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On Judgmentalism

Posted by Grantaire , in Observations Dec 14 2012 · 1,423 views

I was planning to start out with a dictionary definition and work from there, but really, slang ‘judgmentalism’ is like dictionary definition of judgmentalism taken to an extreme.
Basing a definition on context, I would define judgmental as ‘judging based off assumption’. This form of presumptuous judgment, I believe, can be divided into three forms; judgmentalism as relating to the soul, actions, and arguments. To be me, I’ll define them as ‘essential judgmentalism’ ‘actional judgmentalism’ and ‘positional judgmentalism’.
For myself especially, I would say that essential judgmentalism is the easiest to fall into, especially in debates. In general, it’s when you assume things about a person’s state of soul, intelligence, or any other facultive part of his being based on insufficient assumption. I do this in debates a lot, judging people mainly by the way they write and argue; granted I rarely if ever let it show, but… I probably (or most definitely) owe a general apology to most people I debate with for presumptions on my part of this nature. Now obviously it is not only in discussion that a person falls into this; dress, mannerisms, and other suchlike accidentals of a person's life also are used in it.
Now, essential judgmentalism does not include those judgments which a person makes regarding the state of a person’s soul or facultive abilities through due knowledge; for instance, ones’ spiritual director or confessor of many years would have the ability to make non judgmental judgments of you, while a random priest you go to confession behind the screen would not, unless you gave him quite a bit of details. A religious example, I know, but the best I could think up on the spur of the moment.
Actional judgmentalism does not judge the person directly, but rather assumes the nature, or other properties of an action without due knowledge. So for instance if I see someone walking out of a store with a bag, and automatically assume they’re a shoplifter (yes, paranoid me does this sometimes, although not quite with this example) then I am engaging in this form of judgmentalism. The second part is when we see an entire action, and based on that knowledge judge a person’s guilt in said action without due knowledge of that person’s intent and knowledge; in short disregarding the three points of guilt; evil action, knowledge, and will.
Positional judgmentalism rests upon the interpretation of positions or arguments of a person without due knowledge of them. I do this a lot, usually because I misread someone’s argument and argue against, well, what they don’t hold. But it also applies to when one takes either a vague or very short point or position and drawing from possible inference either refute a position that the person does not hold, or twist the position to something that the person did not intend. While this can stem from accidental assumption, it is nonetheless an assumptive judgment, and thusly judgmental.
None of these, of course should be confused with judgment, which is of itself by no means wrong (making judgments being what we do by nature of being rational.) Rather, judgmentalism is that judgment which relies heavily on assumptive reasoning, whether judging a person, their action or their positions.

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Takuma Nuva
Dec 14 2012 11:49 PM
Alright, everybody better chill out right now. This has gotten way out of hand and I'm sick to death of it. From BOTH sides.

Did I miss something? Did I miss the part where suddenly we all get to throw the rules out the window??

You will NOT flame other members. I don't care if another member fits your or the dictionary's definition of a word, if it is deragatory you WILL NOT state it.

You will NOT continue discussions that fan the flames. "Report don't post" does NOT stop being relevant after image and double-post violations. If you see somebody being discriminatory then REPORT IT and SAY NOTHING.

You will NOT "educate" people on what is right or wrong. You are not a teacher and you do NOT have the permission or right to assume such a position. Not members, not even STAFF are to be doing any "educating" on what is right or wrong. The duty of a member is to REPORT content and BITE YOUR TONGUE/KEYBOARD. The duty of the staff is to correct the action within the rules and that is it. Don't like it? TOUGH.

NOBODY owes ANYBODY anything here. EVERYBODY has the duty to follow the rules and that isn't happening much on either side right now.

It had better change now.


Takuma Nuva

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Okay, I am going to Blog Leader this.


These discussions, on sexuality and gender and whatever are explicitly allowed. Insulting someone else is not. That's why these are allowed- because not allowing them limits the rights of our members to equally express their feelings on subjects they have no control over.


The BZPower official position is that intolerance is not to be tolerated. You will respect other genders, other sexualities, and you will not complain and moan about how that infringes on your mythical freedom of religion or speech- because you do not have the right to hurt others with your religion and you do not have the right to use your beliefs to belittle or batter the free expression of someone's sexuality or gender.


Calling someone who is clearly sexist (as Zar's posts have indeed been) is not an insult- it is an accurate label. You guys don't like it? Don't espouse sexist rhetoric. It will not be tolerated by our membership, and it will not be tolerated by me or the staff. It is explicitly against the BZP rules and guidelines.




I want it to be clear- the only thing that those who stand opposed to such rhetoric and ideology have done wrong, regardless of staff members who agree with those toxic views have said, is hurl insults instead of calmly and justifiably point out the errors. I will not have people called names and insulted.


But yes, this is an education. And I will levy it right now:


If your views and ideas are that women are not equal in capability to men, or that homosexual members should not be allowed to express their feelings and romantic desires, then your views are inappropriate and against the tide of history. In this way, your views belittle entire swaths of humanity for simply being who they are, and I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS. IT IS WRONG, AND IT WILL STOP. Your views are toxic- and I will not allow them to poison these blogs. The expression of these views is against the rules.


Let me quote them for you:



BZPower does not condone discrimination or intolerance. Members should not treat each other with disdain or contempt because of race, religious preference, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or a similar quality or belief. In addition, speech or acts that isolate others or belittle them because of a physiological trait or a belief are not acceptable. This especially includes saying you are anti or against a group of people that can be characterized by a shared quality or belief.


You are against the equality of women? We don't condone discrimination. You are against the free and equal expression of our homosexual members? We don't condone intolerance.


And lastly: if you stand for intolerance, no, you are not covered under these rules as well. Your views are not allowed, and they are not welcome, because they are not right.

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Did you see them going off to fight?
Children of the barricade that didn't last the night.
They were schoolboys, never held a gun,
Fighting for a new world that would rise up like the sun.
Where's that new world now the fighting's done?

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Zarayna's Review Exchange

Posted Image

Hello everyone. All writers, myself included, enjoy reviews. So now, I'm proposing an offer to anyone who cares: You give me a short story, epic chapter/short epic (for now) to review, or if you do not have that and still wish to participate, I will attempt to review other artwork you should list, be it drawing or MOCing. In exchange, you review one of the stories I list below. I can't promise that my reviews will be SSCC length, but I will make them a minimum of 100 words; in return I request that you leave a decent review for me.

My Stories

The below stories are listed in order of how badly I want them reviewed. Please note, these are only suggestions to the prospective reader: Although, for instance, one of the stories I want reviews for the most is Safe and Sound, should you desire to read and review We Wanted Those Infidels Dead! instead, I will not have a problem.

Safe and Sound
Posted: Aug 25 2012, 06:24.
Jaurius, son of the highly controversial senator Gementa, sets out to escort his sister home, in his heart hoping that he will only have to do that...
Song: Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift.

The Refugee
Posted: Nov 18 2012, 09:07 PM.
A boy flees from the enemy, but the enemy relents not in their inadvertent encircling of him.

Shredded Radiance
Posted: Oct 24 2012, 09:39 PM.
Templar fic: A traveler walks though the evening woods, his emblem and life alike in tatters.

Destiny's Scourge
Posted: Sep 05 2012, 03:48 PM.
In the capitol of the republic of Dinaru, Makuta is reminded startingly that he has not escape the grasp of Destiny.

We Wanted Those Infidels Dead!
Posted: Oct 21 2012, 09:22 PM.
Templar fic: A group of brigands settles down after a day of plundering, not realizing that a group of warriors have been observing their every move.

And should you wish me to review a longer work (an epic) I will gladly accept in return for a review of this short epic of mine:

Review Topic
Posted: Jun 16th, 1:33 PM.
As the Toa/Dark Hunter war begins, a toa is called from a remote island to the legendary city of Metru Nui.

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If there was a slap for every reference you didn't get, Zar, you would be like a walking bruise.

"Why are we discussing methods of suicide?"
"Because of Zar."
-Grochi and Legolover.

The Outpouring Of Genius

[7:05:53 PM] Legolover-361: Wait.
[7:05:59 PM] Legolover-361: I don't think I've ever been slapped by you before, Zar.
[7:06:02 PM] Legolover-361: Stabbed, yes.
[7:06:04 PM] Legolover-361: Mauled, yes.
[7:06:09 PM] Legolover-361: Killed thrice over, yes.
[7:06:27 PM] Legolover-361: Impaled with arrows till I look like a porcupine, yes.
[7:06:28 PM] Legolover-361: But slapped? Never.

[1:01 PM] Tyler Durden: The Zarayna Syndrome is affecting everyone in Ambage today, it seems.

[1:06:45 PM] Velox: Wait what. Whether someone is made by God or not depends on -Nick-?
[1:07:00 PM] Kal Grochi: Yup.
[1:07:07 PM] Kal Grochi: That's why we call him the Priest Child.

[4:15:38 PM] Tyler Durden: Like, you could seriously drive all the way through brickfair in papal garb riding a chariot drawn by scientologists and I'd buy you a milkshake

[10:19:25 PM] boltgsr: I must be the only person in history to be consulted over a Bionicle powers question because he works at Microsoft.

Eli Grochi takes a large amount of Nick's blood in order to start brewing with.
Zarayna takes his blood back
[10:26:45 PM] Eli Grochi: Hey!!
[10:26:54 PM] Eli Grochi: I stole that from your body fair and square!
[10:26:56 PM] Tyler St. Francis: I would not drink Zar's blood if you held a gun to my head. No offense.

[10:27:34 PM] Aderia: hahaha, i really did miss your literalisms.
need somethign to keep me irritated enough to stick around the chatboxes XP

[00:07:32 22/06/12]Aderia : we're all human, right?
[00:07:40 22/06/12] Aderia : more or less
[00:07:51 22/06/12] @ St. Francis : well, there's rig and zar
[00:07:53 22/06/12] @ St. Francis : questionable
Aderia : definitely questionable
[00:08:13 22/06/12]Aderia: and zar...
[00:08:14 22/06/12] Aderia : yeah

[20:22:04] @ Legolover-361 : I may put this in my BZPower sig.
[20:22:38] @ Legolover-361 : No, BZPower, I'm not interested in joining Russian Love Match for free.

[10:43:07]Aderia : how?
[10:43:13]Aderia: i love the smell of books
[10:43:16]Aderia: LOVE

[20:52:43] @ St. Francis : "So there I am in Applebee's, and the waiter says to me..."
[20:53:02] @ St. Francis : ooh, brb
[20:53:24] Aderia : if a waiter said that to me, i would not tip him very much

[21:30:15] Zarayna : hang on, brb
[21:30:35] Aderia : he's probly finding a truck to hijack
[21:31:33] @ @ Tyler St. Francis : Strangely, I'm not surprised.
[21:32:41] Aderia : like i said, he's been failing to surprise me ever since i found out he didn't know who chuck norris was
[21:32:45] Aderia : or seen finding nemo

[12:34:44] Aderia : holaa
[12:34:48] @ Tyler St. Francis : Hola.
[12:34:53] @ Tyler St. Francis : Drown any kids?
[12:35:49] Aderia : yes

A collection of story fragments is like a hairbrush. Its good for your use, but not to share with your dog because that's just weird. (edit: possibly the best similie i have ever written ^^)


@ Tyler St. Francis : Zar, I'm not sure whether to buy you an outlandishly expensive present or lock you in a psych word for keeping this convo.

[09:01:21] @ Tyler St. Francis : No use arguing with Catholics, mate
[09:01:23] @ Tyler St. Francis : it's not worth it

[09:06:49] Dovydas of Ericlad : And yes.
[09:06:51] Dovydas of Ericlad : You have no honor.
[09:07:03] Dovydas of Ericlad : You'd make a great general and a terrible soldier.

[13:29:33] Dov the Kayranslayer : I'm not too fond of the outdoors too.
[13:29:38]Dov the Kayranslayer : They're so... outdoorish.
[13:29:53] Dov the Kayranslayer : so much space 'round
[13:29:56] Dov the Kayranslayer : it's frightening

If you're afraid of fear, then aren't you scared of being afraid of fear? And thus, afraid of fear of fear of fear? Or afraid of fear of fear of fear of fear of fear of fear of fear of......I think I now have phobophobiaphobia. :wacko:


[12:18:19]@ The Shadowed: [/color]God: "...And so it came to be that Frodo, Bilbo, and Gandalf sailed to the west with the elves." Tolkien: "Really?...All right. Now that I've written this tale of pre-flood history down, I'm going to go make a ton of money off of it by selling it as fiction. Thanks!"

-Before the Great Downtime-

I plagiarized a plagiarist


Hahahaha, ahh, Zarayna Sigur Foireann. *shakes head*. You're the only one I know who could turn a holiday fic into an angst-y SS story about a backwards Le-Matoran.


[14:00:38 02/02/11] @ Aderia : i hate life

[14:00:42 02/02/11] @ Aderia : i hate people

[14:00:51 02/02/11] @ Aderia : i hate crayons

[14:00:54 02/02/11] @ Aderia : i hate meatloaf

[14:00:59 02/02/11] @ Aderia : i hate panda bears

[14:01:03 02/02/11] @ Aderia : i hate doctors

[14:01:05 02/02/11] @ Aderia : i hate medicine

[14:01:08 02/02/11] @ Aderia : i hate tv

[14:01:11 02/02/11] @ Aderia : i hate the interne

[14:01:12 02/02/11] @ Aderia : *t

[14:01:17 02/02/11] @ Aderia : i hate typoes

[14:01:19 02/02/11] @ Aderia : i hate everything

"Interesting idea ... Don't you dare quote this."

"Okay, I won't."

"Darn it, the reverse psychology didn't work! Um, I mean, good."

-Legolover-361 and myself.

[1/19/2011 9:34:40 AM] Dovydas: I advocate independence for adverbs from the tyranny of adjectives.


Ah. 13.

That special age when a person has been chocked full of "facts" and "knowledge" that he truly begins to lose sight of the magics of our world and decides Santa Claus is nonexistant and Hallow's eve is childish.

He decides the Boogey Man is blasphemy and Faeries are fraudulous,
that Centaurs ride in fables, not forests.
That Dragons are Delusions and Pixies are poppycock.

So they do not get that there are things that cannot be seen.
There are hidden worlds all around us.
-Unknown (If you made this quote, PM me so I can give you credit.)

I'll still open a door for a lady; you never know when the girl you might be hanging out with is really a ninja waiting to strike you while your back is turned upon entering a room before her.

Safety first, men.


@ Legolover-361 : If I use one of those corny lines at eighteen, I bet girls will call the police on me.

[20:36:26] @ Legolover-361 : If I try to explain that it's "true love," like people say in Disney movies, they'll slap me and then call the police on me.

[20:36:50] @ Aderia : if you sing them love songs outside their window, the same thing will happen

[20:36:54] @ Legolover-361 : See, Disney, life isn't all about princes falling in love with princesses.
-Legolover-361 and Aderia.

I don't care if these "plastic bricks" were a better marketing decision, or if it gives LEGO employees food, home or clothing, or even if LEGO is a business in the first place. I just want my wooden ducks back because I want to be happy and I'm not going to give up a kid's toyline, not even if there was a similar one being made like it right now with a different name OR they continued the story for the fanbase. LEGO is just a cruel heartless evil greedy big fat meenie head by canceling the ducks.



Posted Image


if you were true fans to bionicle you would support it's return you are not fans if you don't want it to come back even if you followed the entire story and loved them and bought every set and had joined a website with a large fanbase for them and made tons of friends and talked about bionicle every day and then when it ended you moved on to hero factory and don't want bionicle to come back you aren't a fan then because you thought it was going downhill and didn't like every single little aspect of it and you don't want it to come back and you aren't petitioning lego like mad and throwing temper tantrums left and right and aren't carrying on bionicle's revolutionary legacy means you are all traitors to those who want their most favorite toy back we know our fantasy will come true because we are here we are waiting and we want our bionicle and if star trek fans had as a group said no point in talking about this anymore it's never going to come back it never would have come back and lego is pushing their poorly designed and overpriced hero factory in little kids faces bionicle didn't need it so we have evidence to prove that our toy line which we simply cannot live without is going to come back because we will hold our breath and storm denmark if we don't get our way which we will because we always get our way and get what we want even if it comes back in ten years we can ask for the entire new line of bionicle for our thirtieth birthday and when bionicle comes back we'll have plenty of money to buy them because we didn't betray bionicle and buy hero factory like you all did you annoying little black hearted meanies who call yourselves fans when you're not you stinky shoe wearing snobs who don't agree with the movement to bring bionicle back
-where did i go wrong.