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The Small Horse


Slice of Life

Posted by Bambi , Jun 13 2015 · 193 views
And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! The big 100 is upon us! The biggest brony episode of the show! Let's see how badly this turns out..

.. In ten minutes

Here goes!



He's used one before.. I think?

Commercial time, probably the best thing I'll get out of watching this episode

Oh lord, please

Feels like I'm watching some fan animation

I think that's Big Mac's VA

Everyone is going to say this is the best episode of the show

They'll make everyone talk except Vinyl, for some stupid reason. They might as well

That's not her EG voice

I'm going to be called evil for not liking this episode


Those blankets look flimsy

We back


Her voice changed again

Oh please

And bronies actually want the show to be like this

I can't believe I'm wasting time watching this

What's wrong with his voice


Commercials, thank God

That's dangerous

We're back

So Vinyl is just mute?

Hey, that beat is from Pinkie's song (or music) on episode 26

What am I doing with my life?


Well, at least we get Luna

You weren't even there for that, Luna

*shakes head*

Oh, I just realized that's a Changeling

Jack and- Oh

30 minutes of my life I'll never get back

What a debacle. Can we never have another episode like that? One of the worst episodes of all time, in my obviously very unpopular opinion. Now we'll have to keep talking about it for weeks on end. 1/10 Overall.


The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

Posted by Bambi , May 23 2015 · 172 views
Alright, new episode time. I wonder how they will mess up Gilda?

Not her..

That cutiemark vibrating thing is just so lame

Oh, I forgot about theses stupid commercials

This is my first time watching a stream on Discovery Family, unless they switched during season four

That's all you can remember about her?


Wait, a commercial? Already?

These commercials are just so asinine


Her jerkiness is too over-the-top

Oh no

And it's commercial time

How is this Strawberry Shortcake show still going on?

Haven't seen those three in a while

She left her bags

Junior speedsters are our lives, skybound soars and daring dives, junior speedsters it's our quest to some day be the very best!

R.I.P idol

Do they have to redeem every villain?

Aw Gilda

That one surprisingly wasn't too bad. Griffon the Brush-Off is one of my favorite episodes, so it was actually kind of nice to see Gilda again, and I think they handled her well. I'd have to watch it more to see if I like it, but for now I think this one deserves a 6/10


Living Sacrifice

Posted by Bambi , May 22 2015 · 222 views
My final CD arrived today, so I've now completed my Living Sacrifice collection.
I prefer their newer stuff to their older stuff, mostly from Death Machine - onward, but they're still a favorite band of mine nonetheless.

Posted Image

From top to bottom:

Living Sacrifice
The Hammering Process
Conceived in Fire
In Memoriam
The Infinite Order
Ghost Thief

Owned but not pictured:

Death Machine digital-only EP
Glasshouses (The Infinite Order Deluxe Edition digital-only bonus track)
In Finite Live DVD
Ghost Thief clear vinyl (limited to 500 copies with the first 100 signed by the band, mine's signed)

Here's a picture of my full collection, apologies for the blurry cell phone cam:

Posted Image


Make New Friends But Keep Discord

Posted by Bambi , May 16 2015 · 278 views
Can I just start by saying that that is a ridiculous title?

Yeah Discord, that's pretty funny

Yep, this is going to be a lousy episode

lol Spike

This pony is going to be annoying

Why does he even care?
He isn't really that evil at all anymore

It's green

It's a whole lot different than last time, but I'd prefer the old Gala to this one

I really can't stand that pony

loool back in college

I smell shippers

I like their old Gala dresses better

Oh, it's her

That pony is a joke

So am I

Yes, please get rid of her

*sigh* Does this episode have an end to it?

I also smell PinkiexSmooze shippers


Thank goodness it's over. Very dull episode, I'd give it a 3.7/10


Appleloosa's Most Wanted

Posted by Bambi , May 02 2015 · 192 views
Well, it's been a while since we visited Appleloosa. I just hope they don't screw it up too badly. Though honestly, this is the first time I've actually been interested in seeing a new episode since.. Sometime around season three. So uh, anyway, onward!

I spy Braeburn

Wonder if there's going to be any AAAAPPELOOOSA

She's not the only one doing it, lol



This doesn't look like the Appleloosa we saw in season one

Wonder if we'll see those buffaloes?

I don't know why, but Braeburn seems like he would fit in the Borderlands world


"I've never even heard of a pony zip lining before"

His cutiemark is a horseshoe.. Doesn't that mean good luck or something?

Oh, an upside down horseshoe

He looks like a poorly created OC made with that ponymaker on dA

There's gonna be a jailbreak

I've never seen what's so funny about clowns

Okay, I totally missed the lesson/moral of this story. Maybe because I've been up since 5 AM and I'm tired, I dunno. Episode wasn't as good as I hoped, as expected. I enjoyed it more than last week's though, so I guess it gets maybe a 5.3


Tanks for the Memories

Posted by Bambi , Apr 25 2015 · 288 views
And we're off again!

Heh, it's spring now

Was that clip reused from Fall Weather Friends?

They haven't been together very long

She will always look silly with those wings. No matter what

Rainbow Dash doesn't already know this?

Sleep is for the weak


Yes, please

I cannot stand those angry faces they make

Hot cider? Sounds a little nasty

Who's on first?

Let's see if this song is any good.. I think it's the fourth?


Yep, another not so good song. At least it's not as bad as the other ones we've had

I'm guessing that picture is some sort of reference?

The Rainbow Factory!

Oh, that's cool. The jar had a lightning bolt in it

That's one way to do it

How'd they all get there?


So.. That's it?


Didn't MA Larson say something was supposed to happen in this episode?

Here's the quote: "There's something in tomorrow's ep that I told Hasbro I'd take full responsibility for. So, in advance, it is entirely my fault. #MeaCulpa" So what happened? Or are they just overhyping an episode again?

Uh.. Okay. Not sure if I liked this one better than last week's episode, since I can barely even remember what I thought of it. I guess this one will get a 5.2/10


Bloom and Gloom

Posted by Bambi , Apr 18 2015 · 239 views
First CMC episode of they new season! Let's find out if it's any good. They usually are

Well.. That was anticlimactic

So.. That's gonna worry her? Okay

Apple Bloom sounds a little different

How did she turn off the light? lol

Plot twist: Her cutiemark is a bunch of Z's because her talent is sleeping

I just thought.. Why do they want them so bad?


That's an odd name


Oh, and this is just a dream

She can't do it because she lots her cutie mark


A dream within a dream


So this episode is just going to be one big dream?

An orange? A pear?




lol Rarity

So they're visiting each other in their dreams?

lel Wooooooooona

I wish my dreams were this trippy

Okay, not too bad... I found it a little boring though to be honest. I'd give it a 5.7/10


Castle Sweet Castle

Posted by Bambi , Apr 11 2015 · 232 views
Well, it's that time again! Here goes nothing

Wet... Manes?

She doesn't want to go back to the castle because it doesn't feel like home. Or something along those lines


Wait... Was the castle in the intro last time?

Fluffle Puff Angel

lol Angel

If I knew people who ate that loud, heads would roll

Swarm of the Century throwback?

I don't like the castle either, Twilight

Incoming song

LOL Spike

Rainbow's voice is so.. AUGH

Seriously, it doesn't fit the music at all. So off-key

Actually, none of the vocals fit the music at all

It's like the Art of the Dress redux no one wanted

Okay, that "Let's all work togeeetheeerrr" does not go with this song at all

lol Spike


I still think it's really stupid that they destroyed the library

lol Spike x2

Well, there's a library in the castle anyways

Shut up, Pinkie

Yeah, those were good times Rainbow

Good times too, Rarity

He needs his basket

Aaaaand this is the redux no one wanted of a redux no one wanted

So now there's a tree hanging from the ceiling? Genius...

Okay.. Not as bad as last week's episode, but not an improvement. I'd give this one a 4.9/10


New MLP Tomorrow Part 2

Posted by Bambi , Apr 10 2015 · 149 views
I've had to work every Saturday since I got this job, so if you're expecting my rants reactions right after the episode airs.. Guess you'll just have to wait until sometime at night. :u


Cutie Markless

Posted by Bambi , Apr 04 2015 · 271 views
Wow.. It's been almost a year since I've done this (excluding Rainbow rocks). Let's jump in!

Oh, I forgot what happened to the library..

Why? Why not?

They've never all been seated together at the same time?

Oh, Spike

New intro maybe?

Uh... She had no wings at the beginning

Vibrating cutie marks. That's really stupid.

This whole thing is sketchy

Way to jump to conclusions, Twilight

looooool hoofball

Spike, you'll always be great

Now how does the train tur- Oh, nevermind

lol Rarity

Pinkie Pie foolishness, just what we needed

Amon must have visited there


Go away Pinkie

First song of the season

Yep, it's not even over and I've already decided it's not good

There's something I'd like to say, but I'm not going to because of BZP rules.. Probably going to have this problem throughout the whole thing


Uuuuugh this is going to be very painful

lool Rarity

Fluttershy you're being ridiculous

Of course, can't forget to throw in a brony reference or two

Heh heh heh

Boring so far

Looks like a giant iPad

We're vault hunters


I don't like the season 4 theme

She can't talk to it because she has no cutie mark

Be quiet, Pinkie

Still so much I want to say..

If she gave their cutie marks to other ponies... Would those ponies become the new Elemetns of Harmony?


Party Favor's voice = Flims voice

They're uninstalling some apps from their iPad

That's some hard snow

That balloon cutie mark thing is pretty stupid

So I guess she'll come back later in the season

That cutie mark vibrating thing is still lame

As expected, very underwhelming episode. I guess the good season premiers died after The Return of Harmony. Overall I'd give this one a 4/10


Posted Image

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