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The Aurora's Edge


Hold up

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Nov 19 2014 · 0 views

So. From an article I read Nintendo won't be releasing DLC because people will complain that they didn't pay for a complete experience.

So the solution is to lock away the only DLC charecter mentioned by putting it behind the pretty massive Paywall of another game.

But at least nobody can say they didn't get a complete game. Because I can't pay for the extra content. That's apperantly better. I guess.


Hopefully this is just a flurry of misinformation and Nintendo isn't that bad at DLC.

Edit: so it's been confirmed that Meteor will be available as paid DLC. Thank goodness.



Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Nov 15 2014 · 0 views

I just hit 5,000 word.


I didn't expect much but I sisn't think it would be going this slow. Ugh. Maybe I'll hit 10,000? I suppose that would be something.

If I do this next year I'll need more planning. At least an outline. I thought once I got to a place that gave me more freedom I'd have an easier time but I just can't seem to move forward to the stuff that I really want to write.


On "Next-Gen"

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Nov 12 2014 · 0 views

(Before we get started, this is directed at the general attitude toward old-gen consoles on most gaming sites. Nothing to do with anyone here.)

Every time I see that a cross-gen game has been delayed/cancelled on an older console I can immediately tell you what the comment section looks like.

If you haven't seen one of these articles, the comments basically say that if you don't upgrade you are everything that's wrong with gaming and why everyone can't have nice things. Because we won't get good "next-gen" games until they stop supporting the "outdated" hardware that was made "irrelevant" barely over a year ago. (Because every single one of gaming's issues has obviously gotten better with newer hardware, and not worse.)

Apparently all those people don't know, or don't care, that the PS2 had a game released as recently as last year. The PS2. Granted it was FIFA, and I believe it was only in Europe, But still. And I believe it still had online servers for some games, but I can't find current data on that. (Apparently my PS2 can access the internet. The more you know.)

The main problem I have with this is it neglects the actual issues that everyone currently has with the medium. For one thing, games are made to be advertised and sold, rather then played. It doesn't really matter how the game's perceived, as long as it makes money. (This seems at least true for AAA games.) Anyone who still plays Destiny can assure you that almost nothing has been done to improve it. But they assure you buying the expansion pass will fix it. Somehow.

And secondly, anyone who thinks that "next-gen" is going to bring something earth shattering to the table obviously hasn't been paying attention to trends that have been going on since companies realized they could put a 2 after the title. And that's that most AAA companies aren't going to take a risk when they can release another COD or AC or Halo and pretty much be assured of some form of success. Not to say there's anything wrong with those games, it's that they're a part of a larger issue.

And It's not like this is those companies faults. I mean, Portal and Portal 2, for how awesome and the amount of praise they've gathered, still pales in comparison when it comes to sales of franchises like COD. (or at least that was the case last time I checked.) And let me tell you. That is still one of the trippiest things I've seen on a TV screen.

I mean, the biggest thing that I've heard about the MCC is that it's bringing back Halo 2's multiplayer. That's the exact opposite of adventurous. That game is ten years old.

But honestly, the fact that, with the amount of progress that's been made, and the fact that every one of the big three's consoles come standard with internet features, PAYED internet features,(2/3. Whatever. It won't be long until Nintendo does it too.), which wasn't the case for the PS2/Xbox/GC era, and the best online multiplier experience was apparently back on the Xbox, and it is apparently good enough for them to advertise it as a selling point. And you complain that I haven't upgraded from my almost year old console because I'm somehow ruining gaming by holding back progress.

Get out.

*deep breath* Alright. I'm done. Carry on.



Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Nov 05 2014 · 0 views

Apparently Netflix is having a The Series of Unfortunate Events series made.

I don't know whether to get excited or really ticked off. Is it to early for the second one?


On bike riding

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Nov 04 2014 · 0 views

if you fill up your bike tire right after riding it the previous day, don't be shocked when it completely deflates three miles into your 15 mile route.

Though to be fair it was five in the morning and nobody thinks clearly that early in the morning. Nobody. Excuse me while I figure out why it was flat.


Day one of NaNoWriMo

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Nov 01 2014 · 0 views

Currently I'm at 446 words. Yeah. This is going to be interesting. Well, if I can crank out 2,000 words about something I care nothing about for a class assignment, surely I should have less of an issue writing something I do care about, right? We'll see I suppose.

So anyway, I'm going to be writing a story called "Forces of Nature". Or at least that's what I'm calling it for now.

I don't really have a synopsis or anything written out right now, though I have a basic plot framework worked out. I also need to do research. You know, for stuff like how long it would take an aircraft to travel from somewhere in the arctic circle to somewhere near a California beach. Or what would happen if you injected a person with something that completely rewrote their genetic makeup and how that would look to anybody watching. Also what would happen if you, with a similar process, overtook their immune system with an artificial one. You know. basic stuff.

It's probably going to be slow going at first, I haven't touched this project in several years... And this is my first shot at NaNo.

I'll probably update this a few times with relevant entries. But they probably won't be terribly informative, as this is a project I've kept pretty quiet. For some reasons that happens with situations like this.

Well, it's only almost 10, I should probably get working. It'd be nice to at least break 1,000 today.



Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Nov 01 2014 · 0 views

Alright. I'll do it. I'm not promising 50,000 words, but I'll do it.


EVOLVE Alpha For XCOM Players

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Oct 31 2014 · 0 views

So apparently if you have XCOM (I'm guessing enemy unknown since that's what I have.)you get access to the EVOLVE alpha. So that's something.

Which is why it claims I have purchased it which I have not. I would have remembered that.

I guess now we can se how truly underpowered my computer is.



Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Oct 27 2014 · 57 views

So it's been brought to my attention, that Nanowrimo is almost upon us once again. So at around this point I usually consider participating through the first half of the month and then figure it's to late by that point so I don't bother...

Maybe I should change that...

I mean, realistically speaking I probably won't and if I do It won't be entered into anything, as I'd probably be brushing the dust off a project I've been meaning to do since I don't even remember when. And I think that doesn't count.

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