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The Aurora's Edge


New 3DS?

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Aug 29 2014 · 13 views

So according to a post on facebook I just saw we're getting a 3DS with dual control sticks and dual shoulder pads. But its still the 3DS. And they thought the 2DS would be confusing.


Get it together Pima

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Aug 26 2014 · 70 views

So a solid 4 days before the date of my first class, and the day the semester starts, I am being informed via email that the book I rented from amazon (As a new copy was $50 more then the class and used was a bit lower) is now no longer being used in the class. Rather they are telling me that I need to purchase a digital version of the book as it's cheaper or something.

You can't possibly imagine my excitement.

Edit: It's roughly double the price. Woo.


Mark of the Ninja

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Aug 24 2014 · 45 views

If you have me as a friend on Steam you may have noticed I have been logging up time playing this game like nothing else. You also might not have noticed. Either way.


As someone who is tremendously bad at stealth games, it gives some nice advantages to the player. Of course if you beat the game you can play it without said advantages and see how quickly it can destroy you.

But anyway. This game has a pretty decent story with a fantastic ending.

But it was an absolute joy to play and failing didn't feel like such a frustrating waste of time while playing.

But yeah. Recommended. I'm probably going to make a more in depth post on it because there's a lot to cover.


LoK Season Finale

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Aug 22 2014 · 103 views



Yup. I'm an idiot

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Aug 20 2014 · 88 views

So yeah. I busted my 500GB laptop drive.


I went to reposition myself and lay on the floor and forgot I injured my knee and freaked myself out and the laptop hit the floor and now I need a new drive...

Well, I have one, but it's a grand total of 120GB. So I guess that's something. But the other one is shot. Luckily most everything was backed up and the few things that weren't (Important pictures) had been backed up by my sister.

Ugh. I hate setting up a new computer.

But this thing now runs like lightning so there's that.


Regarding the Gamestop mega stone distribution

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Aug 20 2014 · 71 views

So yeah, the one I rode the bus to today didn't have any of the cards, apparently they didn't get shipped or something. I was given the Nintendo Customer Service number to call, but from what I've heard it's pretty flooded at the moment. The lady at the front desk seemed a bit misinformed on how that works, but I can't say that's her fault, and she was nice about the whole thing.

So if someone does happen to have an extra one for the Y version maybe you could get me the code? That would be really fantastic.


This Steam thing is becoming a problem

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Aug 16 2014 · 130 views

I've just bought three games in the span of less then 24 hours.

All of them on sale.

Pfft. I won't buy a bunch of games I said.

I was wrong.

I wonder how long it will be until I just randomly start buying gift copies of games for people. I see that happening during the next big sale.

This has been one of the best mistakes I've ever made.


I really don't understand my friend...

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Aug 16 2014 · 117 views

So, recently, one of my friends decided he was no longer going to play M rated games. Well, that's all fine and dandy except he still plays them. He still has the entire Halo collection, Assassins Creed collection, And a lot of call of duty games. And more often then not I see him playing ghosts whenever he happens to be logged on Xbox. (He's got himself convinced that if he owns all the Halo games that they are going to be worth a ton of money one day.) But he managed to sell off his Bioshock 1 and 2 games even though I specifically told him if he was going to do that I would like to buy them off of him. But of course that didn't happen. And he wants an Xbox one so he can play more halo games.

I mean, if he wants to not play M rated games and only play sports games, whatever, his call. But if you go on Facebook and say that and then don't do it but still claim to be doing it then that's a bit of an issue.

I'm done. Goodnight.


So long, my captain

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Aug 11 2014 · 86 views

I honestly don't know what to say.

You where one of my favorite actors.

You'll be missed.


PSA For pokemon players

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Aug 06 2014 · 92 views

According to their facebook page there is an event for a pokeball pattern Vivillion. I have yet to grab it but I intend to shortly.

Also we're finally getting some events. What is this, like, the fourth one?


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