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Great Games


New Mouse

Posted by Lucina , in Life Jan 25 2015 · 336 views

Posted Image

I bought the Razer DeathAdder Chroma today (I didn't buy it for any particular reason other than that it was the cheapest Razer mouse in the store). I'm not really sure that the two buttons on the side will be enough; I'd rather three so that I can optimize it for Team Fortress 2, but for now it will do fine.

There was one with six buttons on the side that I really wanted, but that one was like 40 dollars more and I was all like "NOPE"

Next step is a headset with a microphone - I saw one at the store that I almost bought but it's for sale online for about $40 instead of the usual $70, so I'll probably be ordering it

Anyway, that's all for now


Meet my amiibo

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games, Life Jan 18 2015 · 241 views

Posted Image

You have Gerald the Luigi Amiibo on the left, and Agnes the Zelda amiibo on the right

If I can, I want to get a Mega Man and name it Alastor


Bravely Default + Bravely Second

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, Video Games, Life Jan 17 2015 · 463 views

I am looking for three members who are fans of the first game / looking forward to the second game to participate in a name change in the next few months.


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

Posted by Lucina , in Life, Video Games Jan 12 2015 · 271 views

Well I wish that I could get a Skull Kid figure but nope no skull kid figure here because jerks are just buying thousands of collectable figures and selling them for outarkjaljbfnglkajbndfoghas;kjdbf;ahinrugaegoadofgvadf

*deep breath*


i'm still getting the game probably, but
i wish i could have bought the limited edition

although my hands are kind of full with the amiibo figures anyway


maybe they'll release a Skull Kid amiibo figure-


On that note, I'm searching for King Dedede amiibo so if you see that any stores have them for sale please notify me kthxbai


Guess what arrived today! :D

Posted by Lucina , in Life, BZPower Jan 09 2015 · 1,194 views

My Bionicle 2015 sets! (And a random Lego polybag for spending over $75 in the Lego online shop)

Posted Image

I got all six Toa plus the Protectors of Ice and Stone; I'll be posting a review of every set over the next week or so. :)


why does this always happen (aka merry christmas)

Posted by Lucina , in Life Dec 25 2014 · 399 views

Every single year I ask my parents for a single movie
Every single year they get that movie... for my brother.

Parents, Imma kick you into next week. TBH, all of the fun presents I got this year were from my brothers and you guys :P (with the exception of a Tardis mug, which I'm not entirely certain what to make of)

Anyway I'll probably bump this entry later with my loot. Which this year includes a box of screwdrivers, because reasons.

2014 Loot:
-Hammerwatch (PC) - bzp
-The Stanley Parable (PC) - bzp
-GCN Controller Adapter - bzp
-Transparent Tahu Mask - bzp
-A broken coffee mug I won in a Christmas present "Grinch" game - work
-Allen/hex key - work
-A 40 piece screwdriver and bits set - work
-Video Games Guinness Records 2015
-"Walking Home" by Eric Walters
-End of the Line Crate Keys x2 (PC) - bzp
-TARDIS Coffee Mug
-$50 in cash
-An Old Spice kit (which arrived just in time, hurrah)
-Minecraft Stone Pickaxe keychain
-Various packets of different hot chocolates
-a chocolate "D"
-Pajamas, because I totally needed more of those instead of socks
-Link Amiibo
-Pikachu Amiibo
-Peach Amiibo
-Sony releasing The Interview after all, and it was rather good - sony
-Super Meat Boy (PC) - whoever bought my TF2 Tour of Duty ticket on the market

So, yeah. As far as gifts from family... this year kinda stinks (specifically with regards to my parents; the $50 is from grandparents and the amiibo figures are from my brothers). My parents appear to have gone out of their way to try and make me disappointed this year, which is disappointing in and of itself. I know that pessimism and other rather lackluster traits have basically consumed them, but I mean come on.

I'm honestly curious to know what I'll be like once I move out and get away from them. Perhaps my optimism can finally flourish... or be crushed under the stresses of adulthood :P


I'd say that this Christmas was pretty good, despite my parents, with whom I have remained thoroughly unsatisfied for years. I got some wicked cool gifts, I got some completely out of the blue gifts (seriously why am I the person you're giving the tools to build stuff with), and I got a cool coffee mug that can join my Darth Duck mug. All in all, pretty awesome. There's also the possibility that this might not be it (however slim), since I will be visiting with all sorts of family next week. So - we shall see!

Anyway, that's all for now. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas. :)



Posted by Lucina , in Life, BZPower, Hype Files Dec 23 2014 · 602 views
JMJ is legend
Posted Image

I thought I was receiving a GCN Controller Adapter, not that and a special NYCC limited edition transparent Tahu Mask! *shakes fist*
But still!

I thank you very much. Now I can play Smash Bros. the way that it was meant to be played, and I have my first little bit of Bionicle 2015 as well! TBH I'm really excited about the mask because I didn't think I'd actually ever see one in person, let alone OWN it.

Now to fight the urge to open it until I can assemble all six 2015 Toa together.

This is gonna be tough. ;_;

Thank you again!


I'm gonna be honest

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library, Life, BZPower, Games & Trivia / RPG Nov 26 2014 · 377 views

I started working in a call center on October 20th (well, training, at least. I started on the floor two weeks later). I appear to be at least half-decent at the job - I'm an inbound CSR for things like home heating, cooling, sometimes plumbing + drains, sometimes water heaters, sometimes other things. Most of my newbie teammates get spoken to about their lack of sales or quality on a daily basis (or still don't know what they're doing) while I, in contrast, have been told once or twice that I am "doing alright".

I am okay with this. I'm averaging one sale a day and that seems to keep people off my back.


I have been dealing with more stupid people these past few weeks than ever before in my life, and I have noticed it leaking (well, more like flooding) into my interactions everywhere else. While at home it is easy to avoid (I can just go into my room, after all) and it's easy to bottle it in at the YMCA (since I'm only there for 1-2 hours at a time anyway), I have noticed that's having an effect on me with regards to BZP - so if I've seemed overly harsh or whatever, I do apologize. They say that the first step to fixing a problem is to admit that you have one? So I will be doing my best to solve this.

This plays into the whole "I have too much on my plate" right now; I started this job, did NaNo, hosted Mafia XVIII, posted Book 2, started planning + writing Extermination, hosted Mafia XIX, hosted Bionifight, organized a variety of projects with different members, and started planning for future IRL stuff too (which would take too long to get into with this entry). So I'm doing my best to scale back, and hopefully that will help. In the meantime, I shall try to not let this newly negative-ized attitude of mine continue (or at least not let it continue affecting interactions here).

In other news, my boss at the YMCA might be looking for a "team lead" person for the days/nights that she's not in to sort of take on her role; I'm really hoping that I can claim that position, because it might give me enough hours to warrant leaving the call center. Plus, I've always enjoyed (and subsequently done better with) positions of responsibility like that. :)

Anyway that's my whole "insight into life" post for tonight. Looking back, I realize that I said I was going to start doing posts like this on a weekly/monthly basis but kind of stopped. Oh well.


Oh, I'm sorry

Posted by Lucina , in Life Nov 12 2014 · 478 views

I didn't realize that being sick was such a crime. I'm afraid I didn't know that it's okay when anyone else in our house gets sick, but it's the end of your freaking world when I'm sick because you might catch it too. What's that? I'm watching videos and that bothers you more than it does when I'm not sick? Why? Everything else makes my brain hurt. This rant is driving my headache up the wall. I apologize for missing dinner because I was SLEEPING IT OFF.

God, there are so many words I want to use here but can't. My parents are idiots.

I WOULD post this on Facebook but then I risk my parents seeing it. And sick or not, they wold not hesitate to throw me out of the house. And unfortunately I don't have anywhere else I could live at the moment. Ugh.

I'm gonna go back to sleep now, even though that's apparently not allowed.


NaNo Day 1 (Because why not)

Posted by Lucina , in Life Nov 01 2014 · 262 views

So now for a full Day 1 update. I'm currently at 2925 words, although that's counting the scene I wrote for Mafia (I shall be adding scenes into my overall word count since I am writing them, and they do contain story), and it isn't counting whatever I write later tonight. Because I still have lots of time. Obviously I'm already ahead on my word count, although it is just the first day. Regardless, I'm happy with my progress so far and I like how it's taking shape (although I'll definitely have to go back and edit it once this is over :P).

Anyway, you can read the synopsis below; I haven't decided yet whether I'll be offering up any teasers or sneak peeks at it yet, although I am leaning towards no at this time.

Tempus Resonat
Mark Ryan was never supposed to discover time travel.

But when his interference causes a recovery missions to go wrong and allows members of a criminal time travel group to escape - leaving him as the only witness - Mark finds himself inducted into the Time Agency.

Now, battling a criminal organization across all of time, Mark must stop the most dangerous threat of all: a time paradox.

The only problem is... the paradox is himself.

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