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Extraction Point


Bzpcraft 8

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in Video Games, BZPower Jul 01 2012 · 86 views

Considering it was my first time, I wasn't surprised when MI just came out of nowhere and killed me. xD Third one dead out of eight isn't that bad, right? Right?

Anyway, I was never going to win anyway- all I'd found was iron, and not much, while everyone else seemed to be finding diamonds left and right.

Still lots of fun though- unfortunately, it looks like I'll have to wait until after summer to play in another.


New Avatar And Signature

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in Video Games, BZPower Jun 25 2012 · 72 views

Doubtless those of you bothering to check this blog have already seen them both, but I thought I'd post it here anyway, because I think both are awesome.

No, I am not actually posting them here.

Ok I will.

Here is banner for you all >> Just cropped and added a few effects. Think it still looks cool, though. Definitely worth losing all space for text.

Here is the avatar >> Pretty much can be considered an upgraded version of my old avatar.


Thank You And Pyromania!

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in Video Games, BZPower Jun 25 2012 · 61 views

First off, thanks to Hahli Husky for the proto point- people usually put proto points they've gotten in side bars or whatever, but I'm too lazy to do that. So here's an entry instead.

And then the second part is- Team Fortress 2 Pyromania update. New map and game mode is pretty sweet; hopefully we get one or two new maps for it in the coming months and it becomes as integrated as the likes of Payload. And I'm very glad to know that the rumours of that monkey being the Pyro are now squashed.


Seriously People

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in BZP Library, BZPower Jun 24 2012 · 116 views

Alright, here's the deal: I'm going to give all of BZPower one last chance to respond to my challenge from this blog entry of mine (you better click the link or I'll smite you).

But, before I just repeat myself, you might be asking some questions like these:

"But iBrow, you posted that entry and then I went and entered!"
"But iBrow, you sent me a pm after that and then I actually entered!"
"But iBrow, I don't even know you! Why should I listen to you?"
"But iBrow, your entry title said that I suck! You suck too!"

Well folks, here are my answers to the four above questions:

"Well person, that's good. But stay anyway."
"Well person, I suppose that's mildly acceptable. Don't expect me to be pming you again to remind you to beat me in a contest. You stay, too."
"Well person, you should listen to me because I have your best interests at heart- namely, I am trying to get you to earn yourself some sort of cool prize."
"No person, you suck. Only you."

That said, I believe I've received some competition in the Comedies section of the Library Summer Olympics. But that is NOT ENOUGH, PEOPLE! So I am ordering you all to go out there, write a comedy, post it, enter it, and then give me LOTS OF COMPETITION so that I will beat all of you and brag about it lose!

But that's not all! I have recently been notified that there is only ONE ENTRY in the COT section of the Library Summer Olympics! This is unacceptable! Thus, I have taken it upon myself to enter, and because I want to WIN IT ALL LOSE TO ALL OF YOU, I'm then also ordering you to enter the COT section as well!


Well? What are you waiting for?! Go! Move! Get writing! Make us all laugh!

You scallywags.


You Know What I Hate So Much?!

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in BZPower Jun 24 2012 · 73 views

The fact that BZP has had me set to ATLANTIC TIME all along, and I only realized it now! I don't really understand this, since I'm in the East and I set it to be in Eastern Time, but whatever, it's cool. Now, would anyone care to have me mess up another fad?? B-)

RARGH :burnmad:


I Changed My Name

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in BZPower, My Little Pony Jun 22 2012 · 155 views

Listen to "Rarity - GentleMentleMen Wanted Whining" on [Every time you allude to forbidden sites, Fluttershy cries. -Takuma Nuva] and then just think about Rarity overall...

...and tell me she isnt just adorable!! :wub:

EDIT: oh god Takuma Fluttershy I'm so sorry! (WHERE IS THAT CRYING EMOTE?!?! RAAAAAGE QUIT)



Just A Little Something I Typed Up

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in BZPower Jun 22 2012 · 67 views

Feel free to comment on it or critique it if you wish. It doesn't have a title, so I'll just call it A Story.


20% More Annoying

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in BZPower Jun 22 2012 · 99 views

But that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop until I'm forced. B-)


Q & A? Thoughts?

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in BZPower Jun 17 2012 · 71 views

It's very likely I'll be hosting one before the end of July- would any of you be interested? I'll try and get one or two other people to answer questions as well.

Note that this is mostly for those of you who read my comedies, though I'd be willing to answer questions about the games I have run (Bionifight, Mafia III), and the RPGs I've played in (Day Run, Dreamland, others), and the Short Stories and failed Epics I've written as well.


Vote Now!

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in BZPower Jun 10 2012 · 60 views

Right here- should an evil Ko-Matoran die in the current battle he fights, or live on until at least the end of the story?

Please vote, because I can't decide. =|