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Infinite Awakening


Bravely Default + Bravely Second

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, Video Games, Life Jan 17 2015 · 191 views

I am looking for three members who are fans of the first game / looking forward to the second game to participate in a name change in the next few months.


Fire Emblem: Awakening

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Jan 16 2015 · 166 views

So... I bought it today, just to pass the time, since outside of Majora's Mask 3D I don't think there's really anything coming until Codename: S.T.E.A.M. in March.

I'm looking forward to the game arriving so that I can finally play it =D


why must i live in canada

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Jan 14 2015 · 147 views

EDIT: It is evening time now, and the US Best Buy website is now selling this console. But not the Canadian site, nope. That would make too much SENSE

Posted Image

Take a look at that beautiful, beautiful thing. I was going to get The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D already, but daaaaang.

I mean if we take a look back to the good ol' days of 2013, I specifically bought my 3DS XL because of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (which was the Zelda title that I had wanted Nintendo to make for years) and the special edition console that it was bundled with. While I had not planned on buying the New 3DS XL for awhile, this thing is too beautiful to pass up... plus, it'll match my 3DS XL and that's also too good to pass up.

This makes up for the fact that I will not get a Skull Kid figure.

Assuming, of course, that I actually manage to get my hands on this console.


Okay so it appears that in North America, the game is not, in fact, bundled with this console...

Suddenly I'm far less hyped.


So... it's already sold out at ebgames, which seems to be the only place that it was made available so far. I swear to god Nintendo if this thing is a Gamestop exclusive I'm done I hate it


Taka Nuvia vs. ToaD

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Jan 13 2015 · 94 views

Taka Nuvia had never imagined that she would be in this position. She had originally been a simple artist, living a simple life; her apartment had been shabby and run-down, and she had drawn portraits of tourists foolish enough to believe that the Day Run and Bionifight counted as a vacation.

That had all changed when, one day, she unknowingly did a piece for White Two. Three days later, the White Turaga had shown up at her apartment and stared at it with distaste.

“No, this does not do at all,” he said dismissively, shaking his head. “Come with me - I shall find you more suitable quarters. I’m hiring you as the official artist of the White Council. Of course, you will be able to take on outside work - I would never dream of restricting your creative freedoms.”

Shaking her head, Taka Nuvia pushed the memory from her mind, re-focusing on the situation at hand. The Shadow Matoran known as ToaD - or rather, General ToaD - only smirked wider as she glared at him, fists clenched at her sides.

“You should really relax, you know,” ToaD said, chuckling as he crossed his arms. “Stress yourself out too much and you might crack your mask.”

“This is not a matter of stress!” Taka Nuvia snapped. “This is about you sacrificing three of our soldiers pointlessly!”

“It wasn’t pointless. I retrieved valuable information regarding the White Council,” the General replied, inspecting his armor and idly scratching at a spot of dirt.

“Three Matoran died!” Taka Nuvia hissed.

“Yeah, and three more will probably die tomorrow!” ToaD retaliated. “Seriously, what don’t you get about that?”

“It was needless sacrifice!”

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, is how I believe the saying goes,” ToaD told her. “Well, they were the few.”

“You’re heartless and cruel.”
“And yet Voltex continues to promote me, and pull me higher up the ranks with each battle that passes,” ToaD said, shrugging. “Why is that, I wonder?"


Chapter 3 releases Friday - and aside from the conflict shown above, we shall finally meet the figure known only as "Control"....


A hint of things to come (teaser)

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Jan 12 2015 · 301 views

Posted Image

I'll just let that sit with you all and confuse you while WE work on things behind the scenes.

Infinity is coming.


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

Posted by Lucina , in Life, Video Games Jan 12 2015 · 53 views

Well I wish that I could get a Skull Kid figure but nope no skull kid figure here because jerks are just buying thousands of collectable figures and selling them for outarkjaljbfnglkajbndfoghas;kjdbf;ahinrugaegoadofgvadf

*deep breath*


i'm still getting the game probably, but
i wish i could have bought the limited edition

although my hands are kind of full with the amiibo figures anyway


maybe they'll release a Skull Kid amiibo figure-


On that note, I'm searching for King Dedede amiibo so if you see that any stores have them for sale please notify me kthxbai


I recommend you read this

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Jan 10 2015 · 111 views

Textermination: Lives at Steak by Ghidora. Those of you reading Extermination will get the most out of it, since it is a parody of the events that have taken place so far.

Anyway that's all for now

Back to scheming about how I could get Xccj's epic featured on the front page


Guess what arrived today! :D

Posted by Lucina , in Life, BZPower Jan 09 2015 · 127 views

My Bionicle 2015 sets! (And a random Lego polybag for spending over $75 in the Lego online shop)

Posted Image

I got all six Toa plus the Protectors of Ice and Stone; I'll be posting a review of every set over the next week or so. :)



Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Jan 08 2015 · 92 views

Posted Image

Click the banner above for chapter 2!

And... we meet our villain... in a rather... tragic manner.

I am so, so sorry about the wait ;)


WAVE ONE COMPLETE! (Smash Files 68)

Posted by Lucina , in Smash Files Jan 06 2015 · 106 views

Posted Image

Yes!! Wave 1 of Amiibo complete! Yoshi arrived today in the mail. :)

Hopefully my Pit figure will arrive soon, prompting me to post about the completion of Wave 2 as well.

So now that I have all of Wave 1, it is time to rank them! Which is the best, and which is the worst?

1. Princess Peach
2. Donkey Kong
3. Samus
4. Mario
5. Kirby
6. Yoshi
7. Wii Fit Trainer
8. Pikachu
9. Villager
10. Fox
11. Marth
12. Link

I've been trying to decide whether I want to get another Peach or Zelda to actually use, but the Luigi I have is actually kind of loose in the package so, for quality's sake, I'll probably be picking myself up a Luigi figure to use instead.

Oh well, such is life.

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Nigel Thornberry, Akano Toa of Electricity, Vinylstep

AMIIBO: Smash Bros.

Posted Image
1. Mario - OWNED
2. Peach - OWNED
3. Yoshi - OWNED
4. Donkey Kong - OWNED
5. Samus - OWNED
6. Link - OWNED
7. Pikachu - OWNED
8. Kirby - OWNED
9. Villager - OWNED
10. Wii Fit Trainer - OWNED
11. Marth - OWNED
12. Fox - OWNED
13. Luigi - OWNED x2
14. Diddy Kong - OWNED
15. Zelda - OWNED x2
16. Pit - OWNED
17. Little Mac - OWNED
18. Captain Falcon - OWNED
19. Bowser - PREORDERED
20. Rosalina - PREORDERED
21. Sheik - PREORDERED
22. Toon Link - PREORDERED
23. Lucario - PREORDERED
24. King Dedede
25. Meta Knight - PREORDERED
24. Shulk - PREORDERED
25. Mega Man - PREORDERED
26. Sonic - PREORDERED
27. Robin
28. Lucina
29. Pac-Man
30. Wario
31. Charizard
32. Ness

AMIIBO: Other Games

Posted Image
1. Mario
2. Peach
3. Yoshi
4. Luigi
5. Bowser
6. Toad