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The Small Horse


The Fault in Our Cutie Marks

Posted by Bambi , Sep 15 2016 · 283 views
I don't even know why I bother doing this anymore

I feel a song coming

Rainbow Dash? Is that you?

Hasn't there already been a Gabby in the show?

Oh yeah, Gabby Gums

She's not as annoying as I thought she'd be


This episode seems to be dragging out longer than usual

Finally. 2/10


Buckball Season

Posted by Bambi , Sep 03 2016 · 140 views
Let's go

How is she still flying?

I thought it was going to be more like football

I have a feeling I know how this episode is going to turn out

Or maybe not

How's that practice?


Not really liking this episode

What is that thing?

Nnnope. 3/10



Posted by Bambi , Aug 29 2016 · 531 views
I don't know what's up with my phones camera, but it apparently isn't capable of taking clear photos no matter how much I mess with the settings..
Anyways, here is my complete Soilwork collection:

Posted Image

From top to bottom:

-Steelbath Suicide (Century Media reissue)
-The Chainheart Machine
-A Predator's Portrait
-Natural Born Chaos
-Figure Number Five
-The Early Chapters
-Stabbing the Drama (US limited edition)
-Sworn to a Great Divide (Try and guess which edition)
-The Panic Broadcast (Limited edition)
-The Living Infinite
-Live in the Heart of Helsinki
-The Ride Majestic (Limited edition)
-Death Resonance

Also this shirt.

I'd like to eventually own all the special/limited editions of all their albums, but this is probably good enough for right now lol.


Dungeons and Discords

Posted by Bambi , Aug 27 2016 · 152 views
Let's get into this

Oh yes, a Discord episode. Can't have one of those without Fluttershy

Wonder how that will work out

Well, that can get taken out of context

Waitwaitwaitwait. Where are her wings? Or have I never noticed Twilight didn't have them in the theme song?

They're so doing this on purpose

Just lie

Yes, they were



They can't play this game when everyone else is around?

So basically SAO MLP

That's a long game

Uh.. Alright. Kind of an abrupt ending. Surpisingly the episode wasn't too bad. 5.8/10


That Moment When

Posted by Bambi , Aug 25 2016 · 248 views
You realize how many new members here will never know about the Member Spotlight or Hot Topics list.
Those are two little things I never even thought about until I realized they were gone; I remember getting a few lolz from the Member Spotlight.


The Times They Are a Changeling

Posted by Bambi , Aug 22 2016 · 287 views
Boy, I wonder what this episode is going to be about?


Spike, one of the few good things left in the show


Why is that Starburst guy there?

Poor Spike

A Spike song?

Guess not

Ah, here we go

Uh.. No more Spike songs plox

So.. They don't even know anything about him, and they're just going to accept him and shove their baby in his face?

Hm.. These past few episodes start out alright, but when they get to the halfway point they just fall flat on their face. Oh well. 5/10


28 Pranks Later

Posted by Bambi , Aug 13 2016 · 278 views
It's that time again!

This one might actually be interesting

Pinkie already knew pranking Fluttershy is off limits


This makes me feel like watching Griffon the Brush Off. Like, a lot


Everyone is going to be drugged up

Nevermind, they're pranking her now

Saw that coming

Man.. It was doing really good up until the zombie part. But still one of the best from this season. 6.8./10


The Cart Before the Ponies

Posted by Bambi , Aug 06 2016 · 168 views
Let's see how this one turns out

Physics! Physics ayy

In the what now?

Yeah, tell them the day before


How can they win most traditional when it just started?

This feels like a long episode

Scootaloo still has no family lol

Sounds like she's saying "Derpy racers"

That swan one is lolzy

This isn't really a fitting time for a song

Must be a long race

Hm.. Nah. 3/10


Stranger Than Fan Fiction

Posted by Bambi , Jul 30 2016 · 114 views
The hiatus is over, so now I get to bother you guys with more blog entries! Let's get into this

Just fly across?

Snakes.. Why'd it have to be snakes?

Must be a small con

He's going to be annoying

LOL. Just what were they implying?

This is how I feel about this show

How many times does she hurt her wing?

Just... Fly over it


I feel like watching Indiana Jones now

Yeah, because it'll be totally safe there

As if kids know what cons, or cosplay, or fanfiction are

Not too bad this time around. 6/10


Good Music

Posted by Bambi , Jul 28 2016 · 172 views


Posted Image

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