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The Lonely Barricades


Re: The Islander

Posted by Zarayna , in Stories, Observations, Bionicle Feb 16 2012 · 208 views

A good story lifts your mind up, and holds it spellbound, and I found that The Islander, by bonesiii most certainly did. I found myself not only seeing the actual plot, but the massive clash between eras in Bionicle.

Many people say that the first three years of Bionicle are their favorites. In the first three years, you had a lot of stereotyping and whatnot, but you also had what you never - at least for me - had in the last few years, serenity, and something other than a massive spiderweb of plot. It was simple, and had an irresistibly charm to it. The six heroic Toa, the sometimes grim sometimes Takuaish matoran, the wise turaga, and the peaceful little island in the middle of nowhere. Unlike the last few years, which looked always to me like a massively complex scifi story filled with massively overpowered characters. There is a reason I was not, and am not, a big fan of bionicle, and that's because of its last few years. I have no interest in seeing the current story at all.

But I do want to see the first few years again.


Rest In Peace

Posted by Zarayna , in Observations Feb 14 2012 · 155 views

Rest in peace, saint Valentine. Although practically nothing aside for your position as a priest and bishop, and your martyrdom at the hands of emperor Claudius in third century, when you tried to convert him to Christianity is known, your name has become the title of a holiday more celebrated, at least here in America, than the feastday of any other saint. The only thorn is the fact that the only thing celebrated on this day is love and the mass eating of chocolate.

So happy feastday of saint Valentine, bishop and martyr.



Posted by Zarayna , in Cats. <3, Observations Feb 10 2012 · 1,037 views

Is it just my imagination or is it a terrible stroke of bad luck that my digital camera died the day I got my new cat?


The Temperamentalness Of The Zar

Posted by Zarayna , in Random babbling, Observations Jan 30 2012 · 494 views

My activity rates and productivity are, have been, and probably always will be, fluctuating like crazy. The reason is simple: i'm temperamental when it comes to computers. If you put me in front of a laptop, especially with one that has a keyboard I dislike, and a laptop that I'm used to being kicked (figuratively) off of, my productivity and relaxation will plummet. Outside things can also effect me, such as the amount of fighting in the house (If there is a large amount of conflict in the house, my writing goes up in productivity, but I might be inactive on most other things, although this depends on my reaction to conflict. If I feel annoyed, expect a dozen angsty stories, if I feel depressed a bit, expect me to do nothing but lurking on blogs and chatrooms).

Windows types will also effect me greatly: I am used to XP and 2003, and the setup of Windows 7 makes me feel quite uncomfortable. BZp's skin is also a contributing factor, as it too makes me feel a little out of place.


The Essence Of Debate

Posted by Zarayna , in Observations Jan 16 2012 · 77 views

Is that no matter what rules you set in place, it will sooner or later break out.


Did you see them going off to fight?
Children of the barricade that didn't last the night.
They were schoolboys, never held a gun,
Fighting for a new world that would rise up like the sun.
Where's that new world now the fighting's done?

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