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Extraction Point


Of cellphones

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in Life May 16 2014 · 108 views

So I finally got off my butt and bought a cellphone today; I've been wanting to for awhile, but this should hopefully help me to pass the time this summer and keep connected with people.
I'm terrible at keeping contact with people. >.>
I managed to find a Samsung Galaxy S4 & plan that were in my price range, so I'm pretty happy with what I've got.
Update: Read my thoughts more in-depth over at i, voltex!


An Update (and 700 entries!)

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in BZPower May 14 2014 · 73 views

To celebrate me wasting 700 blog entries worth of my time, I've decided to give you a quick update on my next epic and another short teaser from it.
The update:
I have changed the series title to simply "Bionicle Mafia". Makes it a bit less of a mouthful.
Following up from that, the title of Book 2 is...
Bionicle Mafia Book 2: Extraction
And now, of course, a quick scene:
The Ba-Matoran glanced down to his right arm – he had been fiddling with the Repulsor Arm again. Clearing his throat, he said: “It’s called the Repulsor Arm. JiMing – one of the Matoran that was at the conference – built it before he was killed. It’s... difficult to explain, but basically, I can do this.”
Raising his arm to the sky, Voltex fired a beam straight into the air before lowering his arms and crossing them, giving a shrug to Canis, who, alarmed, had taken a step back and had a hand resting upon his holster.
“Don’t worry,” Voltex said. “It’s like... I can control it. It fires when I want it to. It’s wired right into me.”
“It’s pretty advanced,” Canis noted warily.
“Yeah,” he agreed. “It’s just a prototype, though – the blueprints JiMing had... it’s supposed to be armored on the outside, probably to protect the circuitry and everything. But it’s worked well enough for me this far.”
Canis nodded. “While we’re on the topic... I’d like to ask you what happened. We’ve been trying to get into the conference hall for several days now – needless to say, we have been unable to.”
“Why did it take you so long to get here?” Voltex asked, ignoring the question.
“We had... other issues to attend to,” Canis said, before prompting, “the conference?”
“Right...” Voltex said, trailing off. “Basically, Xaeraz seized control, and a Makuta blocked the entirety of the conference hall with shadow from the outside. He forced us to partake in this ‘game’ after killing all but twenty-three of the Matoran at the conference – five of us were traitors selected by Xaeraz to kill the others.”
“And that is why there are only seven of you now,” Canis guessed.
“Yeah... we had to execute each of the traitors, and we got some wrong,” Voltex continued. “But there are more survivors – although none of them are nice. One of the traitors had designed this device that helped him come back to life, and he’s gone missing since then. The other two – Makuta Luroka and Sumiki – disappeared before we could execute them, right after the shadows came down. All three of them are probably still on BZ-Koro, but... where they are is anyone’s guess.”


Sometimes I wish I was left handed

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in Life May 08 2014 · 203 views

Pretty much what the title says
Even more than that though I would like to be fully ambidextrous



Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in Video Games May 07 2014 · 125 views

Totally getting Omega Ruby
E: woops my original title broke stuff, needed less "e"s


Well, this sucks (Recap 04 even though it's off schedule because life)

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in Life May 06 2014 · 108 views

So I work at a camp in the summer as a Counselor, and we have a week of training at the end of June.
My graduation hits during the Wednesday of that week.
My prom hits the Thursday of that week.
I have known this for quite some time. I have spoken with my mother about this before. I had assumed the issue had been ironed out and that she would arrange for my grandparents to pick me up from camp and bring me home for graduation, and then they would drive me back to camp on the Friday. I was planning to speak with the Directors this weekend to work out the time off.
Tonight my mother called the camp without telling me, and told them that she wanted to keep me home for the ENTIRE TRAINING WEEK.
Now they're saying they will only give me 24 hours off (meaning prom is out the window because obviously graduation is more important), and I have lost credibility with my bosses. 
And to top it all off, I need to have a criminal background check done (because I'm working with kids so y'know be extra careful n such) and it's due this weekend and I totally forgot to have it done.
Gonna have to subtract those two points I had. Back to zero.
Major uggggggggggggh
Points: 0 (sob)


To Those on my Steam Friends List

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in Life May 06 2014 · 56 views

I am putting out a call! Are any of you (particularly/mainly the ones that I speak to on at least a semi-regular basis) fans of Percy Jackson and/or the Heroes of Olympus?
If so just shoot me a message on Steam, or comment here ASAP.
In IRL news, I have had another person tell me to be a teacher. I refuse! I will not go right from learning as a student in school to learning as a student to be a teacher in school to being a student teacher in school to being a teacher (in school). 
Gimme at least ten years to do my own thing that isn't teaching pleeeeease


2011 vs. 2014

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in BZPower May 04 2014 · 111 views

Specifically two things posted in those years;
2011 was Bionifight 4: Hyper Fighting
2014 was Bionifight Ultimate
The two games in the Bionifight series where I was the main host (also the second-biggest and biggest in the series and in the current G&T forum respectively), I decided I'd go over some stats and stuff.
Bionifight 4: 3871 posts, 43 952 views - Posted November 4, 2011; Ended March 4, 2014 - 97 pages - closed by Black Six
Bionifight U: 6173 posts, 40 408 views - Posted January 17, 2014; Ended May 4, 2014 - 155 pages - closed by Black Six
Who Posted in Bionifight 4? (30 members total)
Nujanii: Kanohi Master 695
Nevermore 514
Greninja #0579 489
Edea Lee 403
Toa of Dancing 225
Squishyfrog 224
The Invisible Noob 206
Agnes Oblige 180
-JL- 158
Xenophilic Zeno 107
JustZakaro 103
Gentleman of Science 88
Prodigal 88
Sybre the Mental 86
Commander Viral 70
Indigo Individual 58
Protalgif 38
Sumiki 25
Chuck Bartowski 14
Skarloth 11
Dralcax 10
Pony Hank 9
-Mau5- 8
-Kohu- 5
Unit#phntk#1 3
Elrond of Rivendell 1
Black Six 1
Al the Chicken Man 1
Rarity 1
Who posted in Bionifight Ultimate? (38 members total)
Chro 800
Agnes Oblige 597
Ringabel 576
Voxumo 488 Edea Lee 474
Tiz Arrior 435
Pupwa21 335
Makuta Luroka 322
The ShadowVezon 304
Pulse 229
JustZakaro 216
Dapper-Kun 186
Shadowhawk 177
Greninja #0579 176
-JL- 162
Canis Lycaon 120
Shadow Flaredrick 100
(Daedalus) 97
Protalgif 97
Toa Kayn 93
Infernum 51
-Kohu- 40
Unit#phntk#1 32
TBK 16
Commander Viral 14
Underscore 10
-Windrider- 7
The Malicious Phantom 3
The Nold 2
The Next Line storyline 2
Po-koroking 1
Black Six 1
Toa of Anarchy 1
nocturn701 1
RahkshiToa88 1
Chuck Bartowski 1
Vinylstep 1
Which one was better?
It's a tough question - I had some very fun times and some very not fun times with both. That said, while it holds a nostalgic place in my heart and was the final game in the series to use the "classic" setup, I'd have to say that Bionifight Ultimate was better. The fan-created content was a huge hit, and while I think I'll need to rework it somewhat for the next game, I think it was overall a great addition. The active signups were spectacular, and the players as a whole were more fun to have around than they were in the last game.
As I've said before, I think that the next game in the series will be my last. Fighty stayed around for three games as the main host, and I think I'll be doing the same. Three is a good number to end it off on (or five, if you count my assistant hosting in Bionifight 2 and Bionifight 3). So of course, I cannot just plan the next game; I must also plan for the future of the franchise - whether I pass it on or it ends with me.
I do think I'll be posting another blog post specifically to discuss that issue. But for now, I'm done. 
Thanks for playing.


It's Over.

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in BZPower May 03 2014 · 98 views

The final round of Bionifight Ultimate has ended.
I do have a sequel game in mind; it's just a matter of when (and how) I release it. The next game will be my final game as the main host of the series - after that, it'll either be over or I'll hand it off.
I'll have to decide which one is more appropriate.


NHL Round 2

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in Life May 01 2014 · 68 views

So I was wrong about the Avalanche, Sharks, and Flyers (all in the same night, too - rough), but I was correct about everyone else.
Let's see how I do for this round.
Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens - I'm gonna hate myself for this later, but... Canadiens in 7.
Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Rangers - Penguins in 6
Chicago Blackhawks vs. Minnesota Wild - Blackhawks in 6
Anaheim Ducks vs. Los Angeles Kings - Kings in 5
Assuming my predictions all come to pass, I'm predicting a showdown between the Canadiens and Blackhawks in the final. That said, this is all based on a rather 50/50 series (Bruins and Canadiens) - I feel like the Canadiens are the only team still in contention that has a chance at beating the Bruins.


A Quick Update

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in BZP Library Apr 29 2014 · 105 views

From the Prologue 2 of Bionicle Mafia Uprising, Book 2:
“Well, you are now!” TBK snapped back. “I don’t know what Luroka did to you, Voltex, and I’m not sure what has you so bloody riled up, and quite frankly, I don’t really care. All I want to do is get off of this godforsaken island and go home and have some peace and quiet! So grow up, deal with it, and go talk to the officer!”
Voltex was on his feet in a flash, stalking over to the Po-Matoran with his cloak fluttering behind him as he stopped right in front of TBK, staring the Po-Matoran down. TBK met his glare, holding it defiantly.
“I was one of the best fighters in Bionifight,” Voltex said quietly. “Do you really want to be on the receiving end of my abilities?”
“Go ahead,” TBK said vehemently. “Keep in mind that you’ve already committed murder on this island – one more will just give the law enough proof to pin it all on you.”
Clenching his fist as his throat tightened, Voltex shut his eyes and stepped back, turning away to face the sea again before slumping. “I didn’t want to – it was the only way for us to get out.”
So I'm busy writing away at this thing - I know exactly what I want to do in order to fix the oneshot I'm working on and the prologue of Book 2 is nearly 5000 words (we'll see if that's what we can expect out of every chapter...). Alongside that, Side Project A is still in the works, and I've seen the outline for Side Project B - hopefully both will be ready for a full announcement soon! ;)
Until next time!