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Oblivion's Blog



Posted by Lord Oblivion , Oct 24 2010 · 24 views

You guys better be preparing for Project Reversal tongue.gif

Happy B-Day chols (even though I've told you this like 4 times xD)

Lastly I got a series of MOCs in progress, lets hope they end up working how I wan them tongue.gif.
Lord Oblivion


Project Reversal Stage 2

Posted by Lord Oblivion , Oct 22 2010 · 22 views

(credit to sparky for da banner :3)

Welcome everyone to Project Reversal biggrin.gif. This is a special project that involves partners, you and your friend team up and work together on the following MOC color schemes. 1 person will get the left side, the other will get the right, so make sure to explain who gets which side. Currently I am not starting the contest but preparing team and sorts. So first here are the color pairings that ALL must be done by them teams (or they will lose in that section).

Main Pairings (made complimentary):

Black - White
Red - Green
Orange - Blue
Yellow - Purple
Dark red - Dark blue
Brown and/or tan - teal

Base Colors: Dark Grey, light grey, black, and silver. These colors may be paired with the main colors (example: Brown and black, green and silver etc..).

Now more details will be explained when it officially starts on November 5th.Anyone who does not have a partner post so and we will gladly pair you up with someone else who doesnt have a partner (partners will be chosen to equal calibur).

Un-paired participants:

So join everyone happy.gif
Lord Oblivion


B B C Voting

Posted by Lord Oblivion , Oct 21 2010 · 23 views

Just my luck I get stuck with VB in my poll ;_;

Here is da poll

Vote for whoever you want tongue.gif (hopefully me unsure.gif ).

Oh and expect the KH2 topic real soon wink.gifKingdom Hearts MOCs Posted! enjoy all :3
Lord Oblivion


Stuff :3

Posted by Lord Oblivion , Oct 20 2010 · 22 views

Heres some news for ya'll

I am down to my last sour gummy worm ;_; I havent had them in years and basically devoured them in less than 3 days (I had to restrain from eating them all in 2 minutes tongue.gif).

I'm gonna make an about me section soon :3

Expect and Kingdom Hearts+BIONICLE triple topic (three MOCs on one topic). Probably sometime this week.

Lastly for those of you who don't know I had a flickr for 2 months, and I wanna know where any of my friends who have one is tongue.gif. (unless I already found ya :3).

Lord Oblivion



Posted by Lord Oblivion , Oct 17 2010 · 37 views

Yesh :3

Link uno
Link dos

Yeah the pics are too large just to image link them so yeah tongue.gif What do ya guys think on him? Credit to Fuzz-E for the head idea smile.gif
Lord Oblivion


Project Reversal In Progress..

Posted by Lord Oblivion , Oct 15 2010 · 22 views

(credit to sparky for da banner :3)

Well everyone my friend Junkmaster (formerly Sparkytron) and I are going to do a fun little project. I call it Project Reversal we both will make 2 MOCs with opposite color schemes and post the topic links here for you all to enjoy :3. More details will be made soon as we talk over here about the arrangements wink.gif

I also think it would be cool if we make "teams", any two MOCists can pair up and try to do the project in a "competition" of sorts. So find a GOOD FRIEND and see if they are interested (and it must be a mutual agreement). More details will come so don't start working as the elements need to be chosen but I am wondering if you all enjoy this idea?

Lastly how do I take an old topic and move it up my blog (example, taking 3rd recent entry and moving it to 1rst recent entry area). Thanks bricky problem solved :3
Lord Oblivion


High School

Posted by Lord Oblivion , Oct 14 2010 · 39 views

So far its not even close to what you expect from the movies XD. It's like middle school but a LOT bigger, and funner cool.gif

I'm proud of my Tyrant Spider as it has been on the hot topics list for the last 3 days in a row (from monday through the end of wendsday smile.gif). This makes it my most successful topic ;_; thank you all for the support on it smile.gif
Lord Oblivion


B B C #60 Entry

Posted by Lord Oblivion , Oct 10 2010 · 24 views
ITS DONE biggrin.gif

(click for topic)

So go to the topic and check it out and/or comment :3

Banner (for those who love me jk)

Enjoy guys happy.gif
Lord Oblivion


On My Ipod

Posted by Lord Oblivion , Oct 08 2010 · 21 views

Some artists on my ipod (not all just my favorites :3). I like aminly Rock and Rap cool.gif
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Now feel free to utterly argue with some of my favorite Artists/Bands tongue.gif

Also Yu-Gi-Oh anyone know/used to love it? :3
Lord Oblivion


More Blawging

Posted by Lord Oblivion , Oct 06 2010 · 27 views

(This is fun :3) my main idea for BBC 60 was shot down as its structure was too thin and annoying for me.... on to plan B wink.gif

Also Vote here I'm not saying to vote specifcally for me or anything, just I encourage you guys to check out the entries :3

Lastly what do you guys think of this WIP? It's nothing really special but Its meant to be posted with my Dusk MOC and soon to be coming Heartless MOC :3
Lord Oblivion

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