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Sail Among the Stars


A Quick Announcement

Posted by Voltex Oblige , in BZP Library Oct 30 2014 · 31 views

Bionicle Mafia Book 2: Extraction, after the release of Chapter 8, shall go on a brief hiatus.

This has nothing to do with things becoming busy in my life or anything (although with NaNo I guess I'll be hard pressed for time =P), but rather to help with a multitude of things.

For one, there are some experiments related to the series that I'd like to try out, and I need an appropriate window for them. You'll probably hear more about them soon. Second, I have been struggling a bit with Chapters 9 and beyond, and because I can't guarantee that I'll be writing Book 2 during NaNo, I do need to give myself time to finish them if possible. Third, it'll give me some extra time to plan Book 3 and really figure out how I'm going to set it up, that way when the time comes to begin writing Book 3, it will be a faster, smoother process than Book 2 has been.

The hiatus shall be no longer than 3 weeks. Due to timing, Chapter 8 should release around the end of November; that means you should see Chapter 9 release in the latter half of December.

Anyway, I'm going to go sleep now. Goodbye.


it is here

Posted by Voltex Oblige , in BZP Library Oct 29 2014 · 77 views

Beat this

Who else would be so awesome that they could wipe the floor with a Makuta



Posted by Voltex Oblige , in Life Oct 27 2014 · 57 views

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I have decided to participate this year!

If anyone wants to become a writing buddy or whatever, feel free to do so. :P I go by "Voltex Oblige" on the NaNo site.

This year I'll be writing a rough draft of what I hope will be my first novel, titled Tempus Resonat.

Best of luck to all.


What happened to Amiibo?

Posted by Voltex Oblige , Oct 26 2014 · 103 views

I'm mostly wondering about Link. Why is he tilted down to face the stand now instead of being normal?

Or have I just managed to only see him from bad angles?


such new characters (Smash Files 59)

Posted by Voltex Oblige , in Smash Files Oct 26 2014 · 89 views



ALL OF THE not-so 50 FACTS (Smash Files 58)

Posted by Voltex Oblige , in Smash Files Oct 25 2014 · 97 views

Since I'm short on time (and there's so much material, and you can literally find this same list everywhere), this is merely a list with some thoughts from myself.

1. 3DS Secret Characters as starters: Honestly a little disappointed with this. I'm all for having a different starting roster from the 3DS version, but I love unlocking characters, and now there will be far less of that.
2. Higher resolution
3. Eight Player Smash: HECK YEAH! I just wish I had a way to get eight people in the same room... and room for eight people.
4. Bigger Stages: This means that the Hyrule Temple stage from Melee is back again, and that is awesome. I love that stage.
5. Danger Zones: I feel like they might make certain stages more annoying to play on than they should be, especially regarding the insta-KO if you're above 100%.
6. Two Plane Battles: It's odd to see a feature like this on the Wii U but not the 3DS, but also understandable. This stage looks like a lot of fun.
7. More Stages: This is good... I feel like the 3DS was low on stages. Maybe just low on ones that I really like.
8. Miiverse Stage: Looks okay, I guess.
9. Palutena Commentary
10. Metal Face appears
11. Ridley: This is just an insult to those who want Ridley to be playable, it really is. Make him 1/3 the size he is right now and a little fast and BOOM. I mean obviously more work than that, but come on...
12. Coin Battles
13. Stamina: Good!
14. Special Smash returns
15. Item Frequency: A feature that should have been in the 3DS version as well.
16. My Music: One of my favourite features.
17. Menu Music
18. Wii U has more music than 3DS
19. More Composers
20. Collect CDs in-game
21. More Challenges than 3DS Version: Awesome. [/sarcasm]
22. Classic Mode: My interest is piqued. The 3DS classic mode is my favourite yet, so we'll see how the Wii U version stacks up.
23. Classic Mode movies: Haven't these been in place in the series forever?
24. All-Star Mode: Meh, not really an exciting change.
25. Event Mode: Looks like a refreshing change.
26. Smash Tour: Looks very interesting! I'll definitely have to give it a few spins.
27. Target Blast
28. Multiplayer Stadium
29. Special Orders: I feel like I won't bother with this mode much.
30. Master Fortress: Seems interesting. If the stage is the entire boss fight (and you don't have to battle the other Master Core forms as well), I'm all in.
31. Lots of Controllers
32. GCN Controllers: Old hat.
33. 3DS as Controller: Also old hat.
34. Custom Characters from 3DS to Wii U: Even older hat.
35. More Trophies
36. Final Smash Trophies: I've made it a goal to complete Classic Mode on the 3DS once with every character. I shall make it my goal to complete All-STar mode once with every character on the Wii U.
37. Trophy Box
38. Photo Studio: Looks like something I'll enjoy.
39. Trophy Rush
40. Masterpieces: This... isn't new. It was in Brawl as well.
41. Level up Amiibo: If they can become stronger than CPUs then heck yeah! And even still, heck yeah! Amiibo!
42. Wii LAN Adapter
43. Notifications
44. Local Co-Op Online: I'll give this a try.
45. Eventually Host Tournaments: BZPower Tourney, anyone?
46. Nintendo Tournaments: I wonder how many?
47. Typical GamePad usage
48. Draw on screenshots, share online: I'll share my best pictures.
49. Voice Chat
50. Stage Builder: Also should have been on 3DS. Looks much better than in Brawl though, very excited.
51. Eventually share stages: Please come soon.
52. Movies In-Game: Awesome!
53. Club Nintendo CDs: Old hat; I've known about the promotion forever and I can't wait to become eligible.
54. Mewtwo DLC: Already touched upon, but am excited.
55. Bowser Jr. Announced: Also already touched on.


HERE WE GO AGAIN (Smash Files 57)

Posted by Voltex Oblige , in Smash Files Oct 24 2014 · 113 views




Posted by Voltex Oblige , in Smash Files Oct 23 2014 · 122 views

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He's finally back!!

As suspected by all of us (and surprising nobody), you can only unlock him by purchasing both versions of Smash. Which I was going to do anyway, but thanks Nintendo. Except that Mewtwo is DLC, and we don't get him until 2015... so if I have to pay for Mewtwo, Nintendo, I will disown you.


Don't disappoint me.

Anyway, with the new direct a lot of information was given; two more Profiles are on the way, and maybe one or two other posts on the Direct itself. And then, my 3DS review!


Pre-Scream Fortress

Posted by Voltex Oblige , in Video Games Oct 22 2014 · 89 views


I can try out Scream Fortress 2013 now! Finally!
Consider my hype built.


it's finally here (join us)

Posted by Voltex Oblige , in Games & Trivia Oct 20 2014 · 114 views

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