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The Small Horse


Just a Friendly Reminder

Posted by Bambi , May 09 2014 · 98 views
Twilight's Kingdom will be airing tomorrow at 10:00 AM EST!


Equestria Games

Posted by Bambi , May 03 2014 · 120 views
The time for a new episode is nearly upon us
Honestly I'm happy to finally get this Equestria Games nonsense over with
I've got a bad feeling about this one
We begin!
HAH, the commercial shows Spike lighting the torch at the Equestria Games. So we know how this one will turn out
I'm gonna feel real dumb if that's not how it ends though...
And we switch to the com-FEET
lol, who ever asked for a parent's permission?
We back!
Good ol' Spike
The Great and Honorable Spike!
Twilight will always look ridiculous with wings
Oh gosh, I can't stand her
How can they hear him shouting over that crowd?
Commercials already?
Wonder how that'll be
Every commercial has to have some sort of crazy song attached
We're going to pony up!
I expected her to say fire bender, lol
Poor Scootaloo has no one to go to
Oh dear
Spike has been taking a beating this season
That's some cool technology
I see griffons
Rainbow should be able to beat Spitfire
This can't be good
Ah, good old commercials
Those butterflies look like moths
That felt like a short break, but we're back
Oh yeah, I was wrong about him lighting the torch... Whoops. I figured that since they spoiled Magical Mystery Cure in the commercial, they'd do the same thing here
Oh, I forgot they can't use magic
And he screws up again during the closing ceremony
And this is why I love Spike. One of the better episodes of the season, if only for him. I'm just happy we don't have to keep hearing about the Equestria Games anymore


Just a Friendly Reminder

Posted by Bambi , May 02 2014 · 89 views
Equestria Games will be airing at 10:30 AM EST tomorrow!


Inspiration Manifestation

Posted by Bambi , Apr 26 2014 · 148 views
16 minutes until new episode time!
Hm.. Not be able to do this based on all the lag I'm getting
Here we go!
I spy a Apple Bloom
And Vinyl
Oh my
Poor Rarity
Aaaand here come the ridiculous commercials
Alright, I survived
Three seasons later and Spike still thinks he's asking "who?"
Why is that in the Princesses' old castle?
That "nom nom nom" sound is sooooooo annoying
So, I guess this means there won't be an Changelings this season. Good
He likes that better than the old one?
Please not a crazy pony episode
I've got a bad feeling about this...
And commercial time
This commercial makes me want to bash my head into my desk
Good, we're back. I almost didn't make it
What about Owlowiscious?
Reused Swarm of the Century voice clip
lol Spike's face
I feel another Lesson Zero
I don't see how he can help her do this
Oh dear...
Commercials again
Can I say how bad of an idea this "My Spy Bird House" is?
Aaaand we've finished the last commercial brake of the day!
Good luck with that Spike
Uh oh
Will Spike suffer from the side effects?
Well that was unexpected
Yep, a Rarity Lesson Zero. Not a good thing
Looked like her eyes fell out
Ah, can't believe I missed that
Hah, and earlier on in the season people were complaining about them trying to kill Sparity
Hm.. What do I think.. I don't like crazy ponies, especially when that's one of the things the episode focuses on. If it wasn't for Spike I'd say this one was pretty bad, but because of him I'll give it a "fair" rating


Just a Friendly Reminder

Posted by Bambi , Apr 25 2014 · 85 views
Inspiration Manifestation will be airing tomorrow at 10:30 AM EST!


Trade Ya

Posted by Bambi , Apr 19 2014 · 93 views
17 minutes!
So, anyone else playing Legends of Equestria this weekend?
Alright, let's do this

Pinkie Pie screaming, what a great way to start an episode...

That's how they should already be treating her

Hm, stream is a bit choppy


I feel stupid for watching these

And we're back

Poor Spike

I think that's the first time we've seen wings used like that

Will she trade that?

Why do I smell shippers this early on?

That's a cool stand

That for a book?



I feel my brain melting...

Good, we're back

How will Applejack know?

What would that pony want with them?

I see Cheerliee


I'll trade Pinkie for something

What in the

Then they use all the earnings from the books to get the stuff for Applejack and Rarity

No one is paying

What is up with the stream? It's glitching


Commercials again..

Looks lie we'll be seeing the Changelings again. God knows how much bronies wanted them to return

And we're back

Will Rainbow end up trading her book?

A dog like that for a bird call?

Alright, well. That episode was interesting, but not one I'll want to watch over and over


Just a Friendly Reminder

Posted by Bambi , Apr 18 2014 · 76 views
Trade Ya will be airing tomorrow at 10:30 AM EST!


Just a Friendly Reminder

Posted by Bambi , Apr 11 2014 · 138 views
There will be no new Friendship is Magic episode airing tomorrow.


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