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The Aurora's Edge


Breath of the Wild: CLEAR!

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Mar 30 2017 · 50 views

Wow, that final boss was.... not good... The entire game led up to that fight, made a massive deal of it, and it happens, and it's just basically another blight type fight. Plus, if you actually do the blight fights, half his health gets taken out before you even touch him. (Apparently if you don't do those fights, you have to fight them at the end). Meaning it makes it way easier. I mean, the entire game led up to this, every npc told me how flattened I would be if I took Ganon on. And it was just. Not worth it.

I'm torn. I really like parts of this game, no, most of this game, but some if the design choices are just *so* baffling. Weapon fragility, which makes a bit of sense at the beginning, far overstays it's welcome, and than appears to be completely null in the last fight. (Or it was just too short to break the sword). The stamina bar being used for *everything* was just so annoying, and it had to be almost removed to make one of the fights playable, so I think saying it needs to be dialed back a lot is not unreasonable.

The world building was top notch though. Exploring the world was so much fun and the way the game just let's you mess around aimlessly was extremely refreshing. And I actually enjoyed the story elements, they gave a lot of personality to the world. Which makes Ganon being little more than a faceless shadow kind of disappointing.

I'm really torn. I want to say I liked it, but I feel like some huge mistakes where made. I'm really wondering how it got so many perfect scores.


NieR: Automata: CLEAR! (Sort of)

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Mar 23 2017 · 77 views

Path A of NieR Automata has been cleared! (Along with W and... S? I think it's S, but that's because I was a bit awful at the game.) I still have no clue what's going on and have started the next story path. But I'm really, really, loving this game.


BoTW, post initial thoughts

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Mar 13 2017 · 94 views

I'm really enjoying this game, I haven't enjoyed a Zelda game this much since I played Windwaker.


The problems I have with it are starting to grate on me. The weapon "durability" system is getting extremely annoying. And the stamina meter really, *really* needs to not ever be used again. It serves no purpose other than allowing me to get so very close to the top before I fall off of whatever I was climbing Bonus points if I fall into water and immediately drown. And god help you if you need to do anything while it's raining.

Still really like the game, but I'd really like a conversation with whoever thought all of that was a good idea.


Merry Swwitchmas!

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Mar 03 2017 · 88 views

Posted Image

Woo! I must say, first impressions are pretty strong. It feels like a really well built console.

Hopefully BOTW comes early tomorrow....


Xenoblade Chronicles X: CLEAR!

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Feb 16 2017 · 72 views

*Frustrated screaming*

*Clears throat*



Nendoroid Tracer

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Feb 14 2017 · 81 views

Posted Image
Blizzard, why do you do this to me?


RIP Scalebound

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Jan 09 2017 · 140 views

Well, NieR is coming to PC so I have one platinum game to look forward to. So there's that. Fingers crossed for some good games announced with the switch, because at this point there aren't many good exclusives to look forward to.


Someone Explain Fire Emblem to Me

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Nov 29 2016 · 225 views

I get the basic principle of the game, it's basically a more advanced chess match. But anything beyond that is eluding me.

I've been able to struggle most of my way through some if Awakening but I've hit a point where I got stuck and put it down, and am hoping to pick it up after I'm willing to remove Pokemon from my system.

It might be worth noting that I don't generally play turn based strategy games.

So, any tips?



Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Nov 21 2016 · 131 views

I really don't know how to feel about this one. On one hand the story is really interesting and super depressing, both things I enjoy, on the other hand, the gameplay seemed to go out of its way to do nearly everything wrong. From a leveling system that makes no sense, to save points being in the exact wrong places and dungeons that lock you in with few recovery options and a bunch of generic RPG stuff that seemed tacked on with little benefit.

But the story, world building, characters and music was all so fantastic it almost makes trudging through the gameplay worth it.

Not to say there weren't redeeming qualities there, some of the dungeons had interesting ideas. The dream sequences where pretty cool. I actually liked the perspective changes, though some of the magic attacks controlled poorly in top down mode.

Did I mention the music was fantastic? Also Kaine, definitely Kaine.

But with Platinum working on the sequel I have high hopes. Hopefully it won't disappoint. Because that's really the main reason I tried this one.


There's Probably A Lesson Somewhere

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Nov 11 2016 · 258 views

Continuing on a fairly recent blog entry of mine dealing with the young lady at the restaurant, it would appear that she no longer works there.

This is not the first time this has happened, though usually my reaction is of relief that I don't have to deal with it anymore. This time I'm a bit dissapointed.

I know it's my own fault, but I just can't seem to do anything about it for a mess of reasons. I thought maybe I could do it this time.

Probably the biggest one is my inability to drive, and I don't want to have to explain that to someone before I even really have a chance to meet them. And I feel like that might be an issue.

Ugh. I really don't know how to deal with this.


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