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The Lonely Barricades


Random Question

Posted by Zarayna , in Random babbling, Life Feb 21 2012 · 236 views

Is it bad not knowing how on earth to ride a bike? XD


I'll Now Take The Time To Gripe

Posted by Zarayna , in BZPower, Library Forums, Life Jan 29 2012 · 312 views
BZP, procrastination, inactivity and 1 more...
At annoying inactivity.

Yeah, a combination of several things are seriously cramping me. I think I can sum it up like this: Little Time, other Sites, Strange Feel.

I'm still on an hour and a half of time per day, and I'm active on a few other forums.

The biggest thing however, is the strange feel. It's twofold, honestly. The first is the skin: it looks like [Mentioning social networking sites is not allowed, unless it's Twitter. -Takuma Nuva][This is what happens when I lurk for a month. :P -Zar], and because of that it really doesn't feel like BZP. Honestly, I am really missing the old skin right now. The second fold is, of course, the members. Probably half because of my inactivity, but it seems like pretty much everyone I know is a lurker.

Currently, I'm going to be holing up in the library forums. You might once in a while see a review from me, but I'll probably just be reading.

...I have like 10 chapters of Wings to read.

I'll be done reading them by summer, if Inferna doesn't kill me for procrastinating. :P

...Or if Aderia doesn't kill me for taking three months to review her SS contest entry.

...I feel scared now...



Posted by Zarayna , in Life Jan 10 2012 · 145 views

Wow, it feels weird still... Being a lurker...

Well, I've been away from here this week, down in new Jersey on a mission trip. I could take a few entries to get out the whole of it, but let's just say in short that it was a great time, with a low level of sleep, and a high level of kooky people (including myself. :P).

So yeah, I've been realizing just how much I've been drifting away from BZP. Some of it is unavoidable: I don't feel as comfortable with the new forums (I am currently desperately hoping for a skin extremely similar to that of the old forum...), The new forums are more advanced, and so are slower on my old computer. Now it's even worse, with only one computer usable I have even less computer time (my RPG game is on hold again, ftr).

However, I've also been spending less time on forums in general, and also have been going on another lego forum, which kind of killed my activity even more. Coming back here is rather a shocking surprise at how out of everything I am. I talk regularly with about two members of BZP...

So yeah, I am seriously trying to get back into this place. Of course, until my parents fix one of the computers, I'm not going to be on a lot, only about 1-2 hours of time a day, unless I get lucky.

And I'm also trying to get into Techa, which considering the size of it (LL, you =should have made a separate topic for each sector :P) is rather insane. I'm currently looking for anyone to meet up with in game...


Did you see them going off to fight?
Children of the barricade that didn't last the night.
They were schoolboys, never held a gun,
Fighting for a new world that would rise up like the sun.
Where's that new world now the fighting's done?

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