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Infinite Awakening


Project Sequel

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library, Life Oct 02 2012 · 106 views

Tahu vs. Tahu 2


it's not going to be called Tahu vs. Tahu 2


That is a stupid title

and also because...

It has nothing to do with the comedy that is being written

But I mean, why am I saying this here? Not like you people listen to stuff I say. YOU'RE ALL LYING TO ME, WHYYYYYY?! :U


Please Read

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Sep 28 2012 · 167 views

The Comedy Forum Expo will be running in the Comedies forum this year from October 16th-October 23rd. If you aren't into comedies right now, want to get into comedies, or are just looking to see what's coming up that might interest you, I'd mark it down. I don't know how many new things the other authors are planning on revealing, but I'm revealing... three new comedies, I believe, and I'm fairly certain everyone else will be revealing at least one.

Plus, updates and trivia on older stuff too.

EDIT: For the exact details, check the Comedic Federation topic.

And if you're wondering what this is, it's like E3, but for Comedies.


The Pixar List - Monsters, Inc. - Rank 6

Posted by Lucina , in Film / Shows, To Disney Sep 28 2012 · 532 views

Posted Image

6th - Monsters, Inc., 2001

iBrow Percentage: 90

Here we are people - the best of the best, the greatest of Pixar. Anything Rank 6 or higher is a truly spectacular film, probably beyond almost any other animated film you've seen. If I were to make a list of my favourite animated films, al six of them would be up here

That said, my complaints about Monsters, Inc. are few and they are minor. The first is that, while Pixar films are intended as a family, back when I was a kid I couldn't really understand the little girl, nor was I able to make sense of all those doors. I understand them now, but why not then? D=

However, Mike and Sulley are quite possibly my favourite duo in Pixar, with their back and forth banter throughout the film causing struggles and resolving issues in a way that Buzz and Woody can't (and shouldn't) ever do. The whole incident with the little girl, which sets the main issue for the entire film, was deliciously ironic as the monsters themselves were scared at the sight of her, immediately considering monsters touched by her to be contaminated. The whole "undercover" thing was really sweet.

This is also easily the funniest Pixar film, although we'll see if next year's Monsters University can top it.

Those are my thoughts in short; the hint was hinting towards how children often believe there is a monster in their closet.

Now, for the hint towards Rank 5:



A Bit of Trivia About Me

Posted by Lucina , in Life Sep 27 2012 · 145 views

If you go on Google and search "ibrowvoltex", every single result on the first page is me! :D

That said, there's some stupid google site that I didn't even know they gave me. Stupid Google connected-ness. >.>


I looked through the total of four pages - aside from only two results that were in some asian dialect I couldn't understand, every single result was relating to me (thanks Zakaro, your banner turned up several times). Guess I'm 100% unique on the internet! Woot woot!


Blog Approval! =D

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Sep 26 2012 · 172 views


time to never use this thing right

Posted Image


The Pixar List - A Bug's Life - Rank 7

Posted by Lucina , in Film / Shows, To Disney Sep 25 2012 · 213 views

Posted Image

7th - A Bug's Life, 1998

iBrow Percentage: 89

I told you all that I'd be explaining my motives behind ranking A Bug's Life as one of my favourite Pixar films visually. You see, A Bug's Life is stuck in the time between Toy Story, where Pixar was still sort of figuring things out, and Finding Nemo, where every Pixar film became a visual masterpiece. While this doesn't aid Toy Story 2 or Monsters, Inc. so much, I love A Bug's Life so much more because of it. The film has such a unique... everything, really. The visual style is one that hasn't been (and can't be) replicated, nor will we be able to see quite the viewpoint this film gives us either.

Where A Bug's Life goes wrong is with the main character, Flik. Most of the time he's pretty likeable, but at others it just feels uninteresting to watch him. However, there's also his love interest Dot (do you all get the hint now?), who feels stereotypical. Her scenes are all saved by either the main villain's presence (or indeed, the presence of Flik himself), but I really wish she could've been a stronger female lead along the lines of Elastigirl, Merida, or EVE.

Thoughts in short on A Bug's Life! You all know that the dot led to Dot, so now for the hint towards Rank 6:

all children know...


The Pixar List - Up - Rank 8

Posted by Lucina , in To Disney, Film / Shows Sep 24 2012 · 207 views

Posted Image

8th - Up, 2009

iBrow Percentage: 88

So, where to begin? I suppose with the visuals. Honestly, I think I would consider Up to be Pixar's best looking film to date. Toy Story 3 is good, Brave is exceptional, and Cars 2 isn't to be mentioned, but none of them can match Up. There are only two Pixar films that come within a finger's breath of Up - A Bug's Life (I'll get to that later) and Finding Nemo, but Up still beats them both. The animation in this film looks so realistic and cartoony at the same time that I just can't help but love it. I truly wish we'd gotten more scenes in the broad daylight with this film.

If I had to have one complaint (unfortunately, you know it's gotta be a major one, right?), it would be the relevation of the main villain. All I can think about when watching that scene is how crushed I would be if I were Carl - I've waited my ENTIRE life, many decades, to meet this guy, and he immediately tries to kill me? That is crushing to the point where I don't enjoy the scene. I also dislike the chase scene where they have to run away from an entire army of dogs. The army of dogs is just too stupid for me to believe the characters are in any real danger. The main villain and his sidekick dog are the only brains of the operation, and that removes much of the threat.

Anyway, my thoughts in short once again. Feel free to disagree in the comments! ;D

The hint from the previous Pixar entry (you know, the one with all the numbers) referenced the number of balloons seen on screen at different points during the film. Now, your hint for Rank 7, coming tomorrow morning:



New Blog Theme

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Sep 24 2012 · 104 views

I actually gave my blog a real theme! =D
Now to get to work on a blog approval!


You Decide

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Sep 23 2012 · 121 views

I worked on a bit of a logo for an upcoming comedy yesterday, and would like your opinions on them. There are two possible titles, and two different logos for each colour (at the moment, all that is different between the logos are the colors).

Version I
Posted Image
Version II
Posted Image
Version III
Posted Image
Version IV
Posted Image


Those of You With the Photoshop Skills

Posted by Lucina , in Life Sep 21 2012 · 141 views

If you are having them and willing to aid me in creating a logo, could you comment here/pm me if you want to help?
Mostly I just need you to crop something and turn it mostly transparent, two things I am horrendous at. And by horrendous, I mean I can't crop Bionicle or Hero Factory because I am just terrible that way.

Challenge your fate!

Posted Image

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