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The Small Horse


This Brings Back Memories

Posted by Bambi , Dec 17 2015 · 117 views
Posted Image

I used to have that exact one. So many memories attached to it. ;_;


>browsing any forum other than CoT

Posted by Bambi , Dec 02 2015 · 257 views

Seriously, you guys are making me feel old.


The Cutie Re-Mark

Posted by Bambi , Nov 30 2015 · 186 views
Well, here we are at the end of another season. Feels like it's been a long time, yet at the same time it doesn't lol. I'm pretty sure I know how this one will turn out thanks to Equestria Daily.. But anyway, here goes

She still looks stupid with wings

lool poor Spike


Oh come on, my video is messing up. Finding new source..

So, uh... How about this weather?

Okay, we're back

Wait, same audio issue? *sigh* Oh well

Okay, this is unbearable. MUST FIND NEW SOURCE

Let's try this one

So while this is happening, the Friendship Games are going on



And no one else noticed that?

Spike shouldn't be there

Fallout Equestria confirmed

So they kill each other?

How many subjects can he have? Not as many as they're making it seem

Shouldn't they be wondering what a unicorn is doing up there?

So I guess we'll be seeing Discord and Nightmare Moon take over

Are they Changelings?


What happened to Celestia?

Zecora be spittin' them bars

Nightmare Moon time

Poor Spike


Oh, I forgot about him

Now leave her in this timeline

Throw her in a cell

Why do they always have to redeem their villains?

Meanwhile, the human Twilight is trying to get into Equestria

And we're done. That was actually pretty good, though the jumping through timelines got a little repetitive. I just wish they'd stop having almost every villain turn good at the end. Besides that, I really have no complaints. Good way to end a mediocre season. 7/10


Black Friday Damage

Posted by Bambi , Nov 28 2015 · 182 views
-EVGA GeForce 970
-Ballistix 8 GB RAM
-Seagate 1TB HDD
-Corsair 750w PSU

Hopefully the rest of what I want goes on sale for Cyber Monday, because I hate spending full prices on things. My poor wallet..


The Mane Attraction

Posted by Bambi , Nov 21 2015 · 161 views
I thought the finale was today, guess I was wrong lol. Here goes

I was wondering if someone would mention her

Camp Friendship? lol

His voice sounds familiar


Not really

Okay I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention to this episode

Enough to know that it's pretty boring

Her eyebrows look like little fedoras

How does she play the piano with hooves?

What'd they do that for? lol

She sure wrote this song fast

The shippers will have a field day with this one

Alright, that's that. Not bad, but pretty dull. 5/10


The Hooffields and McColts

Posted by Bambi , Nov 16 2015 · 155 views
Not expecting anything from this one, not even sure what it's about

Furry Friends Book Club? lol

That vibrating cutie mark thing is still one of the most stupid things I've seen in this show

I hate those ridiculous expressions

Those stupid wings

Oh, one of these kind of episodes

Why does anybody even know who Cadence is? What did she do?

Fifteen minutes left..

Yep, neither remember. So predictable

A Trojan cake?


Eight minutes..

Wait, they haven't been called by the map yet? Guess I haven't been paying attention

Thank goodness, that was pure torture. One of the worst episodes of the entire show. 2/10


What About Discord?

Posted by Bambi , Nov 08 2015 · 152 views
Not really looking forward to this one

I miss when her magic was purple like in season one

And she still looks stupid with wings

This feels like it's going to be a long episode

They make Discord too over-the-top

Is he eating.. Fire rubies??

Oh no, I don't think he is

Even though she traveled back in time once

Griffon the Brush Off reference?

Man, I miss those old episodes



Wow, kinda surprised they said that lol

They look a little strange

So now they've completely flipped on him after seeing how it made Twilight feel?

As expected, lousy episode. 3/10


Happy Halloween

Posted by Bambi , Oct 31 2015 · 135 views


Scare Master

Posted by Bambi , Oct 31 2015 · 76 views
Gotta watch this one today, it's Halloween after all!

Who's that a picture of?

Is that Twilight?

Those expressions always ruin it

But.. She was just with a spider


Oh, don't forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight

Since when does Rarity tell ghost stories?

Wonder if we'll see Woona

LOL that tail smack


So right now Angel is at home starving


How could any of that even be considered remotely scary?

Twilight could just telepo-

Oh, there we go

Way to ruin his costume

How'd she change her eye color?

I like the way they didn't have her end up going with them, and instead did what she liked

Eh, okay episode. Not as good as last week's. 5/10

Oh, and Happy Halloween!



Posted by Bambi , Oct 26 2015 · 134 views
No idea what to expect going into this episode!

Wait, a holiday themed episode already?

Voodoo dolls

I feel like I should be watching this one closer to Christmas..

A book?

"I usually just get one present.. From Twilight.. A book"

Where's Apple Bloom?

Watching this right now feels so wrong

I didn't really miss her

Been a long time since we saw them

I just made a connection.. Maud likes rocks... She's from a rock farm..

I only realized that now because of how little Maud matters to me as a character. Never put any thought into her

So we have Inky, Blinky, Pinkie, and Limestone. Now where's Octavia?

Must put a lot of strain on their necks


Why did they air this episode at this time of the year?

It's a Hearth's Warming miracle

Fluttershy 3.0

Limestone sounds like Gilda

Okay, that was a Christmas episode. How could I not feel warmly toward it? But I mean really, at this time of year? Should have been a Halloween episode if anything. But it was good, maybe my favorite of the season. 6.7/10


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