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Extraction Point



Posted by Voltex , in BZPower, BZP Library Jan 22 2012 · 110 views

I have now decided, with my current use of Fantasia's awesome new Furno banner and my matching Furno quote from How to Be a Hero that each quote that goes into my signature wil hopefully be paired with a banner depicting the character speaking.




Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library Jan 20 2012 · 33 views

Part one of the action packed finale of Tahu vs. Tahu Season 3 is up.


Quote Worthy

Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library Jan 16 2012 · 35 views

My newest comedy How to Be a Hero is very quote worthy. So in this entry from Chapters 1-4 I will share 8 quotes, and also be creating a new block to house them. Please enjoy.


"We’re on the 50th floor? Crud!" - Tahu & Makuta, Chapter 1

" I thought you had to train yourself to do 800 push-ups or something."
" ...I did."

"And you still managed to think up 1500 reasons why killing someone is bad?!"
" ...yes?"
"That seems physically impossible." - Furno, Bulk, & Nex, Chapter 2

"Are you Spanish?"
"No! What a stupid question! Now, goodbye!" - Bulk & ?, Chapter 2

"He has a staff and a pet dragon. I have neither. He eats pants- I don’t.
" - Vezok describing the differences between himself & Vezon, Chapter 3

"Sure Bulk, whatever. By the way, I might send you a chainsaw."
"Definitely concerned for my own safety now." - Tahu & Bulk, Chapter 3

I think we should ban alternate universes. He clearly has too much time on his hands." - Makuta, Chapter 4

"Like I said before. He clearly has far too much time."
"So... delicious!"
" ..."
"She means the hot chocolate dude. Relax." - Makuta, Breez, & Nex, Chapter 4

So yeah; Chapter 5 quotes will be added to the block soon.


Do You Like Socks?

Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library Jan 03 2012 · 37 views

If so, check out my new comedy, How to Be a Hero, where Tahu gives a most wonderful reference to them.



Posted by Voltex , in BZPower, BZP Library Dec 19 2011 · 43 views

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of my most popular comedy Tahu vs. Tahu. I'm gonna make a special chapter commemorating this event, and it shall possibly revolve around Vultraz, Vertak, Both the Tahus, and a Plastic Spoon.

Then the 22nd (Thursday) is my third year of being here on BZP. That will spawn another special chapter of some comedy, or maybe a oneshot. Dunno what it'll be about though yet. Maybe another Bionicle Movie Spoof.


Belated Weekly #2

Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library, Film/Shows Nov 28 2011 · 59 views

Things got a little busy over Saturday (writing two shrot stories took a lot), and all of Sunday I was exhausted, and used the time to recover by playing Team Fortress 2. Anyway, here's the interesting stuff that happened this week by me on BZPower:

Tahu vs. Tahu
Chapter 4 was released on Friday- if you haven't read this comedy, check it out. I don't want to seem like I feel better than everything else, but it is one of the best comedies on BZPower right now, and the current season has been exceptionally good so far- I really feel like I'm meeting my goals with comedies for the first time, and it keeps getting better with every chapter.

Day Run: The Garden
This week in Day Run my character Vertak was in the arena match that is still going on. What was interesting about it?
Maybe the fact that Vertak blew up a volcano and destroyed the entire arena configuration. Just a hint there. Since then it's been a little frustrating trying to even make the other players take one hit, which hasn't happened at all. Sigh.

Not really much here, aside from the fact that I began writing the prologue over the weekend. Jetfire has been added to the cast for book one, though his only appearance will be in this prologue. Spoilers.

What Lurks Below & Fear
I finished writing What Lurks Below on Friday or Saturday and have since posted it. Those who have reviewed it, much thanks!
I also wrote and released a sidestory to What Lurks Below called Fear on Saturday, and it's my first songfic. The sole reviewer has said it's too short, and I agree- it looked longer in Word. I look forward to additional opinions.

Bionifight 4
More of a look to the future- if all goes well, Round 10 will be the first Boss Battle in Bionifight history. Fingers crossed.

Vertak made his first appearance outside of Day Run this week, in Tahu vs. Tahu. You'll have to read Chapter 4 to find out what he does; all I'm saying is that his appearance here is canonically long after his appearance in Day Run, as is obvious by his attitude in the Chapter.

That's all for this week. What do you think?



Posted by Voltex , in BZPower, BZP Library, Film/Shows Nov 26 2011 · 68 views

News post coming tomorrow, but I'll do something here.

First of all: I am going to plead with all of you to join Bionifight 4. We're dying out there. :(
Next: I'd like to ask for reviews of my short stories What Lurks Below and Fear. Links coming tomorrow I think, since I don't have much time now.

So yeah. More news regarding Transformers, ORIGINS, Tahu vs. Tahu, and other stuff coming tomorrow.




Posted by Voltex , in Film/Shows, BZPower, BZP Library Nov 18 2011 · 65 views

Transonicle by Maniactoalaco in the Comedies forum has inspired me to write about the Michael Bay Transformers trilogy. It'll be a series of three epics in the COT forum, with new characters added in (like Prowl and Cliffjumper) for both sides (I guess a Decepticon added might be called Motormaster). Hoping people will like them.



Huge Success!

Posted by Voltex , in My Little Pony, Life, BZP Library, BZPower Nov 04 2011 · 58 views

My BZP plans for today included various things such as the following:Eat Tacos
  • Finish writing Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath (check it out!!!) Chapter 4 and post it.
  • Write Vultraz's Journey Returns (check it out too!!!) Chapter 4 and post it.
  • Finally decide where the heck I'm gonna put ORIGINS (blog or epics?).
  • Watch my fifth My Little Pony Episode. I was thinking 22, 26, 18, or 7.
  • Finish up the first post for Bionifight 4, decide on whether I'd use a subtitle or not, and then post it.
  • Post a couple times in Day Run.
  • Eat more Tacos.
  • Watch Shadow of Israphel (does anyone know of this?)
  • Brouse BZPower
  • Eat cake
  • Eat more Tacos.
This is the stuff I completed:#1: Eat Tacos
  • #6: Bionifight 4 problems
  • #7: Day Run
  • #8: Eat more Tacos
  • #9: Shadow of Israphel
  • #10: BZPower
  • #11: Eat Cake
  • #12: Eat more Tacos
All in all, I feel really sick from all the cake, chips, pop, and tacos I've ingested. It didn't help that I was laughing at both Fails of the Weak and Shadow of Israphel, and I've accomplished nothing with any of my Comedies or other stories (ORIGINS).

So I guess you could say today is a HUGE SUCCESS!!!