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The Storyteller


Here we Go Again

Posted by Breath of the Wild , in BZPower Jan 18 2017 · 0 views

I think it speaks for itself



Posted by Breath of the Wild , in Hype Files, Video Games Jan 18 2017 · 35 views

Wild Files 02: The Box Art
Posted Image

Above is the Japanese/American box art and the European box art for Breath of the Wild, which is my most hype and anticipated game of 2017, obviously, otherwise why would I even bother?

I'm a really big fan of both, but especially the American version (thankfully, since it's the one I'll be seeing on store shelves). Aside from the fact that the art itself is simply majestic (and that it shows off that hot new blue tunic that I really want to become Link's new main attire even though it won't), I think it does a fantastic job of selling the idea of there being a big, open world to explore.

The lack of a gold filter is also appreciated; I feel like it has been way overdone in recent years, and the cover of A Link Between Worlds in particular lost some of its luster by being converted into a monochromatic gold image.

I think there's something to be said about the logo as well - it lacks the traditional red color, something only Majora's Mask (purple) and Four Swords Adventure (green) have done, I think. Its decrepit state hints at the ruined state that Hyrule has reached before the adventure begins, and hints at a time long since past - which seems to be a major part of the game's story if the latest trailer was any indication. The Japanese logo goes even further, eschewing the typical logo and basing it upon the logo of the very first game in the series; while the American logo is still nice, a part of me does wish that the same had been done for us. It would have helped to set this game apart even more, as special as it is.

As for the European box art, while I don't like it as much as the American version, I do like that Link almost seems to be looking directly at you as if to invite you with him on the adventure - something that I don't think the series has done before.

I can't wait until I can see this game on store shelves.

Which cover art do you like more?


Name Change

Posted by Breath of the Wild , in Video Games, BZPower Jan 17 2017 · 66 views

Gee I wonder what game I'm looking forward to this year


Check out that hot bod (Wild Files 01)

Posted by Breath of the Wild , in Hype Files Jan 16 2017 · 120 views

Wild Files 01: Link's Hot Bod
(this is in no-way me modifying the Smash Files to suit a new game, nope, not at all)

So I'm like, seriously hyped for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild... as in the last time I was this hyped for a game was probably Super Smash Bros. 4.

I can't even afford to do this but I might go out and buy a Switch (or a Wii U) and this game just to play it.

Anyway, what better thing to blog about first than Link's hot bod?

Posted Image

Check out those knees.

Check out those calves.

The thighs.

The abs. Well, actually, you can't really see any, but I'm assuming he has them anyway because why wouldn't he?

He's just delectable. If I wasn't such a fan of the new blue tunic, I'd play through the game as Naked Link (although I will probably attempt that at some point in the future).

Oh yeah.


BZPower in 2016

Posted by Breath of the Wild , in BZPower Jan 15 2017 · 74 views

Got any good memories from BZPower in 2016?


Oh. :(

Well, if you do, here's a topic to share them with the world!
(the world being BZPower)



Posted by Breath of the Wild , in Video Games Jan 13 2017 · 132 views


Posted Image

im gonna pass out


Games & Trivia Skype

Posted by Breath of the Wild , in Games & Trivia / RPG Jan 12 2017 · 66 views

If you frequent Games & Trivia and wanna join us on skype, here's a link


This was a link skype gave me, so if it doesn't work, don't blame me


Right Conquers Might

Posted by Breath of the Wild , in BZP Library, Games & Trivia / RPG Jan 09 2017 · 63 views

Posted Image

Or does Might Conquer Right?

Click the banner above to read the latest entry in Lore & Histories!


oh, RWBY

Posted by Breath of the Wild , in Film / Shows Jan 07 2017 · 79 views

This volume has, for the most part, managed to avoid being both awful and good, simply by the fact that almost nothing has happened at all

but the show does sometimes manage to produce a moment that should be saved forever

minor spoilers; not a big plot point or anything but it is from today's episode, just so you're aware:

I've spoken at length about Volume 4 with some of my friends and how disappointing it is; even if Episodes 10-12 are god-tier it won't make up for how mediocre the volume as a whole has been. Maybe I'll do a proper write-up here on BZP after the finale.


Night Falls

Posted by Breath of the Wild , in Games & Trivia / RPG Jan 04 2017 · 46 views

and now your watch begins:

Posted Image


watch, listen, remember

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

just for fun

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

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