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Great Games


Come and Join!

Posted by Lucina , in Games & Trivia / RPG Jan 30 2018 · 106 views

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Click the banner to join BZPGOT Season 3! Despite the title, I've done my best to make sure that this season can stand on its own, so new players don't necessarily need to be worrying about being up to date will the prior two games or their associated lore.

Any returning plot points will be re-introduced as though they were new, although this season will mainly center around new conflicts and characters.

I hope you'll come and join!

(And feel free to PM me if you have any questions!)


Let the Past Die

Posted by Lucina , in Games & Trivia / RPG Jan 25 2018 · 72 views

-Qendroj City-

-Luroka Qendroj-

In what had once been the council chambers for the Mask Maker Pulse Vatten and his Guardians, Luroka sat rigid in his seat at the round table. Onua, the hulking Toa of Earth, stood beside him. Two figures sat across from them. One, a figure clad in rusted navy armor, was unfamiliar to Luroka – but the other, a Water Protector wearing armor with the sigil of House Vatten, was all too familiar.

“Why are you here?” he asked at last, breaking the silence.

“A creature stalks our lands,” the Protector said. “It feasts on every Protector that it finds.”

“The Barren is not yours to claim.”

The Protector smirked. “We live there, do we not?”

After exchanging a wary glance with Onua, Luroka shook his head. “Never mind that. We need more details. We’ve heard a few reports, but nowhere near enough for us to consider risking any action dealing with something that appears content to remain in the Barren… if it exists at all.”

“Do you call me a liar?” the Protector asked.

Luroka shrugged. “I’m simply reading the situation.”

The Protector snarled, pounding their fist onto the table. “I am of House Vatten! I do not lie!”

“You gave up your claim to the name of Vatten the moment you made the ludicrous decision to join the Brotherhood of Ata,” Luroka said calmly, noting with satisfaction that the Protector was already trembling with rage. “If it were up to me, Virndrung, I’d strip that sigil from your armor.”

“Shut your filthy mouth,” Virndrung spat. “You, who betrayed your kind and left them to be wiped out, who abandoned your home to be blasted into oblivion, would dare to lecture me? I am the last of my house! Who are you to claim me unworthy?”

“You may pretend,” Onua rumbled from beside Luroka, “but you are not the last your house.”

Virndrung scowled, leaning back in his seat and crossing his arms. “My sister does not count. She swore the vows of the Knights, married the Lightbringer.”

“She kept her name,” Onua said. “She keeps to the values of her father, and works for a higher purpose.”

“Pulse abandoned House Vatten’s values,” Virndrung said. “For centuries we worked alongside the Skull Warriors, serving Ata’s divine will, until my dear father tried to throw it all away. I am fulfilling House Vatten’s true legacy. I will not repeat his mistakes.”

Posted Image

Everything before was just prelude.

Season 3 launches tomorrow.


BZPGOT S3 - Location Info

Posted by Lucina , Jan 22 2018 · 229 views

Check the map of Okoto right here.

Posted Image
Capital: Daggerfall
“As Strong as Stone”
Located at the junction between what used to be the old territories belonging to House Maran, House Archean, and House Galum, Daggerfall is a melting pot of different Stone house cultures. After ascending to the throne following the War of Five Kings, King Vinheim Maran turned Daggerfall into the greatest political arena on Okoto, and the city’s military strength is second only to Grave’s Peak in the north and Silodas in the south. Toa Pohatu also resides here, though he has taken to frequently travelling outside of the city in recent weeks.

It shares its words with Kamuk, much like every other capital. They have historically been used as a politcal rallying cry for the entire nation, and even now are used to signify Kamuk’s might.

Daggerfall’s primary exports involve weaponry and tools, thanks to the extensive influence of House Maran. The city guard is 2000 Protectors strong, and it holds 6000 Protectors in reserve for Kamuk’s army.

New Makuta City
“Steer with Might”
Located in the far north of Kamuk, New Makuta City was built over the ruins of the old Makuta City that was destroyed centuries ago prior to the Long Night. As a joint project between House Maran, House Archean and House Galum to further establish ties between the three houses, their influence can be felt throughout the city. New Makuta City is home to Kamuk’s largest prison; it is here that King Vinheim imprisoned the treacherous King ShadowVezon Raqmu and General Quin Galum.

The Elemental Creature of Stone, Ketar, was most recently sighted outside of New Makuta City.

Its words are, as fitting of a project shared between three houses, based upon the old house words of both House Maran and House Archean.

New Makuta City’s primary exports mainly involve military training. Protectors who wish to serve some role in the nation’s military or law enforcement will travel to the city to train. The city guard is 500 Protectors strong, and it holds 2000 Protectors in reserve for Kamuk’s army. At any given time, there are approximately 2000 Protectors in training within the city.

Fort Patrus
“Great Foundations”
Located in the old territories of House Petros and close enough to Qendroj City that the latter can be seen on the horizon, Fort Patrus is ruled over by the last members of House Petros. Named for Patrus the Proud who first united the Protectors of Stone centuries ago, Fort Patrus is neutral with the rest of Kamuk, as its ruling council still remembers a time when they ruled over the Stone Protectors.

Its words are an almost exact quote of the words of House Petros (“The Great Foundation”). Those responsible for the words have called them a modern interpretation, meant to remind all of Kamuk of their origins.

Fort Patrus primarily serves as Kamuk’s center of trade. Sitting so closely to Qendroj City where most external trades are completed, Fort Patrus is the only city in Kamuk where one might frequently find Protectors of other elements. The city guard is 1000 Protectors strong, and it holds 1000 Protectors in reserve for Kamuk’s army.

“Standing Tall”
Located in the old territory of House Raqmu and bordering the mountains dividing Kamuk from Agua Hielo, Stoneworth served as the nation’s capital during the rule of King ShadowVezon. After being replaced by Daggerfall, Stoneworth has settled into a comfortable niche as the primary mining center of Kamuk, burrowing deep into its neighboring mountains for resources.

Its words are based upon those of House Raqmu (“Stand Tall Eternal”), with a new twist after the disgrace of King ShadowVezon, to show that Stoneworth can be more without their former King.

Serving as the largest mining center of Kamuk, Stoneworth is frequently sending caravans to and receiving caravans from Fort Patrus. The city guard is 800 Protectors strong, and it holds 2500 Protectors in reserve for Kamuk’s army.

Posted Image
North Capital: Grave’s Peak
“Cold as Steel”
Located at the junction between the old Nivis, Glacies, Crustallus, and Crustallum territories, Grave’s Peak has been built over the ruins of the very first Ice Region capital, built by Nato the Unifier of House Gelu centuries ago. Toa Kopaka also resides in the city, although he recently ventured out into the wilderness, and has yet to return.

Its words are based upon the old words of the Ice Region (which were in turn based on the words of House Gelu): ‘Cold as Iron’. The shift from iron to steel is meant to signify the advances in technology, as well as the region’s new form as the northern half of Agua Hielo.

Grave’s Peak’s primary exports mainly involve military training. Protectors who wish to serve some role in the nation’s military or law enforcement will travel here to train, though Protectors from the south require direct permission from the South Khan. The city guard is 1000 Protectors strong, and it holds 8000 Protectors in reserve for Agua Hielo’s land forces. At any given time, there are approximately 4000 Protectors in training within the city.

Gelu’s Harbor
“The Cold Preserves All”
Located on the eastern coast, at the junction between the old Glacies and Rayne territories, Gelu’s Harbor serves as the largest northern port, now that Rollor’s Reach has become dedicated to the Knights of Ekimu. It is here that most supplies from Aodhiim, Karamu, and the South will be shipped, before Protectors of Ice distribute them across the North. It is named for the Protector Gelu, who formed the first Great House centuries ago - a house that was later vanquished, though it still has descendants throughout the North.

The Elemental Creature of Ice, Melum, was most recently sighted just outside of Gelu's Harbor.

The city’s words reference the words of House Greavesy; “the Cold Preserves All, but the Self Above Else”. The official reasoning given for the words was that, as the primary trading post with the south, the cold would preserve trade goods… but in truth, it’s merely another example of just how influential House Greavesy has become under the watch of Nato the Traveler.

As the North’s primary center for trade with Aodhiim, Karamu and the South, Gelu’s Harbor is a constant hustle and bustle, but does not contribute any materials for trade itself. The city guard is 500 Protectors strong, and it holds 200 Protectors in reserve for Agua Hielo’s land forces, and 500 Protectors in reserve for its navy.

Last Rest
“Now we Rest”
Located in the old Rime territories, Last Rest started as a memorial built over the sight of the battlefield where the Skull Basher was finally defeated during the Battle for the Dawn. During the War of Five Kings in the years that followed, however, it turned into a military encampment - and when it was discovered that it stood atop a rare cache of buried gems and metals, the mining began. It has since grown into one of the North’s largest cities.

The city’s words are also the words that were etched into the memorial of those who gave their lives to destroy the Skull Basher - including the former Ice Region ruler, Lord FF Crustallus.

Last Rest primarily contributes rare gems and metals. The metals are typically used to by Agua Hielo, but with the Protectors of Earth having abandoned the Barren, Last Rest is now the sole producer of gems and crystals to the rest of the island. The city guard is 1000 Protectors strong, and it holds 2000 Protectors in reserve for Agua Hielo’s land forces.

Southern Capital: Ignika
“Mighty as the Flood”
Located at the edges of the old Rayne territories, Ignika was once the most influential city of the Mask Makers before it sank beneath the sea during the Long Night. Twenty years ago, it rose up again under mysterious circumstances, allowing the Mask Maker Ekimu to be awoken from his tomb within its center. The city later served as the site for the final Battle for the Dawn, where Kulta and her Skull Army were defeated. Lord Terrorsaur Rayne soon adopted the city as his new capital, and using the existing city as a framework, built it into the mightiest stronghold that the Protectors of Water have ever seen.

The city’s words reference the old house words of House Rayne and House Vatten, a record of the two houses close alliance through the years before House Vatten was all but extinguished.

Ignika’s primary exports include weapons, tools, and powerless masks, though for prices high enough that most Protectors consider it extortion, Masks of Power can also be forged and shipped from the city. The city guard is 600 Protectors strong, and it holds 200 Protectors in reserve for Agua Hielo’s land forces, and 2000 for its navy.

Nokama’s Landing
“Right Conquered Might”
Located at the junction between the old Vatten, Lurrun, and Conlectus territories, Nokama’s Landing is a crossroads of sorts, with travelers from different nations constantly passing through. As a central trade hub, Nokama’s Landing is the most open city in the South, and is also where most of the remnants of House Vatten and their influence can be found. The city itself is named for the Mask Maker Nokama, who famously loved the founder of House Rayne.

The Elemental Creature of Water, Akida, was most recently sighted just outside of Nokama's Landing.

The city’s words reference the old words of House Vatten - “Right Conquers Might”, as a way to remember the fallen house, as well as the Mask Maker who founded it.

As a central trading hub and traveling outpost, Nokama’s Landing doesn’t contribute many particular items to trade, though they often send out large shipments of water and fish. The city guard is 200 Protectors strong, and they hold 500 Protectors in reserve for Agua Hielo’s land forces, and 2000 for their navy.

“Breakers of Chains”
Located in the old territories of House Corruich where their capital once stood and in sight of Qendroj City, Rivverage stretches along both banks of the River Johmak, where it is said that a Mask Maker once drowned. Both halves of the city are connected by a series of drawbridges that raise twice a day to allow boats passage. The city is named for the old words of House Corruich - “The Rage of Rapid Rivers”, and the city itself has a reputation for being quite fierce.

During the War of Five Kings, the entirety of House Corruich except for a single member - Jed the Kingslayer - was captured and enslaved by Jungle Protectors from Karamu. Later in the war, Riverrage was the site of a massive military operation by combined forces of Ice, Water, Earth, and Fire to free House Corruich that saw every single Jungle Protector stationed there slain. To this day, Protectors of Jungle are still forbidden from entering Riverrage, and any found nearby are treated with extreme prejudice. The city’s words are a constant reminder of their history, so that Riverrage and House Corruich will never forget the days they spent in chains.

With the River Johmak at its disposal, as well as the deep waters of Lake Dalu, Riverrage is the primary training center for Agua Hielo’s navy forces. The city guard is 2000 Protectors strong, and it holds 800 Protectors in reserve for Agua Hielo’s land forces, and 3000 for its navy. At any given time, there are approximately 4000 Protectors in training within the city.

Burned Harbor
“Water Boils, Water Burns”
Located in the old territories of House Lurrun, Burned Harbor - as its name implies - still shares a stronger relationship than is usual with Aodhiim. Aside from Qendroj City, Burned Harbor is Aodhiim’s primary trade connection to the rest of Okoto. House Lurrun maintains a strong presence within the city, and they continue to call for the South to forge stronger ties with Aodhiim. Recently, rumors have begun to spread throughout the city about lucky talismans being purchased from backwater fishing village off the eastern coast - a village that has also recently seen a suspicious increase in prosperity.

The city shares its words with House Lurrun, representing its close ties to Aodhiim and the Protectors of Fire.

Burned Harbor is the largest source of food exports outside of Karamu. Surrounded by large fields of crops and with easy access to multiple large rivers and lakes, Burned Harbor’s large shipments of seafood, grains, fruits, vegetables and spices are the only things keeping Karamu from holding a monopoly on Okoto’s food supplies. The city guard is 1000 Potectors strong, and it holds 1000 Protectors in reserve for Agua Hielo’s land forces, and 3000 for its navy.

Posted Image
Capital: Hinterhall
“Proud and Free”
Located in the old territories of House Briar, Hinterhall was built around the Temple of Time following the War of Five Kings. With other nations managing to successfully capture and hold the Temple during the war - and the Temple now active as a proven weapon of mass destruction - Karamu doubled down around it as a deterrent to would-be conquerors to maintain their freedom as an independent nation. The city is named after House Hinterland, who ruled over the nation for hundreds of years before going extinct during the Battle for the Dawn.

The capital shares its words with the nation, as a reminder of what they lost in order to re-gain their independence.

Hinterhall is the most technologically advanced city on Okoto, thanks to their extensive research on the Temple of Time. While they have not yet managed to perfect any military applications, their accomplishments have managed to improve the quality of life within the city, and other nations have proven more than willing to make deals heavily favoring Karamu in exchange for these new technological advances. The city guard is 1000 Protectors strong, with 1000 Protectors in reserve for Karamu’s army, and an additional 1000 in training.

“Growing Strong”
Located in and taking up the entirety of the former territory of the extinct House Hinterland, Arcadia was built using designs from the late Lord TL II Hinterland, who perished during the Battle for the Dawn. It is the newest city on Okoto, making extensive use of the new technologies founded by Hinterhall, and would be unable to function without them. Thanks to the city’s location, rumors constantly abound that surviving members of House Hinterland call the city home - but consistent investigations by Karamu and the Knights of Ekimu continue to prove these rumors false. Despite the city’s location and despite the wishes of the Jungle Protectors, House Hinterland is gone forever.

Arcadia’s words are the same words that House Hinterland once lived by, as a way to remember their legacy. The words also serve to describe Arcadia well; aside from Silodas it is the fastest growing city on Okoto, and its usage of new technologies is even beginning to attract Protectors from other nations.

Serving as Karamu’s primary port and center for trade with the other nations, Arcadia doesn’t contribute much to trade beyond serving as a distribution center for Karamu’s exports and imports. The city guard is 1000 Protectors strong, with 1000 Protectors in reserve for Karamu’s land forces and an additional 2000 Protectors who comprise the entirety of Karamu’s new navy.

Briar Patch
“Our Roots Go Deep”
Located between the old territories of House Briar and House Boscage as they were set up following the War for the Throne - and within sight distance of Qendroj City - Briar Patch is one of the oldest cities on Okoto. Named for House Briar, who resided almost exclusively within Briar Patch for centuries, the city is well known for providing the majority of Okoto’s food and wood in ages past, and it continues to serve as the primary exporter of both.

The city shares its words with House Briar. Having served as the home of House Briar for centuries, the words are as enduring as House Briar itself.

Briar Patch is the largest producer of wood and food on Okoto. The city guard is 1000 Protectors strong, with 3000 Protectors in reserve for Karamu’s army and an additional 1000 in training.

The Monsterfort
“Strength From Ashes”
Located in the old territory of House Boscage and in sight distance of the Eastern Wall, the Monsterfort is heavily militarized. Originating as a military camp during the War of Five Kings, the Monsterfort now serves as the headquarters and central training grounds for Karamu’s military. Named in honor of General Smoke Monster Boscage, who died during the Battle for the Dawn, the Monsterfort has become infamous across Okoto for the rumors that surround its supposed cruel and brutal treatment of prisoners and visitors.

The city’s words reference the words of House Boscage following the Conquering of Jungle during the War for the Throne - “Fire and Ashes”. They serve as a reminder that Karamu will always rise again, no matter what stands in their way.

The Monsterfort contributes very little to trade, as its primary focus remains on maintaining Karamu’s military and keeping an eye on the Eastern Wall for any incoming attacks from Aodhiim. The city guard is 2000 Protectors strong, with 4000 Protectors in reserve for Karamu’s army and an additional 2000 in training.

Posted Image
Capital: Silodas
“Always Burning”
Located in the far south of Aodhiim and spreading across the entirety of the old House Ash territory, Silodas has served as the capital of Aodhiim since its construction began following the War of Five Kings. It is here that the Council of Fire meets periodically with the Imperator. Silodas is also home to the entirety of Aodhiim’s fledgling navy, which begins to rival Agua Hielo’s in size, though not yet in skill. Silodas serves as the main harbor for the nation, and it is where all incoming trade is taken before being shipped across Aodhiim to other destinations. The city itself is named for Imperator Sil Aodh, who led Aodhiim through the Battle for the Dawn, the War of Five Kings, and the Magical Crisis, and who was also responsible for ordering the city’s construction.

The city’s words are meant to represent the strength of Aodhiim and House Aodh, for the nation has never been on the losing side of any conflict.

Silodas is self-sustaining, growing its own crops, gathering its own water, and mining its own raw materials. It also serves as Aodhiim’s main trade outpost. It holds 14, 000 Protectors in reserve for the nation’s land forces who serve as the city guard, with an additional 2000 Protectors in training. It also houses all 8500 members of Aodhiim’s navy.

Vakama City
“Fire and Blood”
Located in the center of Aodhiim, Vakama City is the oldest city on Okoto after Ignika and Qendroj City, and is the only one of the three to have been built by Protectors. Standing as a monument to the strength of House Aodh, Vakama City was famous for having never been breached by the enemy until the Battle for the Dawn, where the Undead spread from within. It was later captured during the War of Five Kings by Protectors of Jungle, though they were soon driven out. Although it still stands as a lasting monument to House Aodh, Imperator Sil considered the two breaches to be an ill omen, and commissioned the construction of a new capital. Vakama City now houses most of Aodhiim’s cache of darkfire in its catacombs, and it is ruled over by the remaining members of House Kindle, who suffered greatly during the Battle for the Dawn and the War of Five Kings.

The Elemental Creature of Fire, Ikir, was most recently sighted just outside of Vakama City.

As the former capital of Aodhiim, and as a monument to the strength of House Aodh, Vakama City shares its words with both House Aodh and Aodhiim.

Vakama City’s primary contribution to trade is now darkfire, though in the lands near the city there are also crops where food is harvested. It also serves as the primary training center for Aodhiim’s forces; it holds a mere 500 Protectors in reserve for Aodhiim’s army and as city guard, with an additional 6000 Protectors in training.

“Conquer with Fire”
Located along the Eastern Wall and within sight distance of Qendroj City, Madacus is heavily militarized. Starting out as a military camp during the War of Five Kings, it expanded rapidly into a small fortified village as the war went on, and grew into a city when Imperator Sil ordered for the Eastern Wall to be built up and strengthened. The city is responsible for manning the Eastern Wall and keeping an eye on Karamu. Most of the Aodhiim soldiers leant to Qendroj City originate from Madacus. The city is named for Lord Burnmad Aodh, who died defending Vakama City from the Undead during the Battle for the Dawn.

The city’s words reference the achievements of Lord Burnmad during the War for the Throne, when he conquered what was then the Jungle Region after burning most of it to the ground.

Madacus grows most of its own food, but is also responsible for mining most of the coal that finds its way all over the island. It holds 6000 Protectors in reserve for Aodhiim’s army who also watch the Wall and serve as the city guard, with an additional 2000 Protectors in training.

“Guard the Way”
Located along the Western Wall, Valmai is also heavily militarized, though not to the same extent as Madacus. It too started out as a military camp during the War of Five Kings, and expanded rapidly as the Western Wall was repaired stronger than ever. It continued to grow as the war went on, and grew into a city when Imperator Sil ordered for a constant watch on the Barren, where roaming Skull Warriors, Skull Scorpios, Undead, and other creatures of Dark Energy can be sighted. The city is named for General Valmai Ash, who sacrificed himself during the War of Five Kings to stop Kamuk’s army from breaching the Western Wall.

The city words reference the role that Valmai plays, as its soldiers are charged with guarding the Western Wall and overseeing the Barren.

Valmai also grows most of its own food, but also contributes coal and volcanic rock to trade. It holds 2000 Protectors in reserve for Aodhiim’s army who also watch the Wall and serve as the city guard, with an additional 2000 Protectors in training.

Posted Image
Capital: Qendroj City
“Here we Stand”
The only home left to what little remains of the Protectors of Earth, and the trade center of Okoto. The other nations use it as a neutral ground, rather than sending emissaries and trade caravans directly to each other (unless trading by sea).

The Elemental Creature of Earth, Terak, was most recently sighted just outside of Qendroj City out in the Barren.

As most of the city’s population either belongs to House Qendroj or is loyal to them, the city shares its words with House Qendroj, and they serve as a reminder that the Protectors of Earth shall endure.

The city guard (which also comprises of almost the entire Earth Protector population and armed forces) numbers around 50, although they are usually joined by approximately 200 Fire Protectors gifted by Aodhiim and placed under Toa Onua’s command.

Posted Image
Rollor’s Reach
“All as One”
Once the first major harbor in the Ice Region, Rollor’s Reach now consists of the entire old territory of House Greavesy in the northern tip of Okoto. The entire territory is a semi-independent area belonging to the Knights of Ekimu, although both House Greavesy and the leadership of Agua Hielo retain extremely close ties to the Knights, and are free to come and go - this includes Knights of elements other than Water and Ice.

Rumors of a seventh Elemental Creature being sighted within Rollor's Reach have recently spread. The Loremasters believe this might be a Creature of Light, which could line up with mentions of an 'Agil' referenced in the ancient texts.

Its words reference the new edict of the Knights under the watch of Onaku Greavesy following the Battle for the Dawn - their continuing mission to keep Okoto united against the greater threats still to come.

The region’s primary purpose is to serve as headquarters for the Knights of Ekimu. The Citadel, located in the center of the region’s city, is barred to all except the highest ranked Knights and the Loremasters, and contains the entire histories of Okoto, translated from the writings of the Mask Makers. It also holds a training center for the Knights, and the harbor is a major port for trade between Kamuk and Agua Hielo. The Knights themselves are 5000 Protectors strong, with 2000 serving actively to guard the region, and another 500 in training. From the army of Agua Hielo, there are usually 500 land forces stationed in the region, and the harbor hosts 200 Protectors belonging to its navy.

Posted Image
The Barren
“Dark as Night”
The land of the former Earth Region - now known as the Barren - nominally belongs to the Protectors of Earth, if only because it is such a wasteland that it would not be worth the time and effort necessary for Kamuk or Aodhiim to claim it instead. The Earth Protectors who reside in Qendroj City avoid entering the Barren if at all possible, and generally consider any who do enter it to be fools.

The Barren itself is rumored to hold secrets that might prove crucial in the wars to come - but many consider it too dangerous and foolhardy to try finding them.


nintendo labo

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Jan 17 2018 · 56 views

good thing i have no money

otherwise i'd literally be buying cardboard for 80 dollars



Posted by Lucina , in Life Jan 14 2018 · 67 views

Posted Image

My new blog site!

The main purpose of this blog is to serve as an extension of my established Instagram page, but that's not really important to any of you.

For those of you who might have any interest, I intend to use this blog to talk about gaming mostly, but I won't shy away from sharing my thoughts on other things such as movies or life in general. I might also use it to discuss the behind the scenes of my photos a little bit.

Anyway, I doubt any of you really care, but it's there if ya do.


Bend the Knee

Posted by Lucina , in Games & Trivia / RPG Jan 11 2018 · 102 views

-Karamu: Hinterhall-

-Anna Saryian-

Anna Saryian stepped into the throne room with no small amount of trepidation, flanked by Nidhiki and Tekulo of House Briar. At the end of the hall, lounging upon the ornate golden throne strewn with silver vines, was Makani Chloe Saryian… her mother.

“Lady Anna Saryian, your grace,” a Protector of Jungle announced. “Accompanied by Lord Tekulo Briar and Nidhiki Briar.”

Her mother nodded. Sharing a wary look with Nidhiki, Anna approached the throne, kneeling before the steps that led up to it. On either side, both Tekulo and Nidhiki did the same.

“Rise,” said Chloe.

She did so, meeting her mother’s eyes. They shone with a dangerous light, and Anna fought the urge to sigh. Today was, apparently, a bad day. Most days had been, recently; her mother had never been the same after the War of Five Kings.

“Why have you summoned us today, your grace?” Nidhiki finally asked, when it was clear that nobody else would break the silence.

“The Spirit of the Wild threatens our territory, and if the other nations sense weakness, they will strike. Luckily for all of us, I have found a solution,” Chloe said, smirking as she turned to one of the guards. “Bring the mask, and the creatures.”

“Creatures?” Anna asked, staring at the guard as they hurried away.

“You’ll see.”

After a few moments, the guard returned with a small burlap sack in their hands. They were followed by several other Jungle Protectors, hauling two large boxes on wheels behind them. One of the boxes was shaking back and forth, and whatever was inside it was growling. Anna opened her mouth, intending to inquire about the box’s contents, but was distracted as Chloe took the burlap sack and opened it to reveal a familiar shape.

“The Mask of Control,” Tekulo said, sounding puzzled. “It’s… green?”

“I had it re-painted,” Chloe explained, showing off the legendary mask. “I felt that the green and black suit it much better than the gold, don’t you think? It fits our aesthetic better.”

Without waiting for a response, the Makani took off her own mask, and replaced it with the Mask of Control. She then stood from her throne, turning toward the containers. At some unspoken command, one of the now strangely stiff Protectors unlocked the larger of the two and opened it.

Anna flinched as a large, green shape flew out of the container, landing on all fours only a few feet away. Her eyes went wide as she recognized who it was – Toa Lewa.

“He’s been missing for weeks,” Nidhiki said, his voice barely a whisper. “How did you find him?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Chloe said dismissively, stepping next to the Toa. “He suffers from Hordika, now. He is little more than beast… but with the Mask of Control, that means nothing. He is mine to command.”

Beside her, Toa Lewa stood straight, turning to face Anna and the others directly. His eyes were strangely blank, although if she looked closely, Anna could almost make out the primal rage of the Hordika sickness flickering in them. The Toa lifted a single open palm before glancing behind him at the second container; vines wrapped around it, contracting once. The force was enough to shatter the wood of the container. A large, dragonfly-esque silver and green creature hovered in the open air where the container had been for a split second before turning into a blur as it tried to fly away, only to suddenly freeze again halfway across the room.

“Uxar, the mythical Creature of Jungle,” Chloe said. “The Elemental Creatures have been sighted all across Okoto. They alone are said to be resisting whatever force has corrupted the other beasts; they alone have resisted Keetongu’s call. Some say that they are the key to stopping Keetongu altogether.”

As if locked in a trance, the Creature of Jungle dazedly buzzed over to Lewa, who twisted so that his back was to the creature. Uxar hovered behind the Toa for a moment before lowering itself onto the Toa’s back, and there was a brief, brilliant flash of light as the two connected. When the light had faded, a single silver and green armored figure stood before them; Uxar had merged itself entirely with Lewa.

“The Master and Creature of Jungle have united,” Chloe said, a dangerous glint in her eyes. “They belong to me, just as Karamu does. Okoto is threatened… but I shall save it. Under my guidance, it shall prosper.”

“And if the rest of Okoto does not wish to be ruled by a Jungle Protector?” Nidhiki asked, daring to voice the thought that Anna and Tekulo both refused to.

“They will bend the knee, and allow their salvation,” Chloe said, returning to her throne, “or be destroyed.”

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Sign Up

Posted by Lucina , Dec 25 2017 · 62 views

I'll be hosting a standalone short, 2 round holiday special for the BZPGOT games in a few days.

I'm opening sign ups for it here; the following spots are available:

1 Fire
2 Stone
2 Ice
2 Water
1 Jungle

If more people want to play I'm open to including an extra jungle or fire slot; until then it's first come first serve.


My Thoughts on The Last Jedi - It's Good

Posted by Lucina , in Film / Shows Dec 21 2017 · 38 views

So, a week after my first viewing of the film (which I've seen twice now), I think my thoughts on The Last Jedi have settled enough that I can write them out.

I thought I would do something a bit different with this one; as a storyteller myself, I thought it might be interesting if, with my complaints about the movie (and there are several), I could challenge myself to propose fixes to said complaints using only the tools that the film itself provides.

So without further ado, here we go - spoilers ahead.

What I Liked

What I Didn't Like

My Suggestions

So those are my overall thoughts on the film. Personally, I think it does a lot of things well; when it does something right, it soars. But it also makes a lot of mistakes, and when those mistakes are made, it plummets.

Despite this, I think The Last Jedi is one of my favorite Star Wars films, and I would definitely recommend that you see it. I appreciate just how far it was willing to go, and I hope that they continue to push forward with Episode IX.


Doomed to Repeat

Posted by Lucina , in Games & Trivia / RPG Dec 07 2017 · 29 views

-Rollor’s Reach: Citadel-

-Jed Corruich-

He stepped into the dungeon, one hand on the hilt of his sword, ready to draw it at a moment’s notice. More than one Knight had been led to a trap down here; the Faith might be gone, but not everyone on Okoto was a fan of theirs. The Battle for the Dawn had been largely forgotten, in the aftermath of the War of Five Kings.

In the flickering light of the torches, he could make out two familiar faces.

“Ehks,” he said, nodding to the Protector of Ice on the left, before turning to the Protector of Jungle on the right. “Piruk.”

“Kingslayer,” Piruk said, his voice raspy from disuse.

Ehks merely nodded.

“Why are we meeting down here?” Jed asked. “I thought you were decoding the histories.”

The two Protectors shared an uncomfortable glance. Ehks shifted in place, before seeming to realize that Piruk was content to let her explain. “We… were. We’re not sure we should continue.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I’m not, I’m being serious,” she said. “What we’ve been reading about… it’s fragments of fragments, Jed. I think most of it was lost before the Mask Makers came to Okoto, or maybe during their war. Early enough that I’m beginning to suspect even Voltex’s notes on them are barely enough to give us an outline.”

“Continue decoding them until the task is completed,” Jed said, turning away. “Until then, there’s nothing for us to do.”

“You’re wrong, Kingslayer.”

Jed sighed at the sound of Piruk’s voice, glancing over his shoulder. “Why?”

“What we have decoded,” Ehks said, pausing to draw in a shuddering breath that had Jed turning back to face them properly. “It… there’s no time. There’s too many signs, and that’s just what we’ve translated so far. We need the rest of the information, and we need it now.”

“I need more detail than that. Don’t be cryptic.”

“As best we can tell, there is a war on the horizon,” Piruk said. “The texts refer to it as the ‘Great War’. They say it is the only war that will ever matter.”

“There’s been references to endless death,” Ehks continued. “Prophecies upon prophecies. But it’s all in bits and pieces, and all we know for certain is that it will be here soon.”

Jed opened his mouth to reply, but Piruk cut across him: “the texts do refer to one location very clearly. A ‘Temple of Histories’, located in the south of the Barren.”

“There aren’t any temples there,” Jed said slowly. “We’d know if there were… and they weren’t there before the War of Five Kings or Voxumo’s Rebellion, either.”

“We believe it’s been gone for a long time,” Ehks said, frowning. “Lost before the Long Night, possibly even before Ekimu.”

Scowling, Jed rubbed at his temples. He sighed, and shook his head. “I’m too old for this. Gods. I still remember the War for the Throne. Simpler times... just a small war, with none of this world-ending, weird mystical stuff. Except for….”

“…the Temple of Time,” Piruk said, completing the unspoken thought as Jed trailed off. “That is my suggestion. We need to access this Temple of Histories. I suggest we find a way to recreate Khan Nato’s journey into the past, using the completed Mask of Time.”

“The Mask of Time is missing. It has been for years.”

“Then we find it,” Piruk growled, “or we die.”

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More Than Just Whispers

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-Aodhiim: Vakama City Catacombs-

-Voltex Aodh-

He stepped into the catacombs beneath Vakama City warily. He held a torch in his right hand, and its flickering light was the only one to be seen. A few steps ahead of him, Takua Pyre – his closest friend, and a one of the Pyromancers – led him deeper into the tunnels, running a hand along the wall to avoid losing his way.

After what felt like an age in the dark, Takua spoke. “Stick to the middle of the path, and watch the torch. We’ve reached the vaults. A single spark in the wrong place would be enough to collapse the entire city.”

A drop of sweat ran down Tex’s back at the words, and he shifted uncomfortably. “That’s why I’m here. The Knights and the Imperator both are… growing uncomfortable with storing the darkfire down here. It’s too big a threat.”

“They should have made these worries known sooner,” a new voice called from behind, echoing through the tunnels.

Tex turned, spotting the newcomer right away, her face lit by her own torch. It was Efandril Aodh, leader of the Pyromancers, and the Protector responsible for re-discovering the secrets behind the recipe for darkfire. It was an extremely volatile substance; purple in color and liable to burn or explode at the slightest bit of movement, or if too hot, or if contacted by even a single spark. Its destructive capabilities were legendary, and it had once given House Darkfire their name, before they – and the secrets to its creation – were eliminated after a failed rebellion over one hundred years ago.

“I beg your pardon?” he asked, as Efandril reached them.

“I meant exactly what I said. They should have made these worries known sooner.”


Efandril beckoned him to follow, and, after sharing a look with Takua, he did. She led them to the entrance of one of the many storerooms; in the light of the torches, he could just barely make out the jars filled with darkfire.

“These catacombs were originally built to hold darkfire,” she said, staring into the storeroom. “It’s why we started using them during the War of Five Kings, after I started up the Pyromancer’s Guild. We needed a safe place to store the darkfire when it wasn’t being shipped to the front lines.”

Tex frowned. “It’s peace time now, though. Surely there’s another location we could store it?”

Efandril sighed, and the sound was filled with frustration. Tex could sympathize; he was rapidly tiring of the Knights demanding he find a way to move the darkfire himself.

“There isn’t anywhere else,” she said. “By the time we were creating the darkfire, we had no idea how long the war would go, so we never placed a limit on how much we would make. I tried asking the Imperator to build us a safer storage location, one separated from society.”

“Not just a storage location,” Takua murmured. “We wanted our own… village, so to speak. Where we could live, create the darkfire, store it, and ship it out.”

“But by that point in the war Aodhiim was barely holding on,” Efandril continued, the fist not holding her torch clenching at her side. “We had just taken back Vakama City from Chloe Saryian’s forces. We had Protectors re-building and strengthening both Walls, and then developing the camps near them into Madacus and Valmai. The Imperator couldn’t spare us any men to build a single storehouse, let alone a village. So we stored the darkfire down here. And then, when the war ended, all of Aodhiim’s spare resources were dedicated to building Silodas.”

This, Tex already knew. After Vakama City had been taken by the Protectors of Jungle during the War of Five Kings, Imperator Sil hadn’t trusted the security of the city enough to continue using it as Aodhiim’s capital. He had instead shifted all the nation’s resources to the south to the lands of House Ash, where a new capital had been constructed. Silodas doubled as Aodhiim’s only major harbor, and its location made it more difficult for enemy land forces to reach, if they were even able to breach the Walls.

“Silodas hasn’t had any major expansions being built for two years,” he said. “Why not now?”

Efandril turned her eyes on him, looking both resigned and worried. “We could try, but… there’s so much darkfire down here now, and it’s so volatile. If we were to make a single mistake while transporting it, the results could be cataclysmic; and that’s before accounting for how damaging an accident could be politically. During war-time we could simply blame it on the enemy… but now, more than ever-”

“-the nation respects strength above all else, I know,” Tex said, rubbing at his temples with his free hand. “It stays here, then. I’ll let the Imperator and the Knights know. Hopefully it’ll be enough to get the latter off my back.”

“Suggest our village idea to them,” Takua said, shrugging. “It’s too dangerous to move the darkfire that we’ve already stored, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep storing everything that we make here. If they’re willing to build us the village, we can make it and store the new stuff there.”

“I suppose,” Tex said slowly, before another thought occurred to him, worry prickling in the back of his mind. “Is there any particular reason why you’re still making it? The war ended over a decade ago.”

“It is the Imperator’s wish that we be prepared,” Efandril said. It was clearly something she had rattled off more than once. “Karamu has the Temple of Time at their disposal, and we have no idea who holds the Staff of Annona. He wishes to have the darkfire on hand as our own deterrent… and as a weapon, for the inevitable war to come. You’re a Loremaster. You’ve heard the whispers.”

More than just whispers, Tex thought, but aloud he only murmured, “the Great War.”

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