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Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Mar 09 2015 · 582 views

LETAGI: Seeing as all this happened in what is essentially the capital of the Matoran Universe, why weren’t any Toa dispatched?
The main reason is just that Toa would have tipped the scales too much. I knew what kind of technology I wanted the characters to be using, and I didn’t want any of the BZPower characters to be more powerful than the others (hence why Luroka masquerades as a powerless Matoran for so long). With Toa you have beings that can control gravity or air, and even having just one Toa would have rendered most of what occurred almost comically bad.

The in-universe reason is that there aren’t really any Toa left; while there are a few that worked for the White Council, by the time of Extermination they have all been killed, and those that did not serve the White Council were hunted down by them.

LETAGI: Where are BZ-Koro and BZ-Metru located, and are there any other major structural differences to the universe?
BZ-Koro is located about an hour’s flight away from Metru-Nui to the west; that’s an hour by aircraft from Onu-Metru or Ko-Metru. BZ-Metru is located in the south of Metru-Nui, and is connected to both Ta-Metru and Le-Metru, as shown in the image below. BZ-Koro and BZ-Metru are common locations in the BZP Mafia games (upon which this trilogy has its basis), and that is why they were included.

That said, other than the island of Ilias (which is located somewhere in the southern MU), there are no other major structural differences in the universe.

Posted Image

It's not a very accurate outline, and I also wrote "BZ-Koro" instead of "BZ-Metru", but that's the general location.

LUROKA: Are you going to write another book about the remaining cast’s adventures in other universes?
No. While I’m not going to outright deny writing another “BZP Insert” story, I have no plans for a sequel to Extermination. I do have some ideas for an epic based on Okoto, however, so you might hear about that in the future.

GHIDORA: What kind of an effect would the rust cannon have on other materials, such as buildings or roads? Would it have an effect on non-solid matter, such as oil or clouds?
If you go back and read the fight scene from Chapter 10 of Extermination, you’ll note that Tekulo/Control does not want the Shadow to fire the rust cannon indoors; while the rust will stop spreading eventually, it does indeed destroy any solid material it comes across. As for liquid - if it’s a puddle, the blast would go through and hit whatever was underneath. But it would do nothing to an ocean or a lake, and would just pass through clouds.

EHKS: Who was your favourite character to write? Who was your least favourite?
My favourite and least favourite characters to write for sort of varied from book to book, to be completely honest.

In Isolation my favourite character to write for was Voltex, and I think it might have shown through. My least favourite character to write for in that one was Pulse; not because I didn’t enjoy writing his sections, per se, but because I often felt like he and Voltex were very similar, and that wasn’t changing. It’s part of the reason why Pulse was no longer a narrator in Extraction.

For Extraction, my favourite character to write for was far and away Agent 64. The mystery surrounding her character, combined with her connections to every single faction in the story, made her a lot of fun to write for. In contrast to Isolation, my least favourite character to write for in Book 2 was Voltex; due to how he was slowly descending into insanity throughout the book, I often struggled to balance how his character should act and advancing the plot.

During Extermination, my favourite character to write for would be a toss up between both Voltex and Portalfig. Portalfig played more of a minor role in the first two instalments, but he’s the star of Operation Rainfall (an epic set before the Uprising trilogy), and while Extermination is the end of Voltex’s story, it’s the continuation of Portalfig’s. Both of them were a lot of fun to write for, and that helped a lot, since they are the two primary protagonists of the epic. My least favourite character to write for would be Shadow Ignited; while she originally had more of a role, several of her scenes were cut as they were just filler material, and at the end of the day I never felt like she was actually doing anything.

EHKS: What was your favourite scene to write? What was your least favourite scene?
This is a tough one. Extermination contains many scenes that I had been looking forward to writing for months, and I think several of them turned out well, but at the end of the day I think the first battle with the Shadow in Chapter 2 is my favourite. Killing one of the narrators (it being Burnmad, no less) and basically dismantling Voltex with this new threat was extremely fun, and it was nice to catch everyone off-guard with something like that right at the beginning of the final installment. As far as my least favourite scene in Extermination… the final battle in the Red Star once the gravity is disabled. I still don’t like how that fight turned out and I definitely think that I could have done better with it.

FISHERS: What is the blue in the robot’s [Maxilos’] eyes?
As Letagi correctly guessed in the review topic, the flash of bright blue in the eyes of Maxilos is meant as a last-minute zinger, revealing that Voltex is still alive, and has simply transferred his consciousness into the robot. However, all is not fun and games, here. What I am about to say was originally revealed in the epilogue through a journal entry by Voltex, but I removed it as it broke the flow of the chapter.

Voltex has what basically amounts to three whole lives in his memories, and after “living” for so long, he fears death. As such, when he realized that his final battle against the Shadow had dealt him wounds that he could not recover from, he worked with Maxilos (and his skills from two lifetimes as White One) to transfer himself into the robot. What he told Portalfig was not all a lie, however; he does long for peace. As such, while in the robot, he has basically entered into a self-induced coma - an endless sleep. Voltex himself is not certain of whether he will actually wake up from it, especially since everyone believes him to be dead anyway. He is, for all intents and purposes, as close to being dead as one can be without actually being dead.

SMOKE MONSTER: What were the reasons for keeping each surviving character alive?
There were a few reasons for why I wanted some characters to stay alive; I knew that I wanted a few representatives from all three epics in the trilogy (Isolation, Extraction, and Extermination). I also wanted a couple of characters revived from the Red Star to survive, or else that whole plot was entirely pointless. As for each individual character….

Portalfig - I personally consider Portalfig as the “replacement” for Voltex; with Voltex gone, Portalfig takes over as the main protagonist of the series. That, as well as the fact that Extermination is only his second appearance as a main character (his first being Operation Rainfall) meant that Portalfig got to survive. Plus, I always planned for Portalfig to kill the Shadow; and that also gave him a free pass to survive.

TBK - TBK played a large role in Extraction, becoming good friends with the mentally unstable Voltex before sacrificing himself. I decided to have him become the leader of the Rebellion in the Red Star, and figured that his experiences would have molded him into a warrior capable of surviving the final battle with Control.

Pulse - In every single draft of Book 3 (and Book 4 before it was merged), Pulse either vanished/died in Book 3 or turned evil… and then died. It was only in this final draft where I kept him alive, going back to my plan of having him fished out of the sea by Control but keeping him as a hero. He became a small beacon of hope in the midst of despair for the characters, and after playing a major role in the first two books, I thought he deserved to live.

Taka Nuvia - During Extraction and the early chapters of Extermination, I unintentionally found myself writing Taka Nuvia as about as close to a pacifist as someone could be in this series. But I had always planned for her to survive and help lead the survivors, after her final confrontation with ToaD took her character about as dark as she’ll ever go.

Valendale - With Agent 64’s death planned from the start, it was either Vinylstep of Valendale that would survive Extermination. Killing Vinylstep broke Voltex’s spirit a little more during the final battle, and so Valendale drew the straw to live - although I did make him lose an arm at the last minute to get there.

Shadow Ignited - With four of the narrators of Extermination (Burnmad, Agent 64, Ehks and JiMing) already slated to die, and a fifth (Voltex) as good as dead, the other three narrators got a free pass. Shadow Ignited also ended up living just by the fact that her main role was to serve as the connection between Luroka and the protagonists; separating her from the rest of Extermination’s villains so much left her far safer than most of the other characters.

Letagi - After having so many heroic sacrifices turn out to only delay the demise of those they were saving, I wanted Agent 64’s death to mean something; Letagi represents what little humanity she had left, and he gets to live on because of that. Plus, I do see Letagi as being very similar to Voltex in his ability to survive almost anything. Somehow, Letagi will be lucky enough to find a way.

JMJ - Honestly, JMJ was originally going to die in Chapter 9, when the cast was ambushed by Control. But then JMJ gifted me with the highly sought after Transparent Tahu Mask and Wii U GCN Controller Adapter, and as a part of my thank you to him, I allowed his character to survive. JMJ is the only character that was added to the roster of survivors last minute.

Smoke Monster - I was short on new characters from Extermination that actually had any chance of living through the entire book; Smoke Monster was in the unique position of not only being new and starting off on the Red Star, but he was also the only new character on the Red Star. As such, his survival was guaranteed.

XAERAZ: Do you have any kind of story bible for the series? A set of rules?
I don’t have an explicit set of rules or a story bible for the series, no; I never even decided on a specific point in the timeline for it to occur. That said, I do have a personal timeline of events; while a few people have seen bits of it, only I know the whole thing. I typically use the events of Isolation as the centerpiece of the timeline, with events either occurring a certain length of time BI (Before Isolation) or AI (After Isolation).

If anyone wants to write something set in the universe, I would just recommend contacting me first to double check if what they’re writing fits into the timeline, and I would be able to let them know whether the events of the story would be possible.

XAERAZ: How much of the backstory for the characters was not shown in the epics?
The amount of backstory varies from character to character. There are members who never signed up to be in the series that I have included in the histories of organizations like Bionifight and the Day Run in-universe, but otherwise I focused on the backstory of those who are actually characters.

For major characters such as Voltex, Ehks, Portalfig, Xaeraz, and several others, I have at least a general idea of what they have been up to ever since the White Council took over Metru-Nui (and often before that, as well). For more minor characters such as Voxumo or Blade, less of their history was developed, as I did not need as much to pull from for them.

PORTALFIG: I’ve heard rumors that there were originally going to be four books. What kind of changes were made when you merged your plans for Book 4 into Extermination?
Well, the first change that I made was the title - in my original plans, Book 3 was titled “Uprising” and Book 4 was titled “Extermination”.

My original plan for Book 3 took place further in the future, when the Rebellion and White Council had been at war for three years. While Portalfig and a few others made their last stand on BZ-Koro, Voltex would have journeyed up to the Red Star using the device that Ehks had invented. Together with the cast members on the Red Star, Voltex would have started taking control up there, prompting several members of the White Council (and a large portion of their army) led by White One to meet him there. While Portalfig and the others would have survived their final stand, Voltex would have won up in the Red Star, with Agent 64 showing up at the last second to betray the White Council and kill White One.

Book 4 would have then taken place another three years later, starting with a meeting of some of the characters who survived Book 3. They would discuss how the survivors had been vanishing one by one; later on, the Shadow would appear and kill Burnmad. Book 4 would have been spent trying to outrun the forces of Control, until it once again came to a head in the Red Star; the Red Star would have crashed during the final battle before Portalfig struck the final blow on the Shadow.

One of the biggest changes was actually to the identity of the Shadow - it would have originally been Pulse after he was assumed KIA by Shadowhawk, having been found by Control and given special training. However, when I merged the two books into one, I knew that there was no way that plot point could work; and so the Shadow instead became an alternate version of Taka Nuvia (specifically her Mafia persona, shown arriving in the first universe of many in All That We’ve Lost).
Both of the Red Star plot points were merged together and also trimmed significantly, as I felt that having the final battle take place in the Coliseum would work better thematically. Project Mayhem originally had more of an impact on the story of Book 3, but almost all mentions of it were cut after the merger to help Extermination work more as a standalone story. Book 3 also originally had more survivors; Book 4 would have been the one where almost everyone was killed. That ended up occurring in Extermination.


ask me anything!

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Mar 07 2015 · 969 views

So if you have any serious questions to ask me about Extermination, you can ask me here in this blog entry, on skype, or on Steam.


it all ends this friday

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Mar 03 2015 · 391 views

The following is from Extermination, Chapter 12.


JiMing trailed at the very back of the group as they entered the remains of the arena - it had been blasted apart, and was now nothing more than piles of rubble and ruin. Voltex and Xaeraz walked at the front, leading the group towards the Coliseum that towered over them; spread throughout the middle were Luroka, TBK, Chambliss, Shadow Ignited, Portalfig and JMJ.

“Now remember,” Voltex called as they reached the entrance. “This first entrance hall is the largest open area in the entire Coliseum - stay close to the walls and do your best to stay out of sight.”

JiMing nodded along with the others; he watched as Voltex took a deep breath, turning slowly back to the entrance.

“In we go,” Portalfig murmured.

Voltex shouldered open the entrance and the group rushed inside; JiMing lurched to a halt just inside the doorway as the rest of the group stopped without warning - and as he glanced around the entrance hall, JiMing noticed why.

“It was very foolish of you to come here,” said Control from where they stood in the center of the room. “Come a little closer, please - I insist.”

JiMing glanced back as the barrel of a gun was pressed up against his back - he recognized Zakaro, who shrugged and nudged him forward. The Ta-Matoran silently cursed as the group was ushered into the center of the hall as the forces of Control decloaked, revealing themselves. Surrounding them on the ground floor as well as up on the second level balcony, agents were huddled together with guns pointing right at them.

“By now, I’m sure you are assuming that you have walked into a trap,” Control said, taking off their helmet. “Your assumptions would be correct.”

“Tekulo?” Voltex asked, sounding resigned. “You’re Control?”
“I am,” Tekulo nodded easily. “And you are too trusting, Voltex.”

Sounds like trouble.
Chapter 12 releases March 6th.


ask me anything this friday

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Mar 02 2015 · 445 views

This Friday, MARCH 6TH, I will hold an AMA regarding my epic Extermination(and for those who have read them, the other entries in its series as well).

You'll be able to ask me questions in one of three ways:

1. On Steam, where I shall try to be online
2. On Skype, where I shall also try to be online
3. In the comments of a blog entry that I shall post on Friday

For the first two, I'll open up a group chat if there are enough people interested to warrant it. I shall post another blog entry a few days later detailing the answers to as many questions as possible.

I would appreciate it if questions asked are more serious versus being just jokes or nonsense; over the past year I've had many questions asked regarding the Uprising series, and many have been forgotten or brushed aside because they were dealing with possible spoilers. If there was ever a piece of trivia you wanted to know, or a decision I made you wanted an explanation for, now would be the time to finally get that answer.

Anyway - for the few of you that will actually want to ask me something, I figured I'd give you this advance heads-up so that you can think about whatever you want to ask. :P


Just one more to go

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Mar 01 2015 · 216 views

Posted Image

Agent 64 confronts Control regarding their deception;
Voltex deals with residual memories;
and Taka Nuvia finds a light in the dark.


This is it. Chapter 12 - the true final battle - releases March 6th.



Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Feb 16 2015 · 331 views

The following is from Chapter 8 of Extermination.


As he followed JiMing through the halls of the Rebellion headquarters in BZ-Metru, Voltex could not help but feel a little restless and frustrated, itching to be helping with the battle at the Coliseum where their allies were waging one final battle against the forces of the White Council.

“Look, JiMing,” he started. “Whatever this is… surely it could’ve waited? Until after the battle?”

“No,” the Ta-Matoran replied. “We’re almost there.”

Sighing, Voltex fell silent as they rounded another corner - what turned out to be the last, as JiMing immediately stopped in front of the large black door that blocked their way. The Ta-Matoran turned to Voltex with a grin on his face, gesturing to the door.

“It’s a door,” Voltex said flatly. “How wonderful.”

“It’s what’s behind the door,” JiMing whispered, quivering with excitement. “You know, we don’t actually have the forces to take on the White Council - not even with the reinforcements you brought from the Red Star, not that there were actually very many. But with what’s behind this door… we’ll win.”


“Because you and I are each about to become a walking army,” JiMing answered, a grin threatening to consume his entire face as he turned and pressed his palm to the door. “Just watch, and I’ll explain everything.”

The black door slowly raised into the ceiling, revealing an empty room with what looked like two hatches in the floor. Disappointed, Voltex followed JiMing inside; the Ta-Matoran immediately pulled out a tablet and began to rapidly input commands, raising a finger to shush the Ba-Matoran before he could open his mouth to speak.

Then the hatches both opened.

“Watch this,” JiMing breathed.

Voltex stared as two platforms rose from the floor… and standing atop each platform was a suit of armor. The one on the right was almost all a brilliant shade of metallic violet, with silver highlights on the shoulders, arms, thighs and helmet. It was sleek, as though to emphasize maneuverability and speed. The one on the left was more bulky, like a tank; a gatling gun was immediately visible, propped up on its right shoulder, and what appeared to be machine guns stuck out of the arms. The left suit was a dark red with orange highlights.

“I… don’t understand,” he said after a moment.

JiMing turned to him with a grin, gesturing first to the purple armor and then to the red suit. “This is the Iron Voltex and Phoenix Zero armor, Voltex. Remember the Repulsor Arm?”

The Ba-Matoran absently grabbed his right arm, tracing along where the Repulsor Arm had once been connected. “Yeah.”

“That was just one part of an extremely early stage prototype design… and this is the final product,” JiMing explained. “Two suits of highly advanced armor - one for you, one for me. Lightweight… well, yours is, at any rate. Yours was designed to help you move around quickly in battle; I sacrificed that maneuverability with the Phoenix Zero armor in order to give it more raw firepower.”

“That’s amazing,” Voltex breathed, stepping forward and feeling one of the arms of the Iron Voltex suit. “Can it fly? I was able to kind of propel myself before.”

“Heck yeah, they can,” JiMing answered, crossing his arms and grinning smugly. “So what do you say?”
“I think…” Voltex said, smirking, “that I’m going to kill White One.”



(This does mean that Chapter 9 is coming on Friday - and the epic will then return to its regular weekly schedule. There is merely a particular date that I wish to meet....)


Bionifight was on a Podcast, life complete

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library, Games & Trivia / RPG Feb 16 2015 · 470 views

Not really, but you know, I'll plug the BZPRPG Podcast here for it anyway! =D

The bit regarding Bionifight Infinite is from about 29:20-34:11... and yes, it is pronounced "bi-ah-nee-fight".

You can click the banner below to see the gameplay topic for Bionifight Infinite; I urge you to join! You can... basically do almost anything you want, really.

Posted Image

Until next time, everyone.

(Also read my amiibo epic and rip it apart please)


PROMPTED: Toa Hunt Amiibo

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Feb 15 2015 · 236 views

Posted Image

Story - Review


Prompt Me

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Feb 13 2015 · 903 views

Toss some writing prompts my way! I won't promise that I'm going to write something for all of them (or that I'll consider any even remotely good enough to post here :P), but I'll do my best.


coming... soon?

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Feb 05 2015 · 419 views

Posted Image

perhaps it is

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