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Infinite Awakening


Swag Rewards

Posted by Lucina , in Life, Video Games, BZPower Jan 17 2014 · 133 views

Posted Image
Thank you very much to Jedi Master J for the Translucent Miru, as well as the bonus LEGO Gift Card and Robot Minifigure (which shall join Marilyn Monroe as the second in my collection). Also pictured here, since they deserve the honor, are the official soundtrack to The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask that I got as a Platinum Reward for Club Nintendo, and my Darth Duck mug. Because it's Darth Duck people.


Exploding Head Syndrome

Posted by Lucina , in Life Jan 12 2014 · 69 views

Yes, this is actually a thing, and thank god.
Why? I was rather stressed and extremely tired as I headed into my second week of Christmas Vacation, and halfway through the week I suffered "exploding head syndrome", though I only just found that out today after searching "brain explodes" on Google. It's hard to describe, but basically I was sort-of awake but not really one night when I heard and felt what sounded like a cannon or a gunshot, which is pretty freaky at 3am. I don't know if I couldn't move or if I just didn't want to move, but I do know that I didn't move at all for awhile afterwards. I did feel the fear and anxiety both before and after (duh) the sound, as well as the typical rush of adrenaline.
Everything I experienced matches up, plus the entry says that attacks can be one-time events (I hope this is true if this is what I had/have?, because I'd rather not have that occur throughout my life. While this might not necessarily be what I experienced, it does provide me with an explanation and does appear to match up.
Since my father, who has far, far, FAR better hearing than I and wakes up at the sound of the cat walking in the carpeted hall, did not hear anything that night.
This article on the issue is pretty interesting too. At least it's not harmful.
Considering my extremely high stress, anxiety, and fatigue during the break, I wouldn't be too surprised if I did go through this. Woooo
Anyway, that's your rare glimpse into my personal life, although it's not so much my personal life as me... I cut some stuff (stress causes etc.) out because privacy.


+1 Vacation Points

Posted by Lucina , in Life Jan 06 2014 · 71 views

I biked to my local cinema yesterday to see The Desolation of Smaug, and when I had to bike home on icy surfaces in icy rain, I successfully asserted that today would be a snow day and extend my Christmas vacation by a whole 24 hours.
Which it did. So +1 Vacation points to me. And +1 Psychic points too, because usually stuff like that jinxes it.
There is apparently a blizzard warning in effect right now, so I am 100% guaranteed to go to school tomorrow, since the transport board and school board are both just wacky like that.


How Does Toast

Posted by Lucina , in Life Dec 29 2013 · 97 views

It's one of life's great mysteries
but don't worry Google gave me a solution
Posted Image


Majora's Mask Soundtrack

Posted by Lucina , in Life Dec 27 2013 · 103 views

It arrived today so that's pretty cool, never would have gotten it if I hadn't been elite status since I was like 4 years old when the soundtrack was first released so yeah
It's pretty awesome 


Christmas Haul 2013

Posted by Lucina , in Life, Video Games Dec 25 2013 · 169 views

Not too bad; I'm not gonna bother listing everything here, but some interesting items I got:
-a new wallet (finally more card spaces =D)
-Red vs. Blue: Season 11 
-RWBY Volume 1 
-Two books I forget the names of lawl
And for us four brothers, we got really lucky on the annual "multiplayer video game for Christmas" front:
-Super Mario 3D World
-New Super Luigi U
The only other multiplayer game worth anything for the Wii U right now that we don't own is Rayman Legends, so that's certainly something. 



Posted by Lucina , in Life Dec 22 2013 · 112 views

I went on a journey recently; you see, Arc claimed the Golden Eggnog before I did, and that just could not happen. Since it did, however, I decided to find the most powerful, dangerous, and evil eggnog of them all: the Dark Eggnog. Once I found it, I drank it. It was delicious and now I stand before you.
I even took a picture for you all:
Posted Image


Regarding Bionicle Mafia X

Posted by Lucina , in Life, BZPower Dec 17 2013 · 97 views

The computer that works properly (or at least, the best out of the differing levels from "completely dead" to "barely functonal" in this house) is currently not working with regards to internet browsing; the game will hopefully go up later tonight.
I'm in a serious rage mode right now augh why is every computer this house gets breaking all at the same time I knew this would happen and nobody listennnned


How I burned my fingers

Posted by Lucina , in Life Dec 12 2013 · 120 views

10:56 PM - BZP Blade: What even is this laptop?
10:56 PM - Tex: a piece of poo that overheats at the slightest rise of temeprature
10:56 PM - Tex: Which is infuriating
10:56 PM - BZP Blade: XP, i'm guessing?
10:57 PM - Tex: When you consider that my laptop (before it was shelved to dust for six months, censored stuff woohoo) used to reach temperatures high enough to burn you badly if you touched it for longer than a second
10:57 PM - BZP Blade: ouch
10:57 PM - Tex: Somehow it never shut down from overheating
10:57 PM - BZP Blade: wow
10:57 PM - Tex: Also the fan area that grew that hot was conveniently not right underneath any section of the keyboard that I frequently used lol
10:57 PM - BZP Blade: xD
10:58 PM - Tex: But even then I killed most of the nerve endings in some of the fingers on my right hand a couple years back anyway, so when I touched it with those fingers all I got was a tingling sensation before it slowly started to feel warm
10:58 PM - BZP Blade: ouch
10:59 PM - Tex: People are easily impressed by not burning fingers on surfaces that should induce burning fingers
10:59 PM - BZP Blade: xD
10:59 PM - BZP Blade: How did you manage that, though? 0_o
10:59 PM - Tex: Hypothetically
10:59 PM - Tex: Let us say that there was a boy named Tex in his Grade 7 art class
10:59 PM - BZP Blade: lol
11:00 PM - Tex: Let us hypothetically say that Tex's art class was making masks, and many students (Tex included) used hot glue for portions of these masks.
11:00 PM - BZP Blade: ooh
11:01 PM - Tex: Let us hypothetically also imagine that Tex and his friends finished their masks a few days early without incident (minus covering each other in glue and paint)
11:01 PM - Tex: So, hypothetically of course
11:01 PM - Tex: One day Tex and his friends found a sheet of unused tin foil.
 11:01 PM - Tex: Let us hypothetically also imagine that Tex and his friends finished their masks a few days early without incident (minus covering each other in glue and paint)
11:01 PM - Tex: So, hypothetically of course
11:01 PM - Tex: One day Tex and his friends found a sheet of unused tin foil.
11:01 PM - BZP Blade: Uh-oh
11:01 PM - Tex: So, being hypothetically ignorant and hypothetically stupid
11:02 PM - Tex: Tex and the others decided to show off what they could do.
11:02 PM - Tex: So let us say that Tex hypothetically created a rather large puddle of hot glue on a piece of cardboard, and hypothetically imagine that Tex also rolled the tin foil into a ball and slammed it down on the hot glue
11:02 PM - BZP Blade: uh-oh
11:02 PM - Tex: Let us imagine that hypothetically, of course, Tex somehow COMPLETELY MISSED
11:02 PM - BZP Blade: Oops
11:03 PM - Tex: And got three of his fingers covered in hot glue
11:03 PM - BZP Blade: Ouch
11:04 PM - Tex: So he runs to the sink, pours cold water on them immediately (now his brain is back) and he rips the now hardened but still burning hot glue off, because he's smart. This probably rips an extra layer or two of skin off, but at the same time, he has probably saved the layers below from becoming burned to death as well.
11:04 PM - Tex: The school, naturally being just as stupid as Tex
11:04 PM - Tex: Gives him a bag of ICE CUBES WRAPPED IN ROUGH, COARSE PAPER TOWEL to hold on top of the burns
11:04 PM - BZP Blade: wow
11:04 PM - Tex: So that only irritates it
11:04 PM - Tex: But at the same
11:04 PM - Tex: time
11:05 PM - Tex: With quite a bit of screaming in misery and delirious pain when he is alone in the car waiting for his parent to return with the medication
11:05 PM - Tex: He becomes better
11:05 PM - Tex: Except for one thing
11:05 PM - Tex: There was a brand of soap he used once his fingers could be properly washed again
11:05 PM - Tex: Except his fingers were kind of dead
11:05 PM - BZP Blade: Yikes
11:06 PM - Tex: So they smelled a little weird, but the soap amplified that smell
11:06 PM - Tex: And now whenever Tex uses that brand of soap (that he somehow can never remember the name of), it smells to him like his dead fingers
11:06 PM - BZP Blade: wow
11:06 PM - Tex: The End.
11:06 PM - Tex: I think I shall blog that little story
11:06 PM - BZP Blade: That sounds painful
11:06 PM - Tex: In full chat form
11:06 PM - Tex: Oh, it was
11:06 PM - BZP Blade: xD
11:07 PM - Tex: My mom took 30 minutes to get the medication
11:07 PM - Tex: People were staring at me as they walked past because I was smacking my head against everything trying to knock myself out
11:07 PM - Tex: But naturally cars are designed to not let you get knocked out
11:07 PM - BZP Blade: xD
11:07 PM - BZP Blade: Yeah, that doesn't sound fun at all. =/
11:08 PM - Tex: I like to look back on it now and laugh


RWBY Soundtrack

Posted by Lucina , in Life Nov 20 2013 · 152 views

The sooner I can buy the physical copy for myself, the better. 

Challenge your fate!

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