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The Aurora's Edge


I Have a Serious Question

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Aug 23 2016 · 145 views

Okay, so I'm seeing if I can't get a second opinion that's in no way connected to my personal life.

OK, so a little less then a month ago I was at a local restaurant with my family for my father's birthday. When I went up to order the young lady who took it made note that she saw me there often, (which is true) and asked for my name. (She also gave me hers but I was kind of panicking at this point and I can't actually remember it.) Now, my family is convinced that she was flirting with me.

Based on my expierience being on both sides of customer service, I would not consider this normal practice, but my question to you is: at the very least, is that a reasonable assumption? My gut tells me that it's not, and even if it is a reasonable assumption I wouldn't know how to handle the situation, as it just feels fundamentally wrong to put somebody in that situation while at work.

Anyway, I know that's a weird question to ask here, but it's been bugging me for weeks and I thought putting it here might allow me to vent it out and also get a second opinion. Feel free to move right along if you have nothing to say.


I Got a Four Player Revive with Mercy!

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Aug 10 2016 · 62 views

You can't hear it in the video as it's recorded from the main menu and not in game, but the rest of my team was singing praise for that.

I'm really proud of this moment. (It's even better that I got to spite a Junkrat because the amount of times a Junkrat player has burned their ult to hunt me down and kill me is just really too high.)

Oh hey, look there's my mouse. Can't fix it now...


Happy Birthday Metroid!

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Aug 05 2016 · 60 views

This day (or tomorrow maybe?) Was when my favorite video game franchise launched. I wouldn't discover it until after the launch of Zero Mission. Which is still my favorite in the series.

I'm going to go celebrate by attempting to beat Prime.



Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Aug 01 2016 · 64 views

Okay, so, if you work in a building and see a bag has come off the edge of a trashcan and fallen in you have a couple options.

A: notify someone to fix the problem
B: fix the problem
C: ignore it and keep chucking your trash in it, it'll get fixed.

If you picked A or B, congrats, you are more competent than some of my coworkers. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Bonus points if you dump liquid in the trashcan...


The End of Bionicle. Again.

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Jul 29 2016 · 16 views

I'm honestly not surprised. I liked some of the 2015 sets and bought some of them, but the 2016 sets where mostly not to my liking. I don't even know what's happened in the story. I was a little sad about the news but I heard of some of the situations with the sets being not released in certain regions so I'm not surprised.

If nothing else the '15 Gali set was phenomenal so I have that to remember it by.


NES classic

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Jul 14 2016 · 13 views

This looks really cool, it has a pretty good selection of games, is pretty cheap, all things considered and the controller is cool. But I feel it accentuates just how expensive the games are to obtain on Nintendo's other hardware. At $5 a pop it would cost $150 to buy them all, assuming they're all available. I understand it took work creating the emulator and putting everything together, but that is one heck of a price difference.

And since it is so cheap, I bet it's going to be a long time before they hit shelves long enough to get one.

Still really excited though.


Work/CEO Visit

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Jul 10 2016 · 10 views

A little while ago the CEO of the company I work for visited my place of work. Me being the sole janitor working there obviously had a lot of work to do. It was an exhausting week as you can probably imagine.

I was not able to stay, but several of my coworkers informed me that the CEO was very impressed at how well the place was kept up and that most branches don't put in much effort.

So that's pretty awesome. I wonder how many people can say that. Definitely an improvement over my last place of work.


Metroid Prime

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Jun 25 2016 · 86 views

I'm finally getting around to playing this game. Not that I should be in any hurry since it's been nearly a decade since the last release I'm willing to acknowledge. I've no idea how much further I've got to go, I'm thinking it can't be that much further... I just got the power bomb, based on past experience that should be fairly endgame I think.

I'm not really a fan of the enemies that phase in and out of visibility, makes them a pain to aim at, and the Chozo ghosts, while not a threat, shouldn't take 5 minutes to take out.

But other than that I'm really enjoying it, reminds me of when I played Zero Mission as a Kid.


E3 Day 2-3

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Jun 14 2016 · 81 views

I was a bit disappointed in what Microsoft brought to the table in terms of games and software, but I really like the crossplay thing they're going to do. I'm still not a huge fan of digital games for consoles but it really doesn't seem like there's a point anymore. and being able to play the same games on my PC will be nice. But I have to wonder, if all of their first party games are going to PC and most third party ones are already there, why should I buy a console from them? The custom controllers are also kinda cool.

I'm really liking what I'm seeing from the new Zelda game, It looks to have some interesting mechanics that should be fun to mess around with. I'll definitely be buying it. I'm still really curious about their new console though. I wish they'd give us something meaningful on it but oh well, it'll happen eventually I suppose.




E3: Day One

Posted by ~Shockwave~ , Jun 12 2016 · 87 views

Why are they remastering Skyrim? Can we at least wait a decade? This generation has had too much of it already...

Though if whoever is in possession of the Xeno series licences wants to remaster those for current gen hardware I will definitely throw money their way...


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