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Extermination is Coming


I'm Back

Posted by Strange Festive Voltex , in Life, BZPower Aug 25 2012 · 126 views

With that said, name change has taken place. Explanations later if I feel like it, but rest assured you'll probably be calling me Voltex for a long time.

iBrow Voltex. Has a ring to it, eh?



Today is Awesome

Posted by Strange Festive Voltex , in Life, BZPower Aug 12 2012 · 170 views

Just as a note, I'm not actually on right now- this entry has been typed July 28th, 2012 before I left for a month. =P However, that doesn't change the fact that today is my birthday.

So I'm now 16, so woop dee doo I suppose. Time to drive and such. However, I thought I'd put a shout out here to a few other awesome people that have today listed as their birthday:
  • Kanohi Volitak - I've never actually seen this member, but the Volitak is easily my favourite Kanohi, so kudos to whoever this is.
  • Emperor Kraggh/Merida - Your reviews are pretty awesome, and I enjoy reading them (obviously). Keep them coming.
  • The_Professor - Never seen this person either, but a cool display name.
...you know, when I first looked at the list a few weeks ago I thought there were more. Oh well, two unknown members have now been given the spotlight momentarily by yours truly. Happy birthday you two. And to Emperor Kraggh.

Anyway, see you all in 2 weeks!! =D


The Best Video Game of All Time

Posted by Strange Festive Voltex , in Video Games Jul 29 2012 · 179 views

Definitely Superman 64. B-)
I've been playing it like, nonstop the past two weeks. I just can't get enough of it! Whoever designed this is a genius.

Who needs Portal?



My Computer Returns

Posted by Strange Festive Voltex , in Life, BZP Library Jul 28 2012 · 130 views

...just in time for me to leave for a month. Wonderful. Anyway, I might be able to update Tahu vs. Tahu tonight, and How to Be a Hero if I'm lucky.

Expect Bionifight 5 stuff when I return, however. Priority one when I get home will be to make a banner for this game.

Posted Image


Community Calendar

Posted by Strange Festive Voltex , Jul 25 2012 · 105 views

First member created event? If so, that's pretty sweet, considering Bionifight 5 has gotta be the most anticipated BZPower text based game of all time. B-)

Mafia III-3 is also in the works, but that does not have an official release date yet. Thus, it is not on the calendar.



Bionifight 5 Release Info

Posted by Strange Festive Voltex , Jul 25 2012 · 81 views

Mark your BZPower community calendar, as September 17th, 2012 is now marked down there as the release date of Bionifight 5. B-)



On: The New Skin

Posted by Strange Festive Voltex , in BZPower Jul 24 2012 · 120 views

I like it a lot, actually. I find the muted colours pleasing to the eyes, while at the same time not distracting from the posts themselves. Having Takua in the blogs is cool, and he kind of goes with the colour theme of the new skin too.


Bionifight 5 - Teaser 4

Posted by Strange Festive Voltex , Jul 23 2012 · 91 views

This teaser sheds some more light on what is coming your way with Bionifight 5. :)
Note: Because I'm gone all of August, there likely will not be any teasers that month. However, they will continue when I return up until the release of this glorious fighter.

That said, some information on the different gametypes of Bionifight 5:
  • Free For All - Each player is on their own against everyone else in a massive fight to the death. The player with the most health left at the end of the round will be declared the winner. In the case of a tie, the number of KOs a player accomplished during a round will come into play.
  • Team Battle (Name Pending) - The players are split into two different teams. Otherwise it is the same as Free For All, except you ay only attack members of the opposite team and an MVP will be crowned.
  • Last Man Standing - Much like Free For All, except the round will continue until only one plyer remains standing.
  • Escape (Name Pending) - The players must battle each other while escaping from a doom that cannot be stopped, such as a rising lava flow or an avalanche.
In addition, I have some more general news.
  • There will be ten different gametypes in the final release, with the possibility of more being added.
  • There may be more than one type of boss battle.
  • Rounds will last for one week as opposed to three days, allowing for better time management.
  • Players will begin each round with a set amount of health; how much health that is will depend on which gametype theyare playing and which modifier is in place for that round. The default is 20 health per player.
Hopefully this is beginning to answer questions for you guys: questions like how awesome this will be, how on earth I'll make sure Bionifight 5 isn't classified as an RPG, and how the rounds will play out with these changes.

In with the old and in with the new!


Bionifight 5 - Teaser 3

Posted by Strange Festive Voltex , Jul 22 2012 · 99 views

This one isn't so much a teaser, though I didn't really know what to categorize it as otherwise. That said, this is perhaps the biggest teaser as, should I get my laptop back before then (I refuse to work on Bionifight 5 on a computer that is 10+ years old and using XP), this will be Bionifight 5's release date:


Who else is looking forward to it?



Review - The Dark Knight Rises

Posted by Strange Festive Voltex , in Film / Shows, Reviews Jul 22 2012 · 90 views

A Review of The Dark Knight Rises

Where should I begin? How do you begin a review of possibly the best super hero film, and possibly one of the greatest films of all time?

I shall open with my few complaints about the film, as so very minimal they are. The first being The Bat, Batman’s new vehicle debuting in this film. While it is neat, and it’s cool that Batman can fly around, it just can’t hope to match the brilliance of the Tumbler, nor the versatility of the Batpod. However, the way it is worked into the film is very clever, and it ends up giving Batman a slim advantage where without it, there would be no movie at all. My second complaint is with the many connections to Batman Begins; while this helps the film to set itself up as the conclusion of the trilogy, aside from Harvey Dent being mentioned a few times there are no such connections made to The Dark Knight, leaving it out on its own. The third is a scene that takes place between Batman and Bane in the middle of the film, an encounter which looks like it should render Bruce Wayne either dead or useless, but doesn’t. It felt a little unrealistic, and thought the film worked with it very well, it could have been done far better.

However, as I said, those complaints are minimal. This movie is brilliant, fantastic, amazing, and I will definitely be going to see it again. The film takes place eight years after The Dark Knight, and this is easily seen; Bruce Wayne has become secluded from society as his company slowly loses money, and organized crime within Gotham has ground to a halt. However, chaos is rippling just beneath the surface, and when Bane reveals himself it comes crashing out of the floodgates.

The portrayal of Selina Kyle/Catwoman (although she is never referred to as Catwoman, another bonus) by Anne Hathaway was terrific, and it was nice to see that she never truly allied herself with either Batman nor Bane, working with one only to turn to the other and then back again. I also enjoyed Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance, and was extremely happy to see his character play a large role within the film. The cameo appearance by the Scarecrow was also welcome, and I wish that we could’ve seen the Joker in some way as well.

There were several twists and turns within the plot that I didn’t expect, which was actually very surprising in a very good way. In fact, even the parts that were predictable were played out so well that I can’t complain about them. This film’s story outdoes the overly depressing one of The Dark Knight and its role as the climax to the trilogy is leagues better than the opening to the trilogy of Batman Begins. As hard as it is to believe, Christopher Nolan has outdone both of the previous films with this one, marking an extremely satisfying end to this tale.

I loved the soundtrack as well. Every single scene that was given music was strengthened in every way, the notes matching perfectly with what was going on and giving precisely the right tone. And when we were given scenes with no music (one key scene between Batman and Bane comes to mind), it fit as well, lending us more focus to the action that was occurring in those moments.

While I did have some complaints with the film, as I said before they were minimal and barely impact the score I have given this film. This film, like The Avengers before it, gets the superhero film right and perfects it. This is without question the biggest film of the summer, and you have to watch it. No moviegoer life will be complete if that moviegoer has not seen The Dark Knight Rises. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to the theatre and watch this again.

Final Score: 98/100

Yes, it's that good.


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AMIIBO: Smash Bros.

Posted Image
1. Mario - OWNED
2. Peach - OWNED
3. Yoshi - OWNED
4. Donkey Kong - OWNED
5. Samus - OWNED
6. Link - OWNED
7. Pikachu - OWNED
8. Kirby - OWNED
9. Villager - OWNED
10. Wii Fit Trainer - OWNED
11. Marth - OWNED
12. Fox - OWNED
13. Luigi - OWNED x2
14. Diddy Kong - OWNED
15. Zelda - OWNED x2
16. Pit - OWNED
17. Little Mac - OWNED
18. Captain Falcon - OWNED
19. Bowser - PREORDERED
20. Rosalina - PREORDERED
21. Sheik - PREORDERED
22. Toon Link - PREORDERED
23. Lucario - PREORDERED
24. King Dedede
25. Meta Knight - PREORDERED
24. Shulk - PREORDERED
25. Mega Man - PREORDERED
26. Sonic - PREORDERED
27. Robin
28. Lucina
29. Pac-Man
30. Wario
31. Charizard
32. Ness

AMIIBO: Other Games

Posted Image
1. Mario
2. Peach
3. Yoshi
4. Luigi
5. Bowser
6. Toad