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The Aurora's Edge


Involuntary Overtime

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Apr 22 2015 · 55 views

It's 8:57.

I'm almost off, not a long wait time. But I can't possibly Get a bad or long call.

Oh I have never been so wrong.


So, you know how Verizon used to have unlimited data? Maybe you didn't, but they did at one point.

So anyway, this guy had made a plan change, and went to switch back his unlimited data. Nope. Can't do that.

But the previous rep got his supervisor to submit an IPR to get it back. It worked on two of his lines, but not the third one. And they'd already submitted two IPR's on it. Both of which where explicitly denied.

Not to mention this guy was sitting at a usage level of a gig and a half for the current cycle which is about half over.

Did I mention he was speaking fluent Korean? No. Well, he was. And unfortunately, The term, "Transfer to Spanish tech with a Korean interpreter" Doesn't actually work here. Or I would have. And then high fived everyone on my way out of the call center. If there was anyone else there. (Internal jokes. We have quite a lot of them.)

40 minutes later I was finally able to catch my ride home, who I was unable to contact because "no phones on the call floor".


Not so long ago in a place that may or may not be far away depending on where you are

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Apr 02 2015 · 87 views

Posted Image

Wow. The detail in these things is staggering. The X-Wing has a droid in it that is made of three pieces. And a pilot in the cockpit. The Falcon is made of five layers, plus, instead of just cutting vents out, there are holes, and the vent details go underneath. (You can see them behind the side pieces that go to the center)

Yeah, these are cool.


People who call Verizon customer service.

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Mar 30 2015 · 122 views

Yes hello, how are you?

Okay, can I get you'r- what do you mean you need to take a call? Okay, I'll just wait here then.

Ma'am? Are you there? Hello?

Okay, can I validate your account now?

Okay, so what is it you where offered?

Look, I get that Verizon called you for the offer, but we aren't a collective conscious, I need to know what you want to help you.
Okay, if you don't know then it's going to be pretty hard to get it for you.

Can you at least tell me what you where discussing before the transfer?

If you don't want to explain it again I can't help you.

My supervisor won't be able to read your mind either.

Look I understand you want it I'm just not sure what it is. And it sounds like you don't know either.

I'm sorry, I can't directly connect with a specific agent.

Look, I understand you want to talk to my supervisor but they aren't granted mind reading either.

I understand that you would put your supervisor on if I requested but that won't fix the problem.

Okay, please hold while I dig through the account notes to find what you want. But I still have no idea what it is.

Ma'am, you've been talking to me for like twenty minutes, that's slightly shorter then an hour. and at least half of it I was waiting for you to get on the phone because I needed to verify your account.

Okay I think I found what you want, if you actually know what that is. I'll put you through the automated system and just put in this number and get off my phone.

So yes, for future reference, when you talk to customer service, if you don't know what you want, but you want it now, we really can't help you. Not sorry.


question regarding the Smash 4 CD

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Mar 25 2015 · 101 views

Has anyone else tried to put the songs on Google music? My laptop won't even rip them.

And when I try to put the files from my desktop into my Google account, it just doesn't.

The internet seems barren of any info on copyright protection on the CD, and I know that Google music will not upload some music it it was from anothe google account, but I haven't heard of it happening with a CD.


Oot: Clear!

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Mar 19 2015 · 103 views

I finally beat it. I was going to try to 100% it, but I think I accidentally overwrote it when starting the master quest. Whoops.

On to Majoras Mask!

Edit: Question: If Ganondorf can use the triforce of courage to change into a gigantic boar, why can't Zelda use the triforce of wisdom to realize she can throw the sword that is literally three feet from her into the ring.


The call center life

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Mar 18 2015 · 125 views

What have I gotten myself into.

I mean, the people that work there are cool, and generally speaking taking calls isn't that bad.

But man. There is so much misinformation. Like, no, sir, I can't upgrade you a month early. I don't actually have that power. I'm sorry the person you called lied to you. But I actually cannot do that for you.

No. Ma'am. I don't know why your refund didn't get processed. I Realize they said that, but this is what actually happened. I can fill it out for you right now though, Please hold. Sure, I'll get a supervisor right now.

No. Listen, in order to get into the account I need a number tied to the account. I can't just magically bring it up because you need me to. Your MDN is not actually SPI, you can give it to me, and if you don't I can't magically find an account, that's not how any of this works.

The store told you this wouldn't affect your upgrade date, well I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but that was false, please hold while I scream in frustration that I just processed a free upgrade for you that you are now going to deny.

Sir, we don't have an HR department, I don't know anyone who has access to those records.

I'm sorry your bill is too high, really, I really am, but after giving you several ways to drop down your bill and you denying every one of them, there is not actually anything I can do.

I now have a far deeper respect for anyone in a customer service position.

Except the ones who misinform the customers, you make my life that much more difficult.


A serious question

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Mar 04 2015 · 191 views

How far up do I have to get in the educational system before the teachers goal is prepare me for life outside of school rather then the next level of school?

Now excuse me while I cram information into my brain so I can take a test and write an essay on memorized information in ink in the span of an hour and then forget about all of it the second I walk out of the classroom. Because that's apparently what going to a university is all about.

Which exactly why I'm at a community college.

Did I mention that the essay is given stupid specific guidelines? No? That one mistake can potentially get it thrown out? No? That none of this information was actually given to us and simply mentioned offhand? That the professor doesn't answer questions regarding any of this?

And this is all really unfortunate because I thought I was going to enjoy this class, and it's to late to back out.


Half-Life 2 Ep. 2

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Mar 03 2015 · 101 views

Are you telling me they just let that hang for over seven years without any word on the sequel?

Now I know exactly why everyone wants the announcement and why we haven't gotten one.

Because unless it's the most perfect thing ever, it's going to get shredded.


Wow, the New 3DS 3D effect is unbelievable

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Feb 26 2015 · 135 views

Posted Image

It's almost like it's real.

(Wait, no, don't go! I've been waiting two weeks to make this joke!)


Today was a good day

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Feb 18 2015 · 196 views

Posted Image

I went out thinking I might get a copy of MH4U.

I was not expecting the Shulk amiibo. But apparently nobody had asked about them and when I showed interest in the new Xenoblade game the employee mentioned he had an extra one in stock. And the Target nearby had one copy of MH4U left.


Also, don't ask about the pink tinge. I honestly haven't a clue what that's about.


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