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Extraction Point


Ninjago Mafia

Posted by Voltex , in Games & Trivia Sep 18 2014 · 38 views

Are you sick of Bionicle Mafia? Do you want to try something new?

Ninjago Mafia is here



Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library Sep 17 2014 · 52 views

Matoran - Ordinary Matoran; they vote, don't do much else.
Medic x1 - Can protect one other person each night from death.
Detective x1 - Can learn the role of one other person each night.
Mayor x1 - Has double votes at the lynching.
Armed Matoran x1 - Can kill one other player during the game.

Mafia x5 - A group of Matoran trying to hunt everyone else down on the orders of a higher power.
Cryo x1 - A Matoran who wields ice powers; kills one other person each night.
Pyro x1 - A Matoran who wields fire powers; kills one other person each night.


Smash Demo Thoughts (Smash Files 46)

Posted by Voltex , in Smash Files Sep 15 2014 · 47 views

We near the end! Or so it seems. This series of entries will last at least until a little while after I've bought Smash Wii U (which, if I have my way, I'll be able to purchase the day of release); perhaps a little longer with musings on what my hopes are for the next eventual game in the series. For now, however, let us continue to celebrate! Here are my thoughts on the special demo (thanks again to Windrider for the code!)

>I've played several matches with all five characters available in the demo (Mario, Link, Pikachu, Villager and Mega Man), and I was by far the most consistent with Mega Man and Link. While I have lost some battles as Mega Man, I think that's more due to me still adapting to the 3DS controls. That said, I was able to pick up Mega Man's play style almost instantly, and he's definitely my favorite out of the five. When I first saw Mega Man last year I had a feeling that he would become one of my mains - I'm glad to know that I was correct. He has a really good mix of ranged and close-up attacks that suits my play style well. Mega Man will see a lot of use from me; unfortunately, I'll have to wait until the game releases to judge him against Toon Link.

>Speaking of Toon Link... it's no surprise that Link is my second-best character in the demo. Toon Link is essentially a smaller, faster (and slightly weaker) version of Link, so the clumsiness I felt when playing the demo won't be there when I shift to Toon Link in the retail release. It's high time I became a little deadly again. :evilgrin:

This has, of course, led me to consider the past (and incumbent) Smash Bros. titles, specifically regarding the characters that I tend to use in each. Or, in the case of Smash Wii U and 3DS, the characters I expect to use.

But that's for a future entry.

Suffice it to say that this demo is addicting despite containing only five characters and one stage with no changeable settings. I can't wait for the full game.


GSR's Smash Stream - Thoughts (Smash Files 45)

Posted by Voltex , in Smash Files Sep 12 2014 · 96 views

GSR is streaming Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS right now and I am watching. Sharing my thoughts on what I see.

Mega Man: Looks really fun to play as.
Robin: Looks like he'll be a challenge for me to play. It'll force me to change my game up a bit; that's good!
Toon Link: Appears to handle fairly close to how he did in Brawl... this is good news for me. :evilgrin:
Falco: Meh. Still won't use him. I prefer Fox anyway.
Shulk: His range looks INSANE. Looks really fun to play as! I'm really glad he made it into the game and I can't wait to try him out.
Villager: Lots of very unique attacks. While I'll definitely give him a spin, I have a feeling I won't
Marth: From what I saw before the lag, same as the usual. I suppose this means both he and Lucina won't really be used much.

I like the character selection screen; no wasted space on extra stuff. Just squares with the official character artworks inside. It's a very clean look; unfortunately I doubt it'll be matched in the Wii U version, since there will only be one screen there to work with.

Captain Falcon: He brings the punch, of course. Seriously, though. It's killer.

I think I preferred how All-Star mode was setup in Brawl, where it was done by series. I guess it's cool to fight the cast in historical order of appearance, but all it really does is make you realize how many of these characters originated in the 80s... Nintendo needs to make some more new IP and add them to Smash (like the Splatoon characters).

That Spirit Tracks stage is pretty cool. 3D Land looks like a fun stage too, even though it scrolls (ew). Multi-Man brawl has you fighting against the Mii Fighters... I have to try that while playing as the Mii Fighters....

Greninja still looks cool. Poor Pokemon, though - using its tongue for everything. Yuck. Must taste really bad. Just saw a giant Red Greninja.
Wario seems to move a little smoother than in Brawl.
Little Mac hits really fast, moves really fast - I can already tell I'm going to enjoy using him!

Break the targets is really weird this time. You get a giant bomb and it's like the sandbag challenge mixed with Angry Birds?

Mii Fighter customization looks really cool - can't wait to try it out. You can even give them hats to wear in battle! And different outfits. The Mii Gunner looks kinda neat, although I'll probably go for the Brawler or Swordfighter myself.

Classic mode is really awesome! Master Hand and Crazy Hand can combine to form... Master Core? Very interesting.

Credits sequence is awesome. Some sort of mini game called tin spinner or something? I dunno, but it looks super fun. A neat little box breaking mini game too, apparently the fastest way to get trophies.
And that was that; I'm off now to try and sleep and such. :P It was fun, and I can't wait to get my hands on the game. Special shoutouts to Ddude, Blade, JMJ, Skitty and Squishy, who were also hanging out on the stream, and a huge thanks to GSR for streaming the game!



Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library Sep 11 2014 · 114 views

Posted Image

Well isn't that something.....


Matoran - Ordinary Matoran; they vote, don't do much else.
Medic x1 - Can protect one other person each night from death.
Detective x1 - Can learn the role of one other person each night.

Mafia x5 - A group of Matoran trying to hunt everyone else down on the orders of a higher power.
Cryo x1 - A Matoran who wields ice powers; kills one other person each night.
Pyro x1 - A Matoran who wields fire powers; kills one other person each night.


SUCH DISAPPOINTMENT seriously though why (Smash Files 44)

Posted by Voltex , in Smash Files Sep 11 2014 · 198 views

So people have gotten their hands on early copies of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. These people have also been streaming it. So that means we have numerous characters unlocked.
Some I am okay with. Some I despise. No profiles yet since they haven't been announced officially, but since they are confirmed I thought I'd share some brief thoughts on the characters discovered so far. Of course, for those of you who have seen the leak (as in everyone), these characters aren't really a surprise, per se.

Ganondorf - His inclusion is no shocker; I am, however, wondering if they have done anything to modify him and set him apart from Captain Falcon at all. It would be nice if they did... you know... since it doesn't make sense for the main villain of the Legend of Zelda series to be a clone of a fighter from an entirely different game....

Wario - Meh. I expected that he would make it back in, so no surprises here.

Dr. Mario - I don't know whether to laugh or cry. In Melee Dr. Mario was always my main fighter after Young Link, but at the same time, it's literally Mario wearing another set of clothes. Dr. Mario should just be a costume for Mario when it's all said and done; I don't understand why he isn't.

Falco - We have another Star Fox character! Woohoo! Unfortunately, it sounds like Wolf may have received the cut... Wolf was my favorite... disappointing.

Ness - Original 12 and Earthbound representation! That's about it. I never actually play as Ness.

Mr. Game & Watch - I thought he would be cut, in all honesty. I began to suspect otherwise when they announced Ike (which basically threw all of my expectations out the window), and in the end I'm happy that Mr. Game & Watch is back. I always like playing with him for a few rounds.

Dark Pit - And this is why I don't like Dr. Mario being in the game, because it sets a precedent that Dark Pit has followed. Seriously, why couldn't this be a palette swap of Pit? If there are going to be three Kid Icarus characters, I want one of them to be Eggplant Wizard!

Duck Hunt Dog - Why? Why is this in the game? If they were going to represent a classic game, this is not the one I would have chosen. I would have gone with Mike Jones from StarTropics. Who knows, maybe this will turn out to be a character I enjoy playing as. But right now I just wish it wasn't in the game. Stupid dog ruining everything.

E: Adding rest of characters now.


R.O.B. - I was seriously hoping that R.O.B. would be cut. Oh well.

Bowser Jr. - Aside from the fact that this game is waaaay over saturated with Mario characters now thanks to Dr. Mario and this guy, I'm also excited. Bowser Jr.'s play style seems unique, and he's also one of the very few characters to do costumes right.

And while we're on the subjects of clones and alt. versions of characters receiving their own character slots in the game, why couldn't Paper Mario be a fighter again??



Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library Sep 10 2014 · 87 views

From the pages of Bionicle Mafia: Book 2 - Extraction

Voltex put the helmet on and locked it into place, standing still to keep himself oriented as the helmet’s display activated.

Once he was used to the display, Voltex jumped the last few steps and landed in front of the door, kicking it open and pointing the gun straight ahead. As he entered the room, however, he faltered – Sumiki was seated at an oaken desk, facing him, and totally unarmed.

“Welcome to my final resting place,” the former CEO of Hat Enterprises said, opening his arms. “Why don’t you take that helmet off? I’d like to see the face of my killer before I die.”

“You know who I am,” Voltex said.

“Perhaps,” Sumiki said, shrugging. “But don’t I get one last wish?”

Voltex kicked the door shut behind him, pulling the helmet off and dropping it to the floor. Sumiki smiled, appearing satisfied, and sat back in his chair.

“So this is what you’ve become,” Voltex said, glancing around. “The great CEO of Hat Enterprises, who managed to cheat Xaeraz and become the richest Matoran in Metru-Nui, reduced to an office chair and a desk inside a basement in BZ-Koro, waiting for his demise.”

“I am not perfect, nor am I some sort of god,” Sumiki said, shrugging. “I made mistakes and they have landed me here. I have made peace with my incumbent demise, Voltex – but have you?”

“It’s you who’s dying tonight, not me.”

“Oh, we can both agree on that,” Sumiki replied. “But will you be ready to accept your fate when it comes? Do you even know what you are dealing with?”

Voltex glared at him. “You have no idea what I’m dealing with.”

“No? Enlighten me.”

“I’m fighting Xaeraz and Project Mayhem,” Voltex spat. “I’m fighting you, the White Council, the Cryo and the Pyro. I’m fighting against myself, and even with this special lightstone that Ehks made, I’m still going mad.”

“Not all of them must be your enemy,” Sumiki said quietly. “You know, the whole time I was working with Xaeraz... I was secretly working for the White Council as well. That was where I met Luroka - and also how I introduced him to Xaeraz. That is the only reason I was never arrested as well; but they clearly felt that I was a threat, and once I escaped the conference, I realized... that to the White Council, everyone except for themselves are merely tools. Tools to be disposed of after using them. But by then, I had already spoiled my chances with Xaeraz. So I came here, and I waited for you or him to arrive, and kill me - and it turns out that it’s you. The only surprise is that none of my traps harmed you.”

“That stuff would never kill me,” Voltex said.

“I suppose not,” Sumiki said wearily. “I would never expect you or Xaeraz to fall to a trap such as that. You’re both too... determined.”

Silence fell, and both Matoran remained that way for several minutes before Sumiki spoke again. “Well? Are you going to kill me?”

“You don’t seem upset.”

“My reaction confuses you.”

“A little.”

The Fe-Matoran shrugged. “I know exactly where I am headed, Voltex, which is more than most beings can say when they die. And because I know where I’m going, I also know that I stand a better chance of surviving it. And if I can survive it... well, then perhaps we shall meet again.”

“We’re still enemies.”

“For now,” Sumiki said. “But I have a feeling that in the long run, we’ll be allies.”

Voltex was silent for a long time before he replied, “you know, back during the conference, I was trying to stay ahead of you. Predict every move you made, and all that sort of stuff.”

“How did that go for you?”

“Eventually, I realized that I couldn’t,” the Ba-Matoran said. “So I told myself, ‘stop trying to predict Sumiki, because he’s unpredictable’. And you know, after that, we won.”

“And?” Sumiki prompted.

“And I had this whole conversation in my head, how it would go,” Voltex continued. “It hasn’t gone how I thought it would. I tried to predict you again and I failed.”

“Well, I do like to keep up tradition,” Sumiki said, chuckling.

“I don’t know what to think,” Voltex admitted.

“Then don’t think at all,” Sumiki said, turning to him. “Do you want to know something?”


“I’m just like you and Xaeraz,” the Fe-Matoran said. “I’m absolutely insane. But you know how I deal with it? How I’ve managed to avoid mindlessly rampaging through the streets, how I have avoided killing everyone I meet?”


“I dream of farm animals,” the former CEO said. “And look where it got me. I appear more sane than you, and even if you’re about to kill me, I know that where I’m going, I’ll be given a second chance. And I’m going to take that for all that it’s worth.”

“Farm animals,” Voltex repeated.

“Farm animals,” Sumiki confirmed. “So now I say, shoot me.”

Voltex raised the gun. “Unpredictable until the end.”
“I try my best.”

To Be Continued...?

What's going on in this preview? When does it take place? Does Sumiki die? How did Voltex get there? Where did Luroka go?

You'll have to wait and find out. ;)


All of my dreams have come true

Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library Sep 09 2014 · 70 views

You have no idea how happy I am

Finally Vultraz is getting the attention he deserves from you all, and is being named the rightful king



Posted by Voltex , in Life Sep 08 2014 · 93 views

Posted Image

It actually happened



Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library Sep 06 2014 · 219 views

So I've been playing FTL, and I decided to name my crew members after people on BZPower. And once my journey ended (we all died), I was inspired!
To write a story!
And so I am writing a story. Just a oneshot; nothing more, starring the crew of the Oblige, a Kestral A-Class ship on a mission for the Federation. The crew members are as follows:

Voltex (Pilot & Captain)

It would be nice if there were more; unfortunately, I'm rather horrible at the game and did not make it that far. =P Still, I suppose it's easier to emphasize the tragedy when you have less characters...

Quote Block

We're not teaching university science classes here, we're playing a text based fighting game where the objective is to beat your opponents into oblivion.

Get back in your grave, you.

*Slaps with tombstone*

Also, what pay are you gonna get as iBrow's slave?

Chro suddenly developed arachnophobia.

explain it with a convoluted quadruple negative.

Although everyone should go sign up for that game now.
And tell your friends.
And your moms.
Maybe not that last bit.