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The Aurora's Edge


Metroid Prime

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Jun 25 2016 · 71 views

I'm finally getting around to playing this game. Not that I should be in any hurry since it's been nearly a decade since the last release I'm willing to acknowledge. I've no idea how much further I've got to go, I'm thinking it can't be that much further... I just got the power bomb, based on past experience that should be fairly endgame I think.

I'm not really a fan of the enemies that phase in and out of visibility, makes them a pain to aim at, and the Chozo ghosts, while not a threat, shouldn't take 5 minutes to take out.

But other than that I'm really enjoying it, reminds me of when I played Zero Mission as a Kid.


E3 Day 2-3

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Jun 14 2016 · 72 views

I was a bit disappointed in what Microsoft brought to the table in terms of games and software, but I really like the crossplay thing they're going to do. I'm still not a huge fan of digital games for consoles but it really doesn't seem like there's a point anymore. and being able to play the same games on my PC will be nice. But I have to wonder, if all of their first party games are going to PC and most third party ones are already there, why should I buy a console from them? The custom controllers are also kinda cool.

I'm really liking what I'm seeing from the new Zelda game, It looks to have some interesting mechanics that should be fun to mess around with. I'll definitely be buying it. I'm still really curious about their new console though. I wish they'd give us something meaningful on it but oh well, it'll happen eventually I suppose.




E3: Day One

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Jun 12 2016 · 79 views

Why are they remastering Skyrim? Can we at least wait a decade? This generation has had too much of it already...

Though if whoever is in possession of the Xeno series licences wants to remaster those for current gen hardware I will definitely throw money their way...



Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Jun 03 2016 · 101 views

They get revived and instantly shot down because they've gone AFK in the last two seconds, apperantly.

I got shoved off a cliff for you, the least you can do is not die! Or maybe pick a class that isn't a squishy attack class...

Though, admittedly it is kind of cool to micro manage a teams health bars and watch them win the match, though some recognition would be nice. And I was in a match earlier where a Lucio was on the ball and we where able to take the match. He also go little recognition at the end of the round.

I really like this game but it does remind me why I don't usually play multi-player games.


I'm Terrible at Overwatch

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Jun 01 2016 · 86 views

But it's still a ton of fun, meaning I'll actually be less terrible at it in the future.

If any of you want to join my terribleness my tag is Stardagger#11277.


Anyone want a copy of Strider?

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , May 10 2016 · 103 views

I got a copy from the Humble Bundle but I can't use it, So I'm putting it up for grabs here. Just leave a reply and the first poster gets it.



Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Apr 21 2016 · 78 views

My local used bookstore had a copy on display so I took it as a sign and grabbed it as I had been looking at it on the internet since I had beaten Xenoblade.

It boasts "more then 80 hours of gameplay" and is the first part of a trilogy.

What have I gotten myself into...



Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Apr 19 2016 · 95 views

Supergiant games, creators of Bastion and Transistor just Announced their next game.

I for one, am extremely excited.


Xenoblade Chronicles: Clear!

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Apr 03 2016 · 116 views

Finally! It took more than a year, but I did it!

That was a really good game, but it seemed to make itself really, really difficult to complete at times.

But the story was really good and I really enjoyed the combat.

I only wish it was on a more powerful system because the game was so beautiful but graphically it would have been nice at a higher resolution, but honestly I'm quite surprised it ran as well as it did on a 3DS.

Really good game though. Definitely recommend.


Figma Lucina

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Apr 01 2016 · 120 views

Posted Image

Such a gorgeous figure. I wanted to take more pictures but I really like that pose.
(On a side note my new phones camera is absolutely great and I don't know why everyone complains about it.)


Posted Image ~Shockwave~


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