 views
New episode time already? Doesn't seem like it's been that long since last time. Here goes nothing

Still looks dumb with wings

Poor Spike

Something tells me this is going to be a long episode


I feel like the later I watch these the more I dislike them

Been a while since we've seen her


lol Spike

The Wonderbolts were just randomly flying through a ravine?

Oh, this is reminding me about a certain fanfic..

Thank God it's over. This episode gets a 2.7. Here's hoping next week's is better, more along the lines of Princess Spike or the one with Gilda


Posted Image

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