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Breath of the Wild


DONKEY KONG - Smash Files #10

Posted by Voltex , in Hype Files Sep 02 2013 · 383 views

Donkey Kong Profile
Posted Image
Species: Ape
Series: Donkey Kong
First Appearance: Donkey Kong (Arcade, 1981)
Party: 1st

Favourite Appearance: Donkey Kong Country (SNES, 1994

Known For: Kidnapping Pauline, enjoying bananas, being captured by Mario, being captured by King K. Rool, being the namesake for Nintendo's first video game

Excitement Factor: 6.5/10 - I've always enjoyed using Donkey Kong in the other smash games whenever I am truly just messing around, and am not aiming to win with even a single atom in my body. I enjoy playing as Donkey Kong for this very reason, but I do not enjoy playing him enough to include him in my main roster. I expect it to be the same this time around.

Posted Image


LINK - Smash Files #9

Posted by Voltex , in Hype Files Sep 01 2013 · 515 views

Link Profile
Posted Image
Species: Hylian
Series: The Legend of Zelda
First Appearance: The Legend of Zelda (NES, 1987)
Party: 1st

Favourite Appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GCN/Wii, 2006)

Known For: Saving Hyrule, defeating Ganondorf, defeating Vaati, travelling through time, travelling through space, controlling the weather, becoming animals, receiving the master sword, skydiving

Excitement Factor: 8/10 - I prefer the lighter, faster characters in Smash, and for the past two games Young Link and Toon Link have been front and center in my arsenal of characters. However, with it becoming more likely that we will see only one Link this time, I'm looking forward to becoming re-acquainted.

Posted Image


Cutting Characters: Smash Files #8

Posted by Voltex , in Hype Files, Uncategorized Aug 31 2013 · 700 views

Smash Files 8 – Cutting Characters
So I’ve been catching up on the news surrounding Smash Bros. from over the summer, since there was little point in reading about it when I had internet for a grand total of two weeks – both weeks away from my home computer, and thus unsuitable for writing. Vista is terrible and I hate everything about it. Moving on – in short, there was some news when I got back, and some of it was interesting.
Posted Image
Olimar has clearly forgotten what Captain Falcon did last time he came to town.
While I was going over the news, one thing in particular that caught my attention was an announcement from Masahiro Sakurai (the creator of the series) regarding the characters that might or might not make it into the new game. The announcement in question was one in which Sakurai cited time constraints and the processing power of the 3DS compared to the Wii U as reasons as to why we might not be seeing as many fighters as we expect in the newest installment. Now, considering the fact that the Wii Fit Trainer is one of our newest fighters, I’m not quite ready to take this announcement at face value – however, since the topic of cutting characters has now been brought up, I have decided to give my thoughts on the matter and discuss which characters I can see definitely not returning, and then others that I believe might be heading towards the chopping block.
Posted Image
I'm starting to wonder who exactly decides which characters get to be in Smash Bros.
Let’s start with the Ice Climbers. Whenever the topic of the processing power that the 3DS lacks for the series, the Ice Climbers are always brought up as an example of something the 3DS might not be able to do – manage two characters as one single unit. Considering that Olimar and his Pikmin have made it back in, this is another little bit of information that I question. However, at the same time, the Ice Climbers would be easy to cut. They are in no way, shape or form one of Nintendo’s A-List franchise characters and to most casual gamers today are a completely unknown face. While they do add a bit of retro flavour into the series, they now get that from Mega Man and Pit (a little bit) as well. Along with the need to include a few more new characters to keep the roster fresh, and other veteran fighters such as Marth with more recent releases to keep them fresh in the minds of gamers worldwide, it might be time for the Ice Climbers to go.
Posted Image
The 3DS can't handle two Ice Climbers, but it can handle multiple Pikmin.
Possibly the most obvious character to be cut is R.O.B. The Robotic Operating Buddy was probably the most unusual addition to Brawl (much like Mr. Game & Watch was for Melee), and wasn’t even a video game character to begin with. With the announcement of the Wii Fit Trainer, I feel like we might have the “unusual” bit solved for the new games. Combined with the knowledge that characters will be cut, and that R.O.B. hasn’t been seen since Brawl in any true fashion, and the robot feels more and more like a one-off character.
Posted Image
R.O.B. doesn't have much of a chance, and I don't really care.
Ever since the games were announced, I had considered that both Lucario and the Pokemon Trainer would be left behind – Lucario would, like Mewtwo, be replaced by some Pokemon from Generation V or VI that can easily be matched up with similar attacks. Zoroark was the most prominent in my mind. Meanwhile, the Pokemon Trainer would either just cease to exist, leaving an empty slot, be replaced by a separate Pokemon, or just be updated to become the trainer from Generation V or VI. While I still believe that my thoughts regarding the Pokemon Trainer remain mostly accurate, with the new mega evolutions announced for Generation VI, it has become quite possible that Lucario might get to return. Keeping Lucario in the game would make things easier on the development time-wise, and Lucario’s new mega evolution could be used either as a new final smash or even to base Lucario’s look off of for the game. Whichever option, Lucario might not be saying goodbye to the series just yet.
Posted Image
Imagine this guy in his mega evolution for the new game. Yeah, I like it too.
Moving onto characters that will almost certainly be cut, and we’ll start with Ike from Fire Emblem. While Marth, heading into possibly his third game in the franchise has a good chance of staying, Ike is just as replaceable as Roy was after Melee. Ike has not starred in any major games since Brawl’s release, and his attacks already bear many resemblances to both Marth and Link. Together with the limited roster the new games face, and Ike should receive the cut. There is, of course, a fair chance that Marth might be removed too, in favour of a character from Fire Emblem: Awakening. If this occurs (or even if Ike is just replaced), I could see Chrom taking over as Fire Emblem’s representation in the series.
Posted Image
Marth and Chrom alone are reason enough for Ike to be gone, unfortunately.
There is one character that we can all count on not returning – and that is none other than Toon Link. With Toon Link appearing as a background character in the Spirit Tracks-based stage on the 3DS, he has already been written off. Even before then, Toon Link returning was a tough sell, but now the bucket has been kicked. Considering the limited roster and Ocarina of Time’s re-release already having occurred several years ago, I’m not expecting a reappearance from Young Link either. Link will have to be on his own this time around.
Posted Image
It's not Smash Bros. if one of my favourite characters isn't cut from the next game.
What about the rest of the roster? Could it be possible that we might lose a member of the original twelve? Captain Falcon hasn’t had a game to his name in nearly ten years, and Jigglypuff was only in Brawl because of being a member of the original twelve. Mr. Game & Watch is questionable too – he has represented Nintendo’s most ancient video game history for two games, but there may no longer be room for him to continue. While I find it hard to believe that they would cut anyone out of the original twelve, Captain Falcon and Jigglypuff are certainly the most likely, and Mr. Game & Watch would be an easy character to sacrifice in order to make room for another newcomer or returning veteran.
Posted Image
Part of me really wants Jigglypuff gone, because Jigglypuff sucks. The other part thinks about original twelve.
Finally, I’ll close off with some musings on Sonic the Hedgehog and Solid Snake, the two third party characters from Brawl. Out of the two, anyone could tell you that Sonic has the best chance of returning for the new games. However, from the way the developers have spoken regarding third party characters, it sounds as if they might be one-offs; joining in as special guests for one installment and then vanishing for the next. Which would kinda suck, because I’d love to have an all-out brawl between Mario, Sonic and Mega Man. We’re only missing Pac-Man in that mashup. If Nintendo goes the guest route, Sonic and Snake are history; considering the limited space and the games in recent years, if only one can make it into the new Smash it’ll be Sonic. I think the best chance these two characters have is making it into any Smash DLC (which I will discuss at a later date).
Posted Image
Play the right card, Nintendo - bring Sonic back for another round.
So those are the veteran fighters that I feel are the most likely to be cut – feel free to debate, agree, and disagree with me in the comments. Who do you feel is most likely to get the cut, and why?


Smash Files 7 - Mega Man

Posted by Voltex , in Hype Files Aug 31 2013 · 435 views

Mega Man Profile
Posted Image
Species: Robot
Series: Mega Man
First Appearance: Mega Man (NES, 1987)
Party: 3rd

Favourite Appearance: Mega Man 10 (Wiiware, 2010)

Known For: Defeating Dr. Wily, defeating countless robot masters, upgrading powers, being 8-bit

Excitement Factor: 10/10 - I've wanted Mega Man to be in a Smash game for a long time, and finally that day has arrived. I'm not quite sure how I feel about all of his attacks being blaster-related; on the one hand, it might help with ranged attacks; on the other, this means I can't have Mega Man kick Mario in the face. Regardless, this guy better be here to stay.

Posted Image



Posted by Voltex , in BZPower Aug 11 2013 · 1,284 views

Let's see how this works - I'm going to be gone for the next two weeks. You all get one vote for each day, but you have to alternate between at least two votes. Here we go - the names still in this are... every name that had more than one vote.
iBrowser (3)
iBrow (7)
Grif (3)
Mustache Cash Stash (5)
Freelancer iBrow (2)
Grandpa Joe (2)

Votes from Round 1 will count towards the end. If someone could every now and then in the comments tally the Round 2 votes ONLY, that'd be pretty chill.




Posted by Voltex , in BZPower Aug 10 2013 · 352 views

Round 1 begins! I've added in a few more of my own design, as well as a few others from the previous contest. One has been removed thanks to a revelation by Sumiki, so thanks bro.
You get to vote for three different names. Go! To clarify: you get THREE votes, but they must be spread across THREE names.
lol wut? (1)
iBrowser (3)
iBrow (7)
Grif (3)
Mustache Cash Stash (5)
Mustache Stash
Globin (1)
Agent i
Freelancer iBrow (2)
Sir iBrow Gavroche Voltex
Grandpa Joe (2)
eyebrow (1)
Lord of the iBrow (1)
Brow i'd Girl (1)
One more day of voting, and then it'll be Round 2 for pretty much two weeks.



Posted by Voltex , in BZPower Aug 08 2013 · 112 views

So I've decided to do another name change contest, for my next name change. If we can get it done soon enough, it shall end by this Saturday and be put into effect whenever I am next allowed to change my name.
So, suggestions are welcome here before I post the first round of voting tomorrow. I've already taken the finalists from the other contest and added them to the list; I am banning the winner of the last contest and any similar names from this one. No themed name contests yet, but any names relating to ibrow or chocolate milk or socks will be loved.
Entry List
lol wut?
This is the Best Name I Could Think of


Mustache Cash Stash


Mid-Summer Movies Top 10

Posted by Voltex , in Film / Shows Aug 07 2013 · 279 views

A brief note: due to working at a summer camp, I missed seeing Monsters University, The Lone Ranger, and World War Z at this point in time. However, I do plan to see all three once they are released in stores, and should thus be able to give them some form of a rating by the end of the year.
1. This is the End - 96%
I didn't expect a comedy with Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Emma Watson to be amazing, nor did I expect an apocalypse film to be even half-decent. Here it is, though - an example of downright hilarious comedy alongside fantastic storytelling and a perfectly dramatic backdrop (as well as a tremendously done ending of the world), This is the End might well turn out to be the surprise favourite of the year for me. There are still several months to wait and many movies (Thor: The Dark World, The Desolation of Smaug, Ender's Game, etc.) to go through before I undergo the daunting task of creating the end of year Top 10, but at this moment, This is the End hits the number one spot.
2. Fast & Furious 6 - 91%
When I saw the trailer for Fast & Furious 6 I got really hyped, despite not seeing any previous entries in the franchise (still need to see Fast Five). And it says something about how fantastic this film is when I was able to latch onto every single character in the film despite it being the sixth entry. The film explained enough of the backstory that I had no problems entering the film, and the drive was an amazing one. This film roars from start to finish, but also knows when to take those moments of peace, quiet, and relaxation to build up to the next point. I also loved the ending, and the plot twist right before the final battle.
3. Iron Man 3 - 90%
I can't honesty say where this film ranks compared to the other Marvel Cinematic Universe films, mostly because I still need to watch The Incredible Hulk and Captain America. However out of the ones I have seen, I do believe that this entry gives the original Iron Man a run for its money in the honor of being my favourite Marvel film. Iron Man 3 could be the end of Tony Stark's story and I would be perfectly happy, but it could also lead into a new beginning (and I would also be perfectly happy). The only major gripe I have with the film is that we didn't see Bruce Banner at all, and I feel like adding him into the film as a minor character might have made a fun ride even better. But honestly, I can't really complain. This movie has the best opening of all time.
4. White House Down - 89%
First of all, I have not yet had the opportunity to see Olympus Has Fallen. I heard about White House Down first, I was more interested in it, and by the time I had both the interest and the money to see Olympus Has Fallen, it was already gone from theatres. Maybe I'll see it by the end of the year. Moving onto White House Down, my biggest complaint was the twist at the end that had no real buildup. I loved Jamie Foxx as the President, and the daughter's role in the film was played out very well. I also enjoyed the chaos that the government was thrown into, with the ability to trust even themselves thrown out the window. Everything about this film works, and that is why halfway through the year it sits at number four.
5. Oblivion - 85%
Oblivion is a gorgeous film to watch - the only films that looked better were This is the End and The Great Gatsby. The storyline is an interesting one, and it is very fun to watch as it unfolds and the conspiracy is revealed (although it's ruined a little bit by the fact that it's already revealed in the trailers). The sci-fi atmosphere and the compare/contrast viewpoints we receive between the 21st Century and the ruins decades later are a joy to see, and the memories of the main character that have been locked away are curious to watch unfold.
6. Despicable Me 2 - 82%
For a long time I was thwarted at every chance I had to see this film (much like I was with Monsters University), but I finally had the chance to see this. Ultimately, I left the theatre both satisfied and disappointed. Satisfied because the movie is a good one and an enjoyable one - the animation is superb and the characters we already know are built upon. We even see the Minions being played with more. They're still mostly comic relief, but I could honestly see real characters in some of them this time around, and that was splendid. On the flip side, this isn't as good as its predecessor, and Gru as the main character doesn't really learn any lesson or develop as a character this time around, and I missed that.
7. Star Trek Into Darkness - 81%
I went into this movie with some expectations, and unfortunately, it doesn't deliver on as many as I'd hoped. The main villain doesn't play as quite the villain I'd expected, and halfway through it turns out that we have a secondary villain who is really from Starfleet - yet despite this, Kirk remains strangely loyal to him even as he prepares to blow the Enterpise to pieces. If this secondary villain had been the main villain of the film, I think that Into Darkness would have been a far better film. As it is, the movie is still good, and it feels a lot more like the old Star Trek television episodes, but the first film is hands down galaxies better than this one.
8. The Great Gatsby - 77%
I will front load that I think The Great Gatsby is a film I will have to watch again to truly appreciate, and so I will ask that out of all these placements, do not take this one down to heart. I love how this film works, and the soundtrack is excellent, but I felt like the story plodded along, and outside of a few core characters, I didn't feel like I really knew any of the cast. I was also very unsatisfied with the ending, which to me felt as if no closure was really given. However, I'm giving this one the benefit of the doubt for the time being.
9. Pacific Rim - 76%
Pacific Rim is what I imagine the second two Transformers films would have looked something like if they were actually good. This film is the definition of a summer blockbuster, and the concept of giant robots fighting against enormous alien predators is delicious to my insane mind. I did feel as though the characters were somewhat stereotypical and lacking in evolution throughout the film, and the story itself isn't very original (I predicted most of the plot twists correctly), but there were highlights throughout the film that I found spectacular - one being the battle between the Gypsy Danger unit and the two Kaijus in Hong Kong after the electricity is wiped out, and another being any scene with the two scientist researchers, who were both brilliant and easily the highlight of the film. 
10. The Wolverine - 70%
This movie is so-so, and I only recommend watching it if there isn't anything else in the theatre you want to see. What I saw in this film was a lot of potential that just wasn't being recognized, plot details that weren't properly explained, and villains that I never felt like I understood the motives of. The film was enjoyable for what it was, but everything it did right felt like it was done with the minimum amount of effort that the film crew could possibly put in. The Wolverine himself is the most interesting character of the film, but I didn't feel like he developed throughout the story, aside from deciding to become a soldier again. I can guarantee that this movie will not be on this list after the end of year evaluation, because there are many films coming out that could replace it.


Smash Files 6 - Bowser Profile

Posted by Voltex , in Hype Files, Video Games Jun 17 2013 · 639 views

And so here we are with Bowser. If you don't know who this fellow is, then you are not a video game fan. You might not like the series, but every video game nerd knows Bowser.

Bowser Profile
Posted ImageDid somebody page the King of Awesome?
Species: Koopa
Series: Super Mario
First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. (NES, 1985)
Latest Appearance: New Super Mario Bros. U (WiiU, 2012)

# of Appearances: 70+

1st Party

Favourite Appearance: Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story (DS, 2009)

Known For: Kidnapping Peach, taking over the Mushroom Kingdom, taking over Dinosaur Land, taking over the Galaxy, stealing the Star Rod, losing his castle, having an ego, making his minions shave, being beaten by Mario, and helping the Mario Bros. to defeat other villains

Excitement Factor: 6/10. I don’t play as Bowser much in Melee or Brawl, mainly because I dislike being a big target and a slow target. At the moment, I haven’t seen Bowser in action enough yet to tell whether I’ll enjoy playing as him more in the upcoming games with the new changes.

Posted Image


Smash Files 5 - Villager Profile

Posted by Voltex , in Hype Files, Video Games Jun 16 2013 · 860 views

These character profiles are going to be a little shorter; these are more my brief observations on the characters, rather than all-out essays on each one.

Villager Profile
Posted ImageIf that isn't going to be the ultimate troll face as your face is pummelled into the dirt, I don't know what is.
Species: Human
Series: Animal Crossing
First Appearance: Animal Crossing (GCN, 2001)
Latest Appearance: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS, 2013)

# of Appearances: 5, across 4 systems

1st Party

Favourite Appearance: Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS, 2005)

Known For: Digging up treasure, collecting shells, catching bugs, planting trees, decorating homes, angering Mr. Resetti, naming constellations, making idle chitchat, becoming mayor

Excitement Factor: 9/10. The Villager isn't exactly the first character I would have chosen, nor would I have even put him into Smash Bros. - however, after watching the trailer and witnessing some of his attacks in action, I am very excited to give him a go.

Posted Image

Next up:I will either discuss the stages I'm hoping to battle on again, or you'll get a profile of everybody's favourite grumpy Mario villain.


Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
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