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another old bzpower member

Posted by Cyrix , Apr 05 2019 · 150 views

wow look i'm returning to bzpower for a hot second to see what's up after x years away! i am super unique in this aspect! look how subversive and cool i am!

in all seriousness thought i'd come back here for a hot second and say hey. was never super active in the community but had a lot of good memories from here, and this site actually taught me some about interacting with people. i'm super grateful for both of those things, and i'd like to say that things in my life are good, not great but good, and i've got a lot to be thankful for.

bionicle was an important part in my life, still got a guy sitting on my desk in my apartment (my apartment, back in the day those two words together wouldn't even make sense), and i owe bzp a decent bit. maybe i'll haunt this blog a little more often, we'll see



10... YEARS?

Posted by Cyrix , Apr 09 2016 · 456 views
bzp, i am old, an old man and 1 more...
(as in "metal... GEAR??)

So apparently last Wednesday was my 10 year anniversary on BZPower. Which is pretty weird to think about. I've certainly learned a lot since then. And I'm an adult now??

Seems really long ago. A lot has changed. I've changed.

Maybe when I'm bothered to actually get off of my butt and do something I'll write a bit about what all that means and what's going on in my life.

In the meantime, I'll slink back into on-and-off activity.



important pokemon advice

Posted by Cyrix , Feb 28 2016 · 612 views
games, pokemon, red, mew and 1 more...
okay so there will be a life update here sometime soon because a lot has happened and most of it is good and exciting

however i need some important advice on a pokemon thing

so i got red on my 3ds and because i am trash i did the mew glitch

not sure whether i'll be able to transfer it to SuMo yet but what do you guys think i should name the thing? suggestions gogogo


Being an Adult (1/?)

Posted by Cyrix , Nov 14 2015 · 596 views

So I turned/am turning 18 today.

A bit of a weird feeling. My childhood is officially over. Made me think about things a little more than I'm comfortable with.

On the other hand, I bought a rad as heck cardigan, I'm spending the day in Chicago, and I'm on my way to see my brother for the first time in a while.

So for now, things are good, I think. Stay tuned for updates.


Thinking About Getting Fallout 4

Posted by Cyrix , Nov 10 2015 · 624 views
games, fallout, purchases
I haven't played any of the Fallout games before, but I got caught up in my friends' hype over Fallout 4 and I have to say it looks like the kind of game I would like. It's got intense customization of both character skills and character appearance, and it gives plenty of room for your character to develop and grow if you want to roleplay- at least, from what I've seen and heard of it. Plus the setting and aesthetic seem unique enough, so...

Do you think I should get my first Fallout game by buying Fallout 4?


Life Problems and a Love Letter to BZP

Posted by Cyrix , Oct 24 2015 · 811 views
Life, School, College, Stress and 1 more...
Ever feel like despite everything you do, you just can't get control over life?

The past few months (two months, really) have been awful, to say the least. Just as I get a handle on having a good group of close friends and being confident in myself, senior year hits me like a wall. AP classes and college apps are pushing me to my breaking point, and it's been really hard. My self-esteem issues that I thought I had banished to the recesses of my mind have flared up something nasty again. I've talked to people and I'm thinking of seeing a therapist, but I'm still in the process of talking to my parents about that and, on top of that, there just isn't enough time. It seems that at every turn I either need to get my grades up (since when did we start thinking that B+s are bad? Especially in rigorous courses?) or do college essays or applications, and each bit of progress I make on either seems to be immediately knocked down by the sheer amount of work I need to do on both. I fluctuate between my light-hearted, pun-loving self and a sadder, pained one that does nothing but worry and work to close to no avail.

Look, I've been on BZP for more than 9 years and I never made much of an impact on the community. I never really connected with many people here, save for a few a couple of years ago and of them all I seem to be the only one who actually looks at this site anymore. So I realize that me venting my problems out doesn't mean much to most of you, but it helps. Yeah I can talk to people I know IRL, and that is incredibly therapeutic (note: talking to people who love you about things that trouble you is one of the best actions to take in a myriad of ways, if you don't usually do this please do so) but something draws me back here to vent occasionally. I think it's the fact that despite maybe not being the most involved, I know that this is a community of people that are caring, compassionate, and understanding, despite the blog wars and whatnot that tend to say otherwise. Plus, I've learned a lot here about being tolerant towards all people regardless of their background or identity, and maybe a little bit about life as a whole. BZP has played a part in me becoming someone that I admire and that I love, and for that I owe you.

I may not know you too well, despite having known you for a while, but I can't thank you enough, BZP.


MOC Halp

Posted by Cyrix , Sep 12 2015 · 628 views
So I've been slowly touching up a few of the MOCs that have been collecting dust on my shelf, and there's been a problem with one that I can't seem to fix.


I've been stuck on how to armor the forearm in a way that's not too obtrusive but still covers it. Most ways that I've tried either stick out too much or aren't white (which is the color scheme of the MOC in question). So I'm looking for suggestions. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Things I Want to Happen

Posted by Cyrix , Aug 24 2015 · 812 views
spoiled brat, movies, games and 2 more...
(note: most of these pertain to movies, video games, etc. so don't keep reading if that's not yo thang)

I want:

-Marvel Studios to purchase the rights to Fantastic Four back, but do nothing much with the actual Fantastic Four themselves. Rather, give Doctor Doom a solo movie that leads into Avengers 4, in which he's the main villain. In said movie, he's presented at first as a sympathetic child born from tragedy (his mother gets killed in a deal with the devil I mean that kinda sucks). It manages to create a well-rounded character more like the one presented in the comics and includes the advancement of both his magical and technological skill, and the second half deals with how he overthrows the Latverian government and establishes himself as king. So we get both magical, sci-fi, and political intrigue in a movie that's a pretty stark (heh) departure from most comic-book movies.
-Brett Dalton to play Nathan Drake, nonnegotiable
-A television series based off of FTL: Faster than Light. Each episode contains an event or two, and each season is a sector (with the exception of the eighth and last season, which contains both the Crystal Sector and The Last Stand). We get new cast members every season as more crew members are recruited; at the same time, main character deaths are frequent to simulate the heartbreak and utter frustration from the game.
-A weird, action-packed, summer-blockbuster-fun zombie apocalypse movie starring Emma Watson, Anthony Mackie, Ellie Kemper, and Jeff Bridges. It would be gloriously bizarre.
-A has-science-gone-to-far extension of the capture of Mew/creation of Mewtwo, with Dr. Fuji as the main character. Contains themes that pertain to modern genetic research.
-The Heroes reboot to be good.
-Robert Downey, Jr. to guest star on Marvel's Agents of Shield as a lead in to Captain America: Civil War. This is probably the most likely to happen, a lot more likely than the one directly above this one.
-World peace.
-A sequel to Space Jam about the military-industrial complex. This is a joke, but dangit i want more space jam
-Charlize Theron or Emily Blunt as Captain Marvel. Call me mainstream, but I think they'd be good for the role based on what I have heard secondhand and what other people have told me but also slightly maybe my opinion (I really do think they'd be good for it)
-Andy Serkis in everything.
-More hats.

To be honest this started with five or six serious ideas and devolved into a bunch of jokes and random opinions so this is what it's come to I guess, time to procrastinate more for this physics test bye


2008 what if

Posted by Cyrix , Aug 15 2015 · 496 views
bionicle, phantoka, 2008 and 1 more...
I always thought that the whole concept of Shadow Matoran during 2008 was really bland. A leech attaches on to them and drains their "inner light" and suddenly they're evil and a flying thing has to scream at them so they can be good again and yes right okay

Wouldn't it have been more interesting if the Makuta had come in and like persuaded them to abandon their faith in Mata Nui? Which I suppose would have been hard right after Matoro used the MoLife to resurrect Mata Nui, but disillusionment with Mata Nui is something that 2006 and 2007 dealt with or at least touched upon in some aspect. And it would have been more emotionally resonant if the Shadow Matoran fought the Av-Matoran of their own free will for something they actually believed in rather than the Makuta turning them purely evil and that's that.

Just a thought.


Well, that wasn't too bad.

Posted by Cyrix , Aug 04 2015 · 692 views
games, pokemon, charmander, shiny
So after a few days of hatching Charmander eggs, I got lucky and got this guy. Literally did a double take when I realized he was shiny. 5 IV, but not exactly the 5 IVs I was looking for- I got Attack instead of HP (I'm gonna train him to be a special glass cannon or something) but that's not too consequential.

However, I'm at a loss for what to name him, so please write some suggestions for me in the comments! Keep in mind that he'll be a Charizard someday. Looking from anything from cool to casual, maybe something to do with fire. gogogo


this blog is probably dead so i don't have to put anything here

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