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iPhone of Shadix


Chrome Hau Question

Posted by Shadix , Jul 22 2013 · 631 views

So, I'm selling a chrome Hau for $15 in my sell topic. Someone asked if they could buy it for $15, then someone else said they'd bid $17 on it. Since it wasn't originally on my auction list, should I let that continue as an auction, or sell it to the first guy for a flat $15? Thanks in advance.


Kanohi Selling/Auction

Posted by Shadix , Jul 19 2013 · 641 views

Posted Image
You know you want some of those masks. You know you do. And you also want some seriously rare collectables! Or something like that.
Click here to go to the topic! Thanks if you do.
Anyways, if you collect masks or are looking for other collectables, go check out my topic please. It's much appreciated. I'm also auctioning a solid black Skrall shield, and a 5-hole Kraahkan. 
Posted Image


Long Time No See

Posted by Shadix , Jul 19 2013 · 398 views

Hey guys, it's Shadix here. Remember me? Anyone? Eh, probably not. It's been a while since I've been on here. Any significant changes I should know about since...well, since I left? That was shortly after BZP came online after it's long downtime.
Unfortunately, I'm not here to say I've gotten back into Legos or Bionicle or Hero Factory (speaking of which, the HF sets at Walmart look really freaking weird). I'm actually going to be selling off my massive collection of Kanohi masks and general collectables. I'll be posting a topic in the BST forum shortly, if any of your are interested. TLGM, that 5-hole Kraahkan, unprinted Kanoka disks, a full set of Kaukau masks and so on. 
I'll edit and add the link on when it's up. 
Anyways, how have you guys been? Is anyone that I remember still on BZP, or have you all moved on/left? I focused my urge to build with blocks into Minecraft rather than Lego for the last year or so, it's cheaper and more options virtually. I've also started my own Minecraft server, which you are all welcome to if you'd like. I'm finishing up college classes for a multimedia certificate, next year I'm going to be a senior in highschool, and my brother had another son since I left.
So, how are you guys? Hopefully this post doesn't go unnoticed or whatever.


Plenty Has Happened Recently

Posted by Shadix , Mar 04 2012 · 320 views

So yeah, I haven't exactly been on BZP much recently. I could blame it on being very busy, but sadly I've sorta lost my love for this site. Not you guys, I still like you guys (except you, I don't like you), I just haven't gotten back into BZP XP

But to update you on my crazy life, I've been to Jamaica and back and now have a girlfriend. Jamaica was a fun trip, we went to help schools and kids prepare for a test they take at the 6th grade. When the kids hit 6th grade, they take a big test. Depending on how well they do on that test decides their education and career for the rest of their life. So, our team of 14 went down and helped about 15 schools and 5,000 kids in 5 days time. Good trip, a nice break from snowy and cold Colorado.

I've also successfully jailbroken and unjailbroken my iPhone at least 5 times in the past couple months. Just saying, that's tricky to do on iOS 5.0.1.

And I have a girlfriend! Her name is Chelsea and she's fantastically awesome. :)

So yeah just saying I've alive. I might trying selling my Kaukau's here, since they didn't go on eBay.


Full Set Of Kaukau Masks For Sale

Posted by Shadix , Jan 18 2012 · 668 views
eBay yay
Posted Image

*Subtile self promotion*
So yeah, I'm selling my complete Kaukau collection on eBay. Every mask in the Kaukau collection, gold, brown, green, blue, white, red, black and silver all in one single bundle. Aww yeah.

So! Please, help me out and put in a bid. Considering it's taken me years to get the full set, I think it's worth quite a bit. Besides, the Kaukau seem to be the most popular, and are *of course* the coolest original Kanohi.

And yes, I do believe that the entire set is worth $25. I've seen and participated in bidding wars for a couple of those colors (orange especially, green and red too) that cleared $10 apiece, so I'm hoping the entire bundle is worth that.

Thanks again everyone!


I Think My Art Has Improved

Posted by Shadix , Dec 15 2011 · 322 views
long live the doctor
Does anyone remember a while back I posted this abomination and was enthralled I could draw humans now?

Well I think I've improved.

So yeah, that was my final project for Drawing 1. I've come a looong ways in that class. Drew that using subtractive shading, which is covering your paper equally with graphite powder then erasing/darkening for shading. There is not a single outline on the whole thing that wasn't a shadow on the original picture. Also that was taken on my iPhone, not scanned, so it might be a bit stretched. I'll scan it soon.

Posted Image
And that's me, with the sketch on display at our college next to the other sketches. I was very happy with mine ^^



Curse You, Html Validator!

Posted by Shadix , Dec 14 2011 · 633 views

(If you don't know HTML, CSS and whatnot, this post may be very foreign to you. If you do know these terms, hopefully you understand my pain)

So I'm designing myself a portfolio website for Web Design 2 class at our college. I've been tedious making it, adding all the <alt> tags, tab index, <title> tags and whatnot. I'm sure to close every open tag and mark the end of each <div>. So when I began the validation process, I expected some small errors but nothing much.

Oh, but guess what the validator does.
"No "TARGET" attribute exists."
"No "ALIGN" attribute exists."
"No "BORDER" attribute exists."
(That's essentially what it said)

I was baffled. Of course align existed. Of course border existed. As I looked into it I found the validator wanted me to add those to the CSS instead of actual HTML code, since I was using a strict format.

The worst is still the <target> attribute.

How does that not exist? There's no way you can CSS a _blank target to open a new tab. As I looked into it, this is a common problem with HTML 4.01 Strict. Other people are surprised by this too. <target> has been around for pretty much ever.

How can't you use it? From what I see, the good ol' people at W3C think it's a fantastic idea to, instead of half a sentence of HTML to do the job, is to attach a gigantic javascript file to it that does the job for you. And that doesn't even mean it's all-browser compatible.

Graahhhh stupid validators >_< I've talked with my teacher and she's looking into the problem too.


Cyber Monday And An Imac

Posted by Shadix , Nov 26 2011 · 348 views

So...Monday. Is going to be a very awesome day.

First off, I'll be buying these awesome skullcandy headphones that will hopefully be on sale on Amazon. They're currently like $50ish, hopefully they'll be cheaper then. I've been living with cheapskate earbuds for years, so this should be a nice upgrade. I got to test out some nice, nice headphones on my iPhone and man, it adds a whole new dimension to music.

Next, we'll be getting in our new multimedia powerhouse computer, an iMac. 27" screen, 8gb of RAM, 3.1GHz, 2560x1200ish screen resolution, over 600mb of graphics card...man, this thing is awesome. We've previewed some iMacs at our college and oh boy do they run smooth. Which is much needed.

Also, sorry I'm so busy but a couple college classes really suck the life out of you. 15-20 hours a week anymore to these classes. Good classes, just time consuming. After they end in December, hopefully I'll be back more. With a portfolio website, too!

See ya later guys.


Birthday Loot

Posted by Shadix , Nov 09 2011 · 300 views

Eh, not so much looty as just stuff I got.

-Two $15 iTunes cards
-"I'm the bomb" Mario bomb-omb shirt
-Cars 2 Bluray
-Cars 2 poster
-iPhone 4 PowerMat

Using the iTunes cards and some cash, I bought a stylus for my iPhone and a drawing app and have been doing some drawing on my iPhone. Pretty fun :D



My Birthday's Tomorrow

Posted by Shadix , Nov 06 2011 · 285 views

Wheee gonna be 16 :3

Blurg don't feel like posting much here...


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