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Lost in Oblivion


New MOC, and 700 posts?

Posted by Lord Oblivion , Jan 13 2013 · 277 views

So, pretty weird thing. Reaching 700 posts, first finished MOC of the new year for me, and that MOC happens to be my self-MOC.

Coincidences, coinciedences. But, enough with this rambling, onto the MOC.
Posted Image

(Image links to the topic)

C&C appreciated, and stuff.


Update and Christmas Loot

Posted by Lord Oblivion , Dec 26 2012 · 689 views
seriously, am, so, inactive
Ok, Christmas presents gogogo:

1. Cologne
2. Super awesome Gillette Shaving pack (has a bunch of stuff)
3. A kit-kat, 2 Reese's cups, 1 white chocolate hersheys bar
4. New computer stereo system (with a bass :3)
5. Awesome new headphones.
6. $150 
7. A $40 order for some parts.
8. Sly Cooper & Thievious Racoonus
9. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 
10. Soul Calibur IV 
11. Bioshock 2 
12 + 13. BioShock/Elder Scrolls:Oblivion Bundle
14. Awesome new clothes
15. A Fitness thing for Kinect (for the whole family)
16. Kinect party game thing (for the whole family)

I would like to thank Gamestop/Walmart for cheap video games (all those listed were a total of ~$75), otherwise this list would be like, 1/2 the length it is.
Also, I've really been inactive, huh? Seems like that will be the case until summer, junior year in high school is pretty hectic. Glad I have this small winter break right now, so I should be able to make another MOC, hopefully.
Also, Merry belated Christmas to you all.



Posted by Lord Oblivion , Oct 08 2012 · 286 views

I should really try being more active here, but, I'm so busy ;_;

At least I finished this:

Posted Image

(Click for topic)



WIP Update

Posted by Lord Oblivion , Aug 26 2012 · 898 views

Posted Image

This may be larger than I expected :P

The HF armor on the stomach are is intended to represent how large I was thinking to make the stomach are. Although I'll have to tinker with it still, mainly the transitioning of the armor pieces.




Posted by Lord Oblivion , Aug 22 2012 · 458 views

Posted Image

This will end up being some non-serpentine sea monster. I finally have enough of the marble GITD blue parts to finish this.

The general consensus seems to be for me to remove the tongue, although I wouldn't have anything to replace it if I was to have this MOC be tongue-less. T




Posted by Lord Oblivion , Aug 17 2012 · 1,287 views
wait now?, Isnt it kinda late and 1 more...
Well, I did not get to actually go to Brickfair, but I did send two MOCs there. Since I was on vacation, my package had to be delayed, so I received it yesterday.

I sold my Beast of Terror for $60. All of which I spent a few days ago on some orders :3

A friend of mine that lived near the area decided to show up and give 55555 some parts for me (for free). He is forever going to be the most awesome person ever.

Posted Image
(Ignore the flame pieces, they're actually from my Wandering Flame MOC)

Alsoalso, I got some prototypes:

Posted Image

Yes, your eyes are not messing with you, 2 transparent dino tail mid-sections. They are so lovely <3 And so is the dark green and silver Gelu mask.

Why in the world didn't I send stuff to Brickfair before?



Posted by Lord Oblivion , Aug 03 2012 · 374 views
Posted Image
(Click for Topic)



New Skin + Takua

Posted by Lord Oblivion , Jul 24 2012 · 260 views

This is lovely.


The Dark Knight Rises

Posted by Lord Oblivion , Jul 21 2012 · 232 views

Was beyond awesome. Without a doubt, one of my favorite movies ever (probably tied with the two previous films :P).

I want to watch it again, it was that good.

Why can't the DVD come out sooner ;__;



Posted by Lord Oblivion , Jul 18 2012 · 653 views

Posted Image
(click for Topic)

Took me a while to finish this one. But I'm happy of how it turned out, and since it has green <3

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