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Infinite Awakening


Red vs. Blue: Season 9 re-imagined

Posted by Lucina , in Life Oct 20 2013 · 106 views

I was thinking recently about how Red vs. Blue: Season 9 really sucks... a lot. So I decided to write down a synopsis of what I would have done - by no means take this seriously, but this is just what I thought up while writing this down. What do you folks think?
Red vs. Blue Season 9: Re-Imagined
Episode 1
Begins with the Reds (Sarge, Grif and Simmons) and Blues (Washington, Tucker and Caboose) arriving back in Valhalla after the previous season. While Caboose gives a tour to Washington and Tucker, the Reds make a shocking discovery: Doc has beaten them back to Valhalla. While Grif experiments with the Brute Shot, Doc tells Sarge and Simmons about his time with Washington and the Meta. Just as Doc’s story ends, the Blues arrive at Red Base – and before the Reds even know what has happened Caboose is halfway across the canyon with their flag. Swearing vengeance, Sarge calls a staff meeting.
Episode 2
The Reds reach Blue Base to find it guarded by Tucker, who tells them that Washington and Caboose are already at Red Base again looking for more stuff to capture. As the Reds turn around, they see their warthog speeding towards them with Caboose at the wheel as the screen fades to black.
The scene transfers to the past, where the Director is lecturing Washington, Wyoming and C.T. about a recently failed mission. He emphasizes the values of improvising on the battlefield, and leaves the three agents before mentioning that perhaps the agents North and South Dakota will have more luck. Wyoming leaves soon after, while Washington tries – and fails – to comfort C.T. regarding the mission. 
The scene then cuts briefly to a facility in the Arctic Ocean, where North gets into position and begins scoping the facility with his heat seeking, noting to South that he is ready.
Episode 3
At the Arctic facility, two sentries are ambushed by South and killed. She moves on towards the objective, defying orders from North to set her motion trackers. She reaches the objective and downloads the information they need – just as it is finished, a guard spots her. South grapples with the guard in silence for a few seconds before tossing him away into a button that triggers the alarm. South flees out of the room, but finds herself facing a wall of soldiers waiting for her outside the doors.
The scene cuts back to Valhalla, where Sarge and Grif watch as the Blues take Simmons prisoner, due to the Reds not having anything else left for them to take. Sarge grieves over the fact that he is stuck with Grif, while Doc reminds Grif that the Reds do still have one more item – the Hornet that they stole at the end of Season 8.
Back at the Arctic facility, South is saved when North begins sniping the soldiers, causing them to panic and scramble. South charges in, disabling many of the soldiers as she makes her way towards the extraction point. North begins going his own way to the extraction point but runs into a red and black soldier who proves quite a match for him. Nevertheless, North emerges victorious and manages to meet back up with South as they continue on their way, eventually making it to the helipad. The two find themselves surrounded by guards, who are commanded by the red and black soldier from earlier. North laments that he didn’t kill the soldier while he had the chance. 
Meanwhile, back at Freelancer HQ, the Counselor notes that North and South are surrounded. Alpha adds in that there is a very small chance of success, prompting the Director to send in “Number One”.
Episode 4
At the Arctic facility, “Number One” steps away from where she was waiting, camouflaged, and attacks the red and black soldier, taking over his turret and killing many of the guards. As the three freelancers battle the guards, the red and black soldier grabs a rocket launcher and fires it; North takes the brunt of the blast and his helmet is blown off by the explosion. Before the freelancers can do anything else, a Pelican piloted by 479er sweeps in and knocks the red and black soldier off the edge, its bay doors opening. South and “Number One” help North into the Pelican and it takes off just as the facility explodes behind them.
Several fighters chase them, trying to bring the Pelican down. Midway through North is forced to activate his bubble shield enhancement to save the Pelican from missiles; while it succeeds, North and his armor are burned from the process and he loses consiousness. Just in time, the Pelican reaches a massive ship – the Mother of Invention, Freelancer HQ. The ship destroys the enemy fighters and the Pelican enters.
Back at Valhalla, Grif enters the Hornet with Sarge on the side and flies over to Blue Base, rescuing Simmons and the flag (thanks to Sarge) before retreating back to Red Base. Before they can make it Washington destroys the engine of the Hornet, causing the Reds to crash into Red Base and rendering the Hornet into broken pieces.
Episode 5
The Blues decide to leave the Reds alone for awhile; over at Red Base, Sarge tries to re-activate Lopez while Doc shows Grif and Simmons where he lives.
Back at the Mother of Invention, the Director lectures South on her behaviour during the mission, altering a leader board (only the bottom three spots can be seen) behind him. He also notes that North is lucky to be alive; he dismisses the freelancers and South exits angrily, running into Washington and angrily pushing him aside as the still unnamed “Number One” helps North out of the room, telling Washington to help her get North to the medical center.
Meanwhile, the Director enters a laboratory, where the Counselor and Alpha tell him that someone (referred to as “they”) have found an artifact, discovered from the information South collected. The Director orders the Counselor to put together a team before glancing at a large container (the Sarcophagus) and telling the Counselor that it is time to begin.
Episode 6
In the Mother of Invention, the Director tells the Counselor to hold off on assigning Omega to an agent – he has already chosen a match himself. As the Counselor agrees, the team for the upcoming mission enters the room – agents North, Wyoming, York, C.T., “Number One”, Maine and an unidentified blue soldier. York mentions to North to not forget what happened to Utah during training, but falls silent as the Director begins to speak, telling them about their mission. He tells them that they need to retrieve information from the headquarters of an Insurrection movement from a 110 story building.
Back at Valhalla, Washington attempts to deal with a situation with Caboose calling him “Church”, which Tucker only aggravates. Meanwhile, Grif and Simmons realize that Doc hasn’t been living alone – and their suspicions are confirmed when Donut exits their makeshift hut. Doc remarks that he was amazed to discover Donut still alive, and Simmons expresses surprise that he kept Donut alive. Grif questions why Doc never told them about Donut before, but Doc merely mentions that they never asked – when Simmons tries to find out why Donut never came back, Donut tells them he was tending to their flower garden.
Back at the Mother of Invention, the Director and Counselor put Omega to work, having him torture Alpha. Alpha splits again, and the two name the newly created fragment Delta. 
Episode 7
Washington, York and North are discussing the upcoming mission – when asked why he isn’t coming, Washington notes that he was supposed to be the leader on his earlier mission, but that he didn’t end up doing very much leading. The Director interrupts the three and dismisses Washington and North, telling York that he has something important to share with him.
Back at Valhalla, the Blues wander onto the subject of Project Freelancer – Tucker notes that Church and Tex never told them much about the project. Washington tells them that Tex wasn’t always the best agent – and he is about to tell them who the best agent was before her when the wall near the base explodes, forcing them all to dodge the rubble. Washington and Tucker slowly stand up, facing the newly made hole, and Washington, surprised, cries out “Carolina?!” in disbelief, saying that he thought she was dead.
Episode 8
At Blue Base, “Number One” steps out of the hole, revealing herself to be Carolina. When Washington again says that she’s supposed to be dead, she tells him not to sound so excited. Tucker tries to find out what is going on, but Carolina cuts him off, ordering Washington to gather the other soldiers for an important mission.
Aboard the Mother of Invention, the Counselor asks if it is really wise to give Omega to “her”; the Director orders him to shut his mouth, saying the team will be ready to depart as soon as she is.
Elsewhere aboard the ship, Carolina, Washington and North watch a training match between C.T. and South as Washington discusses his interrogations by internals related to the Insurrection. Before the freelancers can discuss the matter further, the Director summons all agents assigned to the heist to report for duty – North and Carolina head off, and Washington watches C.T. as she exits the training arena. 
The agents gather in the docking area; the Blue Soldier, Maine and North are already inside, while C.T. and Carolina are speaking to the Director (Carolina questioning their new pilot) as York approaches, revealing Delta as his new A.I. The Director, after making sure that Delta is working at an optimal capacity, watches as the Pelican takes off.
Episode 9
In Valhalla, Carolina faces Washington, Caboose, Tucker, Sarge, Lopez and Doc. She tells them that she plans to hunt down and kill the Director of Project Freelancer, but that she needs Alpha to do it – and they were the last ones to know Alpha’s location. Washington informs her that Alpha is dead, but Caboose counters that Epsilon would know too – before Sarge reminds Caboose that Epsilon is stuck in the memory unit. Carolina asks them where the Epsilon unit is, but Washington tells her it was confiscated by the UNSC after the Meta’s death.
In the Pelican, Carolina goes over the mission with the other freelancers – infiltrate the building and steal the information on the artifact. However, before they can finish the Pilot announces that there are missiles headed their way – and a second later they strike, badly damaging the Pelican and causing it to fall through the sky towards the building they are meant to infiltrate. Carolina snaps that the enemy was ready for them as the Pelican crashes through a glass wall, skidding along an empty floor filled with experimental weapons at top speed towards the opposite side. The freelancers all leap out the back of the Pelican, skidding across the floor themselves as the different weapons all explode around them. Carolina fires her grappling hook and it catches as she flies out the window, saving her from the fall. Thanks to help from Delta, York manages to stop himself from even falling out the window, and Maine uses the brute shot to stop himself as well. However, North, C.T., Wyoming and the Blue Soldier are now in freefall.
Elsewhere in the building, the red and black soldier from before orders two other soldiers with similar armor to apprehend the remaining intruders.
Episode 10
As North, C.T., Wyoming and the Blue Soldier fall through the sky, several Hornets of the Insurrection fire at them. Wyoming and the Blue Soldier easily take out all but one, which North manages to hijack. C.T. manages to reach the Hornet before they reach the ground, but it looks like the other two will die – until a warthog roars off of the freeway below, catching both Wyoming and the Blue Soldier. The driver is revealed to be Texas, who sarcastically introduces herself to Wyoming (who isn’t phased at all by the experience) before the warthog is blown up by a rocket. The three freelancers spiral through the air towards several red and black soldiers – Wyoming and the Blue Soldier tumble across the ground, but Texas lands smoothly and leaps forward, punching the female Insurrectionist in the process. 
Up above, Carolina, York and Maine assess their situation as they go up the floors towards the 108th, where their target is. Along the way they meet the Insurrectionist Flame Soldier, who Maine remains behind to deal with. With Delta’s help Carolina and York easily get into the control room, meeting the Red Demo Man (the soldier from before) and the Leader waiting for them. Carolina and York don’t hesitate to attack the two Insurrectionists.
Meanwhile down below, North and C.T. evacuate their Hornet as the Insurrection Sniper shoots it down, while Texas begins battling the Female Insurrectionist and the Sleeveless Insurrectionist begins to easily dominate Wyoming and the Blue Soldier in close combat. In the ensuing fight sequence (during which cars rush on by on all sides), Texas seems unstoppable as she takes down the Female Insurrectionist and the Insurrection Sniper with ease, and then doing the same to C.T. when she tries to stop her from killing them (although C.T. succeeds). The Sleeveless Insurrectionist flees, having defeated Wyoming and the Blue Soldier, and loads them onto a warthog as he drives away. Texas re-unites with North, furious at C.T. for stopping her.
In the building, Carolina retrieves the data as York defeats the Demo Man and Leader, telling the Director that they have recovered the objective. Back at the Mother of Invention, the Director orders the destruction of the building – the ship fires its main cannon down at the building right down the middle. Carolina and York meet back up with Maine and the three leap down an elevator shaft to reach the car depot, where they steal two warthogs and escape the building as it collapses, meeting up with Texas, North and C.T., who tell them that the others were captured.
Episode 11
On the freeway, the remaining freelancers chase down the Sleeveless Soldier. York, Maine and Carolina in one warthog, and Texas, C.T. and North in the other. As they continue the chase, several Insurrection soldiers arrive, battling with the freelancers. Maine is shot in the chest by the Insurrection Sniper and C.T. is forced to leap off of her warthog in order to dodge a rocket fired by the Female Insurrectionist; the other freelancers leave her behind on the freeway and she is picked up by several Insurrection soldiers. 
The other freelancers begin to do battle with the Insurrectionists, Carolina clearly upset and uncomfortable with how effective Texas is. Maine, recovering himself, leaps off the warthog and attacks the Sleeveless Soldier, who knocks him off the warthog and fires several shots into his throat from a pistol as he drives past. Carolina orders York to bail and he does so against the recommendations of Delta to check on Maine, while North also bails to deal with the Insurrection Sniper.
The Female Insurrectionist steals the information from Carolina, prompting Carolina into a rage as she and Texas desperately try to recover the information. Texas orders Carolina to fall back, but Carolina disregards the order as Texas rams the Female Insurrectionist with her warthog, only for the information to go flying into the hands of the Sleeveless Soldier. The two freelancers continue the chase.
Back with York and North, the two hold off the Insurrection Sniper and his crew long enough for the 479er Pelican to arrive, and the two get Maine inside and tell her to find Carolina and Texas. The Pelican flies over the freeway, with York spotting Carolina and Texas almost immediately. He jumps down and lands on the Sleeveless Soldier’s warthog, and with Delta’s help recovers the objective before being thrown aside and losing it – only for Texas to catch it again. The Sleeveless Soldier flees through a closing barricade, blocking him from the freelancers, and 479er picks up York, Texas and Carolina before they leave.
Episode 12
Back in the present, Carolina spies on a military compound before returning to the group that she had assembled before, telling them that her sources indicate that the Epsilon Unit is within. Sarge refuses to enter at first, before Carolina reminds him that she doesn’t care about killing him – at this, Sarge and Lopez both fall silent, with Doc remarking that the situation is remarkably similar to the one he experienced with Washington and the Meta. Tucker is not pleased with the connection, but Caboose appears very excited to be close to getting Church back, telling Carolina he knows how to do it. 
Back at Valhalla, Grif, Simmons and Donut return to Red Base to find a note from Sarge explaining the situation. While Grif is pleased to have finally missed out on something, Simmons is shocked and hurt that Sarge left him behind and Donut is outraged both at Sarge’s messy handwriting and being forgotten again. Simmons decides to track them down and join them, to which Donut agrees – Grif initially refuses, but upon realization that he might be stuck alone in Valhalla, he agrees to help them as well. 
Back on the Mother of Invention, the Director is furiously lecturing Carolina, York, North and Texas, although he changes Texas to the top of the leader board for managing to complete the objective. He notes that the enemy has now captured three of their agents, and that Maine remains in critical condition. He tells York, Texas and North to prepare for a rescue operation, but informs Carolina that she will remain behind, blaming her for the operation gone wrong as the leader. Furious with the Director and herself, Carolina exits the room.
Episode 13
On the Mother of Invention, the Counselor and the Director discuss the latest fragment, Sigma. The Counselor has already found a match for the AI, but the Director orders him to hold off on the implantation until the agent proves they are ready for the AI
Elsewhere on the ship, Washington gets a recap of the mission from York and North as they watch surgeons operating on Maine. North notes that they were lucky not to end up like Ohio, while Washington mentions that the doctors say Maine will never speak again. Carolina, walking past, looks away to where the leader board shows Texas as number one and shakes her head.
In the present, Carolina’s ambushes a convoy headed for the base and takes control of the vehicles, using them to enter the compound – when they arrive, Grif, Simmons and Donut reveal that they had hidden themselves amongst the cargo, completing the group. However, Lopez is killed when a sniper takes him out, scattering the group as they scramble for cover. 
Episode 14
South watches in disgust as the Director sends Washington along with Texas, North and York on the rescue mission. In the training arena, Carolina is confronted by the Counselor, who asks her if she would like an AI of her own. Carolina asks if Texas has one, to which the Counselor does not reply.
In the present, Carolina sends Caboose and Sarge onward into the compound with her slowly following, while sending Grif, Tucker and Doc to find them all transport out. Caboose and Sarge find the memory unit, and Carolina orders Caboose to re-activate it.
In the past, the rescue team arrives in a desert area. Texas orders Washington to go find a way into the building while the rest of them investigate the surrounding area – Washington hurries off and manages to break in, unknowingly triggering an alarm that alerts the Leader to their presence. As the Leader sends troops to apprehend Texas, North and York, Washington manages to find Wyoming and the Blue Soldier in a cell and begins to work on extracting them.
Episode 15
Aboard the Mother of Invention, Maine wakes up for the first time since the Heist, but as doctors had predicted is unable to speak due to the wounds. The Director tells Carolina to prepare herself for implantation with Sigma, but Carolina refuses, saying she is good enough without an AI. She offers Sigma to Maine so that he may speak, and Maine is taken away for implantation instead.
In the present, Caboose works on activating the memory unit – meanwhile, inside the unit, Epsilon believes that the unit is beginning to die, and sends E-Tucker and E-Caboose away from Blood Gulch, hoping to buy them enough time to have an adventure. However, he is surprised when E-Tex shows up to stay with him. He mentions how the past several months have changed him in ways both good and bad, and she tells him that he should not have expected anything less. The Epsilon Reds (Sarge, Grif, Simmons and Donut) notice the exit of E-Tucker and E-Caboose and decide to follow them, leaving the canyon deserted aside from Epsilon and E-Tex.
Episode 16
Before Washington can free Wyoming and the Blue Soldier, he is confronted by the Insurrection Flame Soldier, who sends Washington fleeing from the raging fire. After a brief fight, Washington manages to get behind the Flame Soldier and shoots the gas tank on his back, exploding it and killing him. When the smoke clears, the cell holding Wyoming and the Blue Soldier is shown to have been destroyed and the two freelancers freed. They follow Washington as he makes his way through the halls of the compound, with Wyoming wondering aloud about the lack of soldiers.
Outside the compound, Texas, North and York find themselves surrounded by soldiers of the Insurrection, being commanded by the Sleeveless Soldier. At a sign from Texas, the three freelancers attack, decimating the troopers and confronting the Sleeveless Soldier, who throws down a smoke bomb and manages to escape in a Hornet. As Texas goes after him in a motorcycle, York and North infiltrate the vehicle holding area of the compound and are held down by two Chain Gunners when they attempt to steal two warthogs.
Back in the memory unit, Epsilon and E-Tex settle their differences, forgiving each other as Epsilon reaches an epiphany. Realizing what he must do, Epsilon “forgets” E-Tex, erasing her from existence as the sky splits open, revealing the ceiling of the military compound the memory unit is held in. Epsilon suspiciously notes the tear, and cries out angrily when he sees the face of Caboose as is pulled out of the memory unit.
Episode 17
Epsilon angrily confronts Sarge and Caboose upon being let out of the memory unit, saying that he’d finally figured things out – however, the entrance of Carolina breaks his line of thought, as he believes she is dead. Carolina tells him that he is going to help her kill the Director, to which Epsilon scoffs. However, the reunion is interrupted by Simmons running into the room, telling Carolina that the transport has arrived. 
In the past, in the Mother of Invention, Maine exits the surgery, where Carolina is waiting. Sigma appears beside Maine and nods silently towards Carolina, and Maine leaves the room.
At the Insurrection compound, the arrival of Wyoming, Washington and the Blue Soldier momentarily distracts the chain gunners. When the others don’t know how to proceed, the Blue Soldier aims his grenade launcher at a warthog and fires several grenades, blasting the warthog into the Chain Gunners. With the Chain Gunners out of the way, York, Wyoming and the Blue Soldier get into one warthog while North and Washington get into the other and they drive out of the compound, just in time to witness Texas go off a ramp and send her motorbike flying into the hornet carrying the Sleeveless Soldier. North picks Texas up and they drive to the extraction point, under fire from several other warthogs. At the extraction point they all load onto the Pelican, except for Washington, who tells them that they forgot about C.T. He leaps back onto a warthog as the Pelican leaves, and drives back to the compound.
Episode 18
In the present, the Reds and Blues reach Zanzibar, the first location Carolina wishes to search. While she and Washington go off to search for clues, Epsilon is filled in on events by Tucker and Caboose. Meanwhile, Sarge reveals to the Reds that he managed to save Lopez’s head, leaving hope that he can be reactivated. Simmons voices concerns regarding Carolina, but is quickly shot down by the other Reds. Doc and Donut tour the facility, with Doc reminiscing about when he was possessed by Omega and used this as their base.
Back at the Mother of Invention, the extraction team arrives, telling the Director that Washington voluntarily remained behind to find C.T. The Director mentions that they can wait only a few days until they leave Washington behind. 
Later on, York and North discuss the recent turn of events, with both raising questions regarding the morality of the Director and Project Freelancer, openly wondering whether they are the good guys after all. Texas, watching from across the room in the shadows, exits without a word and walks past Carolina, telling her “better luck next time”.
Episode 19
At Zanzibar, Epsilon and Tucker confront Carolina; it is only thanks to the intervention of Washington that Tucker survives the discussion. Meanwhile, after convincing from Simmons, Sarge and Grif agree to accompany him back to Valhalla.
In the past aboard the Mother of Invention, Carolina and Texas begin to act aggressively towards each other in the locker room, prompting Carolina to challenge Texas to a match. Texas agrees and the two exit in separate directions, leaving North, York and Wyoming to ponder what will come of it.
At the compound, Washington battles his way through the enemy until he finds C.T., who tells him she knows where to go, leading him through the compound as they avoid the enemy. However, before they can get very far, they are ambushed by the Insurrection Sniper, who knocks out Washington first, while the Female Insurrectionist orders him to destroy Washington’s communication logs.
Episode 20
At Zanzibar, a confrontation arises – Doc and Donut wish to remain at Zanzibar permanently, while Sarge, Grif, and Simmons wish to return to Valhalla so that they can be safer and so that Sarge can rebuild Lopez. Carolina (and by extension Washington) wants to continue on the hunt for the Director, while the Blues are divided on the issue, with Tucker and Epsilon wanting to join the Reds at Valhalla and Caboose wanting to remain with Carolina and Washington. The huge argument ends with Sarge, Grif and Simmons leaving Zanzibar, Doc and Donut vanishing into the complex, and Tucker being held at gunpoint by Carolina, defying her.
In the past, Washington slowly awakens to C.T. standing above him. As she helps him up, she points Washington to a nearby Pelican, telling him that it is time for them to go. However, the Leader appears to say farewell, and Washington realizes that it was C.T. providing intelligence to the Insurrection the whole time. 


The Best Moment of My Life

Posted by Lucina , in Life Oct 06 2013 · 82 views

Perhaps not the best, but it is certainly amongst the greatest moments of my life. This moment is one of the greatest for the simple fact that it will never and can never be tarnished by anything, because there was absolutely nothing wrong for me at that point in time and nothing in there that could ruin that point in time. To tell you of this fantastic moment I must share with you the backstory - an extensive backstory that takes place over the span of four years, although one that I will shorten to its most concise and relevant parts for you all. 
A quick warning: yes, this camp is for a specific religious branch - no, I will not include said religious branch related stuff here. This moment, and what inspired it, have nothing to do with it, except that they took place there.
Back in August of 2010 I was dropped off at a summer camp called "Cairn", specifically the Glen Mhor site. I was there for a two week program known as "Adventure Camp", which was basically a camp that focused on building the relationships within a group of 10-15 kids anywhere from 13-17 through activities such as Low Ropes, Ziplining, Rock Wall, and other adventure-related activities. I was just coming out of Grade 8, which was easily the worst year of my life. At the end of Grade 7 I had been a naive, happy kid, with no real problems. Grade 8 broke me. I'm not going to talk about it here, but essentially I had turned into a shell of a person, even more shy than I was before and afraid of anything I didn't know everything about. In a moment of what was then shocking and unbelievable bravery, I agreed to go to the camp, hoping that maybe it would help me to recover myself. By the time camp rolled along, I no longer believed it of course - I was forced into the car and forced to remain behind, intimidated by everything there. 
Those two weeks did miracles for me, but there was one thing that stuck in my mind when I left - the myths and legends of what everyone at the camp called the "Wishing Tree". What it boiled down to was that many years ago, someone at the camp had used string to attach a film canister to a random tree in the forest, and had put a wish in that film canister. Without anything to mark its location, the tree was extremely hard to find. Even when I arrived at the camp in 2010, there were very few people who had actually found the tree. While I never went looking for the tree that year, I left with the imprint of the Wishing Tree stuck in my brain, slowly growing a seed inside.
In 2011 I returned to the camp, this time for their Pre-LIT (Pre-Leader in Training) program, also two weeks long. This year I was obsessed with the Wishing Tree, and the other kids in my Pre-LIT group were too; as a result, many of our non-training sessions were used to search for the Wishing Tree. We even created a gridline map of the area we knew it was located, doing sweeps through the forest in an attempt to find it. We did not find it, and on the last day, the morning we had to leave, half of the group woke up extremely early (after an extremely late night) to go look for the tree... and they found it. I was not part of that group. The frustration within me was like a never-ending volcanic eruption, for I had been defeated in my attempts to find the Wishing Tree by myself. I left camp with a fire in my heart, knowing that I would return the next year - and with what looked like five weeks to work with, I was sure I would find it then.
2012 rolls along, and first I do a week-long PIF (Pay it Forward) program, where you do assorted work to help maintain the camp site and participate in activities in the local community, such as singing at the retirement home. Unfortunately, despite my enthusiasm for finding the Wishing Tree and my constant requests, we did not have time to look for it. I left camp disappointed but even more determined than before, knowing that in two weeks I would be returning for LIT (Leader in Training) and be there for four weeks.
I arrived two weeks later for LIT, happily discovering that the people I was the best friends with from Pre-LIT were there with me. After our week-long canoe trip I started trying to find the Wishing Tree again, although it was difficult - LIT was extremely busy all of the time, and the Wishing Tree required hours (or so I thought). Then, after many fruitless efforts, the dream opportunity came. On a weekend where everyone else had been taken away for their parents for an afternoon of visiting time (due to issues with time, my visit would take place later on), I remained at camp alone with a couple weekend campers and a few staff, the two head staff there being former LIT Directors (and coincidentally two of my favorite people to work for and with). With an experimental camp name (at the time I was just "Tex"), I joined them in a large group as we all wrote our wishes down and set off to find the Wishing Tree. We searched for two hours, but alas, we failed to find it. That was the last chance I received in 2012, but when I left camp at the end of the month I knew I would return to become staff the next year, and somehow I knew inside me that I would find it the next year.
Staff had been another dream of mine since 2010, and I achieved it this year, 2013. But when I got to camp... the Wishing Tree faded from my mind. As a staff member there were so many new opportunities open to me, and I decided to spend my time doing those things instead, not ready to become emotionally invested in a tree that I continuously failed to find, over and over again. That was how it was for July. But by the time August rolled around, I wasn't so sure I'd be back in 2014 - I was becoming emotionally troubled with several issues at the camp, one of which resulted in the first time I ever cried at camp (and the first time I witnessed one of my best friends, and one of the toughest people I know, cry as well). Near my breaking point, I was relieved when the Camp Directors told me that if I wanted to, I could take the week off - so that is just what I did. Over that week I relaxed, collected myself, and took the time to heal and get ready for camp again. When I returned, it was an... interesting week, to say the least. My cabin was not the greatest, but the two other Counselors I was partnered with for the week worked extremely well with me, so I was alright. Halfway through the week a whistle was blown - and then another whistle blown. One of my Co-Counselors and myself answered the call and were sent to search in the forest for the person, whoever they might be. While searching, I spotted a piece of paper at the base of a tree. My partner and I agreed that it was probably nothing, but decided to investigate just in case. What we found was a tree with film canisters shoved in between the roots on the ground. Neither of us had found the Wishing Tree yet, and we were really excited, talking all about how we had finally found the tree. However, later that week it was revealed to us that the tree we found was fake; some cabin earlier in the summer had created that one for themselves since they couldn't find the real one. I was frustrated - I had yet again been stopped, and my combined uncertainty about returning and dissatisfaction drove me into a frenzy. Luckily for me, the next week, our final week, was Teen Week - which meant that I had a cabin perfectly capable of looking in the forest for a few hours. I was partnered with my best friend mentioned above and another of my best friends (which made for arguably my favorite week of the summer); the one I mentioned before had found the Wishing Tree with the group that woke up early in 2011, but my other friend had not found it... nor had any of the teens in my cabin. So we took them out to look for it the very first day.
We managed to (without my friend, who knew the location of the tree) search in the general area that we knew the tree was. After fifteen minutes, though, we became disheartened and decided to go look at the tree I had found before. While my friend pushed us to just take the safe route and take the path back down to look at it, I argued that it would be more of an adventure - and more fun - if we bushwacked through the forest towards it, as I knew it was in a roughly straight line down the hill we were on top of. With the cabin on my side my friend reluctantly agreed and we set off down the hill. One of my campers got ahead of me when he wasn't supposed to, so where he went left I went right in an attempt to catch up to him and get in front. While I did so, I turned back to make a joke about us walking right past the Wishing Tree on the way down, and then continued walking - before I stopped.
I couldn't believe my eyes. I froze. It just couldn't be. There was no way I was standing right in front of the Wishing Tree.
I called for everyone to stop, though none of them guessed why. I slowly turned around to my friend, and seeing the look on my face he looked further down and smiled, and nodded. My cabin started asking what had happened - so I told them all to come.
"Guys... we just found the Wishing Tree." 
My exact words. We were all stunned into silence, as we examined the film canisters hanging from branches by twine and the film canisters that had fallen to the ground. I had found the Wishing Tree precisely how everyone said I would - by stumbling into it by accident. My certainties from 2012 about finding it this year had been correct, that feeling deep inside had not failed me after all. Although none of us had a wish to add, we did not care - the fact that we had found the Wishing Tree was enough.
To try and describe the feelings I felt would be like trying to describe what happens after death - I can't. How do you sum up the triumph and happiness of an accomplishment that has taken four years, the satisfaction of knowing you've finally overcome every obstacle and defeat in your way, the realization that it is real, and not just a legend or a myth, the joy of knowing that you have just stumbled into a moment that cannot ever be tarnished? You don't.
Everything was perfect in that instant. There are very, very few moments in my life that I would describe as perfect - right now only two others come to mind, another from this summer and one from last year. But this moment... this moment is one of them. One of the perfect moments. A goal so thoroughly fulfilled, and shared with everyone else present... I don't know if there is much more you can ask for. 
I found the Wishing Tree. Maybe it isn't the single best moment of my life, but it's certainly one of them. 


Let's Talk

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I am sitting down right now in front of my computer screen, not yet entirely sure what I'm going to write about. I know I'm going to write something, and I'm almost 60% certain that whatever I do end up writing, nobody but me is really going to care. Not because life sucks or anything, just because I will ramble as is my tendency, and rambling becomes difficult to follow after a certain length of time. People should just get to the point.
Or maybe I won't even publish this. It'll just sit as a draft entry on my blog forever, tarnishing the lovely blue/grey/white colours with that faint pink and that blaring red that assigns it to the ugly and small "draft" pile. Perhaps I shall delete it all together. 
I digress. Although it could be asked if I can truly be digressing when I do not know yet what I am digressing from.
Perhaps I discuss life. Or talk about love (because I definitely know what true love is like...). 
Maybe I'll write about attitude. I like talking about attitude, if you can define talking as debating with yourself the various pros and cons on a subject that would infuriate every single person around you were they to know what you were thinking about. 
For me, attitude has an inherently bad sound to it, although I know that it shouldn't. I mean, the word is just used as a broad term for your outlook on life, or maybe sometimes your feelings. But then, so often you hear "stop it with that attitude!" or "give up the attitude!", and eventually, lines like that drill a new meaning into your brain. It's like "hashtag" (for me, not for all of you). At first it was meaningless to me, because I don't really care about Twitter. Then it became some overused meme. Then I got into just tacking it onto the beginning of verbal sentences: "hashtag awesome" is one of my favourite things to say, and it almost always leads into a string of hashtagged words ending in "hashtag hashtag". 
I digress again. I did not mean to talk about hashtags, it just sort of happened. That's me. (colon p)
Yes, that was on purpose.
Anyway, attitude. Going at it from an "outlook on life" sort of perspective, I realize more and more that I am all for the moment. As the moment passes, if I deem it worthy, I hold onto it to enjoy another day while I enjoy the next moment. If something is not remotely fun, I will forget all about it. Needless to say, school is... taxing. My greatest memories are from when I combined work and play. This past summer I counselled - I haven't spoken about it much to anyone except the people I worked with, because it's hard to explain. It's unfortunately ironic, but as an aspiring writer I find there are things I simply cannot describe. I could give you every detail about my summer and you would ask me "why was that worth telling?" and I would tell you "because some of the greatest moments of my life occurred, and some of my greatest failures and defeats as well." 
I view life as a slide - there are a lot of other people crowding you on it, and sometimes you'll get stuck, or shocked by the static cling, and there are multiple different paths you can go down, but each one has a tight bend at the beginning that doesn't let you see very far at all. Go with the flow. Sometimes you need to stick your arm or your leg out, jam life up, and force it to let you go someplace else; but most of the time, you really should just relax and flow with it. 
When I'm angry I gain a totally different viewpoint, but that's not important.   :lookaround:
What is important is that there are so many things I should be stressed about right now. Am I? Probably, somewhere deep down, yes. Stress is unavoidable. However, when my friends and classmates are stressing out about homework and tests and the like, I quite literally do not care. Stressing is pointless; I was stressed for a long time a few years back, to the point where I will probably never fully recover mentally or physically from the experience. What I learned is to just let things go. It's a long process, but I have made significant progress. People are always surprised at how laidback I am, or the things I do. I'll run into them at the mall and we'll hang out, and it'll be "Voltex, you are really different". And it's because at places like school, I feel like a prisoner. And if there's one thing worse than being bored out of my mind, it's not being allowed any freedom. School drains me like nothing else, particularly the program that I am in. At school, I literally cannot bring myself to care about anything. At home, afterwards, I must force myself to do what's necessary to pass. As soon as I leave the restrictions I become a totally different person.
Many people in real life believe me to be quiet, reserved, respectful, shy, and unblemished by anything in the world. This is because I just don't feel enough emotional investment towards them to actually care about it, or them. But then they meet me (the real me not the prisoner me), and while yes, I'm respectful, and I'm shy as heck, I'm also not afraid to just go out there and do something. Anything. I will draw attention to myself when I want the attention drawn, I'll make people laugh when I want them to smile, and I will revolt and rebel to my heart's content, and sometimes more, because it's what I feel like doing. And to me, those are the memories worth making. People always tell me I should think long term. What they don't understand is that I do - I think more long term than them, at any rate. I recently saw an old Calvin & Hobbes strip that summed up my thoughts on the matter. In it, Calvin discusses with Hobbes the subject of homework. He mentions to Hobbes that his thought process involves the knowledge that in the short term, skipping his homework and going off on an adventure is more fun. Calvin then acknowledges that in the long term, doing his homework would help him to rise up in life. But then, Calvin notes that in the very long term, going on the adventure and having fun will give him better memories.
That's my thought process. I'll do the homework, and the tests, of course. But my main priority is not doing well in school; it's doing well in memories. When I look back in 20, 40, 60 years, I want to say that I had a great time, not a great work. 
That's my rambles on life at 1230 am for today. Tomorrow, I discuss how I should probably be sleeping more.



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You win these:
Posted Image
They have capes. :)


A Question

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You find yourself in a world where time travel somehow exists! Now tell me, traveller: can you go backward and forward in time, can you only go backward in time, or can you only go forward in time?
I am of the opinion that you can only go forward, though that is just my refusing to accept any possibility that someone could go back and change the past at any moment, thereby taking any semblance of control I have over my life away. You can only alter the ever-changing future, not the brick wall of the past.
Of course, that's just me.
EDIT: I don't think forwards is a word. If it is, I feel stupid. If it isn't, I feel stupid for putting it in this entry before this edit was made.


NHL Round 2 Predictions

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I'll probably review these later. I haven't checked the games tonight yet, but here they are:
Pittsburgh Penguins (1) vs. Ottawa Senators (7) - Penguins in 6. (Revised after thinking on my gut instinct)
Boston Bruins (4) vs. New York Rangers (6) - Bruins in 6.
Chicago Blackhawks (1) vs. Detroit Red Wings (7) - Blackhawks in 6.
Los Angeles Kings (5) vs. San Jose Sharks (6) - Sharks in 5.


STANLEY CUP - Round 1 Update

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As a refresher, on May 1st these were my predictions for the first round:
Pittsburgh Penguins (1) vs. New York Islanders (8) - Penguins in 6.
Montreal Canadiens (2) vs. Ottawa Senators (7) - Canadiens in 7
Washington Capitals (3) vs. New York Rangers (6) - Rangers in 7
Boston Bruins (4) vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (5) - Could go either way, but I'll say Maple Leafs in 7.
Chicago Blackhawks (1) vs. Minnesota Wild (8) - Blackhawks in 5
Anaheim Ducks (2) vs. Detroit Red Wings (7) - Ducks in 7
Vancouver Canucks (3) vs. San Jose Sharks (6) - Canucks in 6
Los Angeles Kings (4) vs. St. Louis Blues (5) - Kings in 6
Now, below, here they are updated, mostly my thoughts on what could occur in the series that haven't ended yet (I'm not gonna be stupid and just switch my predicted winners, because that'd be sore losing)
Pittsburgh Penguins (1) vs. New York Islanders (8) - Penguins in 6 - This prediction could still come true, but in order for it to do so, the Penguins must win tomorrow's game. Do I think they can do this? Absolutely. However, I anticipated the Islanders putting up a good fight, and although they've done so already, I do think they are capable of pushing a game seven, and possibly even eliminating the Penguins. Tomorrow night will tell.

Montreal Canadiens (2) vs. Ottawa Senators (7) - Canadiens in 7 - WRONG. Senators defeated the Canadiens last night, winning the series in five games. To be honest, I knew this series was lost by game two, but again, wasn't going to just change stuff on the record books. That said, I think the Senators will be lucky to get matched with a team they can beat in Round 2.

Washington Capitals (3) vs. New York Rangers (6) - Rangers in 7 - As I write this, the two teams are tied 1-1 in the second period of game five in a series that is tied 2-2. Despite the blitz of the Capitals throughout April, I believed and still do believe that the Rangers have the firepower to take them down. I don't believe the Rangers can win the cup, but they can certainly defeat this team that should be executed for removing the Jets from the playoffs.
EDIT: After the Capitals won game five, they are up 3-2; I still believe that the Rangers might be able to win the series, however.

Boston Bruins (4) vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (5) - Could go either way, but I'll say Maple Leafs in 7. - As I write this, the Maple Leafs also lead 1-0 in the second period of game five. However, the Maple Leafs are currently down 3-1 in this series. If they do not win tonight, they will be eliminated. I will cop out slightly here and point out that I originally said the series could go either way in my first prediction; the Maple Leafs victory was my Canadian bias coming out. I do believe though that if the Maple Leafs win tonight, they might be able to push game seven. After that, who knows.
EDIT: Maple Leafs won and are now down 3-2. Who knows, honestly...
Chicago Blackhawks (1) vs. Minnesota Wild (8) - Blackhawks in 5 - 100% correct. Gosh darn, can you believe it? Don't worry, the Canucks and Canadiens proved me wrong enough to compensate for this, but man, it is nice to know that I really understood the Blackhawks (don't expect this again). It was five simple games, and I could see the Blackhawks making the final round, if the Sharks don't catch them on the way.

Anaheim Ducks (2) vs. Detroit Red Wings (7) - Ducks in 7 - As I write this, the Red Wings lead 1-0 at the end of the first period of game six in a series that the Ducks currently lead 3-2. If I'm off by a game and the Ducks win tonight, I'll consider it no big loss. I got the winner right, and that's what matters. However, I can still see the Red Wings pulling off a victory tonight only to fail in the grand finale.
EDIT: Red Wings won, and the series is tied 3-3. Prediction can still stand.

Vancouver Canucks (3) vs. San Jose Sharks (6) - Canucks in 6 - 100% WRONG. I honestly did not see this one coming - the Canucks being swept? But issues with the coach and which goalie to play let me know by Game 3 that the series was lost, and it was only a matter of time. Luongo should have been in net games three and four. Maybe it would've changed the fortunes of the team, it probably wouldn't have, but at least the Canucks look to be heading towards a restructuring they desperately need. If the Sharks continue to play like this, I could see them finally winning the Stanley Cup they deserve.
St. Louis Blues (4) vs. Los Angeles Kings (5) - Kings in 6 - In just over an hour these two teams will meet in the sixth game of a series that the Kings currently lead 3-2. I'll admit, I'd love for the Blues to go far, and I was a little worried during the first two games that the Kings would lose the cup in the first round, but the royal team has picked it up since, and I can definitely see this game being the end of the road for the Blues.
EDIT: With the Kings emerging victorious tonight, I got another series spot-on.


Back in Form (L4D2, TF2, Minecraft)

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Yes... as of today, I am back. B-)
And that means, of course, that I am now once more up for Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, and Minecraft (BZPC AT LAST!!). Those of you who I have played/tried to play L4D2 with, I'm hoping to get a session going this Friday.


Love me some Dr. Pepper

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At long last, I have a can of Dr. Pepper once more. It has been too long! It has been like three weeks! This is the pop of whatever deities exist, and if no deities exist, then I am that deity, so that it is still the pop of deities!
Dr. Pepper is perfection in a can. Cherry Dr. Pepper is perfection multiplied by seven.
And I swear to my own iBrow's eyebrows if anybody calls me out for calling your so-called "soda" as "pop", I will burn YOUR eyebrows. In your DREAMS. Because I am Canadian, and that is how we roll. We say "pop". Because we will be different.



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To be honest I'm about 100% certain I ruined that reference, and I'm not sure why I did that, but hey, welcome to my blog of Volts. Except there is no electricity in here so whatever.
Also here is a picture of me, except good luck trying to figure out what I really look like.
Posted Image
PS in that left hand of mine it is a stick of dynamite and I am currently planning in my head of heads how to use it in a film as soon as possible, so any story suggestions welcome


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