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Cyber Monday And An Imac

Posted by Shadix , Nov 26 2011 · 352 views

So...Monday. Is going to be a very awesome day.

First off, I'll be buying these awesome skullcandy headphones that will hopefully be on sale on Amazon. They're currently like $50ish, hopefully they'll be cheaper then. I've been living with cheapskate earbuds for years, so this should be a nice upgrade. I got to test out some nice, nice headphones on my iPhone and man, it adds a whole new dimension to music.

Next, we'll be getting in our new multimedia powerhouse computer, an iMac. 27" screen, 8gb of RAM, 3.1GHz, 2560x1200ish screen resolution, over 600mb of graphics card...man, this thing is awesome. We've previewed some iMacs at our college and oh boy do they run smooth. Which is much needed.

Also, sorry I'm so busy but a couple college classes really suck the life out of you. 15-20 hours a week anymore to these classes. Good classes, just time consuming. After they end in December, hopefully I'll be back more. With a portfolio website, too!

See ya later guys.

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Why buy such expensive headphones?
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Why buy such expensive headphones?

"I got to test out some nice, nice headphones on my iPhone and man, it adds a whole new dimension to music."

That's why. The music sounds a thousand times better.
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Now get some lossless audio files to go with them. :P
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Doesn't seem worth $50 to me.
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Now get some lossless audio files to go with them. :P

Will do :D Are iTunes songs lossless, perchance?

Doesn't seem worth $50 to me.

You haven't heard really good music then, or don't appreciate like I do. :P But whatever, everyone to their own tastes.
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Not lossless; I think they are high bitrate though, 256 kb/s if I recall.
Apple does have a lossless codec that you can use for importing tracks from CDs into iTunes, though.

And Sweetie Belle, you might be appalled to know I'm looking into a pair of Sennheisers at around $300. :P I just don't know if I have enough amp power to drive them.
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If I had the money, I'd totally get Bose or something like that. But I only have like $50, and Skullcandy seems to deliver pretty good at this price. And thanks, good to know.
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Hm.. Well, okay. But I think I'd rather buy more music then spend that to hear my old music.
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