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The Small Horse


What About Discord?

Posted by Bambi , Nov 08 2015 · 147 views
Not really looking forward to this one

I miss when her magic was purple like in season one

And she still looks stupid with wings

This feels like it's going to be a long episode

They make Discord too over-the-top

Is he eating.. Fire rubies??

Oh no, I don't think he is

Even though she traveled back in time once

Griffon the Brush Off reference?

Man, I miss those old episodes



Wow, kinda surprised they said that lol

They look a little strange

So now they've completely flipped on him after seeing how it made Twilight feel?

As expected, lousy episode. 3/10


Happy Halloween

Posted by Bambi , Oct 31 2015 · 131 views


Scare Master

Posted by Bambi , Oct 31 2015 · 73 views
Gotta watch this one today, it's Halloween after all!

Who's that a picture of?

Is that Twilight?

Those expressions always ruin it

But.. She was just with a spider


Oh, don't forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight

Since when does Rarity tell ghost stories?

Wonder if we'll see Woona

LOL that tail smack


So right now Angel is at home starving


How could any of that even be considered remotely scary?

Twilight could just telepo-

Oh, there we go

Way to ruin his costume

How'd she change her eye color?

I like the way they didn't have her end up going with them, and instead did what she liked

Eh, okay episode. Not as good as last week's. 5/10

Oh, and Happy Halloween!



Posted by Bambi , Oct 26 2015 · 128 views
No idea what to expect going into this episode!

Wait, a holiday themed episode already?

Voodoo dolls

I feel like I should be watching this one closer to Christmas..

A book?

"I usually just get one present.. From Twilight.. A book"

Where's Apple Bloom?

Watching this right now feels so wrong

I didn't really miss her

Been a long time since we saw them

I just made a connection.. Maud likes rocks... She's from a rock farm..

I only realized that now because of how little Maud matters to me as a character. Never put any thought into her

So we have Inky, Blinky, Pinkie, and Limestone. Now where's Octavia?

Must put a lot of strain on their necks


Why did they air this episode at this time of the year?

It's a Hearth's Warming miracle

Fluttershy 3.0

Limestone sounds like Gilda

Okay, that was a Christmas episode. How could I not feel warmly toward it? But I mean really, at this time of year? Should have been a Halloween episode if anything. But it was good, maybe my favorite of the season. 6.7/10


The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

Posted by Bambi , Oct 20 2015 · 117 views
Not sure what to think going into this one. I know what it's about thanks to EqD and their spoilers, but I guess it wasn't really that hard to figure out anyways. Well, here goes

Oh yeah, I somehow forgot this was a Pinkie Pie episode..

The baby isn't the surprise she's talking about

This is going to be a long episode

All those over-the-top expressions aren't funny

At least Spike's here


They really ruined her character


Oh my gosh his voice

What happened to his faec

Poor Spike



Saw that one coming


Oh thank God that's over. 2.8/10


Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Posted by Bambi , Oct 12 2015 · 132 views
Well, thanks to EqD I have a pretty good idea of what's going to happen this time around. Thaaaaaaanks. Anyways, here we go

A song already? Is this going to be a musical?

Never liked him


Yeah, musical

Should have left him in Luna Eclipsed

More fat horses

Seems familiar

Another fat pony? lol

So I guess she's out of the picture

What's he doing there?

Musicals just make it harder to convey the story.. Like instead of dialogue they're just singing

Oh well, it'll be over in ten minutes

Can't stand him

They're not in her way

Well, didn't take much to get her to turn

So her talent is pretty much manipulating others?

Their last minutes as blanks flanks

No one else glows like that when they get theirs

They've got shields like Nyx

And so much for each mark being unique

So they must be dead. I'd love to hear more

This will take getting used to. The marks usually blend with them but.. Purple on a yellow pony?

Well, that's that. I already don't like musicals, and this one wasn't that great either.. 3/10


Brotherhooves Social

Posted by Bambi , Oct 09 2015 · 130 views
Guess I should finally get around to watching this episode, eh?

Why is she running around with a bowling pin?

That's not the least bit obnoxious

Finally someone pointed that out

Oh, that's what's up with the bowling pin

That's not really fair that they have to just drop everything for that

Not "technically" sisters? Hm. Well, at least they've finally cleared that up


Ah, they avoided it that time

Is he going to stay like that the whole episode?

Thought that would happen


How did the makeup come off?

That's a nice scene right there

Alright.. Not too bad, but not one I'm really crazy about. 5/10


Made in Manehattan

Posted by Bambi , Oct 01 2015 · 187 views
Oh yeah I forgot again. Well here goes

That's probably how I'll feel watching this episode

They skipped the intro? Probably just the version I'm watching

She can still go..

That vibrating cutie mark thing is still stupid

Peanuts reference?


So I guess the Sisterhooves Social is going on during this


Maybe not

Must be uncomfortable holding that in your mouth

Hm.. Who's voice is that

Ah, I know. Some pony from Sweet and Elite


Eh, alright episode. Weakest of the second half so far. 4.7/10


Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

Posted by Bambi , Sep 28 2015 · 232 views

Yaaaay we've seen this part before

You suck at that

Wonder how long it's been since Rainbow Rocks

Fastest bus stop ever

There's no doubt about it, Spike.. There's definitely something strange going on at that school

Intro time!

Wonder why they changed Sunset's clothes

Meh, Rainbow Rocks intro is better

Seen this part too

I hope Pinkie won't be annoying in this movie. They were good with her in the last two

Seen this too..

Pretty lousy school

I couldn't get that into some school team

Srs business

I know how that feels, Twilight

Just like on Friendship is Magic Part 1

That ladybug is in every movie

She is UGLY

School isn't the only thing in the world

Oh yuck

Oh, she said try not to shed. Thought she said something else lol


Yeah, seen this part too

Waifu stealer strikes again


A song?

"If only I had some sort of.. Party cannon that could decorate everything super fast"

Is she opening a portal?

I was wondering when the next song would be


Oh that's right, Sunset was Princess Celestia's student. So she's pretty smart too


It's dangerous to go alone. Hold this

It'll be nice to have Spike talking in this

I forgot there was gonna be motorcycles

How does no one see what's going on?

Oh lord..

Like on the first movie

She just stole all their magic

... No offense

So they've got two elements of magic now


Hm.. Not really sure what to think. A lot felt rushed in this movie, and there were a few things I wished they focused on more.

Rainbow Rocks is definitely the best of the three, but this one wasn't too bad. Here's hoping they make a forth, and it's a little better


Rarity Investigates

Posted by Bambi , Sep 24 2015 · 225 views
Oh yeah, I forgot all about watching this episode lol. Here goes


How has she not been accepted into the Wonderbolts yet?

They're the same color

Hey, the guards are different

Spitfire sounds weeeird

Spitfire's mom

Eh, I don't really like film noir or whatever it's called


Hah, that Wonderbolt's VA is Rarity's

Thought so

He doesn't want her to break his record?


So now he should be banned for life

She should be a Wonderbolt by now

Fair episode. Didn't care for it, but didn't dislike it. 5/10


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