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Great Games


CAST LIST! Bionicle Mafia Book 2

Posted by Elittra , in BZPower Jun 14 2014 · 324 views

If you signed up, please check to confirm that you are here.
Keep in mind that this is a preliminary list; hence no bios or anything. Just names.
I figured with the release of the Interlude, I'd give you all a little more on Book 2.
Book 2 Cast
1. Ehks
2. Portalfig
3. Lhikevikk
4. Pulse
5. Kayn
6. LockeBZ
7. TBK
8. Voltex
9. Taka Nuvia
10. Automaton
11. Burnmad
12. RG
13. Shockwave
14. Tyler Durden
15. Baltarc
16. Fishers64
17. Squishy
18. Kaithas
19. Canis
20. Valendale
21. Meta
22. Hero
23. Vinylstep
24. Xonar
25. Phantom Terror
Other Cast
1. Luroka
2. Sumiki
3. Xaeraz
4. MT


Well this is a thing

Posted by Elittra , in BZPower Jun 05 2014 · 333 views

Posted Image
Well, well, well...
I wonder what this could mean.


Total Objection

Posted by Elittra , in BZPower May 24 2014 · 456 views

I will strike fear into the hearts of mafia with my objections


It is name change time again

Posted by Elittra , in BZPower May 19 2014 · 403 views

There are a few options that I'm considering right now; the top three are
-i, Voltex
-Voltex Oblige
So nothing terribly interesting as far as changes go this time around. I think the first or third options are more likely, but we'll see. I do like the idea of sticking to the Bravely Default theme for awhile longer in some fashion, though.


TEASER #1: Bionicle Mafia: Extraction

Posted by Elittra , in BZPower May 18 2014 · 305 views

Bionicle Mafia Book 2: Extraction
Teaser #1
“I think he’s waking up.”
“Well, why don’t you just yell it louder? I’m sure some of the Matoran down the hall didn’t hear you.”
“Was that for real?”
“No, it wasn’t.”
Voltex sighed, trying to block the voices out – to no avail, unfortunately. Sighing, he blinked his eyes opened and blearily sat up, ignoring the pain that lanced through him. “Where am I?”
“BZ-Koro General Hospital,” the first voice said. “I think you’re lucky to be alive.”
“I don’t feel very lucky,” Voltex muttered. “Who are you?”
“I’m Xonar,” said the second voice, as a black and purple Ba-Matoran (jealously twinged somewhere in his chest) stepped into view. “The stupid one behind me is called ‘Phantom Terror’, although we call him PT for short.”
“I’m not stupid,” PT protested, also moving into view. He was clad in dark blue and gold armor – a Ce-Matoran.
Remembering how the last Ce-Matoran that he had encountered had ended up, Voltex shuddered, deciding to move past the introductions. “You know who I am, obviously – where is everyone else?”
“Either in recovery or meeting in the lobby,” Xonar told him. “Do you remember what happened?”
“Of course I do,” Voltex snapped. “My ride off this stupid island exploded.”
“BZ-Koro isn’t that bad,” PT protested. “I think it’s quite nice!”
“I’m not you,” Voltex growled, moving to get off the bed.
“Whoa, whoa, hold on there, buddy,” Xonar said frantically, pushing him back. “Don’t start moving too quickly! Your friends told us you’d already been out for awhile before the explosion and now you’ve been out for twelve hours-”
Twelve hours?!” Voltex screeched, smacking the other Ba-Matoran’s hands away, “That’s half a day!”
“Yeah, it is,” Xonar agreed, “which means you’re probably too weak to stand right now.”
“I defy ‘probably’,” Voltex said.
“Alright,” Xonar said, shrugging. “Then you are definitely too weak to stand right now.”
“Are you a medical professional?” Voltex snapped.
“No,” Xonar conceded, “but Taka Nuvia is. Well, either that or she’s really good at faking professional documents.”
“Whatever,” Voltex muttered, flopping back onto the bed with a defeated sigh.
“That reminds me,” PT said brightly, turning to the filing cabinet in the corner and rifling through it. “Somebody came by earlier with a parcel for you.”
Suspicion pricked at his mind. Voltex mentally swatted it away. “Who?”
“Don’t know,” PT said, shrugging and handing him the package. “He didn’t give a name. He looked weird, though.”
“Yeah,” Xonar agreed. “Almost like he’d been put together with scraps from the junkyard....”
Oh, no... Voltex thought, staring at the package in his hands. Is this a bomb? Is it poison? Maybe it’s a poisonous bomb. Or maybe it’ll throw a knife in between my eyes. Is the paper razor sharp?
“Are you going to open it?” Xonar asked. “He said to tell you that it’s safe and that he likes you too much to... uh... ‘mess with you’.”
“Well isn’t that a relief,” Voltex muttered, dripping with sarcasm, turning the package over with shaking hands. “Well... here goes nothing.”
He ripped it open, tossing the spare piece of paper aside as he reached inside and grabbed the letter, which was wrapped around something that felt suspiciously familiar.
“...could you give me a minute? Alone?” he asked. “This... uh... this might be private.”
“Of course,” Xonar said, grabbing PT and dragging him to the door. “Let us know when you’re ready again.”
Voltex waited until the door had clicked shut behind the two Matoran before returning his attention to the paper in his hands, unfolding it and flinching as a gun fell onto his lap. Frowning, he checked the chamber – two bullets were inside.
What is going on here? He wondered.
He grabbed the letter and glanced it over – it was more of a note, with only four words:
Use it wisely. – Xaeraz
Post your thoughts in the comments below! This scene debuts two of our newcomers for Book 2, as well as Voltex waking up from... something. 
Somewhere down the line I will reveal one of the other points of view for Book 2 to you all; at this point in time, I believe the total counter is six, although some POVs receive more focus than others.


An Update (and 700 entries!)

Posted by Elittra , in BZPower May 14 2014 · 275 views

To celebrate me wasting 700 blog entries worth of my time, I've decided to give you a quick update on my next epic and another short teaser from it.
The update:
I have changed the series title to simply "Bionicle Mafia". Makes it a bit less of a mouthful.
Following up from that, the title of Book 2 is...
Bionicle Mafia Book 2: Extraction
And now, of course, a quick scene:
The Ba-Matoran glanced down to his right arm – he had been fiddling with the Repulsor Arm again. Clearing his throat, he said: “It’s called the Repulsor Arm. JiMing – one of the Matoran that was at the conference – built it before he was killed. It’s... difficult to explain, but basically, I can do this.”
Raising his arm to the sky, Voltex fired a beam straight into the air before lowering his arms and crossing them, giving a shrug to Canis, who, alarmed, had taken a step back and had a hand resting upon his holster.
“Don’t worry,” Voltex said. “It’s like... I can control it. It fires when I want it to. It’s wired right into me.”
“It’s pretty advanced,” Canis noted warily.
“Yeah,” he agreed. “It’s just a prototype, though – the blueprints JiMing had... it’s supposed to be armored on the outside, probably to protect the circuitry and everything. But it’s worked well enough for me this far.”
Canis nodded. “While we’re on the topic... I’d like to ask you what happened. We’ve been trying to get into the conference hall for several days now – needless to say, we have been unable to.”
“Why did it take you so long to get here?” Voltex asked, ignoring the question.
“We had... other issues to attend to,” Canis said, before prompting, “the conference?”
“Right...” Voltex said, trailing off. “Basically, Xaeraz seized control, and a Makuta blocked the entirety of the conference hall with shadow from the outside. He forced us to partake in this ‘game’ after killing all but twenty-three of the Matoran at the conference – five of us were traitors selected by Xaeraz to kill the others.”
“And that is why there are only seven of you now,” Canis guessed.
“Yeah... we had to execute each of the traitors, and we got some wrong,” Voltex continued. “But there are more survivors – although none of them are nice. One of the traitors had designed this device that helped him come back to life, and he’s gone missing since then. The other two – Makuta Luroka and Sumiki – disappeared before we could execute them, right after the shadows came down. All three of them are probably still on BZ-Koro, but... where they are is anyone’s guess.”


2011 vs. 2014

Posted by Elittra , in BZPower May 04 2014 · 257 views

Specifically two things posted in those years;
2011 was Bionifight 4: Hyper Fighting
2014 was Bionifight Ultimate
The two games in the Bionifight series where I was the main host (also the second-biggest and biggest in the series and in the current G&T forum respectively), I decided I'd go over some stats and stuff.
Bionifight 4: 3871 posts, 43 952 views - Posted November 4, 2011; Ended March 4, 2014 - 97 pages - closed by Black Six
Bionifight U: 6173 posts, 40 408 views - Posted January 17, 2014; Ended May 4, 2014 - 155 pages - closed by Black Six
Who Posted in Bionifight 4? (30 members total)
Nujanii: Kanohi Master 695
Nevermore 514
Greninja #0579 489
Edea Lee 403
Toa of Dancing 225
Squishyfrog 224
The Invisible Noob 206
Agnes Oblige 180
-JL- 158
Xenophilic Zeno 107
JustZakaro 103
Gentleman of Science 88
Prodigal 88
Sybre the Mental 86
Commander Viral 70
Indigo Individual 58
Protalgif 38
Sumiki 25
Chuck Bartowski 14
Skarloth 11
Dralcax 10
Pony Hank 9
-Mau5- 8
-Kohu- 5
Unit#phntk#1 3
Elrond of Rivendell 1
Black Six 1
Al the Chicken Man 1
Rarity 1
Who posted in Bionifight Ultimate? (38 members total)
Chro 800
Agnes Oblige 597
Ringabel 576
Voxumo 488 Edea Lee 474
Tiz Arrior 435
Pupwa21 335
Makuta Luroka 322
The ShadowVezon 304
Pulse 229
JustZakaro 216
Dapper-Kun 186
Shadowhawk 177
Greninja #0579 176
-JL- 162
Canis Lycaon 120
Shadow Flaredrick 100
(Daedalus) 97
Protalgif 97
Toa Kayn 93
Infernum 51
-Kohu- 40
Unit#phntk#1 32
TBK 16
Commander Viral 14
Underscore 10
-Windrider- 7
The Malicious Phantom 3
The Nold 2
The Next Line storyline 2
Po-koroking 1
Black Six 1
Toa of Anarchy 1
nocturn701 1
RahkshiToa88 1
Chuck Bartowski 1
Vinylstep 1
Which one was better?
It's a tough question - I had some very fun times and some very not fun times with both. That said, while it holds a nostalgic place in my heart and was the final game in the series to use the "classic" setup, I'd have to say that Bionifight Ultimate was better. The fan-created content was a huge hit, and while I think I'll need to rework it somewhat for the next game, I think it was overall a great addition. The active signups were spectacular, and the players as a whole were more fun to have around than they were in the last game.
As I've said before, I think that the next game in the series will be my last. Fighty stayed around for three games as the main host, and I think I'll be doing the same. Three is a good number to end it off on (or five, if you count my assistant hosting in Bionifight 2 and Bionifight 3). So of course, I cannot just plan the next game; I must also plan for the future of the franchise - whether I pass it on or it ends with me.
I do think I'll be posting another blog post specifically to discuss that issue. But for now, I'm done. 
Thanks for playing.


It's Over.

Posted by Elittra , in BZPower May 03 2014 · 222 views

The final round of Bionifight Ultimate has ended.
I do have a sequel game in mind; it's just a matter of when (and how) I release it. The next game will be my final game as the main host of the series - after that, it'll either be over or I'll hand it off.
I'll have to decide which one is more appropriate.


The Best of Quotes

Posted by Elittra , in BZPower Apr 17 2014 · 231 views

Here shall remain a compilation of the best game-related quotes that I discover from the Games & Trivia forum (since that is the game forum I spend the most time in). I shall, of course, bump this entry whenever I find a suitable number of new quotes.
Please note that if need be, I shall shamelessly steal these quotes from the signatures of those who discovered them first.
Let us begin!
From Bionifight Ultimate




So now we get to fight in a burning magnetic cyberspace castle, above a tsunami filled with magnetic flying explosive sharks, where bricks and sharks are being magnetically flung around the room, two people are hugging/tickle-dancing, one person has had his chest explode, and the rules of time and space have completely forgotten that they are supposed to exist. This round is awesome.



Any artists out there?

Posted by Elittra , in BZPower Apr 13 2014 · 203 views

If you happen to be an artist, I was wondering if any of you might be interested in doing a piece for me? If you're interested, just comment below and I'll shoot a PM with more details. It's not anything urgent, mostly just something I think would be cool to do.

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