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Sail Among the Stars


such new characters (Smash Files 59)

Posted by CHRIS PRATT , in Smash Files Oct 26 2014 · 90 views



ALL OF THE not-so 50 FACTS (Smash Files 58)

Posted by CHRIS PRATT , in Smash Files Oct 25 2014 · 97 views

Since I'm short on time (and there's so much material, and you can literally find this same list everywhere), this is merely a list with some thoughts from myself.

1. 3DS Secret Characters as starters: Honestly a little disappointed with this. I'm all for having a different starting roster from the 3DS version, but I love unlocking characters, and now there will be far less of that.
2. Higher resolution
3. Eight Player Smash: HECK YEAH! I just wish I had a way to get eight people in the same room... and room for eight people.
4. Bigger Stages: This means that the Hyrule Temple stage from Melee is back again, and that is awesome. I love that stage.
5. Danger Zones: I feel like they might make certain stages more annoying to play on than they should be, especially regarding the insta-KO if you're above 100%.
6. Two Plane Battles: It's odd to see a feature like this on the Wii U but not the 3DS, but also understandable. This stage looks like a lot of fun.
7. More Stages: This is good... I feel like the 3DS was low on stages. Maybe just low on ones that I really like.
8. Miiverse Stage: Looks okay, I guess.
9. Palutena Commentary
10. Metal Face appears
11. Ridley: This is just an insult to those who want Ridley to be playable, it really is. Make him 1/3 the size he is right now and a little fast and BOOM. I mean obviously more work than that, but come on...
12. Coin Battles
13. Stamina: Good!
14. Special Smash returns
15. Item Frequency: A feature that should have been in the 3DS version as well.
16. My Music: One of my favourite features.
17. Menu Music
18. Wii U has more music than 3DS
19. More Composers
20. Collect CDs in-game
21. More Challenges than 3DS Version: Awesome. [/sarcasm]
22. Classic Mode: My interest is piqued. The 3DS classic mode is my favourite yet, so we'll see how the Wii U version stacks up.
23. Classic Mode movies: Haven't these been in place in the series forever?
24. All-Star Mode: Meh, not really an exciting change.
25. Event Mode: Looks like a refreshing change.
26. Smash Tour: Looks very interesting! I'll definitely have to give it a few spins.
27. Target Blast
28. Multiplayer Stadium
29. Special Orders: I feel like I won't bother with this mode much.
30. Master Fortress: Seems interesting. If the stage is the entire boss fight (and you don't have to battle the other Master Core forms as well), I'm all in.
31. Lots of Controllers
32. GCN Controllers: Old hat.
33. 3DS as Controller: Also old hat.
34. Custom Characters from 3DS to Wii U: Even older hat.
35. More Trophies
36. Final Smash Trophies: I've made it a goal to complete Classic Mode on the 3DS once with every character. I shall make it my goal to complete All-STar mode once with every character on the Wii U.
37. Trophy Box
38. Photo Studio: Looks like something I'll enjoy.
39. Trophy Rush
40. Masterpieces: This... isn't new. It was in Brawl as well.
41. Level up Amiibo: If they can become stronger than CPUs then heck yeah! And even still, heck yeah! Amiibo!
42. Wii LAN Adapter
43. Notifications
44. Local Co-Op Online: I'll give this a try.
45. Eventually Host Tournaments: BZPower Tourney, anyone?
46. Nintendo Tournaments: I wonder how many?
47. Typical GamePad usage
48. Draw on screenshots, share online: I'll share my best pictures.
49. Voice Chat
50. Stage Builder: Also should have been on 3DS. Looks much better than in Brawl though, very excited.
51. Eventually share stages: Please come soon.
52. Movies In-Game: Awesome!
53. Club Nintendo CDs: Old hat; I've known about the promotion forever and I can't wait to become eligible.
54. Mewtwo DLC: Already touched upon, but am excited.
55. Bowser Jr. Announced: Also already touched on.


HERE WE GO AGAIN (Smash Files 57)

Posted by CHRIS PRATT , in Smash Files Oct 24 2014 · 113 views




Posted by CHRIS PRATT , in Smash Files Oct 23 2014 · 123 views

Posted Image

He's finally back!!

As suspected by all of us (and surprising nobody), you can only unlock him by purchasing both versions of Smash. Which I was going to do anyway, but thanks Nintendo. Except that Mewtwo is DLC, and we don't get him until 2015... so if I have to pay for Mewtwo, Nintendo, I will disown you.


Don't disappoint me.

Anyway, with the new direct a lot of information was given; two more Profiles are on the way, and maybe one or two other posts on the Direct itself. And then, my 3DS review!


Pre-Scream Fortress

Posted by CHRIS PRATT , in Video Games Oct 22 2014 · 90 views


I can try out Scream Fortress 2013 now! Finally!
Consider my hype built.


it's finally here (join us)

Posted by CHRIS PRATT , in Games & Trivia Oct 20 2014 · 114 views

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Profiles - Bionifight Ultimate: Drift Force (Cycle 3)

Posted by CHRIS PRATT , in Games & Trivia Oct 18 2014 · 120 views


Name: Makuta Luroka
Weapon: Black-Body Sword (Protosteel Sword). Consult
Power: Kanohi Mataxa (Mask of Entropy) - Luroka's great mask of entropy grants him the ability to control the overall heat distribution in an area.
Appearance: Fa-matoran (Disguised), he is built with a strong frame. His mask bears likeness to a powerless hau. His fore-arms, lower legs, chest, and shoulders are silver. His upper arms, upper legs, lower torso, and kanohi are black (the kanohi fades to silver at the top). His hands and feet are gunmetal, and his eyes and heartlight are red.

Member Name: Voxumo
Weapon: Dual Boltikons. The Boltikon can fire 6 .357 magnum rounds before requiring reloading. Basically think gunblade, but axe edition. And based on a real life historical weapon.
Power: Energy Manipulation. The ability to give physical form to energy, whether for offensive or defensive purposes. Any energy constructs can be broken given enough force.
Appearance: This
guy, Lean yet packing muscle. Sometimes dons a tophat and/or a cane. A full gallery.
Drift Force Weapons: Shield of Voltex: this shield will protects the user from all drift force weapon attacks, and can itself be used to deal 7 damage to an opponent

Member Name: Anna
Weapon: A gunblade that can house different bullet types, and switch between then with a switch on the handle; including a tracking bolt that allows lightning to chain between them.
Power: The ability to manipulate lightning/electricity for different powers.
Appearance: A tall female-styled minifigure with a green jacket over a pink shirt and a black skirt over navy blue jeans, with long braided-style brown hair.
Drift Force Weapons: Master Core - a mysterious sphere that can be used to summon Master Hand with 5 health to aid you in battle; once Master Hand is slain, a Shadow Clone of yourself with the same powers and equipment shall spawn with 5 health to help you.

Member name: Shadow_Ignited
Weapon: Black heavy long-sword
Power: advancement of the five senses (better hearing, sight)
Appearance: Normal matoran size and wears a black cloak. Sometimes you can see a small glimpse of pale gold or blue armour.

Name: Chro
Weapon: Defender Standard, protosteel model. Retractable light (as in not heavy, not hard-light) shield; when folded, forms a sort of armguard, and when unfolded, resembles a rectangular centurion shield, though rounder around the edges.
Drift Force Weapons: 1. Rhindon, the Sword of Ybrus. Grants Chro power over light and shadow, as well as the ability to deal seven damage to an opponent once a round. Functions as a normal sword too, which complements his shield effectively. 2. The Golden Weapons of Spinjitsu. These ancient and very shiny artifacts grant Chro control over ice as well as advanced strength and speed, plus the ability to deal seven damage to an opponent once a round.
Power: Control over fire, including the ability to transform himself into fire. When in a physical fire state he cannot be controlled by other fire-manipulators.
Appearance: A short, thin, black-as-coal Toa, with orange eyes dim like glowing embers. Because fire. Visible on my flickr account.

Member Name: ShadowVezon
Weapon: A Quantum Whip. Think a whip made out of plasma, with a similar hilt to a lightsaber. With a long range, it'll be nasty to be hit by.
Power: Pure, primal, Strength. Like Hulk-Strength. Just plain pure strength, and a body that can withstand his strength. Cause it would suck to be so strong you break your own hand by clenching it. This includes super-powered punches, high-jumping, and equates to if a normal person punched you, that would be him flicking his finger at you.
Appearance: As before, looks like Vezon (because he was), but black armour, glowing red eyes, etc. It helps him blend into the dark, which is both a good and a bad thing. This time however, I've bulked up, so imagine the previous description mixed with the Hulk. And I'll pick up a Dracula costume along the way, considering it's Halloween and all. Imagine ShadowVezon in this: http://www.vampire-e...ire-costume.jpg
Drift Force Weapons: Nada.

Name: The Rider of Kikanalo
Weapon: M107 50 cal. Sniper Rifle with a detachable bayonet.
Power: My Counter ability.
Description: A white medium sized but heavily armored Toa-like person.
Drift-Force weapons: Nada.

Member Name: Zakaro
Weapon: An arm-cannon with the ability to fire plasma shots, which can be charged for more damage and radius, or missiles, which slightly follow a target and are material-based.
Power: Infinite Ammo, as well as plasma shots only in conjunction with said arm-cannon.
Appearance: Zak has opted to go all out with his costume and is basically using a mostly-functional Varia Suit, modeled basically after this but with a purple, silver, and black color scheme and an orange visor and lights. (Red -> Purple, Orange -> Grey/Silver, Yellow -> Black)

Drift Force Weapons: Zilch.

Member Name: Phoenix Zero
Weapon: An energy saber with a curved blade similar to that of a katana. However, it can also morph into an arm cannon that fires sharp sheets of energy.
Power: The ability to 'catch' certain attack and negate all damage. The attack caught can be assimilated and copied, usable for the rest of the round, or be stored as evidence and thrown back at double the damage. If a power is assimilated, no other attacks can be caught until the previous power is discarded. Up to three attacks can be caught per round, and afterwards, this power is disabled. Some powers cannot be perfectly copied, and are instead adapted for use by the saber. Regular weapon strikes cannot be caught.
Appearance: A robotic being that is humanoid in structure.The head is surrounded by a helmet, with a blue gem on the forehead and black spikes protruding from the sides and facing back. and a large, blonde ponytail underneath the helmet. The eyes are brown on the top and blue on the bottom. The limbs are red and white, but the torso is blue, with what appears to be a red symbol resembling that of a tie.

Member Name: Captain Caboose
Weapon: An Electric Guitar which channel his powers through.

Power: Sonics

Appearance: http://img.karaoke-l...ller-284448.jpg

Drift Force Weapons: None

Member Name: Unit#phntk#1
Weapon: A giant battleaxe. Like Axonn's in design but not quite as huge.
Power: Repulsion(think the Kanohi Crast but more powerful).
Appearance: A green Toa wearing a powerless Faxon.
Drift Force Weapons: None

Name: Portalfig
Weapon: Adan, the twin interlocking broad shields. Basically two massive sheets of metal that can connect into one massive sheet of metal.
Power: The ability to create two freestanding interlocking Portals.
Appearance: A stocky Onu-Matoran with an orange Pakari, and dark red eyes. Has dark, jet black armor. Incredibly strong for a Matoran.
Drift Force Weapons: (none)

Member Name: Toatapio Nuva.
Weapon: Laser Staff
Power: Basic laser powers channelled through the staff that can be used to attack.
Appearance:Toatapio Nuva
Drift Force Weapons: -

Name: Ghidora131
Weapon: The nearly indestructible claws in my hands and feet, and my ice powers gone berserk.
Power: Incredible ice creations, instant ice anything, no warfare though.
Appearance: Tall, 7.5', extremely strong, almost as strong as Axonn, not too bright though even though smart.
Incredibly agile, and way too witty.
Drift force weapons: Waa I don't have any


coming soon (like tomorrow maybe? we'll see)

Posted by CHRIS PRATT , in Games & Trivia Oct 17 2014 · 101 views

Posted Image


I am in need of some help

Posted by CHRIS PRATT , in BZP Library Oct 17 2014 · 88 views

I need a test reader for the first chapter of a new story I'm working on; I'm unsure of where it should be placed when I post in on BZP. I'm currently leaning towards Epics, but with the way the forums are set up I think it could possibly count as a comedy?

I'll probably end up posting it in epics anyway but whatever, comment below if interested


XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Posted by CHRIS PRATT , in Video Games Oct 16 2014 · 88 views

For those who have played it... what sort of game should I be expecting? I think I heard that it's challenging, but that's about all I know?

What a Link

Quote Block

We're not teaching university science classes here, we're playing a text based fighting game where the objective is to beat your opponents into oblivion.

Get back in your grave, you.

*Slaps with tombstone*

Also, what pay are you gonna get as iBrow's slave?

Chro suddenly developed arachnophobia.

explain it with a convoluted quadruple negative.

Although everyone should go sign up for that game now.
And tell your friends.
And your moms.
Maybe not that last bit.

Poor Lhikan. Demoted from riding on top of an awesome Rahi to being packed in with a bunch of batteries as an afterthought.

However, this does not mean we no longer want to kill the rest of you for evading death. In fact, we would like to destroy you all, because we feel like it and we're the bad guys, the latter of which we only just realised.

...You guys didn't realize we were the villains all along?

You thought I was a good guy? ? ?


None of us are actually competent. We run around like headless chickens, if headless chickens were capable of wielding assault rifles and broadswords.

I'm gonna bluff you guys so hard you won't even know that I'm bluffing
Or maybe you will
It'll be a quadruple bluff

NaNoWriMo 2014

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Tempus Resonat

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